The Permissive Purity of Father Fontane [4]

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The Permissive Purity of Father Fontane [4]
Part 4 – Deep in Dana’s Mouth


It would be easy to explain why Father Everett Fontane was not going to hear a soft knock that was soon to come to his office door. It would be harder to explain why the chief priest of Pristine Valley would be seen laying with a blond boy on his office sofa.

While there would seldom be a good day for such a discovery, this day could not have been worse for Father Simon Dott because he was just returning from a fabulous morning, one he had spent with Dana, Fontane’s own grandniece and one arranged by Fontane himself.

Dott parked his car and checked in with Jenni Hale at the front office. She handed him several messages and said, “Father Fontane said he wants to see you as soon as you got back.”

“Figured he would. Is he busy now?”

“He had a counseling appointment but that was an hour-and-a-half ago. I would knock first though.”

And so, Father Simon Dott began a fateful trek toward a soft knock, a quietly opened door, and a brazen scene that would alter his day and send him away in shock.

It was outrageous! A sixty-something priest wrapped around an unknown boy! It was…iniquity! Iniquity beyond iniquity! Even Father Fontane’s cleverly crafted doctrine had no tolerance for sodomy yet there he was, the good Father, humping away!

Even so, Dott also understood the dilemma that accompanied his shock. If he confronted the old man, it would almost certainly be the end of his pleasures in the Valley, but if he didn’t, could he live with himself?

His torment was eventually interrupted by the intercom on his desk.

“Dott. You there?”

He cleared his thoughts enough to reply, “Y…Yes, Father Fontane.”

“S’pose to see me soon as you got back. Come see me now.”

Dott washed his face, mustered his courage, and made his way to the old man’s office, still uncertain of what he would do.

The blond boy was gone and Fontane’s demeanor was as if nothing had happened.

“How was your morning?” the older priest asked with a salacious smile.

“It was…It was…” Dott squirmed. “Everett, I…I saw you.”

“Saw me? Saw me what?”

“I knocked on your office door and I saw you…with some boy.”

Fontane stared before his simple response, “So?”

“You were…”

“I was what, Simon?”

Well, if the old man was going to brazenly push the issue, then so would Dott!

“I saw you. You were on the sofa and you were…you were fucking that boy!”

“Oh that? Don’t worry about it.”

“How could I not worry about it? Sodomy is against our vows as well as your doctrine.”

“Sodomy?” Fontane laughed. “Wasn’t no sodomy.”

“Everett, you were spooning him and fucking him from behind. What else would you call it?”

“Yeah, I was spooning him and I was fucking him from behind, but I wasn’t sodomizing him.”

“How is that NOT sodomy!”

“Cuz it’s intercrural.”


“You still don’t know what you don’t know. Even that Kaski boy knows. Hell, it was his idea. Backs himself into me, spoons us up, then I fuck him between his thighs.”

“You…You fucked him—what?”

“Yup. Creamed all over them soft thighs. Ahhhh, so good! Like fuckin’ a woman. But, my dear Simon, it wasn’t sex. And, it wasn’t sodomy. And, it wasn’t with no female. So, it all fits right in nice and neat, pretty much like them blowjobs you like.”

While Fontane was once again a master of rationalizations, Dott struggled to agree.

“But, aren’t you leaving something out?”

“Like what?”

“Intimacy. We’re not to have intimacy with anyone.”

Father Fontane put his forearms on his desk to lean toward his associate. “Look Dott, you really don’t want to go making a big stink about things do you? Wouldn’t it better for you to…you know…settle down and you and me come to an understanding?”

Dott heard threat in Fontane’s words and felt both his resolve and voice soften.

“Okay Everett. Okay. But, can we at least talk about the matter of intimacy? I mean, after what I saw, I think you can understand why I need to ask.”

“That’s better Simon. Reason it ain’t ‘intimacy’ is because I looked it long time ago. Memorized it. Intimacy is deep affection like with kissing, hugging, romance, or sexual intercourse. I don’t kiss boys so therefore, I don’t romance them casino siteleri either. Never penetrated him so wasn’t intercourse. Hugging don’t count ‘cuz we’re priests. We hug everyone. And if it did count, you’d be as guilty as me.”


“You hold cocksuckers’ heads, don’t ya? Well, I was holding him, not hugging him. So no, wasn’t an ounce of intimacy. And remember, it’s our job to help them boys so they don’t go off gettin’ defiled by them perverts in the city.” He poured two glasses of whiskey. “Here. Let’s toast our new understanding.”

Dott downed a mouthful of liquor and hoped it would somehow help him to sort through all that he had heard. Since he couldn’t, it was best to just let things ride, at least for the time being.

Besides, what right did he have to judge? Earlier that morning, he was the one who was pervey enough to get sucked off by a blonde girl who he knew was actually a boy. And wasn’t he the one who had admitted to the “girl’s” mother that he had driven twenty miles to put his penis in her daughter’s mouth? And, wasn’t he the one who tried to put his dick down the girl’s throat against her will?

“You’re right again, Everett,” he relented. “You’ve always thought these things out and I should just trust you.”

“Good. Now, let’s talk about something else. You have a good time with my grandniece?”

“Still can’t believe she’s a boy.”

“Did you do what I sent you out there to do? Did you get your dick down her throat?”

“She…She wouldn’t do it. She said ‘next time’ so she’s coming here tomorrow.”

“I told you your job was to get it all the way in her so she can feel more like a girl, so you better get that done tomorrow. But, at least tell me you came in her mouth.”

“Ohhh…yeahhhh,” Dott crooned as he remembered his ball-busting orgasm. “But I mean, I did it to help her, not me.”

“Of course you did,” Fontane chuckled. “How’s she getting here tomorrow?”

“Her mother’s bringing her by before she goes to the grange.”

“Grange, huh. That’s Hayden’s word like when we say ‘counseling’.”

“She fucks men at the grange?”

“No Dott, that would be adultery and you’d be callin’ my niece a whore! She knows better, but she spends a lot of time on her knees, heh-heh. Like mother, like daughter.”


When Hayden arrived with Dana the next day, she pulled Dott aside and said, “Look Father Dott, I don’t appreciate you coming to my home and doing what you did to my daughter!”

Panic swelled through him, inflating his insides til he felt he would burst.

“But…I…You knew about it. You even made me admit that I drove twenty miles for her to suck my cock.”

“What? No. Not that. You were suppose to do it deeper and you didn’t.”

No one in the world was more relieved than Father Simon Dott in that moment as he exhaled fear-ladened breath in a single sigh of relief.

“Hayden, she…she wouldn’t let me.”

“Well, who’s in control here? Who’s the adult? Don’t take no for an answer or I’ll have to find someone else.”

Could Pristine Valley get any freakier? Fontane’s doctrine ratified blowjobs as a service to “needy” cocksuckers. His own grandniece was actually a cocksucking boy and he had arranged for Dott to fuck her mouth. Her mother knew about it and had left for the grange where she gave uncounted blowjobs. And now, she had just commanded him to put his dick down her “daughter’s” throat!

Not that he would object in any way. Despite being a boy, Dana made for one hot girl, one that made men do double-takes and kept them from ever guessing that the cause of their hardons was a cocksucking boy! Dana, with the full and thick blond hair and blue eyes. Dana, dressed in a pink tank top and beige shorts. Dana, smooth all over and that mouth—

“Hi Father Dott,” Dana cooed as she moved closer.

“You…You can call me Simon if you want.”

“Nooooo. I like calling you Father Dott.” Her fingers traced to his pants. “I like that you’re a priest who don’t get girls.”

And with that, Father Dott lost his first chance to be the responsible adult who controlled things.

She went slowly to her knees. “But, I’ll suck so you don’t need girls.”

Dott thought his cock would explode. “But, you know we have to do more. You have to take it deep.”

“I perabet güvenilir mi will if you let me suck.”

His zipper was down and her mouth was already beginning to gobble up his hard shaft. Her soft, creamy mouth made him lose his will to resist. His knees felt weak and his eyes closed as he felt the sweet, rolling sensations of her mystical mouth.

Ah…yes…suck, his brain repeated. Suck my cock you sweet little “girl”.

Just outside, the choir director was leading a group of prospective students and their families on a tour of the facility. He described Dott as the “honorable and humble and giving new priest of the Valley.” As the group moved on its way, none were aware that behind the wall that separated them, the honorable and humble priest was giving his dick to a blond schoolgirl who was actually a boy.

Dott pushed Dana away and said he couldn’t take any more of her sucking without cumming and they needed to get on to “deeper things”.

“Listen Dana, I have to,” he said. “I have orders from my boss and your mother.”

The girl shrugged. “Okay. It’s just…I don’t know if I can and I don’t know if I want to find out if I can’t.”

“Of course you can. We’ll go slow. It’s not the first time I’ve done it with a virgin.”

“Ha, I’m not no virgin. I sucked plenty of times.”

“No. I mean, your throat is virgin. We’ll go easy. Just open your mouth and I’ll do the rest.”

The girl slumped.

“Look Dana, I have a job to do. I’m going to fuck you in the mouth or you might as well leave.”

She brought herself upright on her knees and opened her mouth. Just the sight of that mouth…so open…so ready…so wet and pinkish…made him afraid to even touch his cock. But, he had a job to do so he took matters in-hand and brought the tip of his erection to her lips. Her warm breath almost made him cream. He eased it slowly into her and her mouth swarmed over it.

He put his hands on her head and said, “Just relax, Dana. Relax.” He eased in a little more and then…he felt her tight, virginal, entrance and he was reminded that the way to heaven was narrow and only a few would find it. Whether he was a priest doing a service or a lust-crazed a****l with needs was beginning to not matter! He had to fuck this “girl” and nothing was going to stop him!

She gagged slightly and put her palms against his thighs as if to resist. He reminded her to relax and “Just let it happen, Dana. Let it happen.”

He was desperate to bury his bone in her; bury his bone deep into her and fuck her and pump millions of his fertile spermatozoa right down her cocksucking throat!

He felt her gateway yield and his cockhead snug in the tightness of her innocent and untouched ring of virtue. He was nearly gasping from pleasure. He eased forward more and…yes!…the head of his “sword” was sheathed beyond that ring. He was in! Not all of the way yet, but once that mushroom head got past that ring of resistance, the rest was certain!

“O…Okay Dana,” he said with a trembling voice. “Hold still.”

He gripped her head tighter and slowly, very slowly, Father Simon Dott pushed his erect penis all the way into the girl’s throat. He felt her nose against his pubes and his balls against her chin.

He began fucking her. Deep and slow. Asking if she was okay. Fucking her with long strokes. Controlling himself. Getting her comfortable. Getting her ready for the real fucking that was to follow.

Five minutes, then ten, then fifteen passed before he said, “Okay Dana, I have to do it. I have to fuck you. You’re ready and those are my orders.”

She girl seemed uncertain but tried to nod despite having a rock-hard dick down her throat and two hands gripping her head.

“Good girl. You’ll be fine. Are you ready?”

Again, the mass of blond hair moved as if to nod.

He began in smooth strokes, pulling back until he almost slipped from her throat and back in until her face was flush with his abdomen. Again and again. Minute after minute after minute. A little more energy. Nearly half-speed. She didn’t squirm or try to pull away.

As his pace picked up a little more, he was getting near to fucking speed.

Nobility left Father Simon Dott. He no longer cared if he was doing his perabet giriş duty or doing her a service or what anyone would think of him. The time had come to fuck the girl of his lust-filled dreams and pump his seed into her and relieve himself deep in that gorgeous, cocksucking mouth and nothing was going to stop him!

It was no longer about her. It was about him. His need. His lust. His balls boiling and needing release.

He had a cocksucker on her knees and he was going to give her what she came for; what his boss demanded; what her mother insisted!

If she wanted to be more of a “real” girl then she had to get fucked by a real man! Any consequence of their perverse mating was all on her! She knew before she came there that he was going to fuck her in the mouth! If she didn’t want it, then she should have stayed home. And, she certainly shouldn’t have dropped to her knees in front of a priest who “can’t have girls” and tease him with her flirty blue eyes and wide-open mouth.

He was panting and gasping and pummeling her and all he could think about was how much he wanted to cum in her; deep in her! And as the moments past and his lust built and he felt himself approaching climax, he pulled her head to him until her face was smashed against his body. His hips thrust hard as he buried his bone deep down her throat and his balls quaked and Father Simon Dott began inseminating the throat of the blond girl who was actually a cocksucking boy.

His body yanked back slightly then jammed his hard rod back into her soft depths as he blasted her innards again. Two, three, four more times, he rammed into her as deep as he could go and each time, he pumped a heavy dose of ejaculate into her. Two more times he did the same and on the third, he rammed it down her throat as deep as it would go and he let out a primal growl and one last dose of rich, thick, fertile sperm.

He exhaled like an explosion and realized it had been some time since he had taken a breath. She hadn’t moved during the entire insemination process and he wondered if she had stopped breathing as well. But, he would NOT pull out of her until his cock stopped twitching and jerking and post-copulation peace returned.

When it finally did, he released her head and the girl slowly slumped to the floor like a rag doll. Her hair was mussed and her eyes dazed. Her lips were puffy and her face reddened. But, her body writhed in a slow-motion manner so at least he knew he hadn’t killed her..

His cock dripped semen. Proof of a job well done. It was in her. Jizz. His jizz! His sperm furious looking for ovaries and only finding tonsils.

Wouldn’t Father Fontane and Hayden be happy? He had fucked her like they told him to and done it so well that he had fucked the girl into a writhing and sticky daze.

He helped her recover and clean up. He asked if she was okay and she nodded but didn’t speak. Hayden arrived and was pleased with his report and unconcerned that her daughter’s eyes looked distant.

When they were gone, Dott met with Fontane, gave a full report, and was patted on the back for a job well done.

But, that didn’t change how Father Simon Dott’s insides were in turmoil.

“Everett,” he said, “I…I’ve sinned. I feel guilty.”

“Why would you feel guilty?” the chief priest asked.

“Because…Because it was lust. Pure lust. I didn’t do it for Dana. I did it for me. I fucked your grandniece because I’m a hopeless pervert who could only think about how much I wanted to get my nuts off down her throat.”

Fontane laughed. “Well boy, welcome to humanity. You wouldn’t be a man if you didn’t think that way when you got a eager cocksucker down there slurping on your manhood.”

“So, you’ve had those thoughts?”

“Hell yes. Every time. I get a mouth working on my dick and what else am I suppose to think about? And, we owe it to them. They don’t come to us just to suck. The job ain’t complete til we feed ‘em semen and whatever you hafta do to give it to them, then that’s what you do. We give, they receive. And, if we don’t someone else will.”

“I don’t know, Everett. I feel so selfish. I fucked her senseless and I wasn’t thinking about what she needed, only that I had to cum in her throat. It was lust. Pure lust.”

“So? Her mother brought here to get fucked and you fucked her. Tell you what. Give it a few hours You’ll see it different. Your dick will be gettin’ hard again and you’re gonna want it even more. Trust me. When your dick goes up, your guilt goes down.”


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