You, your wife and me

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You, your wife and me
First time cuckold but already convinced

It took you some time to convince her to add someone to your bedroom. But you finally did it ! She’s in your arms her back on your chest. You are touching her breasts and her body while my head is down there, between her legs. Kissing and licking that beautiful pussy ! You can’t see her face but you know she’s having a good time.

She is kissing you in the neck with passion and excited as never ! Whispering to you that you were right, she likes to have another man tacking care of her ! Now you see me grabbing her legs and turn her so she can face you, really close. She has her sexy slutty face.
Now she looks you in the eyes while i continue licking and fingering her tight ass and pussy. You can look the pleasure on her face and in her eyes she can’t stop kissing you and now she grabs your hard dick and start wanking you. You know she’s taking a lot of pleasure because she’s masturbating you pretty hard now. She looks you in the eyes, you can see she lost control, and she whispers you :

– I want… I want him to fuck me…

She told it to you, but i heard it. I go on my knees So my dick is on her pussy and i start teasing her by rubbing my dick on it. Waiting for her to ask me to go in ! She’s whispering you again :

– I want him to go in… But I don’t know how to ask him…

You look at me, i’m waiting and still teasing her, so you tell her :

– Look at him and ask him.

She turns her head to me, still masturbating you pretty hard, you know it’s going to happen ! Now she look me in the eyes, and she tells me :

– Fuck me… please…

I know what she told bursa escort bayan me, but i ask her to say it again

– Please… I want you to fuck me in front of my man… fuck me hard please…

I slide in her, it’s easy because she is really wet because of my lips and because she’s excited as hell ! You are sitting on the bed, your woman is on top of you, doggystyle, masturbating you, and you can see me behind fucking her and slapping her beautiful excited round booty ! She’s really enjoying to have 2 cocks for her.

– Oh yes fuck me, fuck me don’t stop !

Her tits are bouncing and touching your balls and dick while she is masturbating you.

– I’ve never been fucked like that, it’s so gooooood. I love how you fuck me !

You can’t believe what she just said. She said it’s her best fuck, but it’s making harder than you were. Now you are sure about it. That you love to be cuckold.
She’s too close to your face, so i grab her legs and i pull her. She falls on your dick she is close to your big pulsing dick. You dont even have to ask her. She slowly put it in her mouth and start her divine blowjob… You can feel me fucking her because it makes her move her head on your dick ! She’s moaning a lot but her mouth is full.
She’s close, she loves to have your dick in her mouth and somebody fucking her behind, and you like that too… She’s sucking you so hard you know she wants you to cum, she wants you to fill her dirty mouth ! You grab her head by the hair, and you move your hips to fuck her mouth hard ! She’s gagging on your dick but she loves that !

I can feel her cuming, her pussy is squeezing and pulsing on my dick, escort bursa she’s moaning with you dick fucking her mouth and mine fucking her pussy ! You can’t take more, she’s beautiful ! She is so beautiful while she is cuming from 2 dicks ! Now you feel you are going to cum too, she is sucking you savage, she wants to taste your cum. You are cumming. So much cum in her mouth she has no choice to swallow so she is swallowing your hot and big load !

Now she take a look at me, you saw in her eyes that nothing except dicks is important for her now.

– Please don’t stop, yes ! yesss ! YESSSS ! Fuck me. You are so big !! Cum on me please, not inside… I want to feel you hot cum on my ass !

I get out of her pussy and throw big loads on her back and her ass, i’m covering her with my huge load on her body.

We are all lay down, she’s touching both our dick and looking at me. She takes a look at you says :

– Thank you, that was so good. At first i was kind of afraid but this was too good.

– Yes baby, it was.

It took you few minutes to go to the kitchen for some water after that hot moment and to go to the toilet too. But when you come closer to the room, you can here it… The bed is grating. Is it really happening ? Few hours before, she was not even sure to do it with somebody else near her, and now… Is she really fucking another guy without close to her ?

You open the door silently… You don’t know why you are doing it like this, maybe you like to know she’s fucking a man without you.

– Oh my god yes… You are so big ! My husband doesn’t have such a big cock !!

You were right… You can see it from bursa escort the entrance. She can’t see you because you are behind her and she’s riding me ! She doesn’t look the same when she thinks you are not here. It seems like she was holding back when you were there. Now it’s only her and me, without you ! But you like that ! She’s giving her body to another man.

– I want you to cum inside me !

– Didn’t you told me you don’t want it just before ?

– Yes… My husband was there and i was to embarassed to ask you, but now, i want your cum inside me. I want you to fill my slutty pussy !

You can’t believe it ! Your dick is already in you hand and your are masturbating. She’s fucking somebody and you like that ! You know it’s her real face, she’s a cuckold slut.

– I’m going to cum on your dick ! This is too good !!

You can’t take more, it’s too exciting to see your wife being fucked without knowing you are here. You know we started fucked right at the moment that you leave the room. It’s like she was waiting you to leave to have another fuck. You came all over the floor watching her fucking me.

– Oh yes i can feel it ! I feel your warm big load inside my pussy… This is so good i love it !

She gets up, and you can see from where you are, my cum dripping out of her pussy. She puts some fingers in her pussy while looking at me and she brings her hand with cum at her mouth to taste some.

– Hmmm so good… Next time i want you to cum in my mouth so i can swallow it all baby

She called me baby, you had a thrill but you liked that. You understand that she will do it again ! You step back to be sure she doesn’t notice you and get out of the room to come back in like you didn’t saw us.

– You two are still here ? Sorry it took me more time than i thought

She looks me and you are pretty sure she winked

– No problem baby, we didn’t see the time passed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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