The Most Popular Boy in School

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The Most Popular Boy in School
The academic year was just getting started. Jayce stepped opened the passenger door of his grandfather’s crimson red 2000 Cadillac Eldorado coupe.

“Have a good day, son,” Guy Durden said to his daughter’s only son.
“Thanks! You too, Dadu,” replied the student.
“Mimzy is gonna pick you up.”

Jayce clutched his arms together as he entered Robert W. Scales High School. He had a flourescent yellow Eastpak bag on his back. He wore a red button down shirt and khaki shorts. He followed the sign directing incoming freshmen to the auditorium. He did everything he could to draw very little attention to his chest.

Over the summer break, Jayce’s body began to change. He started growing breasts. The doctor called in gynecomastia. It wasn’t harmful physiologically. The only thing was it made the super smart k** a bit more self-conscious. The physician believed it would resolve itself in a few months as most cases did. So, there was no medical intervention. Jayce’s tits were full and perky.

A couple of older boys, spotted him walking down the hall.

“Nice rack,” one laughed.
“Tiggo bitties,” remarked the other.

Jayce lowered his head and walked faster. His taut booty swayed with each step.

Three coaches were huddled together outside the auditorium. They stared for a moment longer than normal.

“Good morning,” the first one boomed.
“Hello, sirs,” Jayce smiled.
“Welcome to Scales,” said the second.
The third added, “Have a good one.”
“You too,” the five-foot-five, copper-skinned k** with the otherwise coltish body shot back.

Jayce took a seat and suffered through the orientation. He lined up behind his homeroom teacher, Mrs. Nobles. The matronly looking math teacher led her students to her classroom.

Jayce reviewed kaçak iddaa his class assignments. He was in the the second row middle of the way back. There were four wannabe thugs surrounding him. They whispered loudly.

“This dude got tits fah real,” the one in front opined.
The guy on his left stated, “He probably look in the mirror an jack off all night!”
The one to his right laughed, “Yeah! He’d be campus bitch in juvie.”
Behind him, the boy added, “Yep! He prolly gettin’ hard right now.”

The guys laughed. Jayce blushed.

Based on his academic placements and having taken two classes over the summer at a community college, Jayce was placed in Algebra II.

His section of Algebra included a lot of seniors – mainly dudes on the various sports teams that struggled with the concepts. Two weeks in, Mrs. Nobles and the basketball coach approached him about serving as a tutor for some of his classmates. Jayce agreed.

That night, he shared the news with his grandparents.

“Awesome,” smiled his Mimzy.
“Good job,” approved Dadu.

Coach Lampkin and Mrs. Nobles set it up so that an empty room could be used during the scheduled class time. She would provide the lesson plan. Jayce would assist the athletes with their assignments ensuring all of them could still play.

Jayce went into the room each day with the six seniors. Two played football only: Bron Huggins, a linebacker, and running back Zander Mathis. Two were fielding the gridiron and basketball teams: Tre Kennedy, a wide receiver and shooting guard, and Jakobe Williams, a cornerback and forward. Finally, the Montgomery twins, Jett and Julien, played first base and shortstop, respectively.

Over the semester, Jayce helped the handsome guys with their assignments.

He often took off his kaçak bahis shirt and wore just a tank top because the room was stifling. The guys stared at his bountiful chest constantly.

Jayce’s confidence was boosted when the freshman assembly announced the nominees for their homecoming court representative. His name had made the top three. He was competing against two girls. The administration did not want to include him in the, but they were advised not to apply patriarchal binary heteronormative gender roles by the school psychologist. Jayce won handily.

The night of the homecoming game, the Scales High Bulldogs battled the West Germantown Pirates. At halftime, the court took the field. The homecoming queen and her attendants wore gorgeous gowns – all except Jayce. He had on a slim-fit, shimmery, shamrock suit. His hair was cut in a high top fade. The crowd roared when his name was called. He was presented his flowers by Jett Montgomery.

“Wanna come hang wit’ us,” Julien Montgomery asked after the game.
“Yeah,” beamed Jayce.

He got permission from Dadu and Mimzy to go with the others.

Someone’s older brother had scored beer and weed. The crowd began to dwindle down.

Jayce was in the kitchen when Julien entered. “Sup,” the short stop asked.
“Not much,” Jayce replied.
“Show me them tits!”
Julien moved closer and grabbed one. “Let me see ‘em.”

Jayce pulled off his top. The fleshy, C-cup taas were in his face. Julien began to suck them.

Soon, Jett joined in followed by Tre.

Jayce sucked their big dicks and let them titty fuck him. He was drenched with cum at the end.

Rumor got back to Coach Lampkin. The tall, lanky man started showing up randomly in the classroom.

The bell rang and Coach Lampkin asked Jayce to güvenilir bahis stay. “Do you like tutoring?”
“Yes, sir!”
“Not sure we can keep this up.”
“Why not? Am I not doing a good job.”
“You are. But these boys are going crazy for you.”
“How so?”
“I know you’re sucking all their dicks and they play with your coconuts.”
“You do,” Jayce asked with shock.
“Yeah! Give me some and I’ll keep you doing this.”

The 40 year-old with the nine-inch dick pulled out his meat. Jayce sucked. Coach Lampkin rubbed his rod between the gorgeous mounds. “You ever been fucked?”

“No, sir,” Jayce admitted.
“Well you bout to,” the educator revealed.

The coach ripped off Jayce’s boy clothes. He examined the smooth, shapely body. “Damn, you look just like a girl!” He bent the genius over the desk. He spat on the brown hole and massaged it with his large forefinger. “You ready for this dick?”

“Yes, sir,” purred the younger sissy.
“Oh, shit! You tight as fuck,” barked the man.
“Owwwww! It’s too big!”
“Relax, baby! You can take it!”

Coach Lampkin worked side to side going slowly until Jayce was at ease and his boipussy began to open up.

“Oh my god,” whined Jayce.
“That’s it! Take this dick, bitch!”
“It feels so good, Coach!”
“Yeah! Give Coach that faggit ass!”
“Yes, sir! Fuck me!”
“Damn, right!”

Coach Lampkin deposited his seed up Jayce’s booty hole,

Over the next few weeks, Jayce continued sucking dicks. There were boys from every grade stuffing their snakes down his throat and cumming on his tits. Occasionally they would fuck his butt pussy too.

The SGA decided to sell candy grams for Valentines Day.

“It’d be funny as shit if we sent that fag a candy gram,” Zander suggested. The others agreed. On February 14th, Jayce got over a hundred anonymous letters.

The school newspaper reported the record the next week. The article called him “The Most Popular Boy in School’.

It was embarrassing at the same time as it was flattering. He hoped the gynecomastia would never go away.

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