The Tailor’s Shop Part 4

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The Tailor’s Shop Part 4
I woke up early full of expectancy for the day ahead, made breakfast and sat drinking coffee when Lisa appeared, she was in a rush as she had work experience trial to attend to. She wished me luck with my intended visit to O’Malley’s winked at me and gave me a peck on the cheek as she left the house.
I got myself showered and put on a clean tee shirt and shorts and headed off into town, as I walked in to the shop with my mind full of thoughts of yesterday I found the shop eerily quiet, there was no sign of Danni and a guy standing at the counter who I recognised as the same guy that came in yesterday and he smiled at me as I am sure he recognised me as well.
He was apparently being seen to as a rather large woman appeared from out the back and asked if she could help, “Can I have a quick word with Danni” I asked her and she informed me that they had to let her go and could she help, my mind was racing as to what to say as I am sure this woman had no idea why I was there so I just said that it was a personal matter and the guy looked at me and winked, I smiled and left the shop.
I sat down on a bench outside and sent a text to Lisa to tell her the news and to find out what happened as I didn’t have her number.
I had nothing else planned so engaged in a bit of people watching while I waited for a response to my text when I saw the guy from the shop approach and sit down next to me, we exchanged a few pleasantries before he said, “Shame about that young lass in the shop eh”, now I was intrigued, “What happened?” I asked and he went on to explain that they had complaints that she swore at customers, well it all made sense now with her mumbling Tourette problem although I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, maybe this job wasn’t for her then but I was happy as I didn’t have to pay for my clothes, well not to the shop anyway.
The guys name was Harry and we exchanged numbers and agreed to maybe get a drink sometime before he upped and left.
Not long after Harry left I received a text from Danni, Lisa had given her my number and I had no issue with that, she told me that she got fired and put her address and asked me if I could pop round and see her as she was quite upset so I text back telling her I was on my way.
I had found out from Lisa last night that she lived with her parents and twin brother and it was in a nice part of town and my heart was thumping as I made the drive over and found her house.
I walked up the path and Danni greeted me at the door and invited me inside, she was tearful and explained that she got a call from the boss this morning and not to come in again, she strongly denied the swearing allegations which I understood as she was unaware, she even mumbled ‘fucking bastards’ as we chatted.
I gave her a hug and said everything would be ok, “Did you pay internet casino the bill?” she asked and when I said that I didn’t she looked puzzled, “I said I would pay you today and I will honour that” I said as I handed her an envelope, “What you choose to do with it is up to you” I said and her eyes lit up, she held on to the envelope deep in thought before reaching out for another, even bigger hug and I could feel her nipples hard against my chest as she only had on a thin summer dress.
“I did enjoy last night” she said with a big grin, maybe looking for a repeat, she mumbled something but I couldn’t make it out, “Fancy a drink?, Daddy’s got some good wine”, she asked and although it was early I readily agreed and watched her as she went to the kitchen.
As the sunlight hit her I could see that her dress had become transparent and it was clear that she was either commando or had a thong on as I saw no visible panty line and I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, she looked radiant and she was wearing the same perfume too, ‘Mmm’ I thought.
As she returned with 2 glasses and handed me one she showed me into the lounge and we sat down and chatted, she sat on her sofa and suggested that I sit in a chair opposite her, Hmm I wonder why? Well I soon found out as she sat with her legs slightly open and answered an earlier question as I got a good glimpse of her tiny white thong.
Her mood had changed and she was now happy, “Thank you for that” she said pointing to the envelope, “How can I ever repay you” she said and again mumbled ‘fucking bastards’ and I tried hard not to laugh, she knew I was looking up her dress as at that point her legs opened another inch making me think she was teasing me but I liked her games and was happy to play along.
“You were very good at your job Danni, very professional and your attention to detail is second to none” I told her, “Really” she responded, “Oh yes and even last night making sure everything fitted correctly” I continued and gave her a look of satisfaction, she looked a little puzzled, “But doesn’t every tailor do that Frank, that’s how my boss, Mr Green, taught me” she said searching for an answer, “Oh yes” I said when the penny dropped.
I had come to the conclusion that Danni wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but I decided to play along as this was a good game, “Mr Green trained me, he said that I must get the correct measurements and make sure the garments fitted correctly, especially underwear” she continued and I nodded along, “He said it was important for the gentleman to feel comfortable” she said and then mumbled ‘cock’ under her breath.
I was now getting a picture of Mr Green and would hazard a guess that it was Mrs Green I saw this morning and that she had fired Danni, I wasn’t wrong as she continued with the story.
I have to admit that I canlı poker oyna was getting aroused hearing her story and it hadn’t gone unnoticed as I saw her take the occasional glance and mumbling ‘cock’ as she saw the bulge appearing in my shorts.
“Did you like the thong Frank?” she asked as she stared at my bulge, “They did fit very well” she continued before I had a chance to answer and as I nodded my head she said, “I am wearing one today, do you want to see?” and as my head continued nodding she stood up and just lifted her dress up to the waist, my eyes widened in a false surprise, “Very nice” I said looking at the sheer material and the shadow of her pubic hair, she turned round to show me the back which was even sweeter than I had remembered, her cheeks were nicely rounded and with the string right up her crack it looked like a naked arse.
I was now rock hard under my shorts and as she turned back round she stared right at it, “Oh dear” she said as she walked over to me and knelt in between my legs, ‘nice cock’ she mumbled as without saying a word she reached forward and put her fingers in the waistband and with a little help from me pulled my shorts right off, then she reached forward again and pulled off my tee shirt so I was sitting back in the chair totally naked.
As my shirt came off she slowly run her tongue down my chest stopping at the tip of my cock, teasingly she licked the swollen tip before running her tongue down the length of my shaft, a quick swirl around my balls before standing up, still not a word spoken.
My cock was bursting as I watched her undo the buttons of her dress, teasing as her breasts came into view and then her panties, she let her dress fall to the floor before returning to her knees, her hand reaching forward and softly grabbing the base of my cock, ‘suck cock’ she mumbled under her breath as her head slowly bowed and she started licking my swollen head and running her lips over every inch, what followed was the most amazing blow job I had ever had, a true edging session as she didn’t want me to cum.
She raised up and turned around and pulled her panties to one side before lowering herself down on my waiting cock, she was wet from the blow job so I slid in very easily and grabbing the arms of the chair she began bobbing up and down very slowly and then began building up a rhythm, I helped by thrusting up on her downward stroke and reached around to feel her stiff nipples. ‘Fuck me daddy’ came the mumbled cry as we built up some speed and me thinking she is mumbling some weird stuff.
I grabbed her tits hard as she shook to orgasm and as the banging got more intense I felt myself shooting my hit cum deep inside her, she didn’t let up and kept bouncing and I could feel her pussy muscles sucking every last drop ‘hot cum’ she mumbled as she canlı bahis slowed down knowing she had drained me.
“Wow!, that was amazing!” I said as we got our breath back, “That’s how Harry taught me” she said with her back to me still sitting on my softening cock.
This was getting more interesting by the minute, so her boss Mr Green is actually Harry the guy I met in the shop, she went on to tell me that not many customers wanted a full outfit so she had to practice on the boss, he would come in and pose as a customer and they would lock the door and go into the back office where she had to measure him up and she was taught to make the gentleman happy, after I left the shop yesterday that is exactly what happened.
As she was telling me all this, still sitting on my lap I found myself getting hard again and her voice softened as she felt it and she very slowly started to grind back and forth, I run my fingers down her back very softly and I felt my cock getting harder inside her.
Gullible had nothing on this girl but I was happy to play along, she started to up the tempo and my hands again found their way to her breasts where I rubbed her nipples and gently squeezed the soft flesh, her breathing got heavy and I felt her shake as she cum and I felt her juices running down my balls.
I began to thrust up when she mumbled quite loudly, ‘fuck me, fuck me hard’ and began bobbing quite fast and I wasn’t lasting very long as I felt myself explode into her, “YES! Oh YES” she shouted as I filled her for the second time, both our bodies were shaking as she gripped my cock tightly.
We regained our breath and before she dismounted I said in a soft voice, “Now that you have been fired Danni, you can always use me to practice on” and then I laughed to make out it was a joke but her response of “Really Frank, Can I really?” really took the biscuit but I quite liked the idea of having a pretty young girl measuring me up and making sure I was happy, who wouldn’t.
Of course I agreed and even suggested she teach Lisa, I would be happy to model for both of them, Danni was now happy.
As she pulled herself off there was a little residue of cum that leaked out and landed on my belly and Danni wasted no time in bending down and licking me clean, “How was that Sir?” she said in her professional voice, “Perfect Miss” I replied with a big grin. She handed me my shorts and shirt and I got dressed while watching her put on her this dress and do the buttons up, such a sexy sight.
I hadn’t fully decided if she was for real or play acting but either way she was good and I was happy to play along.
“When Sir needs another fitting and measurements can change on a daily basis then contact me please Sir”, she continued in her best business-like voice, I nodded “Do you make house calls?” I asked being the concerned customer, “Of course” came her reply and we shook hands and I departed.
So many thoughts went through my mind on the drive home but one thing was for sure, she will get a text for another fitting very soon, I wanted to see how this plays out.

To Be Continued…

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