Three Are Better Than Two

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My love, I am sitting here thinking about you and my mind is racing. The thoughts I have of you make my pussy wet and my heart pound. The thought of your touch is exhilarating. This one particular fantasy keeps interrupting my day dreams.

I am home and you call. We small talk as usual, but everything you say has a sexual connotation to it.

“What’s on your mind?” I finally ask.

“You, your body all sweaty on top of me, my finger sliding on your clit while my cock is pumping your drowning pussy.”

“Wow! When did you say you wanted to do that?” I questioned.

“As soon as you can get here.” You answer back.

“You know I have my friend over here. We have been talking and we wanted to hang out for awhile.”

“Well, just drive over here and have her wait in the car. I can make it fast. I just need to have you right now; my craving needs to be satisfied!”

“Okay, you got me really hot. I will tell her I just need to pick something up from you and it won’t take a minute.”

“See you soon; I’ll be waiting for you so just come in the back door of the house.”

I hang up and tell my friend that we have to make a trip to my boyfriend’s house, it won’t take long, he wants me to look at some spreadsheets for his company.

When we arrive I go into the house and you are in the front room sitting in my favorite recliner. You are sitting there looking so seductive.

“Hey Baby, come here, I need you.” You say.

I am more than willing. I stand above you and kiss you real slow and softly. Your hands move to my waist and hurriedly pull my pants and panties down. I kick my shoes off. Your finger dives straight into the wetness up in my cunt. My body starts to assume rhythm with your finger pumping in and out of me.

“Like Keçiören Escort Bayan that, don’t you?” You ask.

“Love it.” I reply. You slide in and out a few more times then take your finger to my clit and massage it. As you tease it you can feel it growing erect and my body beginning to tremble. I pull my shirt off so you can suck on my nipples at the same time. They are both so hard and need you tongue to lick and suck on them.

“Are you going to cum for me?” You look up at me and ask.

“I’m so close.” I answer as I drown in your beautiful blue eyes.

“Not without me.” Another voice says. From behind me my girlfriend comes up. She pulls my hair and makes me turn to kiss her. One hand comes around to my breast, the other goes to my ass and a finger goes into my hole. My legs almost buckle because of this. As her finger slides in and out and your finger is circling on my clit I explode. Cum pours out of my pussy and you go to your knees to get a taste. I push you back and you collapse to the floor. You go back to sitting in the chair and look at my friend and tell her it is her turn.

She stands in front of you and leans down to kiss you. Your tongues start to explore each other’s mouth. From behind her my hands come around her waist and unbutton her jeans and slide them down over her waist and legs. Your hands are already up her shirt, having unsnapped her bra and are pinching and teasing her nipples. Once I have her pants off I help her to get the shirt off. She is totally nude in front of us and loving every minute of it. My hands go to her ass and softly squeeze and caress it. Then my finger works its way into her wet pussy. It feels as if she has exploded already. As my finger, first one-then two, slide in and out Escort Eryaman of her she starts to moan. You both are still kissing; one hand leaves her breast and travels down her belly to her clit. As I am finger-fucking her, your finger circles her clit. Her breathing intensifies very fast. Her mouth leaves yours and goes to your neck, which lets you and I taste each other’s tongues. We kiss for a minute, then you pull back and tell me to stop what I am doing, you want to taste her. I pull my fingers out, which are completely soaked, she seems a little mystified. You get up from the recliner and she sits down. You push her back and pull her hips toward you. Her feet go up on the arms of the chair, which makes her cunt “very open for business”.

“I want to watch you eat her first.” You tell me. More than willing I go to my knees. I lightly kiss the inside of her legs while my finger teases her bud once more. My tongue gently glides over her thigh to the split between her legs. Her pussy is so wet it gets all over my face the instant my tongue tastes her. I lick her from the inside out, tasting every part of her being. Her body takes rhythm to my tongue. Slowly licking her clit to her box in soft strokes, you are behind me. You have gotten undressed and your hands are starting to roam all over my body. You make me bend over so you can play with my clit at the same time. Your fingers glide between it and my hole. You stop and get to your knees. Your cock is so hard; you ram it deep in my cunt. Your hands are on my hips guiding me. We keep the same rhythm, you pumping me, and my tongue riding her. Your hand comes around to the front of me and starts to play with my clit. This makes all three of us being jacked-off or fucked at the same time. First she cums all over Sincan Escort Bayan my mouth, then you cum from watching her, then I explode from listening to you. Within the next moment we are all exhausted from cumming so hard. As I sit back you crawl on your knees to her. Her legs are still spread and her honey is dripping out of her in a little river saturating the chair. Since you have already tasted me you want to taste her too, just to mix it up. I watch you lick slowly and cautiously. Her body actually starts to twinge again. Your tongue presses a little harder and her hips start to take up rhythm with your licking.

“Are you going to cum again?” I ask.

“Yes!” she groans. That makes you dive in to her all the more. As I sit and watch I start to get excited all over again. I spread my legs apart and start to fondle myself. My clit is hard again and I start to massage it. I know I’m going to cum again – just watching you feasting on her is driving me crazy. I get on my knees behind you and reach around to your hard, beautiful prick. As I jack myself off I start to do the same to you. I make myself explode quickly so I can finish you off. From behind you with one hand sliding up and down on your cock, my other hand is on your ass. I spank it once, which makes you groan. She is going to cum any minute. Your tongue presses into her and you fuck her with it. Your tongue is in and out of her gushing river and I am jacking you off. I can tell you both are going to cum hard, so I stick my finger in your ass. That takes you over the edge and you blow all over my hand. Within seconds she is cumming all over your tongue and chin.

Everyone sits back for a moment. You lie back on the floor and I climb on top of you. You hug me and I hug you back. I come up to look into your eyes.

“I’m glad you came over,” You say.

“Me too, by the way, this is Jordan.”

“Hi Jordan, nice to meet and eat you.” You say in her direction.

She smiles, “Thanks, nice to meet you to. I’m ready for round two whenever the both of you are.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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