The Seduction of Kate

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The Seduction of Kate
The Seduction of Kate

My wife and I had been invited to the wedding of a distant relative of mine, I felt I had to make an effort to go and represent my side of the family, unfortunately my wife had another commitment and was unable to attend, so I had to go on my own.

I had booked into the hotel where the reception was being held, when I arrived I went to my room and got changed ready to go to the church for the ceremony, as I didn’t really know many people that were there, I sat by myself in the church, after the ceremony was over it was back to the hotel for the reception, I got myself a drink at the bar, then wandered over to have a look at the seating plan for the meal, I didn’t recognise any of the names of the people who I would be sitting beside, I made my way to my allocated table, I found myself seated next to a chap called Dave and his wife Kate, they were very nice, and as we chatted we found we had quite a lot in common, his wife was lovely, well dressed, and looking very smart, her short hair neatly styled and make up perfectly done, she was quite a slim lady but had a rather nice bust, what you could describe as a very attractive mature lady.
As I was on my own Dave asked if I would like to join them for the evening, I asked him if they wouldn’t be sitting with their own friends, Dave said that actually they didn’t know that many people either, it turned out they were neighbours of the brides parents, and as their neighbours would be sitting with their own family they didn’t feel it would be right to join them, well, he didn’t need to ask me twice, I was only too happy to be in their company, and it would give me the opportunity to chat to Kate as well.

Kate was delightful quite a reserved lady but chatty with it, as we talked I couldn’t help but notice her legs, and very nice legs they were too, I could see that they were nylon covered, but was it tights or stockings she was wearing, my guess was that she would probably be wearing tights, I don’t know why but to me she just didn’t seem to be the stocking wearing type, either way I was just enjoying the view, in fact I was becoming quite attracted to Kate.

As the evening went on the group played one of my favourite slow songs, I decided to ask Kate if she would like to dance with me, I had to warn her that I wasn’t much of a dancer, she laughed “that’s ok Alfie, just don’t stand on my feet” on the dance floor I put my arms around her, the feeling of having her body so close to mine and the smell of her perfume was having the effect of making me feel quite aroused, in fact I was beginning to get an erection, as we swayed to the music I could feel my semi erect cock rubbing against her, I was hoping that she wouldn’t notice, as we slowly danced around the floor I tried to think about other things to take my mind off it, but it was no use, by the time the group played a second slow song I was feeling so horny I didn’t care if Kate noticed or not, I started to move my hand slowly up and down around her waist, I was too scared to touch her bum, but with the tip of my fingers I could feel the waistband of her knickers through the thin material of her dress, I know it doesn’t sound much but even that little thing had me excited, all too soon the song finished and we made our way off the floor, I kept my hand in my pocket trying to control my now very erect cock.

When we sat down Kate leant over to Dave and whispered something in his ear, I was worried that perhaps Kate had noticed me rubbing against her when we were dancing, and had told Dave about it, but I needn’t have worried, she was just telling Dave that she was going over to talk to her neighbour, Kate then picked up her handbag and went across to the other side of the room to see her friend. Dave asked me if I had enjoyed my dance with his wife, I thought it was a bit strange to ask if I had enjoyed dancing with his wife, so I just said to Dave that I had very much enjoyed dancing with her, Dave looked at me and said “do you find her attractive”, I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t want to sound as if I had the hots for his wife, so I simply said, “yes she does look very attractive”, Dave leaned over at me, “how would you like to do me a big favour”, “if I can Dave I will, what do you want”, he looked around to make sure there was nobody near, then he than leaned forward and said, “I want you to seduce my wife”, I thought I had misheard him, “sorry Dave could you say that again”, “what I said Alfie is, I want you to try and seduce my wife”, I didn’t know what to say, “well I don’t know how to answer that”, “don’t you find her attractive enough” asked Dave, “on the contrary, I find her very attractive, it’s just that I am finding it a bit strange that a husband has asked me to seduce his wife”, Dave went on to explain that it was a big turn on for him to hear what other guys thought of his wife, and what they would like to do to her, he then showed me pics on his phone of Kate in various states of undress and told me how he posted them on the internet for others to enjoy, “before Kate comes back Alfie, are you up for the challenge”, “well maybe Kate won’t be attracted to me, but I’ve got nothing to lose, I think she looks fabulous and if that’s what you want I will give it a go, but how are you going to arrange it”, Dave thought for a moment, “well I’ll start by inviting you back to our room for a drink, we’ll just have to be play it by ear after that”, as we finished our conversation Kate came back to the table, “I’ve asked Alfie to come back to our room for a drink Kate, are you ok with that”, “That’s fine with me, I’ve really enjoyed his company tonight”.

As it got near to the end of the night Dave suggested that we should make our way back to their room, as we made our way along the corridor, I was walking behind Kate, what a lovely bum she had, and I was getting a nice view of her legs too, I could see the shine of nylon on them, I was still thinking about whether she was wearing tights or stockings, I find ladies in tights quite attractive, so I really wasn’t too bothered what she was wearing, then I thought to myself, your getting a bit ahead of yourself Alfie boy, if nothing happens you will never find out what she has on.

When we got into the room Dave poured the drinks and Kate settled down on the chair with hers, a few minutes later she kicked her shoes and announced that her feet were killing her, I knew this was an opportunity to get close up and personal with Kate, I knelt down in front of her and began to rub her nylon covered feet and calves, “that’s lovely Alfie, thanks for that”, I was enjoying it too, the feeling of getting my hands on Kate’s nylon covered legs was fabulous, as I worked on Kate’s feet I was trying to get a sneaky look up her dress, but there was no chance of that, Kate was keeping her hands on her dress holding down, “your very good at that Alfie” said Kate, “well I should be, it’s what I work at, I do massage, aromatherapy, all that sort of thing, not as my main job, but as a sideline, if you want I can give a fabulous neck and shoulder massage“, “oh yes please Alfie, that sounds lovely”, I stood behind Kate and started to massage her neck, “mmmmm that’s nice Alfie”, then Dave said, “why don’t you take your dress off Kate, and let Alfie give you a proper back massage”, Kate looked at Dave and said quite indignantly, “I can’t sit in my underwear in front of another man, I would be so embarrassed”, “of course you can” said Dave, “it’s not any different than sitting on a beach in your swimsuit”, I decided to help Dave out, so I told Kate that during my time working as a masseur I had seen plenty of ladies in their undies and even naked, “it really doesn’t bother me to see ladies in a state of undress, and I can assure you that you will really enjoy my back massage”, after a lot of persuasion and much to our surprise Kate agreed to take her dress off, she stood up and asked me to pull down the zip at the back, I unzipped her dress and Kate slipped it from her shoulders, she slowly removed it, and let it drop to the floor, she then picked it up and laid it on the chair, she is now standing in front of me wearing only her bra, knickers and tights, she had on a white bra and white knickers, cotton ones in a high legged style, not the big granny ones I was expecting to see, her legs looked fabulous in her light tan tights too.

I was actually feeling a little embarrassed by seeing Kate in her undies, especially with her husband present, but I wasn’t going to miss the chance to see as much of her fabulous figure as I could without making it too obvious that I was enjoying the view, I asked Kate if she had any lotion that I could use for the massage, “oh yes Alfie, I always carry moisturiser, I have it in my bag if that’s any use”,”that will be ideal, thanks”, as Kate fetched her moisturising lotion from her bag, I brought a bath towel from the bathroom and laid it on the bed, “just lie face down on the towel and I’ll get to work”, Kate lay down on the bed and I knelt beside canlı bahis siteleri her, “I will need to unclip your bra, It’ll be fine as long as you are lying down”, I opened the back of Kate’s bra and slipped the straps off her shoulders, I put the moisturiser on my hands to warm it up and started to give her back nice a massage, I was being as gentle as I could to make it feel like I knew what I was doing, after a little while I asked if she was enjoying it, “oh yes Alfie, it’s so relaxing”, “would you like your legs massaged”, “that sounds great, but I still have my tights on”, “don’t worry Kate I’ll take them off for you”, “just be careful when you take them off Alfie, they are good tights and I don’t want a ladder in them”, “don’t worry I will be very careful” I took the waistband of her tights in my hands and slowly pulled them down over her bum and down her thighs, she had her legs slightly apart and I was staring at the crotch of her knickers trying to imagine what her pussy would look like, I slipped her tights down her calves and over her feet, I held them in my hands, they were still warm from her body, they felt so nice and I wanted to feel them a bit longer, but I had to get on with massaging Kate’s legs, I thought I better start at her feet and slowly work my way up, when I reached her thighs I gradually got higher and higher until my fingers were almost touching the crotch of her knickers, it was making me so horny, and because she was wearing the high legged knickers I was able to get quite far up on the outside of her thighs, “would you like me to do the front of your legs Kate”, “that would be nice Alfie, thanks”, “well turn over and I will do the front”, Kate started to turn over, but as she did so she had obviously forgotten that I had undid her bra, her big tits dropped out and were in full view, she quickly grabbed them with her hands to cover them up, “oh sorry Alfie I had forgotten that my bra was undone, I hope I didn’t embarrass you by flashing my boobs”, Kate actually looked quite mortified and embarrassed that she had let me see her tits“, I tried to make light of it, “on the contrary Kate I wasn’t in the least perturbed, you have lovely boobs, and anyway it’s not unusual for me to see my lady clients breasts, in fact a lot of the ladies actually ask for them to be massaged, they enjoy the experience, it makes them feel so, well, how can I put it, well to be honest it gives them a feeling of arousal”, “oh I don’t think I would be comfortable letting a strange man feel my boobs” replied Kate, “and to do it to get a cheap thrill, well it’s not my style”,“it’s not like that Kate, I’m not just feeling them to give the ladies a cheap thrill, if it’s done properly it helps them relax and I’ve been told it also improves the firmness of your bust, the fact that they get off on it is up to them”, at that point Dave Joined in the conversation, “why don’t you give it a try Kate, you never know you might enjoy it, and I’m sure if you weren’t enjoying it Alfie would stop if you asked him, go on Kate be brave give it a go, I would love to see your boobs being handled by another man”, “oh I know what you would like to see Dave, but it’s not what you want to see, it’s what I feel comfortable doing, it’s one of those situations where I have a little angel sitting on one shoulder saying don’t you dare, and a little devil on the other saying go on girl, relax and let your naughty side take over for a change, well, if I do let you massage my boobs Alfie will you promise to stop if I don’t like it”, “of course I will Kate, just lie back and relax”, Kate lay back on the bed, her tits looked amazing, really huge and lovely erect nipples too, I didn’t want to grab them straight away, so I started up on her shoulders, then gradually moved down on to her breasts, I could see Kate was very tense, then my hands reached her nipples, and as I rubbed over them I could feel how stiff they were, I gave them a nice gentle teak, that’s when Kate gave out her first little moan, I knew then that her nipples were very sensitive, and I was hoping that by playing with them I would make Kate horny, I was really giving her tits a good going over, with her nipples getting the most attention, they were getting more erect with each touch of my fingers, “are you enjoying it” I asked, “oh yes Alfie that’s so nice, to tell you the truth it’s actually quite sensual, I can see now why the ladies ask for it”.

By this stage I was getting a bit nervous, I had never been so intimate with a woman with her husband present, I looked at Dave to see if he was showing any reaction to me touching his wife in this way, but he seemed to be quite relaxed with the whole situation as he clicked away with his camera, I continued to massage Kate’s breasts for a while, then I let my hands slide down onto her tummy gradually getting lower until I reached the waistband of her knickers, as my fingers touched her knickers I started to slide my fingers inside them, Kate put her hand on top of mine, “no Alfie, not down there, I don’t want you to go any further”. I asked Kate if she was nervous, “of course I’m nervous Alfie, after all that’s a very intimate part of my body your heading for, surely the ladies that come to you for a massage don’t let you do that, do they?”, “well Kate to tell you the truth some of them do, they enjoy the feeling of intense pleasure they get from having the full sensual massage”, Dave came over and kissed his wife, then he said “you have came this far Kate, you know what it would mean to me to see another man giving pleasure to you, the full sensual massage sounds really exciting, just for me why don’t you at least give it a try”, Kate kissed Dave, “I know how much it would mean to you, but I’m very nervous, and if truth be told a bit scared”, Dave kissed his wife again “you have nothing to worry about Kate, I’m here with you, and you know I wont let anything bad happen, plus Alfie’s a nice guy, he won’t force you into anything you don’t want to do, please Kate, please, just for me”, Kate looked at me, “If I decide to let you do it, will you be nice and gentle with me, and if I want you to stop, you will stop right away”, “of course I will Kate, I promise”, “well Alfie, do you want to remove my knickers, or will we get Dave to take them off”, a big smile came over Dave’s face, “oh wow Kate, your such an amazing wife”, he looked round at me, “would you mind Alfie if I take my wife’s knickers off for you”, “of course not Dave, you go ahead”, Dave got on the bed beside his wife and got hold of the waistband of her knickers and slowly started to pull them down, Kate put her feet on the bed and arched her back to lift up her bum up to make it easier for him to get them off, I watched as her pussy came into view, she had lovely dark pubic hair, not too hairy, just a nice covering, it looked so beautiful and very inviting, I wanted to bury my face in it and lick and taste that delicious looking pussy, but I knew Kate would not be happy if I did that, well not at least until I had her aroused enough to not care, I knelt on the bed in between Kate’s legs, she opened them a little wider as I started to rub the inside of her thighs and the fleshy part between her thighs and her slit, I spent the next few minutes gently rubbing her but deliberately not going near her slit, I watched Kate’s face to see if I could tell whether she was enjoying it or not, she seemed to be relaxed and also her breathing was becoming noticeably heavier, “how are you feeling Kate, are you ok for me to carry on”, “yes please Alfie, it’s actually very nice, I’m enjoying it a lot better than I thought I would”, I started rub her hairy mound, it felt so nice as I run my fingers through her pubic hair, I slowly rubbed my finger gently up and down following the line of her slit, that seemed to create quite a reaction from Kate, I could tell by the little audible gasps and pants that she was definitely becoming very aroused, I then moved my fingers to the top of her pussy above the slit and kept gently massaging her, I felt the time was right to slip a finger inside, so I slowly pushed one finger in between the lips and started to rub the area around her clit, Kate let out a loud moan, I knew there would be no going back for her now, I slid another finger in and was now rubbing her clit quite hard, she let out an even louder moan, I could feel her pussy getting wetter and her clit swelling, Kate’s legs were now making jerking movements as she wriggled about on the bed, she was making little gasping sounds as she breathed, I kept fingering her pussy until I felt it getting really wet, Kate gasped “oh no Alfie, your a very naughty boy, oh Alfie that’s lovely, oh my god yes, I think I’mmmm, oh yes, yes yes, oh yes”, for the next 20 or 30 seconds Kate let out all sorts of little moans and gasps as she writhed about before relaxing back on the bed, I looked at Kate as she lay there slightly panting, “I take it you enjoyed that”, “well I don’t suppose I can deny that I didn’t, I really wasn’t expecting makrobet that, but I must admit that I found that very enjoyable”, I looked at Kate’s pussy, I could see the wetness around the lips, and I knew by my fingers that it was wet inside too, time for a taste I thought, I was sure Kate would appreciate a little oral stimulation, I lay in between Kate’s legs and buried my face in that delicious mound and pushed my tongue inside, it tasted so good, I pulled her pussy lips apart with my fingers to get even deeper inside, the tip of my tongue licking her clit, Kate grabbed my head and held it tightly against her pussy, my face is now soaked from the juices, I stop licking and slip my fingers back inside, she is so wet that her pussy is making loud squelching noises, as my finger movements get more rapid, Kate lets out a series of loud moans as her body shudders and she has another orgasm, she then relaxed back on the bed breathing heavily, “your a very naughty boy Alfie, I didn’t expect you to do that, you caught me unawares, I didn’t even have time to say no”, “did you not enjoy it Kate”, “oh boy did I enjoy it, that was amazing, come here and give me a big kiss and a cuddle, I like a nice cuddle”, I lay beside her and she put her arms around me and gave me a really big kiss and cuddle, “thank you Alfie, that was really nice”, she then looked over at Dave, “well, was watching your wife with another man as good as you thought it would be, are you happy that I made your little fantasy come true”, Dave made his way across the room to the bed “watching you with another man was every bit as exciting as I thought it would be Kate, I have enjoyed every second, and every moan that I heard was so exciting, but you haven’t quite fulfilled the whole of my fantasy”, “what do you mean Dave”, “well the biggest part of my fantasy is to see another man’s cock in your pussy, and I haven’t seen that yet, you see to make it complete I want to see Alfie’s cock in your pussy”, I could tell by the smile on Kate’s face that things had changed, she no longer was that conservative quiet and reserved lady that I met only a few hours ago, she looked a more liberated Kate as she smiled at me, “well we can’t disappoint my husband Alfie, I think we need to go the whole way”.
I was still fully clothed so I ask Kate if she would like to strip me, she sat up unbuttoned and removed my shirt, she then unbuckled my belt and pulled down my zip, I took my trousers off and stood there in my underpants, a big bulge showed how hard my cock was, Kate rubbed the bulge then reached inside, “wow Alfie you seem quite big, nice and hard too”, as she pulled down my underpants my cock sprang out, at 7” long and quite thick, it’s a size the ladies seem to like, a bit bigger and thicker than normal, but not too big to be uncomfortable “wow nice” exclaimed Kate as she gently stroked it with the tip of her finger, “I think I’m ready” she whispered to me as she lay back on the bed, she opened her legs, her pussy looking wet and inviting, I couldn’t wait any longer and a few seconds later I was kneeling between her legs, I placed the head of my cock against her slit, I looked round at Dave “do you want to bring your camera over and film the first strange cock going into your wife’s pussy”, Dave made his way over, camera in hand, he had a great view as I pushed my cock into Kate’s pussy, it felt so good as it slid inside, deep into her warm wet pussy, this was new territory for both of us, Kate’s pussy had only ever had Dave’s cock in it, and despite all the stories about me massaging lots of ladies, my cock had only ever been in my wife’s pussy. Kate’s arms are soon wrapped around me holding me tight against her warm body, she was becoming quite vocal as she felt me thrusting my cock deep inside her. After a few minutes of pounding her hot pussy, and listening to the cries of pleasure that were coming from her lips, I knew she was really enjoying it, she had me feeling so horny that I was almost at the point of coming, I had to stop otherwise it was going to be all over far too soon, I managed to stop myself just in time, and to let things calm down I ask Kate if she would maybe like to try a different position, she agreed, “where do you want me” asked Kate, so I suggested we could maybe try the doggy position, Kate turned over and got on to her knees, her lovely bum in the air with her legs slightly apart, her pussy peeping out between her thighs, it was looking quite wet and with the lips now visibly gaping, just ready for my cock to slide inside, I placed the head of my cock against her slit, again I looked round at Dave, “I think this will make for a nice close up shot”, Dave quickly came over with his camera at the ready, I grabbed Kate’s hips and started to pull her on to my waiting cock, she responded by pushing herself backwards, and as I looked down it was so arousing to watch as my cock slowly disappeared into her wet slit, she then moved backwards and forwards, sliding her pussy up and down my hard shaft, it felt so nice, I could actually feel the contractions of the muscles in her pussy on my cock, I was so horny, I grabbed her hips again, this time it was me that was doing all the thrusting, I was really giving her pussy a good pounding, it was so wet that as I thrust my cock in it was making loud squelching sounds, I could actually feel the wet on my skin as I came in contact with Kate, and although Kate’s face was buried in the pillow I could still hear her muffled moans of pleasure, I leaned forward and slid my hands under her body and grabbed her big hanging tits and gave her nipples a good squeeze before moving my hands further down over her tummy, what a gorgeous body, my fingers were soon touching her pubic hair, it was wet and I could feel splashes of her juices on my fingers as my cock slid in and out, my fingers were soon joining my cock inside her pussy, rubbing her swollen clit as I pushed my cock in as deep and as hard as I could, Kate was really reacting to all of this stimulation, her moans were getting louder her breathing was getting heavier and I could feel her bum pushing against my stomach, then with a cry of “oh god Alfie I’m coming” and a few gasped yesses and moans, Kate had come for the third time, despite the obvious excitement of watching Kate having an orgasm I had managed to keep myself from coming and was still hard.

I pulled my cock from Kate’s sloppy pussy and asked her to roll over onto her back, I climbed on top of her and whispered into her ear and asked her if it was ok to come in her, she said “you can come in my pussy if you want, you have given me a good time, and I want you to have one too” Kate reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart, her swollen clit now visible I started to rub the head of my cock on it, Kate seemed to be getting really turned on with this, she grabbed her legs behind the knee and pulled them up and slightly apart, her pussy was wet and gaping and so ready for my cock, I knelt between Kate’s thighs and slid inside her again, this time I wouldn’t be stopping until I had shot my load into her, Kate let her legs drop back onto the bed and I lowered myself on top of her and started banging her so hard, thrusting deep and fast, I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did, in her excitement Kate was digging her nails into my back, and very vocal too as she writhed about under me, her legs now wrapped around me as if to keep me there as long as she could, again I could feel the contractions of her pussy as it gripped my shaft, I reached the point where I couldn’t hold back any longer, then that wonderful feeling as I began to orgasm and my cock exploded dumping lots of cum into Kate’s pussy, normally it’s over too quickly, but now and again if I’m really horny it lasts for much longer, and this was one of those occasions, it’s so nice when it happens, after my first ejaculation I looked at Kate and I couldn’t believe that I was actually having sex with her, that gorgeous lady that I had only met a few hours earlier was on the bed with me and my cock was in her pussy, the look of pleasure on Kate’s face was so exciting that seeing it was keeping me hard, I kept going thrusting into that sweet wet pussy, a few minutes later I had a second orgasm, and with Kate’s cries of “oh god yes” ringing in my ear I don’t think I was the only one who had finished with a big orgasm.

When I stopped I lay on top of Kate for a little while as we kissed and cuddled, “that was amazing Kate, thank you” it was amazing for me too she said, I could feel my cock beginning to lose it’s erection, so I pulled out and stood at the bottom of the bed looking at how wet Kate’s pussy was and how gaping and swollen and red the lips were, she looked so sexy lying there, her body glistening with sweat and the redness around her chest and neck of a sex flush, and as inviting as she looked I knew I wouldn’t be able to get my dick hard enough to penetrate her any time soon, it was then I was aware that Dave was beside me kneeling at the bottom of makrobet giriş the bed with his camera taking photos of his wife’s well used pussy, Dave asked Kate to pull her pussy lips apart, “no Dave, don’t be silly, I’m not going to let you take a photo like that” “oh please Kate, just this once, let me see what a good girl you have been” Kate finally gave in to Dave, she put her hands on to her pussy and slowly opened the lips exposing the big cream pie that I had deposited in her, the next thing Dave handed me the camera and said “keep taking photos for me”, and before I had the chance to say anything he was on top of Kate, his hard cock in her pussy and was bonking her like a sex starved teenager, Kate put her arms tightly around Dave, and cried “oh yes darling, I love you, oh yes that feels so nice, I want you to come in me too”, I clicked away with the camera until Kate finished with another orgasm and so did Dave as he shot another big load of cum into Kate’s pussy, as he lay on top of his wife they were kissing and cuddling her like they hadn’t seen each other for years, Dave said “thank you Kate darling you have made me the happiest man in the world”, “well thank you Dave for persuading me to give it a try, I should have known that you would have been right all along, and I would enjoy the experience.

The three of us lay on the bed, Kate said that she had started the evening with absolutely no thoughts about anything like that happening, even when Alfie started the massage it never even entered my mind, but she then confessed that as the massage got more intimate she was finding the whole thing very arousing, but even when Alfie tried to put his hand in my knickers I still wasn’t thinking about letting him go any further, then when Dave came over I could tell that it would mean so much to him to see me and Alfie together, so I just thought go for it girl, you have nothing to lose, you know it will give your husband so much pleasure, so thank you Alfie, you have shown a side of me that I didn’t even know existed, the fact my husband encouraged me to do it was what finally made me put my conservative side away and let my naughty side shine through, there is no way that I could have done that behind his back, I just couldn’t have cheated on him, “Dave looked at Kate, “do you think you could do it again”, “well my libido was certainly let out of the box tonight, and I can tell you it felt so good, and maybe with the right situation I could be persuaded to let it happen again, you never know, I wouldn’t rule it out.

I lay back down on the bed beside Kate, her sex flush still very obvious, I gave her another kiss and a cuddle, then Kate said, “I think we maybe better get ourselves cleaned up and call it a night, we chatted for a little longer then it was time to go, I went back to my room on a high, I couldn’t get Kate out of my head, I don’t think I got much sleep that night.

The next morning I was sitting in the dining room having my breakfast when Dave and Kate came in, Kate was positively glowing, a big smile on her face and a spring in her step, as they passed my table I watched Kate as she headed towards their table, her trousers showing off the contours of her bum, I couldn’t take my eyes of her until she sat down, I would have loved to take her back to my room before we left, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen, I looked across the room and gave her a big smile, Dave came across to my table, “Alfie, before you go will you come to our room to say goodbye, I think Kate has a little present for you”, “thank you Dave I certainly will”, after breakfast I went back to my room to pick up my things, then I made my way along to Dave and Kate’s room and knocked on the door, Dave answered it and said “come in Alfie, please come in”, as I walked into the room Kate was standing with a plastic bag in her hand, she looked so lovely I just wanted to grab her, throw her on the bed, remove all her clothes and make passionate love to her, but there wasn’t going to be time for that, so I had to cool my ardour and make do with a nice kiss and a cuddle, then she said “thank you for I wonderful evening, I cant’ tell you how much I enjoyed it”, “well I really enjoyed it too, I wish we could do it again”, Kate handed me the plastic bag, “it’s a little present to remind you of last night, it was Dave’s idea, I thought it was a bit weird, but Dave said you would appreciate it” I said thank you, and as I peered inside, there lying in a tangle at the bottom of the bag were the tights and knickers that she had been wearing the previous evening, I wish I could have went back to my room to get my hands on them, I wanted to feel and smell them and enjoy the scent of Kate’s pussy again, and wrap them around my cock and shoot a load of cum into them, but my little daydream was interrupted by Kate “do you like them Alfie, Dave told me that you liked me in my knickers and tights and he thought you might like them as a little keepsake to remind you of me”, “I love them Kate, thank you very much, I will certainly enjoy having them, did you enjoy last night”, “I did Alfie, but I can’t believe how lucky it was that you were a masseur, without you giving me that massage, the rest wouldn’t have happened, and Dave wouldn’t have had his fantasy fulfilled”, “well Kate, I’ve got a little confession to make”, “what’s that” said Kate sternly, “I’m not a masseur, I’m actually and electrician”, “oh you little fibber”, cried Kate as she hit me a playful slap on the arm, “I’m sorry Kate, but it was the only way anything was going to happen, would you have went ahead with the massage if you knew I wasn’t a proper masseur”, “I definitely wouldn’t have, when Dave asked me to take my dress off, I wasn’t going to do it, then I thought Alfie’s a professional, it’s just like going to the doctors, or for your breast screening, you know you have to take your clothes off to get examined, so I thought why not, I really fancied a nice back massage, and that wasn’t going to happen with my dress on”, “I’m really sorry Kate, do you regret now that you let yourself be talked into it”, Kate gave me a big hug, “not in the least Alfie, I enjoyed it too much to regret it, and for an electrician you certainly give a wonderful massage, you should think about taking it up, just think about all those ladies taking their clothes off for you”, “that’s a nice thought Kate, but they all won’t have bodies as nice as yours”, Kate smiled “oh Alfie you really know how to make a lady feel good about herself, thank you”, “but it’s true Kate, you have a lovely figure, and I’m so glad I met the two of you, I’ve had such a good time, I’m glad you did too”, “Thanks Alfie, I had so much fun, although I’m a, bit sore down there this morning, you were quite rough on me a couple of times”, “you should have said Kate, I didn’t mean to be, you just got me so excited that I got carried away with myself”, “don’t worry Alfie, in fact I quite liked it, being treated like that, it was actually turning me on”, I gave Kate a big hug and a kiss“, Dave said “I know it’s a long drive, but your very welcome to visit us and stay for a few days, I know Kate would be very pleased to see you, and she would make sure that you really enjoyed yourself, if you know what I mean”, I laughed, “I would love to visit, and I will certainly try to make it happen, the thought of having fun with Kate again is a big incentive for me to make it happen.

Dave handed me a piece of paper, “it’s got my email address on it, please send me an email and I will send some of the pics from last night to you”, he then looked over at Kate who was now finishing the packing, he then leaned forward and whispered, “it’s also got the details of the website that I post videos and pics of Kate on, just get a user name and password to join, send me a friends request and I’ll let you see a lot of voyeur stuff I have of Kate”, “what are you whispering about” asked Kate, “nothing dear, I was just thanking Alfie for last night”, “oh that’s all right, thank him from me too“, “well I better get going now, I have a long journey ahead of me”, Dave shook my hand and said “remember the offer to come and visit us is there, we would love too see you again”.
As I drove home I was in such a good mood that the journey seemed much shorter than it did coming down, but I was glad to be home, the first thing I did when I got there was to go into my case and get the plastic bag with Kate’s tights and knickers in it and get them out, mmmm Kate’s aroma was still there, I enjoyed a nice private wank as I held them and thought about last night before hiding them at the back of my drawer.

In the following weeks I exchanged a few emails with Dave, he sent me some of the photos and videos that he had taken on that night in the hotel, he also sent new sexy photo’s of Kate that he had persuaded her to pose for, and asked if I wouldn’t mind doing a few tribute pics for her, I was only too pleased to get my cock out and show her how hard she makes me, I must have shot a lot of cum onto my laptop screen as I wanked to Kate’s pictures, he even sent a nice little personal video of Kate in her undies, waving into the camera and saying hi to me, that really got me horny, needless to say Dave got a tribute pic to that one.


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