Tinder Date And Sex With A Hot TV Actress

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Tinder Date And Sex With A Hot TV Actress

My sex life has been pretty interesting lately and this is all because of Tinder.

I had Tinder for 2-3 years now, but earlier I used to get no response on it. Then, gradually and slowly, I got a few matches on Tinder. I had written Screenwriter on my Bio, but when the girls who had matched with me got to know that I am a struggling screenwriter, they used to un-match! This happened a lot.

One day as usual, I was swiping on Tinder and a television actress’s profile came forward. It had a blue tick on it, which meant it was a genuine verified profile. I super-liked it as I was sure that she wasn’t going to like me. Her name was Neha, and she was HOT as hell.

The next morning when I saw my phone, I was really surprised to see that I had matched with this actress. She was quite a popular face on TV. She lived very close to my house and she was 32 years old. The actress was in great shape and just looking at her gave me a hard-on.

After talking to her for a few days, we exchanged numbers and began texting on WhatsApp. She was working on a TV show for which she had to go out of town for a few days.

After she came back, I asked her if we could meet as it had been almost a month since we started talking. She agreed to meet and invited me to a very expensive night club on a Saturday. I hesitated at first thinking about my financial condition as I could not afford to go to a fancy club. But, I still managed somehow.

The day arrived canlı bahis şirketleri and we met at the club. Neha was looking stunning in a glittery black one-piece dress. It was a backless dress and I just kept staring at her.

Her milky thighs were visible and I could not take my eyes off of her cleavage. Her boobs were round as fuck. Looking at her, no one could tell that she was 32 years old. She looked no older than 25.

We danced for a while and I was aware of my financial condition so I did not drink, whereas Neha enjoyed to the fullest and got wasted. After she got exhausted with all the dancing, we decided to go home.

It was the first time we were meeting so I just offered to walk her home as it was just half a kilometer away from the club. When we reached her place, she asked if I would like to come up for a drink. I knew what that meant and so I went up.

Neha being drunk could not walk straight so I held her and put my arm around her waist to give her some support to walk. We reached her flat. She opened the door and turned around. She looked at me, came closer and kissed me. Her breast was crushing against my chest and her tongue was inside my mouth.

After kissing for a while, I broke the kiss as I knew it was wrong and Neha was not in the proper condition. She was taken aback and asked me to leave as she felt insulted by my actions. I was sad as I thought I had lost my chance to sleep with a very hot woman. But I also knew what I did was right.

The next afternoon, canlı kaçak iddaa I got a call from Neha. She apologized to me and thanked me for not taking advantage of her. She invited me back to her house that evening for dinner.

When I reached her place in the evening, she was looking stunning as usual. She was wearing a yellow t-shirt with sky blue shorts exposing her milky thighs.

Neha welcomed me with a warm hug. She apologized again for her behaviour and told me that she got very horny after getting that much drunk and couldn’t control herself. I just smiled at her and nodded my head in understanding.

We talked for a long time and got to know each other. We had dinner and were sitting on her couch enjoying the dessert. We were sitting very close to each other that her legs were touching mine. In a moment of silence, our eyes met. Neha came close to me and our lips met again.

After kissing for about 15 minutes, Neha got up and gave me her hand; I took her hand and followed her to the bedroom.

As we reached the bedroom, we kissed again and she gave me a light push so that I fall on the bed. She slowly took off her top and climbed on me on the bed. We were kissing wildly. Her perfectly amazing breast was rubbing off on my chest.

I hurriedly took off my shirt and also tried to unhook her bra. We both were topless now and kissing passionately. We then took off our respective lowers and were completely naked. Neha held my dick with one hand and started to give me a handjob. canlı kaçak bahis I started sucking her boobs.

After a while, the hot actress got down and licked my dick. She slowly started to take my cock inside her mouth and started to give me an amazing blowjob. As she was giving me a blowjob, I got hold of her by the waist and positioned her pussy on my mouth, bringing us in the 69 position.

We sucked each other until both of us came. Neha obviously took longer time to come. Even after coming, the naked lady in front of me kept holding my dick and stroked it lightly.

Then we came in the missionary position and I started fucking her slowly gradually increasing the pace. After about 10 minutes, Neha came on top and started riding me. She was riding and kissing me wildly and we were both fucking like a****ls. It was a crazy experience.

We both lied side by side and fucked in that position for a while. After fucking for about 45 minutes, I was nearing my climax.

I increased my pace and then slowed down so that I could come late. When Neha too neared her climax, I increased my pace again and we both came together. I shot my semen inside her vagina and we both toppled on the bed panting and sweating.

The AC was on 20 degrees and still, we were sweating like crazy. We cuddled naked and slept.

Next morning when we woke up, we took a shower together and I fucked her in the shower too. We knew that we had an age gap of 8 years and she was older than me, which is why we both agreed that we both would just have sex and nothing more than that until one of us gets in a serious relationship.

Nowadays, after struggling for quite some time, I too got some work and because of that, we both don’t get any time to meet. But we manage to meet and have some fun once a month

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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