The Dawn Patrol (One of my very first story.)

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The Dawn Patrol (One of my very first story.)
**He set outside in front of a small building. Where He & four other Pilots lived. As He draws on his pipe & watched the ground crew make his planes & others ready for the dawn patrol. He looked down & turned he thought to the last time he was in town. She was just 20 years old & they spent all their time together. In this time of war, he welcomed the chance to be a young man. Not a fighter pilot.

The Last time he was in town. They went & grabbed something at the market. She took him to her flat & she cooked for him. They talked & ate. After they went & sat in the next room. She put some music on. He stood & held out his arms & they slowly danced. She looked up into his eyes & they started to kiss. He slowly rubbing her back & then let his hand let his hand drop to her bottom. She jumped & he pulled away. She smiled & said it was all right.
She told him to set & she got on her knees before him. She said that she wanted to. With him saying yes. She stood & asked him to take off his uniform shirt & tie and when he did he sat back down. She bent over & at her knee, she grabbed the hem of her dress & pulled it up. She had her panties on over her garter belt. She pulls them down & off over her shoes. Letting her dress drop she folded them & laid them next to him.

She smiled & standing to his right She fluffed her skirt & laid over his lap. She looked back & up at him & asked him to pull back her skirt & spank her & turn her bottom red. She put her hands behind her & he put his arm across her. He started slowly at first then as she started moaning. His hand hit harder & harder. He stopped when he saw her ass was red. She looked back & he let her arms go.

She stood & slowly rubbed her bottom. She reached to her right hip & unbuttoned & unzipped her skirt. She let it fall to the ground. She picked it up & folded it & placed it next to him. She unbuttoned her top & then her bra & then folded them & placed it next to him. Standing in front of him she smiled. She laid back over his lap. Just a little more of her was across him than before.

She opened bet siteleri her legs as far as she could & not fall off. As he laid his arm across her with one hand & with the other slowly started to rub down between her legs. He softly rubbed her soft folds. She grabs a pillow & laid her head down & closed her eyes. As she started to moan softly. He took 2 fingers & pushed them in just a little & moved them up & down & then in & out slowly. He also started to rub her backside once more.
With her moaning get louder & her whole body shaking. He pushed his fingers in all the way & pumped faster. She started to cum & she pleaded to him HARDER!!!! She licked one of her fingers & with a wet finger she put it to her butt & slowly inserted it into her bottom. stopping & not letting cum anymore. She looked back thanking she did something wrong. He pulled his finger out of her butt. Their eyes looked deep into the other’s eyes.

He Grinned & got his two of his fingers wet. He told her to pull her checks open some. She smiled & did as she was told. He put one then two fingers in all the way to the second the knuckle. She jumped some & then smiled at him. Then she put one of her hand between her leg & put three fingers in her pussy. She was filling the fingers in her & laid her head back on the pillow. He pumped his hand in & out slowly as she did the same with her fingers. She never came that hard before.

Laying on his lap trying to regain her self. She could fill him getting hard. She slid off his lap & on to her knees again. She pulled his legs open & started to undo his pants. She had him stand up & she pulled his pants down & off. She leaned over & kiss the head of his cock. & then pushed it aside & sucked he balls into her mouth & played with them. As He got hard she stopped. She then licked up the shaft & kissed the tip & then opened her mouth & took him all into her mouth.

She stood & looked down at him. She bent over & took off her stockings & garter belt. She got on her knees in front of him. She took his tie & gave it to him. She asks him to blindfold her. Then she held out her pinbahis giriş hands & asked him to take one of her stockings & tie her wrists. She then took his dick into her mouth & started to get it hard again. She stood & asked him to grab the other stocking & lead her to the bedroom.

He leads her to the bedroom & then she asked him. Would you stick that cock in my pussy? He stacks some pillows in the middle of the bed & laid her over them. She then asked him to tie her hands to the iron headboard. As he took the other stocking. He noticed a second pair of stockings on the small table next to the bed. He looped the stocking through her tied wrists and tied them to the headboard. He then grabbed the second pair. And tied each ankle to the corners of the foot board. Standing to her side he pulls the pillows to wear her butt was in the air. Then laying a hand on her butt. He slapped it hard. She raises her blindfolded head and smiles.

He then stuck a finger into her & then two. When she was ready. He stuck his cock in slowly till she had it all in her. Then he started to pump slowly in & out. When she had cumed. He stops and pulling the knots holding her wrists and ankles. He then pulled her still blindfolded and her wrist tied from the bed and onto her knees. He then shoved his wet cock into her mouth. She eagerly took it all into her mouth. With one final push and grown he came hard in her mouth.
He fell back on the bed. She stayed there on her knees for a few minutes. Then stood and ask him to lay still. She then stumbled slowly to the bathroom. Opening the bathroom door. With her eyes still covered and wrists still tied. She stumbled back to the bed. She sat at the edge of the bed and lay down with her back touching him. They laid for a little while. With him holding her to him. She could feel his hard chest against her back. She then rolled onto her back. She reached her hands over and laid it upon him. After a few seconds, she could feel him getting hard again. She turned her head a little so to talk to him. She whispered softly to him. Are you ready? Softly online bahis he’s replied. Almost. With that, she took her hands and reached over to his cock and balls. As he got hard. He whispered into her ear I am ready now. She turned her head and whispered. Yes, Master.

He moved off the bed and pulled the pillows to the middle of the bed. Stacking them he then looked at her. He laid a hand on her breast and squeezed. She arched her back and moaned. She whispered I want it in my butt please Master. He grabbed her tied wrists and pulled her up. Lying her crossed the pillows. He knelt beside her. He grabbed her tied wrists and held them down. He leaned over and whispered into her ear. Before putting in your butt. I’m going to spank you again. She smiled and in a low soft voice said yes Master. With that, he raised his hand and spanked first one she then the other cheek. When he stopped her butt was very red and sore. Standing up he grabs the stocking on the bed looking at to her tied wrists. He pulls her arms up and back and ties them to the headboard. He sticks his dick in her mouth. He tells her to get it wet. As she licks and sucks eagerly and lustfully he starts spanking her again. He then pulls out and moves to behind her. He then spreads her butt cheeks. He puts the head of his dick against the opening. Slowly he pushes in. With the wince, she says softly yes more, please. He spat a little more on his dick and started in and out. As he pumped in and out. He leaned over and reached between her legs and started to rub her pussy & clit. Before too long wave after wave of orgasm struck her body. When he could take no more. He grabs her hips and slams his cock hard all the way in and with a loud groan. He shot his load deep into her butt. He reached and pulled the knot holding her wrists. Then with his cock still in her, they fall to their side.

She was asleep in the bed with a smile. He was tying his boots & putting his coat on. He needed to get back at the base before he was messed. He kissed her on the forehead. Then before pulling the covers back over her. He re-ties her wrists and ankles with her stockings. He then places a note on the little table next to the bed and placed a kitchen knife next to it. He pulled the covers back over her and gave her one more kiss goodbye. Then he made his way back to the airfield.**

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