V’s Suggestive Ways Finally Worked…

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V’s Suggestive Ways Finally Worked…
I’m not the best story teller, but here goes…

V has often expressed the fantasy of watching me with getting fucked by a gorgeous, big tit, big cocked shemale or two. Every now in and her fantasy changes from two shemales to two men. One problem with her fantasy is that I have never been attracted to a man, but I would be down to spend some time with a couple beautiful gurls (a Natalie Mars or Baily Jay…there are too many to name, lol). Another issue is that I am not really the submissive type. However, this one night I figure I would give into Venus’s suggestive ways.

V has really been into the training, hypno and motivational videos lately. I can see why. They are actually kind of hot with the sexy images flashing on the screen, down tempo background music accompanied by sounds of sex and suggestion. Ok, so I’ve enjoyed a few myself, lol. Anyway, one evening she was viewing a few “sissification” videos and again mention wanting to watch me get dress up and get fucked. I kind of just laughed it off and said, “yeah ok…if that is what turns you on Baby”. Although I could see in her eyes that this fantasy really was turning her on and making her wet. Of course, I let her continue to fantasize and tell me what she would like see. I mean I have my fantasies of her with other women and shemales. And, besides when she was kind of turning me on with her sexually perverted thoughts.

Well, one weekend V and her mother were going out of town to visit family and I would be home all alone. Most men would probably be ecstatic about this…and I was a bit, but V and myself are truly in love and she is my best friend. We do everything together. Well I was going to make the best of it and play videos games and catch up on XHamster 😉

Well on one morning I was going through some of our favorite videos getting really horny when the thought of V’s fantasy popped in my head. Maybe it was because I was watching a BBC training video, lol. Well all the sudden I had an idea to surprise Venus when she called that night. I was going to give her what she had been fantasizing about. And quite honest I have had thoughts and these thoughts have sometimes crossed into my dreams. The kind of dream you wake up to rock hard dick and your boxers are filled with cum.

I went through V’s clothes and found her school girl outfit, some sexy stocking complete with garter belt, one of her wigs from Halloween’s past, a few panty options and finally the big ones…her two favorite big black dildos. I was getting so aroused just looking at everything displayed on the bed, I could feel the excitement throughout my entire body. I could hardly wait!

I rushed to get myself all cleaned up and made sure my ass was nice and smooth. After my shower I put on a pair of lacey cheeky panties and got dressed for the day. They felt so good, just hugging my ass. I don’t know if it was the panties or the thought of what was to cum later that evening, but I was pretty much dripping wet all day.

Later that evening I started to get everything set up. I set up the 2 big black dildos in the perfect spit roasting position. They looked so amazing just hanging there in all their glory. I may have given both of them a little kiss and a quick suck… 😉 I’ve seen V enjoy them numerous times and couldn’t believe it was about to be my turn. I just hoped I would be able to handle the massive cocks.

I then turned and saw my outfit for the evening laying on the bed and figure I should get ready. I slipped off the panties I had been wearing all day, they were soaked with all the precum I had been dripping out throughout the day. I was so excited, I licked up what I could and then türkçe bahis eagerly jumped in the shower to get nice and clean for my “dates”.

I then sauntered into the bedroom, so excited. I slipped on V’s “Cum Slut” cheekies, they fit my juicy smooth ass so nicely. I put on the wig and brushed it out. I looked at myself in the mirror and was already enjoying what I looked like with just my long wavy hair and panties. I pulled up my stockings and attached them to the garter belt. They felt so silky on my legs; I now see why so many have a fetish towards them. Finally, I put on the school girl outfit. The short skirt just falling past my ass.
I went to the full-length mirror again and was surprised how much of a sexy gurl I was (even without makeup). I gave the mirror a little fashion show; twirling around, showing off my new sexy look and shaking my ass like a little slut. The more I narcissistically stared at myself, the more I got turned on.

I was so anxious for V to call. I decided, that maybe I will get the show started. I pulled up Xhamster and went straight to “V’s suggestive videos” and started the “Dark Wishes” one. With the laptop on the bed in perfect viewing position, I got down on all fours and started to worship the big black cock that was smacking me in the face. The other big cock was just laying on my ass waiting to be inserted. I wrapped my lips around that Big Cock in front of me and started taking it in my mouth as far as I could. I look over and noticed I could see myself in the mirror. That was such a turn on, the view was spectacular. Just then the phone rang, it had to be Venus and I was so ready for her.

I answered the phone and told her I had a surprise for her. I asked if it was safe for her to switch to a video call and with a curiosity, she said it was. I told her it had to do with one of her fantasies and without hesitation she switched over. When I hit the button and she saw the wig, she giggled with excitement. I told her that not all, I pulled the phone away so she could see the entire outfit. Her response, “Oh wow! You look amazing!” That really made me feel good. She then asked what my plan was, so I turned the phone around to show her the big black cocks. I told her I was going to be her little slut for the evening and I would listen to her every command. V said she got immediately wet. V told me to give her a minute as she stripped off her clothes and grabbed the vibrator she packed. Her naked body was so amazing. Her big round tits and perfectly juicy ass. That just got me hornier, I honestly couldn’t stand it anymore. The entire day of anticipation and now this, I felt like I was going to explode.

She laid in her bed and put the phone on the night stand and asked what I was watching. I told her it was one of her faves. She said That is a good one, but I want you to put on “BBC Focus” one. I quickly found it and hit play. She said now I want you to get down on all four (a familiar position from earlier, lol) and put that big black cock in your mouth. I started by kissing the head and moving my lips down the shaft of the big hard cock and then using my tongue to lick my way back up. As I came back to the top my mouth quickly opened up and I happily took it in while my hand was stroking it. V ordered me to move so I could feel the heavy big cock on my ass. Of course, I did while keeping the other cock in my mouth. I raised my skirt, so the letters of the “Cum Slut” panties were clearly visible and the cock just laid on my ass. A cum slut is what I was about to become.

The video played on and I could her V moaning with pleasure of her vibrator and the show I was giving her. She was giving me encouragement, canlı casino “yeah that’s it, suck that big black cock you little slut.” Hearing these words just made suck that cock even harder and trying to take it even deeper down my throat. I started to lose myself as I began more aggressively suck that huge dick. Stroking it faster as it slipped in and out of my mouth. It tasted so good I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. I could feel the other big heavy cock laying on my backside, rubbing up against my ass, as if it were knocking at my back door yelling to “let me in!” I could tell my hole wanted to welcome that black cock in as I could feel it opening up.

V asked if I was ready to become a “full fledged BBC slut and let that big black cock destroy my ass?” With a mouth full of cock I mumbled, “uh huh”. I released the cock in my mouth and stood up. I rolled my garter down just far enough to bend over and slowly drop my panties, giving a V a little show at the same time. My panties hit the ground and I pull my garter belt back up, leaving my bare ass exposed. I quickly dropped to my knees and gave a little mouth love to the cock that was about to fuck me. I dripped some lube on it and rubbed It all over. I moved into position and all ready felt like I was about to cum and the thought of being penetrated. V said she wanted to look into my eyes as the big dick entered me for the first time, so moved the phone onto the bed in front of me.

I bent over a little more and back up to massive rod, the head kissed my ass hole to let me know it was there. My hand took control and tried to guide it in. I heard V say, “that’s it baby, you’re doing good.” As it started penetrating me, my ass began to open…my god it was so big! My ass started to welcome the head, but stopped just a little bit inside. It was hurting and I was afraid I was going be able to take it.

V didn’t give up on me as she cheered me on saying, “you can do this. You are a BBC Slut and this was meant for you. Don’t stop now you are almost there” I thought to myself that she was really getting into it, maybe too much…but actually I was enjoying her encouragement!

With a little more lube and a little effort, I pushed back onto that huge cock. And “pop” it pushed past the wall and had opened up my ass hole. I felt a rush of excitement surge though my body from my head to my toes. And in a couple octaves higher than normal I let out a gurly “ooooh yeah!”

That BBC was finally in my ass-pussy and it felt so good. I grabbed the base of the other BBC in front of me and quickly slapped my face with it and wrapped my wet lips around the head. It was like I got a burst of energy and just wanted to take the fucking of a lifetime. I slowly rode the big cock up and down, taking it a little deeper each time. Increasing speed and ease at which I took that massive dick. It felt so amazing…a Big Black Cock in my mouth and a Big Black Cock filling up my now boi pussy; I was in BBC ecstasy. And V was enjoying it too.

I could hear V’s moaning get faster a little louder and knew she was about to cum. I looked up at her and gave her a little air kiss. She gave me the sexiest little kiss back. She asked if the video had stopped and instructed me to restart it. She said cleverly, “Not only do I want your mouth and ass fucked, but I want your mind fucked as well…” Of course, I listened like a good slut and restarted the video. Now I know how wonderful it feels to be one of those girls on the video. I moved the phone so V could get a better view of my pussy being destroyed by that big cock for her orgasmic pleasure.

As the video played, I started paying attention…more than I had before. kaçak casino I think like I felt like I had more in common with those beautiful women now. It was turning me on more and more; and I started imagining being one of them and falling more into the BBC ecstasy.

I was riding that big cock faster and harder. And with my new gurly voice, I was moaning loader and loader. I didn’t want to stop; I just wanted to be a little BBC slut and continue to get gang banged by the cocks. Before I knew it, I was taking that 8-1/2 inch, 2inch wide, cock balls deep.

The hypnotic chant of “Big Black Cock” from the video was making me more sex crazed as I was bouncing up and down on that big cock.

“OMG is this fucking amazing…I want more BBC” is the only thought that was in my head. My mouth was watering being full of BBC, my ass was definitely full of BBC… I could feel a drip of precum sliding down the shaft of my hard clit. I quickly scooped it up and rubbed it all over my lips like it was lip stick. V saw this and said she wished she could that big black cock cum all over me. I craved for the same thing, but I had an idea.

I grabbed a condom from the nightstand and quickly put in on my hard clitty. As I was riding that huge cock passionately hard, I could feel myself about to cum. OMG, I was about to cum hand free for the first time. I leaned back on the big piece of man meat, taking it all, balls deep. As if it were connected to a real person; I cried out in my feminine voice, “Give me your Big back Cock baby, you’re going to make me cum.”

I started to cum and I was cumming so much, it felt like I was cumming forever. I don’t think I have ever cum so much.

I carefully rolled the condom down and slipped it off. I moved it to the massive cock I had been sucking all night and rolled it on purposely leaving the cum filled tip hanging off a bit. I slowly kept fucking the other black cock that was in my ass, I couldn’t and didn’t want to stop. I could feel the hot cum in the condom against my lips eagerly waiting to have it shoot down my throat. I moved the phone so V could have the best view. I then bit a little hole in the tip of the condom. I then push it back onto the cock, forcing the cum to spray all into my mouth. Oh Wow, that hot cum from the Big Black Cock filled my mouth and tasted so amazingly good…I almost came again. I even let a little run down my chin so V could see how much of a good BBC slut I was. I swallowed it all, but I wanted so much more.

I looked at Venus and asked her if I had been a good cum slut for her and if she enjoyed the show. She said it was awesome and that she lost count of how many times she came during it. She wanted to know if I had fun and I enthusiastically reply in my new girly voice, “Oh my god, it was amazing!”
She then kind of looked past me and asked if I was still fucking the other cock…I was. I told her my ass didn’t want to let it go, it is just feeling so good.

She said, “I am glad are enjoying it, because when I get home, you’re going to do it again. But this time I’m going to be the one fucking you…” I told her we better order a strap on and she told me it is already on the way. (That is a potential story for another time, lol)

Both of totally spent, we blew each other goodnight kisses, professed our love for each other and hung up to go to sleep. However, V did have one more request, or should I say demand. She informed I was to stay dressed up and sleep like a little sissy cum slut with the 2 Big Black Cocks on my pillow right next to my face. I happily obliged, but not before I fucked myself one more time with that big cock on the bed and cumming once again all over the other big black cock. I sucked off all the salty hot baby batter and laid it on my pillow as instructed. Still smelling of hot man juice, it was like BBC aromatherapy as I drifted off to sleep giving me sweet BBC, Cum Slut, Sissy dreams all night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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