Time with Diana Ch. 05

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Group Sex

Chapter 5: The Dinner Party with our Neighbours

Following Diana’s organisation of my 36th Birthday Party (My Life as an Exhibitionist Ch 3), there was an understanding between us that I needed to reciprocate. She could not wait for her birthday to come around, so she proposed a dinner party for just me, and our two neighbours, Rodney and Allan. To ensure that her requirements were met, she would make the basic arrangements, and we were to obey her commands explicitly.

We had come to know that Rod was gay, while Allan was bisexual. They lived together out of a long-standing friendship from schooldays, rather than from a mutual homosexual relationship, although sometimes they each were horny enough to enjoy each other. They enjoyed other sex partners, Rod preferring men, Allan not making the distinction. They did not bring these partners home to the apartment they shared. They were in the same squash team, and surf club. They eagerly assisted us on our adventures exploiting Diana’s lust for public nudity. They were confronted with and enjoyed her nudity almost every day.

Diana arranged for a chef to come to our apartment and prepare, serve and clean up after, the meal. The three of us were to arrive at my apartment together, when the chef would be well advanced in his preparation. We each brought flowers and chocolates, and were dressed in suits. Diana wore the dress she had stunned the Social golfers with in Leura (Time with Diana Ch 2.) We sat at my table enjoying a magnificent meal. Diana fetched white wine from the kitchen, and kept our glasses full. Each time she got up, another button Escort Sincan had been undone, and she made sure she gave our chef plenty to look at to keep him motivated.

After the chef departed, Diana ordered me to strip and make the coffee, while the others repaired to the lounge. On my return, she took some cream from its jug, and applied it to my cock. She then invited each of the boys to taste me and comment on my potential as a gay. She then wanted me to take each of their cocks in turn, to feel them, and stroke them, so that I could experience the sensations she enjoyed when she helped me out this way. I was surprised to discover that they were also well waxed and smooth. I was even more surprised how good their cocks felt in my hand. I have never had homosexual tendencies, but a good stiffening penis is a pleasure to hold and manipulate. Diana was not surprised by my reaction.

They then were told to undress and allow me the opportunity to taste and otherwise orally explore their respective cocks, as she had done for me many times. Again, I was surprised at my reaction. A cock is no doubt an enjoyable toy to suck on. Doing so rewarded me with my own erection, delighting Diana, and probably also the owners of each weapon. I cannot say it gave me any compulsion to take the gay experience any further, but I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to explore my feelings to the extent allowed.

We were now allowed to strip the dress slowly from Diana’s body, as she stood surrounded by us. We kissed, licked and nibbled each new section of flesh as it became available, under her Eryaman Escort well-planned supervision. Lying down on the lounge, we had to rub our cocks over any piece of her body available to us, and then change positions to keep up our ministrations. At last, her nipples and pussy were made available to our lips, teeth, fingers and cocks — although no penetration was allowed. She did like to feel teeth, but was very forceful pulling back if the bite was too hard.

Eventually she rose and invited us into the bedroom. I was told to lie across it, and then she climbed on top, making her pussy available to my tongue, whilst taking my penis into her mouth. Some mumbled further instructions, and hand waving, resulted in another cock joining mine at her mouth, as one of the boys worked his way between my legs to get as close as possible to that mouth. Then a penis pushed besides my nose into the hole my tongue was exploring. I felt it slip in with my tongue while the testicles bounced against my chin and nose. We had been drinking, but my senses were acute, and I felt both shocked and excited to be in this predicament. Diana entertained each cock at her mouth in turn with her usual deep sucking and nibbling. She took both in her mouth at times, polishing each knob with her tongue, and squeezing the tongue between them. It was stimulating having another little friend share her tongue with.

Who came first, I’ll never know. Whose cock was which I do not know. But it was not long before semen was oozing over my face, up my nose, into an ear, and over my testicles and legs. The body above me Keçiören Escort was bouncing and thudding into me. Diana was using disgusting language to describe her complete satisfaction with our efforts. I was chalking up in my mind yet another new and fascinating sexual achievement.

We showered together, and then sat around reliving these events. I fell asleep. Did any of the others? I do not know. I awoke with Diana’s mouth and tongue bringing me back to life. She kneeled on the bed, bum in the air, as I took her doggy-style, and she slowly subsided, keeping me inside her, but with my bum now alone in the air, bending invitingly. No longer a bum hole virgin (see My Life as an Exhibitionist Ch 4), I was none-the-less still new to having a cock shoved up my arse, thankfully after some attentive lubrication. And now Diana’s originally conveyed fantasy was being fulfilled, with the added bonus of having a third cock to satisfy in her mouth. As I fucked her, I was being fucked myself. Additionally she was looking after the cock that was not otherwise occupied.

Yet another achievement, and all in one night!!

As with the toys, my only satisfaction with entertaining a cock in my bum was in having it taken out. It erupted inside me, but I had felt only his body stiffen and heave, and the semen drop down my leg as the cock was withdrawn. Its removal was much like having a really good shit. It was only then that my own semen flooded into Diana’s pussy. It is interesting that she never wished penetration into her own bum hole, despite the many other challenges she set herself.

Diana was patently satisfied with her direction of our performances. Rod and Allan continued to assist us with the exploration of Diana’s public nudity fetish, but they were never again invited back into either Diana, or our bed.

But she still had fields to conquer!

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