Sniffing a Customer’s Dirty Panties

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Sniffing a Customer’s Dirty Panties
One day, I was called to fix a leak at someone’s house. I arrived and a guy answered the door. He let me in and led me to the bathroom. On the way, I saw some pictures of him with a cute brunette. Then there were the wedding photos. This guy’s wife was pretty hot.

It was his bathroom that he shared with his wife. I immediately noticed the full hamper in the corner. The guy asked if I needed anything and told me he was going to go play a video game in the other room. I told him I was fine and Immediately began plotting on going through the hamper to smell his wife’s dirty panties. I assessed the situation and went and turned off the water. When I got back the guy was talking loudly to some friends on the game about their strategy as a team. I peeked into the hamper and saw some yoga pants, low-cut socks, a sports bra, and a tank top. Then I noticed the pink fabric sticking out from under the pants. Panties. I grabbed them quickly and located the dry stiff crotch. I sniffed deeply. They smelled fucking fantastic. DEFINITELY workout panties. I smelled along the crotch of the panties until I got to where her asshole sat and smelled the strong scent of her sweaty ass. I smelled all along the back of the panties and took in her ass odor. I took one more big whiff and put the panties back underneath the yoga pants.

I got back to work fixing the leak and I heard the front door open. The guy said “Hey babe, the plumber is here”

“Oh good, I was worried about that.” She replied.

I could hear her walking around güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and shuffling with different things. “I need a shower. How long do you think he’ll be?” She asked her husband.

“I don’t know, ask him.” He said

I heard her walk back toward me. I pretended to work. All I could think about was that I had just sniffed the crusty sweaty crotch and ass of her panties and I was about to be looking her in the eye. I was excited. She arrived in the bathroom. I looked up at her. She was wearing black yoga pants, a gray tank top, and a red sports bra underneath. She had her hair pulled up into a ponytail. She was visibly sweaty. She had dark sweat rings on her chest and armpits. She said “Excuse me… hi, I’m Claire. Do you know about how much longer you’ll be?”

“I’m not sure yet, ma’am” I said

“Is there any way I could get a shower? I promise I’ll be quick” She pleaded.


“Uh… yeah, I can isolate this sink so it won’t leak. I’ll do that real quick and go turn the water back on” I replied

“Thanks! I just got back from the gym and really need it!” she said and turned to walk away. Her back was sweaty.
I did what I needed to do and turned the water back on. I came back in and told her that she was good to take her shower. For fuck’s sake PLEASE leave the panties you’re wearing in the hamper, Claire! I stood in the living room and bullshitted with the husband. He was mostly playing the video game but was trying to be polite to me too. Several minutes later, I heard canlı casino siteleri the water turn off. After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the door open. “I’m done!” she shouted out.

“Are you good for me to turn the water back off?” I asked

“Yep!” she replied happily

I went and turned the water back on. My heart was beating. I HAD to smell the panties that she just took off. I went inside and walked back to the room. I knocked on the door frame. “Come in!” she said.

I walked in and she was in a towel. Her long legs came out form underneath. Her legs were muscular but so fucking sexy. I walked to the bathroom and peeked over to the hamper. The clothes she had on were on top. FUCK. YES.
I laid down under the sink and began “working”. I couldn’t focus for shit knowing her sweaty fresh panties were feet from my head. I heard her moving around in the room. I peeked down toward my feet and saw her walk by in her panties and a bra. The panties were a black lacy thong. The fabric slid in between her ass cheeks and I wished I could too. I bet the smell in her crack was heavenly. When she walked back by, she was in some more yoga pants and a tee shirt. “Babe” she called out “I’m going to make dinner”.

She walked out of the room and I heard some things clanging in the kitchen. “Babe, did you get the ground beef like I asked?”

“Uh… no” said the husband

“Fuck!” she replied. “Now I have to go to the store”

“I’ll go, it was my fault” he said

“No, you stay here with the plumber” She said

I heard her walk to the door and canlı poker oyna grab her keys. The door closed and a few seconds later, I heard her car start in the driveway and it pulled away. The husband went back t talking to his buddies on the video game. Now was my opportunity.

I got up and snuck over to the hamper. I touched her clothes. They were damp. I moved the yoga pants to the side and saw them. A purple pair of bikini panties. The crotch of them was a much darker purple from the sweat. The crotch had visible cream on it. I picked up the wet panties and pressed them to my face. I inhaled. The smell was strong. The smell was funky. It was sweaty. But it was amazing. I inhaled deeply and took in all the different odors. There was pee. There was sweat. There was sweat from the outside of a pussy. There was sweat and dampness from pussy lips. The smell from in between her pussy lips. The smell between her pussy and ass. The smell of her ass. The smell of her ass sweat. The smell of her upper ass crack. There were so many wonderful fucking smells to explore. My cock was throbbing in my pants. The panties were so fucking damp with sweat they left smears of stinky sweat on my lips and nose. I heard the husband get up. I stuck the panties in my pocket. He walked back to the bathroom. I pretended to be cleaning up. “Hey, I think it should be fine now. Let me turn the water on” I said

“Cool” the guy said.

I went and turned the water on. I came back and the guy was already back on the couch with his video game. I went in the bathroom and did a few checks. The leak was gone. I told the husband and he got up and asked what he owed me. We settled the bill and I left.

I drove away and pulled his wife’s panties out of my pocket and took a big whiff of Claire’s sweaty cunt. I jacked off numerous times with those panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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