Corona Exhibition Ch. 01-06

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An alternate retelling of CORONA EXPOSURE by Sams_Island

Sams Note: As always, I shared “Corona Exposure” with the councilors of the other islands in the chain and was a little surprised when Small_Island’s chief councilor said, “Pretty good, but it would be better if it was more “forbidden”, more “taboo”.

I responded, “Mom and Dad home pornographers invite their son and his interracial girlfriend to join in their online sex business. That’s not taboo and forbidden enough?”

In the end, more forbidden and taboo seemed to mean there should be more secrets.

I said I would carry on with “Exposure”, to explore a more open version, but asked Small to go into the Islandverse and offer an alternate version (parallel dimension, if you will), where the naughtiness is raised by even more secrets.

I have to admit, I really like Small’s Chapter 5 and may try to find a way to bring it back into “Exposure.”

So, please enjoy “Corona Exhibition” as well as “Corona Exposure” and let us know which Island you prefer (this time ;-).


“So,” asked Teri, “are your folks okay?”

“Yes,” Roxy answered happily, as she hung up the phone and smiled at the older woman. “One week into their Corona self-isolation and no symptoms or anything. Some neighbors dropped off groceries for them, so they’re set there too.” She laughed, “They apparently even still have toilet paper on the shelves.”

“Good to hear people in Kansas are showing more common sense than here,” Teri’s husband, Mike, said with a mix of disgust and humor. “Our local shelves were nearly empty again when I went shopping yesterday, and still people were bitching about being limited to one package per customer. I mean, I know it’s a shitty situation, but really…”

“Oohh,” groaned Teri and their son Rob, while Roxy laughed.

Then Roxy said, “I’m just glad they were able to get back from Europe before all the flights were shut down. Can you imagine being caught overseas and trapped in a foreign hotel? Somehow I think the romance would wear off pretty quick.”

“Yeah,” said Rob, “that would suck. We were sure lucky to be taking our spring break here with you guys instead of down in Cancun, like we’d thought about.”

“And we’re very happy about that too,” said his mother as she gently stroked his cheek. Then she looked wistfully at Roxy. “Although I’m sure your parents would love to have you at home with them.”

“Yes,” the young woman agreed. “But since Rob was there over Christmas Break and they got to meet you two over Skype, I think they’re okay with me being here.”

“I know I am,” Rob said, reaching an arm around Roxy’s shoulders and pulling her in to him.

She smiled as she looked up into his handsome face. “Me too.”

“Sooo…” Mike ventured, loathe to break in to the love birds’ moment. “Have you heard any more from the university about what they’re going to do for the rest of the term?”

“Yeah,” answered Rob. “It looks like they’re scrambling to get all the professors wired up so they can give lectures remotely.”

“Most of the big lecture halls already have that capacity,” Roxy picked up. “So disabled or remote-learning students can take part. Lectures from those rooms are supposed to pick up on schedule next week.”

“And when they can get the instructors’ laptops connected to the school network, then smaller classes will be able to start up again as well,” said Rob. “I bet they’d love to have you on staff right now,” he told his dad.

“Why’s that?” asked Roxy.

“Well, I told you that my dad sets up video security systems around the area, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right, I remember,” his girlfriend said, looking over to Rob’s father. Rob’s good looks took more after his beautiful mother, but his dad was also quite handsome in his own right. It was in the builds of their bodies and in their eyes, where the two men looked most alike.

Rob continued, “Well, more and more that includes connecting them to remote monitoring and control systems over the Internet, which is what my dad does and sounds exactly like what our school is attempting to set up.”

Roxy gave Mike an impressed look, then turned back to Rob and said, “Now I know where you learned those tricks you used to take over my laptop camera…um”. Her voice dropped off awkwardly as she realized what she was saying and to whom.

“Really?” her boyfriend’s father said suspiciously.

Rob jumped in. “She means I was able to upgrade her system so her camera looked better and our Skype sessions became more stable.”

“Like father, like son,” Teri laughed, shaking her head.

“And what about you two?” Asked Rob quickly, trying to steer the conversation away from him and Roxy’s laptop camera. “How is all this social distancing going to affect your work? I mean, you’ve already been doing a lot remotely anyway, haven’t you, Dad, even more than in the past?”

Mike said, “Yeah, that’s true, I am able to monitor security systems mostly from my laptop. But what you just said about your school is also true around here; everyone’s scrambling to set up work-from-home systems for their employees. So, our company is actually getting a lot of new business calls and when I’m off vacation next week I’ll be out doing my old Cable Dog tricks.”

“Cable dog?” said Roxy.

“That’s what we called ourselves in our Comms unit in the Army, where I learned my trade many years ago. A communications team was always among the first at a new location; putting in all the cables to connect the phones and computers and everything so the rest of the unit could communicate and work. That’s what people need now, so I’m sure I’ll be spending plenty of time in crawlspaces and attics, pulling cables from one place to another. But with the corona virus, I expect I’ll mostly go in after-hours, when the buildings are empty, so I won’t have to deal with many people face-to-face.”

“And what about you, Teri?” asked Roxy. “Is this Coronavirus mess hurting your job?”

Teri didn’t answer right away and Roxy thought the older woman was coloring, almost blushing. Then finally, “No…no, I don’t think it will.”

“Really?” said Rob. “I thought bookings were way down at the motel?”

“Oh, yes, that’s true,” Teri replied in an unsure tone. “But the owner wants to stay prepared and be able to advertise that the rooms are extra sanitized, so I’ll still be going in, even though we have very few guests. Actually,” Teri continued, with an awkward glance at her husband, “You say you’ll be working more evenings than days, going forward?”

Mike nodded yes.

“Well, to spread us out and reduce contact, we’ll probably be splitting our shifts as well,” Teri said. “I can probably get the afternoon shifts so we’re not working opposite hours that keep us apart too much.”

That brought a smile to Mike’s face and he took his wife in his arms and planted a kiss on the top of her head. “That would be great,” he said.

‘It should be great, shouldn’t it?’ her conscience nagged.

But it was really another of those conflicting situations she’d had to deal with more and more. Things that were good for the family could interfere with her business. And things that were good for her business might ruin her family. Not to mention how hard it was to keep up with the lies and deceits. This situation, for example. She had actually set up her post-vacation work schedule to be in the afternoons and evenings because she thought Mike would still be on a dayshift. Her plan had been to have the house to herself in the day to handle some of her clients here, before going off to the motel later to meet with other clients there.

But now that Rob and Roxanne weren’t returning to school because of the corona virus, they’d be around the house all day, so she was already going to have to scrap her plans on entertaining extra men here during the early hours. And in that case, she may as well have her husband around to spend time with. She did still love only him, after all. The rest were just business.

“It’s great that you both still have your jobs, that’s for sure,” said Rob. “I’m sure all the bars and stores around the Uni that hire students are all closed down, and owners like Tony Bergomi sure aren’t going to be bringing in student workers just to ‘extra-sanitize’ their places.”

“No way,” agreed Roxy. “I really feel bad for my suitemates Chrissy and Ahmed, who really rely on those paychecks from Tony’s pizzeria to cover their school and living expenses. Can you imagine trying to carry on at school without our scholarships?”

“Yeah, that would be tough,” her boyfriend said. Then to his parents he said sincerely, “And I really appreciate the help you give me to fill out my scholarships. I still feel bad that Mom had to go back to work, especially at a pretty crummy job, just so I can go to school, and I really do plan on paying you back after I graduate and start working.”

“Nonsense,” his mother and father said, basically on top of each other, which drew laughter and cries of “Jinx!” that helped lighten the mood.

“And it’s not as if we’re sending you all that much,” his father said, a bit sadly. Then he put on a smile and added, “But we’re glad we can help even a little. We’re just so proud of you for earning so much of your own way through your scholarships.”

Rob was about to protest that it wasn’t just a little help, but saw his mother looking at him strangely. Apparently, she still hadn’t told his dad how much she’d increased his allowance this year over last. He didn’t understand why she was still hiding from him that since she’d taken over managing the hard porno family finances and started working at the motel, she’d been able to really improve their financial position, and so were able to help him more. But it wasn’t up to him to spill her secrets, so he let it go.

“Well, I appreciate it anyway,” he did say. “And who knows about the kids who don’t have that kind of help, maybe Tony will still be able to do carry-out and delivery and keep them working.”

“I hope so,” said Roxy, wrapping her arms around Rob and laying her head sadly on his chest. “This whole thing is really messing with a lot of people, either directly or indirectly.”

Just as his father had done to his mother, Rob kissed his woman lovingly on the top of her head. “Yeah, this whole situation is sure going to put a significant blip on the human timeline. Not only from the deaths and illnesses, but also all the related economic and social effects.”

The mood in the room had gotten somber, so Mike tried to lighten things up by saying, “There have been some good side effects as well. We’ve already seen drops in pollution and traffic accidents; maybe we’ll learn a few things and be able to keep up some of the good effects.”

“Well, the changes to work and school methods are certainly driving innovation,” agreed Rob. “And look at us; if tele-working and remote education work out, maybe families will always have more time together.”

Roxy laughed. “On that note, I have two friends in Stats class who are taking bets on whether all this forced together time at home is going to end up in more babies or more divorces,”

Hmm,” Mike said with a chuckle. “Somehow I think both of those numbers are going to go up.”


“I can’t believe the irony of all this,” Mike said to Teri as they cuddled together in bed that night. “The lockdowns are damaging so many businesses, but boosting our workload and profits.”

‘If only you knew the real irony,’ his wife thought. ‘My company’s demand and profits are set to shoot through the roof with so many people stuck at home. If I can only find a way to keep things going without you finding out.’

Teri seemed to tense in his arms, but didn’t say anything, so Mike continued. “Well, at least we have Rob safe here with us instead of at some crowded campus. Hopefully this remote learning will work out okay for him and Roxy.”

Another one of Teri’s frequent pangs of guilt stabbed through her as she continued to wrestle with the conflict between business and family. Mike was right, having Rob safe at home was the best thing any mother could hope for in this scary time, but it was really going to make it hard to keep up her normal work, let alone take advantage of the increased demand she was seeing.

She realized that Mike was peering oddly at her; apparently, she’d lost herself in her own internal dialogue again.

“I’m sure it will,” she said, just to be saying something. “I think all this remote connection stuff is great!”

‘Oh, shit!’ she said to herself as she took in the questioning look on her husband’s face. ‘Why would a hotel maid be so excited about “remote connection stuff”?’

“I mean,” she stumbled on. “You know how I like to connect with my friends over Facebook, and Rob and Roxy have their Instagram accounts, so I’m sure everyone’s going to do fine with remote work and learning.” She pushed on, “And it’s great that you’re on the cutting edge and your work is going up instead of down like so many other people.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, but not very enthusiastically. “I just feel kind of guilty or mercenary about benefiting from this crisis.”

Teri rotated on her side and put a hand on Mike’s chest. “Nonsense!” she said. “There’s no reason to feel guilty. You’re not price gouging people on new installations, are you?” He shook his head no. “Then you really are an essential worker; helping companies stay in business and keeping people employed.” She toyed with the hair on his chest and then began teasing one of his nipples. “In fact,” she purred, “I’d say you are one of the unsung heroes of this crisis.

“Oh,” her husband replied, the gloom in his voice finally replaced by his usual humor. “Unsung hero, eh? Providing an essential community service and saving the economy from CV19? Gee, who knew an old Cable Dog could be so important?”

“Damn right!” she growled as her hand moved over to his other nipple; rubbing and then pinching it a bit. “They should give you a medal.”

“A medal? Those get pinned on the chest, don’t they?” he asked with a wicked smile. His hand reached for one of her breasts, the fingers slowly circling around the large areola. “Could I get a beautiful medal like this?” He steepled his fingers over the breast top, gently drawing his fingertips up over the reklamsız porno areola and closing softly on her nipple. He kept up the slow massage, sliding his fingers down the sides of the beautiful globe and back up to the hardening nipple. He pressed his palm lightly against the nipple, wobbling his hand around like a spinning plate trying to balance on top of a juggler’s stick.

Teri gave Mike’s own hard nipple a final squeeze and then moved her hand on top of his, pressing him harder against her sensitive nub.

“You’re not too sore?” he asked hesitantly.

Her answer was to squeeze his hand tightly on her tit. “Not yet,” she said. “But I want to be.”

Mike scrambled to his knees alongside her and firmly grabbed both of her round globes. The look on his face was excited, but also still held concern and doubt.

‘Why?’ she wondered.

Then she remembered. The last time he’d tried to play with her tits, she had recently had a session with a client called, GatorHound. GatorHound was one of the first members of her fan club and would sometimes book a 20-minute private session. What GatorHound liked to do, and was willing to pay extra for, was not only to play with her tits, but to abuse them. Abuse them in a way that often left her too sore for action from Mike for a couple of days. And now she remembered pushing Mike away from her tits at least twice in the past few months because of that. No wonder he was confused.

But the two weeks she’d taken off to be with everyone during Rob’s spring break meant her tits were in fine shape now. And, Teri was surprised to admit to herself, she had started to look forward to GatorHound’s abuse and had begun to have tremendous orgasms from the tit action. The kind of tit action she felt like having now.

“Do you like my big tits?” she asked Mike, the same way she’d ask GatorHound during one of their sessions.

“I love them. I’ve always loved them,” he breathed heavily.

“Aren’t the areolas too big, though? Don’t they sag too much?”

“Too big? They’re fucking hot! I love how big they are.” As if to prove his point, he shifted his hands to the bottoms of her boobs and squeezed upward, while also pushing them together. The big, brown circles intersected like a big figure eight, with her thumb-sized nipples surging upward where the holes in the eight would be.

She gasped in pleasure, but quickly tried to make it sound like disappointment. “See what I mean? Don’t they just look nasty?” GatorHound, and other clients too, often talked rudely about her breasts or made her do it, and the verbal play had become as exciting as the physical play.

“Nasty?” Mike paused, suddenly registering the game his wife was playing. She wasn’t fishing for compliments; she was trolling for insults. Well, not really insults; call them dirty compliments.

“Yes, very nasty,” he said in a much lower voice. “No cute little strawberry buttons here. Look at these big udders, with their huge circles and fat nipples.” He squeezed them again and flicked his tongue against the swelling nipples.

She gasped again, this time letting the pleasure come through completely. She reached between his legs and felt that his cock had already started to swell just from their tit play.

“Do you know what these big tits look like?” he asked roughly. She shook her head no, while beginning to stroke his growing manhood. “They look like sex! They say, ‘Fuck me!’ They say, ‘Suck me!’ They say, ‘Drink my milk!’ She squeezed his cock each time he said something about her tits, letting him know she liked it.

He took her nipples between thumbs and forefingers and began pulling them out from her chest. “God, I remember that milk,” he growled. “When you were breastfeeding Robbie. So much fucking milk.” He massaged her breasts like he could get milk from them now. “I remember you liked me to fuck you while he was nursing. You were such a nasty mother.” Suddenly she heard a smack and felt the sting of a slap to one of her tits. “Sometimes I thought you were short-changing the kid on his milk, just so you could get on with our fucking.” A slap to the other tit and Teri just mewled with the pleasure of the pain, knowing Mike was just teasing about cutting off Robbie.

“What kind of mother starts fucking while her baby is still nursing?” When she didn’t answer, he slapped her tit again. “What kind?”

“A nasty mother; with big, slutty tits!” Her left hand moved into her crotch as she continued to stroke his rock-hard cock with her right.

“But there was always milk left over after Robbie finished, wasn’t there?”

“Yes, yes, so much milk.”

“And what did you do with it? What did you do with your hot, slutty milk?”

“I fed it to you”, she growled. He lowered his head and began suckling. “I fed it to you while you kept fucking me.” The sound of her fingers pressing into her cunt was loud and wet. “I fed it to you until I came; until you filled my pussy with your cum, while I filled your mouth with my milk!” Her back arched up off the mattress as an orgasm rippled through her and she let out a keening noise of surprised pleasure at having come so quickly, so unexpectedly.

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