How Did I Get Here 03: The Pledge

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How Did I Get Here PT: 03 The Pledge


This is PT: 03 of a new lesbian story series on unexpectedly finding love through sharing pain, despair, and suffering.

How Did I Get Here: 03 The Pledge is a Slowburn Hard Hitting Lesbian Romance story based on two new young female primary romance characters. Additionally, a few characters from Love Is Where One Finds It 02 (Ch 01/02) is in this new story.

All descriptive sex in this story is lesbian, with young ladies aged 19 or older. Many explicit lesbian sex scenes feature a strong but loving woman as the definite TOP controlling the action.

This story and all Billyslate lesbian romance stories are 100% Fiction in every aspect.

Edited By Billyslate:

I am indebted to Candy_Kane54 (CK) for editing my 24 Lesbian Romance Stories posted on LIT in 2021/22, as well as for her encouragement, and guidance. I could have never written these 24 Lesbian stories without CK’s unwavering support.

Thanks for sticking with me for 2-Years, sometimes emailing me 3 or 4X in a day, clarifying, who was saying what in a critical paragraph. I remember her once writing me, well Billyslate, you have completely confounded as she voraciously drains life-giving sweet and succulent juices from my pussy.

We lie cuddling and chatting in bed when a sudden thought strikes me. My two girls and I have an alias family name, protecting us from my abusive ex-husband. But Sincan Escort I do not want to live with this alias forever. Chance certainly does not want to use Mercer after all the grief her bio-mom put her through, especially for the past three years.

We are committed girlfriends, and likely to up our basic Pledge to getting engaged in a few months, so we need a real family name. We discuss the alternatives, thinking maybe using Martel, but dad Felix has a daughter Rose. We’re sure she’d be okay with our using Martel, but I want to go in another direction.

I kiss Chance, “I know this may seem a little crazy babe, but what do you think of Anderson as our family name? Maybe we can ask Wayne and Mindy to legally adopt us when this relocation drama settles, then Judy and Char will officially be their granddaughters.”

I continue, “Family names come from the ones who give us life. Wayne and Mindy helping me and my girls escape from the Nunnelly Women’s Crisis Center give us life. Otherwise, the three of us might be buried in some distant Nunnelly cornfield. Then, I will not have met and fallen in love with you. So in reality, our new life begins when Wayne, Mindy, and Guen save me, Judy, and Char from likely harm.

Chance grins, “I have a hot n crazy babe as my lover and future wife, but I like the name, Anderson. So, let’s go for it; what now, do we talk to Wayne and Mindy?”

“Babe, we have two more days Escort Ankara and a night here, so let’s run our thoughts by dad Felix and mom Carmen. If they agree, we ask them to tell mom Onna May, so she knows our plans. Then we share a quiet dinner with Mom Mindy and Dad Wayne tonight, springing our surprise on them.”

Chance and I laze around in bed for another hour, then get up n shower. We kiss and play sexily while showering, me smiling happily, as I think wow, I’m going to have a lifetime of sex play with Chance. We finally dress in shorts and blouses meeting Mindy and Wayne for breakfast. The next four or five hours we spend busting our butts laundering bedding, cleaning appliances, and other needed tasks preparing the B Jaim/Rose; Aim/Rollin, and Lillie/Jenny all talk about responsibility in loving each other before finally committing to marriage. So then I am very happy to confirm our love as a couple and Oh Boy do we celebrate!

“We talk more this morning while smooching in bed, noting there is one major unknown in our plans. We are now girlfriends, getting engaged later this year, and married in the future, but we do not have a family name.”

Chance sniffles, “We want our family name to be Anderson, with you two being Mom Mindy and Dad Wayne. I will be, Chance Evette Anderson, Mere Ruth Anderson’s woman. Our girls will be Judy Ann Anderson and Char Mae Anderson, which will also be our married names Eryaman Escort Bayan if the adoption is final before we marry.”

Wayne and Mindy’s mouths stand open in shock, and I see Chance running out of steam. So I grab her booty, pulling her close to me for a soft kiss.

I add, “Thinking of the girls and my life, I tell Chance, the two people who truly gave Judy, Char, and me a real life are Wayne and Mindy. When we desperately need help, you protect me and my girls like a Mother Hen. If you two and Guen had not helped us, my girls and I could possibly be enslaved in Mexico or dead, buried somewhere in a cornfield.

“So, you two, Wayne, and Mindy give me and my girls’ life, and then I meet Chance, now we are truly family. Chance and I need you to be our parents, and one set of Judy and Char’s maternal grandparents. Dad Felix and mom Carmen are now Chance’s parents on her family’s side, so they will be Judy/Char’s second set of maternal grandparents.

“When my Chance is speaking early this morning, I think to myself, why are the two of us sitting here happily in love at this moment? It’s because we love you and consider the B so please hurry and phone them since we are anxious to soon be The Anderson Daughters!


The rest of our day is like walking on air, once our dads and moms talk. Including moms, Onna May and Nancy we now have four moms and two dads, and can’t wait to tell Judy and Char. Then I learn Mom Onna May, Nancy, and the girls are coming to the B Bertha/Melody and Raleigh/Jeanette, so there are five couples partying tonight. Jaim and Rose warn us earlier over shots of Patron, the parties tend to get wild, but my babe, Chance blows our minds.

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