Three isn’t a Crowd

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Finally, his mum had gone. He’d loved seeing her, but there was another woman he wanted to spend time with; two of them more precisely. As if the ladies in question knew was thinking about them, Ben’s phone rang out alerting him to a text message from Jane.

‘Is your mum gone yet? After parading around in that towel this afternoon, you owe me some touching time’.

Ben laughed. It had been more than obvious Jane enjoyed the view earlier in the afternoon, even if her visit had been unexpected. And badly timed…

He replied ‘Yea she’s gone, but I’m ohhhhh so tired, might just hop into bed and sleep aaaaall night’, knowing it would get a rise from Jane.

Which it did.

‘In that case we’ll smash your windows, come inside, and have our very wicked way with you. Your choice, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way.’.

Smirking, Ben was quick to reply, ‘I think the question is how hard do you (and Leah) want it? Nicely played removing your hoody to show a very low cut top earlier. Did I mention I haven’t stopped thinking about those tits of yours, and how badly I want to touch them?’.

Ben didn’t wait for a reply, instead got in his car, and drove to their house. When he arrived he didn’t bother knocking on the front door and, upon entering the lounge, found Jane, and Leah snuggling on the couch, both wearing a bra, and pyjama pants. Jane looked up, and smiled.

“Took your time,” Jane said with a wink.

“Sorry, after you left Mum took me for afternoon tea, then ended up buying me dinner as well. She’d only just left when you text me the first time,” Ben explained.

“You must be glad your mum has met Jane now,” Leah commented and he nodded, cringing when he thought about the unplanned meeting between Jane, and his mum.

“I got such a fright when I saw Jane and Mum chatting in the lounge,” Ben admitted.

Jane rolled her eyes. “Yea, imagine how I felt when I walked into your house, thinking there was time for a quicky, and I find your mum sitting in the lounge!” Jane exclaimed.

“Nice cover up with the cookies,” Ben teased and Jane laughed.

“Well, the cookies were for you, but they weren’t the only thing I’d been planning on giving you,” Jane said.

Leah giggled. “At least you didn’t yell out something inappropriate before you realised his mum was there!”

“Oh god, it could have been SO bad!” Jane declared.

Jane opened her mouth to say something, but Leah suddenly grabbed her hand and placed it on her ever expanding belly. Ben watched as the girls sat in silence grinning at each other, Jane’s hand roaming around Leah’s belly.

“Oooooo! I felt it! I felt it!” Jane exclaimed excitedly and Leah laughed.

“He’s moving like crazy tonight!” Leah commented and moved Jane’s hand again.

“Oh my god I felt him again! That’s the craziest feeling ever,” Jane squealed.

“It’s weird the past couple of days his movements have become so much harder,” Leah remarked as Jane bent down and kissed her belly.

“Future rugby player in the making like d… Uncle Asher, huh,” Ben suggested and Leah nodded.

“He is definitely practicing his kicking skills right now!” Leah laughed, then smiled at him. “You wanna feel?” Leah asked him.

“Perhaps Uncle Asher should feel him before I do,” Ben suggested and Leah laughed.

“He came over to see us last night and he felt him kicking then…” Leah reassured him.

Before he could say yes or no, Jane took his hand and pulled it over her, placing it on Leah’s belly. Ben moved into a slightly more comfortable position, and it was only thirty seconds or so before he felt pressure against the palm of his hand, and then felt it again a few seconds later. He grinned.

“That was pretty cool” Ben commented as he moved off Jane.

“And think, in a few weeks time it’ll be your baby you can feel,” Leah said, smiling at him.

“Lots to look forward to,” Ben said and found himself putting his hand on Jane’s belly for the second time that day.

For a couple of minutes they sat in silence, Ben’s hand on Jane’s belly, Jane’s hand on Leah’s belly. Anyone who had walked in probably would have given them a strange look, but for them it was just normal.

When Jane turned to look at him there was a twinkle in her eyes, Ankara Escort and Ben found it very very hard to ignore her cleavage which was looking particularly… touchable. He felt a stirring in his pants and hoped like hell the girls were both still in the mood for sex — but as they both stood up and looked at him hungrily — he knew it was the case.

“This has all been very touching, but there is some other touching Jane and I would like to do now…” Leah said, looking decidedly flustered.

Ben smirked. “There is some touching I’d like to do as well,” he replied and stood up, then reached out and ran a finger down Leah’s cleavage, before doing the same to Jane’s.

Jane and Leah stood up and led the way to the bedroom, removing their bras as they walked. By the time Ben stepped into their bedroom and closed the door behind him, Jane and Leah were both standing in front of him, braless. The stirring in his pants started again, and he found himself unable to take his eyes of the two pairs of boobs right in front of him — no matter how often he saw them — he just couldn’t get used to it. Jane and Leah walked over to the bed and removed their pyjama pants, leaving him feeling way overdressed.

Obviously Jane and Leah felt he was overdressed too, because they moved closer to him, and together, helped him out of his clothes. With his clothes in a pile at his feet Leah stood on her tip toes in front of him and kissed him; the way her tongue swiped against his, made his cock suddenly stand to attention.

It always amazed him that Jane and Leah could both make him go from 0 to 10 in the space of one second. He was hard, and throbbing, and badly needed to be inside one of them… but had no idea how to choose one.

Leah walked him backward until he was against the bed, pushed him down, and almost the moment his back hit the mattress she straddled him.

Leah stopped when she was hovering over his cock, and after flashing him a very sexy smile, slid down his length, letting out a loud moan of pleasure as his cock hit the back of her pussy. Ben moved his hands to her hips, and pulled her down, enjoying the louder moan that escaped from her lips as he did so.

Ben looked to his left and saw Jane was lightly rubbing her own nipples while she watched Leah moving against him — he wondered if she was going to stay there the whole time — but then she moved toward him. Ben thought she was going to lie beside him on the bed, but instead she carefully got onto her knees and she too straddled him — his face to be precise — causing him to lose all restraint.

Leah was moving fast and hard against him, and Jane’s pussy tasted sublime on his tongue, as he licked back and forth, loving the way Jane moaned with each swipe of his tongue.

Though he couldn’t really see, he could tell Jane and Leah were kissing, and no doubt playing with each other’s nipples. The two women were moaning as loudly as each other, and the more Leah moved against him, the faster he licked Jane’s pussy, which made her moan louder and seemed to spur Leah on, making her move faster and harder against him! It was like a domino effect of pleasure, the phenomenon one that’d never grow old.

Jane’s moans became louder, and more high-pitched so he focused his attention more on her clit. At the same time, Leah began to grind harder against him and her own cries of pleasure changed, signalling she was going to cum soon. Ben knew he could reach his peak at any moment — between the two girls they were driving him crazy — and he was glad that somehow he was able to hold off his orgasm.

Jane started moving her hips harder against his mouth, and as her moans became cries, he could sense that she was getting close to the edge. He knew he could either slow his tongue down and delay her orgasm a little, or he could move it faster and give her a mindblowing orgasm in the very near future. Deciding which was near impossible.

Or at least it was until Leah began grinding harder against him, and he knew she was perilously close to coming. If she came, he would come, so it only seemed fair he did what he could to enable them to all come as closely together as possible!

Leah started grinding faster against him, and Ben could feel her pussy starting to clench Çankaya Escort faster, and faster, and faster, until she let out a loud scream and his cock was strangled by her pussy as her orgasm hit.

Even after her orgasm she continued grinding against him, and as he felt his orgasm building he pulled down tightly on her hips so he could hit as deep as possible. She continued moving faster and he could feel the pressure in his cock getting almost painfully intense, and seconds later his orgasm hit.

He felt a huge release, and held Leah still against him until his cock had stopped pulsing, before continuing to focus all his attention on Jane’s clit.

He licked her clit for another minute, pressing as hard as he could with his tongue, and when he felt her inner thighs tightening he put his hands on her hips and held her tightly, another few licks all it took for her to come undone, crying out loudly as her orgasm hit.

When her orgasm waned, Jane moved off him and lay holding her belly. The look on her face wasn’t one of pain, but it was clear something was wrong.

“Are you okay?” Ben asked and Jane nodded.

“Yea- I just- When I orgasm now, my whole belly tenses up, and it takes a minute or so to pass,” Jane explained. Ben looked at Leah, concerned.

“It’s okay, we spoke to the midwife about it and she said it’s normal. Makes sense really, when you come all those muscles tighten up, including the uterus. The uterus is bigger in pregnancy, so you notice it more,” Leah further explained as she climbed off him. Jane let out a loud breath.

“See, gone now,” Jane reassured him.

“You don’t get it?” Ben asked Leah.

“Sometimes, but more when I use a vibrator. Must be something to do with really intense clitoral stimulation or something,” Leah replied. Ben had to laugh.

“I never imagined 14 month ago, when Asher introduced me to you two, that I’d be lying in bed with you now, discussing such things,” Ben commented and the girls both laughed.

“And isn’t your life better for it?” Jane teased and Ben rolled his eyes.

They moved under the blankets, and Jane yawned as she cuddled up to Leah. Ben wasn’t sure whether he should stay or not, but when Jane moved her hand behind her and pulled his arm over her, he realised that there wasn’t really any option but staying.

“Sorry I’m taking the middle, but I want to make the most of being able to cuddle up to my girlfriend,” Jane said and Ben chuckled.

“I guess there will be two big bellies between you soon enough,” Ben remarked and the girls both nodded.

“We can lie belly to belly and the babies can kick each other,” Leah joked, and Ben laughed at the image that conjured up in his mind.

“OR we can lie with you in the in the middle and you can get kicked,” Jane suggested.

They lay in bed talking until they fell asleep, and when he woke at 3am, it took Ben a minute to remember where he was. The warm body pressed up against him was eventually reminded him, and wrapping his arms around Jane, he closed his eyes and waited for sleep to happen.

It was then he heard a banging sound coming from another room in the house, and Ben decided he’d better go and check it out. Untangling himself from Jane, he got out of the bed and walked from the bedroom, realising the banging was coming from the kitchen. Looking behind him and into the girls’ bedroom, he saw Leah wasn’t in bed, and suddenly knew what the banging was.

Walking into the kitchen he found Leah banging a block of chocolate with the rolling pin. She looked up at him, frowning, and resumed banging the chocolate. Ben could see how tense she was and walked over to her, when he had taken the rolling pin from her hand he turned her around so she was facing him.

“Why didn’t you just wake me up?” Ben asked and Leah sighed.

“I forgot you were there,” Leah confessed and Ben laughed.

“Well, I’m here now, and it’s obvious you are feeling a little frustrated,” Ben observed

“I just- I didn’t want to wake Jane up, because I know it takes her ages to get back to sleep if she wakes up during the night now, and she’s not the one that’s up 5,000 times a night to go to the toilet. I woke up to pee and knew I’d just be awake an hour later to do it again, so I decided Etlik Escort HEY, WHY NOT BAKE!” Leah said, her voice rising as she spoke.

Ben reached over and turned the oven off, then put his hands on her hips.

“As much as I love your baking, you don’t need to pound that chocolate now. You have me, and I can pound you,” Ben said with a wink. At least his lewd pun made her smile.

“Well, that sounds a little more enjoyable,” Leah agreed.

“I think so as well,” Ben said as he pulled Leah against him.

He was surprised when she frowned.

“Um, my back is kind of killing me… I’m not really in a poundy mood… Or an against the wall or on the bench mood,” Leah said quietly. Ben smiled at her and took her hand.

“Come on then, we’ll go onto the couch,” Ben suggested and Leah nodded, allowing him to lead her into the lounge.

Ben turned to her when they reached the couch and again pulled her against him. This time he began kissing her, and sensing she needed a little more gentleness, kept the kiss soft and slow, only making it more passionate when she began kissing him with more hunger.

Ben couldn’t hide the fact he was getting turned on — he was naked after all — and when he pushed Leah’s pyjama pants down, so was she. Knowing Leah would communicate what she needed, he continued kissing her until she pushed him back so he was sitting on the couch. Ben smiled up at her as she straddled him, then put his hands back on her hips.

They kissed for what felt like hours, but was probably only a couple of minutes, before Leah made the next move, lining herself up with his stiff cock, and impaling herself slowly on his length.

When he was fully inside her she stayed still, moving her head forward so she could kiss him. As the kiss went on Leah began slowly moving her hips against him, gradually speeding up until she found the pace that worked for her. Keeping her pace steady, Leah broke off the kiss and pushed back on her hands which were either side of his shoulders. Her message was clear.

Moving his head forward, Ben captured one of Leah’s nipples in his mouth and started to suck on it. He could feel Leah’s pussy tightening around him, and as he sucked harder, he noticed her pussy growing tighter, and tighter.

Leah was moaning quietly, and when he switched nipples her moans became louder, and although she didn’t move any faster, the grinding definitely got harder. He could tell by her moans that she was getting a lot of friction in all the right places. Wanting to drown her in pleasure, he rolled the other nipple between his fingers, squeezing and pulling gently.

Ben swapped nipples again and kept his spare hand on the small of her back as she rocked against him. Her moans were coming closer together and were getting more high-pitched, and as the grinding again became harder, he could sense her orgasm was building.

He let go of the nipple he was squeezing between his fingers, and moved both of his hands to her hips, pulling her tightly against him so the friction on her clit would be even more intense. Leah moved her arms around his neck and leaned against him as she started to grind harder still.

Ben could feel her entire body becoming tense, and as she sped up her hips a little, Ben felt her pussy suddenly become constrictingly tight around his cock. She began shaking in his arms, letting out a long, quiet, strangled groan as her orgasm hit. Leah kept moving her hips, and a couple of minutes later Ben felt his own climax approaching.

He pulled her down tightly as it hit, groaning against her neck as he rode out his orgasm. They stayed perfectly still — Leah with her arms around his neck — him with his arms around her back, as they tried to catch their breath.

The sex hadn’t been fast or poundy, but it had certainly been intense and had taken it out of him – and her – it seemed. Eventually Leah moved off him and stood on wobbly legs. Ben chuckled quietly as he too stood, and took her hand.

“Come on, lets get back to bed now,” Ben said and Leah smiled sleepily at him, nodding.

They walked slowly to the bedroom, and found Jane had moved right to the edge of one side of the bed, so Leah got in and Ben slid in beside her. Leah moved up close to him and he wrapped his arms around her, lightly stroking the area where his hand had settled.

Very quickly Leah was asleep in his arms, and he had a feeling she wouldn’t be awake again until her alarm went off the following morning. For that matter, neither would he.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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