An Anonymous Relationship – Part 2

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I sat in my car as my father’s taillights faded from view. My emotions ran from shock to terror to fear. I had just had sex with my dad! I did not know it was him but it was!

I started the car and slowly drove back onto the highway. I stomach was churning.

“How am I going to deal with this? Heather you really screwed up this time!” I said out loud to myself.

I knew better than to meet a stranger from the internet for sex! I had been so worried about being a*****ed or a victim of a crime. I had never even considered that the man I was to meet would be someone I would know!

I thought about calling Stacy but then the conversation started to play our in my mind.

“Stacy, I really made a bad mistake!” I would say.

“Really? What did you do?” She would ask.

“I hooked up with a guy from the internet and had sex!” I would say.

“So what is the problem?” She would reply.

“It was Daddy!” I would say as I cried.

“You are a fucking perverted slut! No woman fucks her own father!” She would scream as she hung up to never talk with me again.

I quickly decided that there was no way I would tell Stacy. As far as the other person in my life that I shared my inner feelings with would be my mom.

“My lesbian mom!” I said as I remembered what the man who had just fucked me had shared about his wife who was into her female lover.

Suddenly it occurred to me how often my mom had overnight work trips during the week and all those all day shopping trips with her friend Melanie.

“Aunt Melanie!” I said as I was hit with another revelation.

Melanie was not really my aunt but had been my mom’s best friend since I was a baby. Now I was quickly connecting the dots. They were more than friends! They were lovers!

Suddenly I was like a person who sees how the magician performs the trick. So many things were obvious. I suddenly remembered how my parents used to hug and kiss or held hands and now there rarely ever did any such thing.

I felt my anger surge against my mom! How could she just stop loving my dad! Then I had a vision of her and Melanie in bed and naked. They were kissing and touching each other!

I thought about what I was feeling but it quickly became apparent that it was not the lesbian sex that bothered me but the betrayal of my father. I was amazed that deep down I believed in love! Love should be forever!

My thoughts and emotions faded away as I neared the drive to the house. As I parked the car and started get out I was suddenly aware of the wetness of my pussy. I was still dripping the after effects of the taboo sex. I noticed that my mom’s car was not at home as I walked in.

As I walked towards the stairs and my room I passed the living room and saw my father sitting on the couch watching TV. I noticed that he was wearing the shirt that I could barely see when I was sucking his cock through the glory hole.

“Hi there Heather! Come on in and join me. I just put on a movie. I would love some company.” He said.

I walked over and sat next to him and before I realized it he hugged me to him. The feeling of his strong arm around my shoulder pulling me close and the warmth of his body made me tingle. I had always been close to him and we often cuddled while watching TV.

“Where is mom?” I asked and hoped that my voice did not tremble.

“She is working late again.” He said but I thought I heard a little something in his voice.

Was he angry or hurt or maybe just lonely? I decided I would spend some time with him tonight.

“So were you on a date or did you go over to Stacy’s house?” He asked.

I could feel my face start to burn and my stomach churned as I wondered if I was the only one who had discovered the truth of what happened this night.

“Yeah I was over with her.” I lied and hoped that he did not notice.

“She has been a good friend for you but you need to get out and meet a nice guy. You have not dated since that jerk dumped you before he went away to college. A pretty young woman like you should be seeing someone.” He said with a conversational tone.

“There are not any guys that I really care to date around here right now.” I said defensively.

“Well that is ok by me. That way I do not have to threaten some horny guy trying to take advantage of my daughter!” He said with a laugh.

“I love you Dad.” I said as I snuggled closer to him.

I could smell him as I buried my head into his chest. My mind remembered the many times I could smell his body scent as we had hugged. It had always made me feel safe and loved. Then my eyes drifted down into his lap. I could see a bulge in his pants and I realized that it was his cock. The one I had sucked just a couple of hours ago. My mind flashed on the incredible thrill I had when I was sucking his cock. My mouth watered at the memory of his taste in my mouth.

My eyes shot open as I was shocked at how aroused I had become. I tried to focus on the movie but my mind wandered back to earlier. I thought about how good his cock had felt as I fucked my pussy on it.

“I have got to get myself under control! This is my father! What kind of a slut am I?” I said to myself but then I felt him rubbing the small of my back.

I looked down and while I could not be sure it looked like his bulge was much bigger. I had to fight the urge to pull out his cock and lower my mouth on it. My pussy was tingling and so wet. It occurred to me that I had never been more turned on before despite some really heavy make out sessions with guys I had dated!

The movie was just ending as my mom walked in the room.

“It looks like you two had a quiet evening.” She laughed.

“So did you get all your work done tonight?” My dad asked and I could hear tension in his voice.

“Yes, I’m all caught up for now.” She replied but she too seemed tense.

“Good, perhaps we can all have some f****y time on Saturday.” He said as he looked mom in the eyes.

“I wish I had known you wanted to plan something but Melanie called when I was driving home and asked if I wanted to do a shopping trip up to Chicago. I suppose I could cancel but it did sound fun.” She said as she looked at him.

“I guess you better go with your girlfriend. You would not want to let her down.” He said in pleasant way but I suspected that this was an ongoing argument.

“Well, I’m going to bed.” I said as I tried to leave the room as quickly as possible.

I got to my room and tried to think of what to do next. I wanted to continue to be upset but my pussy needed attention. I started to undress and looked at myself in the mirror as I took off my top and bra off and then my skirt. I looked down and saw the pink panties that my daddy had given me at the glory hole. I took them off and saw the soaked crotch and then the many stains all over them. He must have cum a dozen times on them and then there were the stains from the fucking we had done tonight.

I removed them and reached to find my friend “buzzy”. In a few minutes I was sliding the toy in and out of my pussy. I looked at the soiled panties again and then I lowered them to my nose and inhaled.

The smell of sex was intoxicating. My own orgasm was getting close. Then I noticed beyond the smell of the fuck juices there was another more subtle smell. It was my father’s scent. My hips bucked and in my mind he was on top of me fucking me hard and fast! My body tingled as my climax approached. The next several moments were a blur as I lost control to a tremendous orgasm.

I started to drift to sl**p when I heard the muffled voices of my parents. They sounded angry. I could not help myself as I got up and slipped on my robe over my naked body.

I slipped down the hall to just outside of their bedroom.

“Come on Bev! I really need this! You have not let me fuck you in months.” My dad’s voice said.

“It just doesn’t get me off anymore! Just remember you are the one who introduced me to Melanie!” My mom said in a taunting voice.

“I know! You think I do not fucking regret that!” Dad replied with sadness and a hint of anger.

“Well it serves you right! Melanie and I laugh about it all the time. Just think it was your itch to fuck your old high school sweetheart that got you here! Then you weren’t just satisfied to get some off of her on the side you sent her over to seduce me. Well we hope you enjoyed fucking us both but now we are doing the fucking! So just go jerk off again and get out of my bedroom!” Mom said.

I barely managed to get out of sight as he came out of the bedroom and slammed the door. He headed down stairs. I watched as he picked up his laptop and started signing on.

“Hi Melanie! Yeah I just had another fight with him. Yeah same shit! He says he is horny but I am not giving him anymore pussy!” She said in an angry voice.

I looked through the door to see her talking on her phone. At first she seemed sad and even angry. Then her face softened and she even smiled.

“Thank you for listening. You are so good to be with. Ok I will see you tomorrow and we will have a really romantic time together. I know it is so good to go where we can openly show our love for each other. Yes, you know I’m looking forward to that as well! Ok…I love you too! Good night!” She said.

I quickly returned to my room. I was shocked at all that was going on. I felt sorry for my dad but he was not just an innocent bystander. I wanted to know more. I pulled my computer up and quickly signed on. When I opened my profile I saw a message from my dad.

“Thank you for the awesome sex tonight’ I have never had a hotter time! I hope we can chat soon!” He had written.

“I had good time too! You really helped get me off!” I replied.

“Great you are on! I really needed to chat!” He replied.

“I’m here…what is up?” I asked.

“I came home and watched a movie with my daughter. After fucking you it was hard to keep from trying something with her for real! She felt so good when I hugged her!” He said.

“Maybe she would have surprised you. After all at nineteen she is probably not a virgin.” I said.

“I know she is not virgin. I saw her with her boyfriend once. They were definitely fucking. Since she broke up with him she has not dated anyone. I am a little worried.” He wrote back.

“Worried? Why?” I typed back.

“I think she may be like her mom…she has girlfriend that she spends a lot of time with.” He replied

My mind raced! My dad thought I might be going lesbian! If my dad knew Stacy even a little he would understand that the girl was a cock worshipping slut and had been for a long time!

“Is that bad?” I wrote back trying not to go too far in anything I said.

“No! At least I suppose not. Just my wife has become so cold lately.” He replied.

“Can I ask something personal?” I replied.

“Hey we fucked tonight you can ask anything you want!” He replied.

“Your wife was not always a lesbian, how did she become one?” I asked.

“She probably always was one. She had told me that she an experience with a friend and that they had sex with each other when she was young. She also had a couple of flings with a girl that lived in her dormitory when she was in college.” He replied.

“Yeah but she still must have liked cock. After all she married you and had a baby.” I wrote back.

He seemed to go silent for a long time and I wondered if I had upset him. Then he sent a reply.

“It was my fault! After we were married I ran into my old girlfriend from school. I still had the hots for her. She seemed to want it too. So we started fucking. I know it sounds bad but it was a real turn on fucking my wife and then going to her place and fucking her too!” He wrote.

“Well how did that turn your wife into a lesbian?” I asked.

“It was stupid but I shared with my old girlfriend that my wife had done some girl on girl stuff. She told me it would be so sexy if she could seduce my wife. It did make me hard. The thought of them eating each other’s pussies was very erotic!” He replied.

“So you arranged for your lover to seduce your wife….wow you really must have been excited.” I said as I tried to think of how sexually arousing it must have been for him not to mention Melanie.

“Well it was and a few weeks later we were all jumping from one bed to another. Then one day my wife came by my girlfriend’s place a little early. It was a really bad fight! She left me and filed for divorce.” He wrote.

“I thought you were still married?” I asked.

“Yes we are. You see a couple of weeks later my wife discovered she was pregnant. It was hard but we decided to reconcile. Then one day I came home to find my wife and former girlfriend in bed making love. They asked me to join them. After that we started to have sex together. We did fine until a year ago when our girlfriend decided she did not want me to fuck her anymore. Then my wife got that way too! Now they cannot get enough of each other.” He replied.

I wondered what had changed. Maybe they had decided that they were lesbian. I thought about the way my mom acted and I could not help but think there was more to the story.

Then there was another message from him.

“So I need to ask, was I good enough today to get another shot at that sweet pussy of yours?” He asked.

My stomach churned as I was being asked for a taboo sex. However my pussy grew warm as I remembered being bent over while I fucked his cock.

“How about Saturday? Same time and place?” I typed as I called myself a perverted slut.

“Fucking awesome!”

To be continued…

(I have posted this as a blog but hope that it will post as a story this time. If you enjoyed give a thumbs up and as always I look forward to your comments and messages.)

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