Savana, Robert and Trevor part 4

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Savana, Robert and Trevor part 4
Part four

Robert moved down the bed slowly, finally resting between my opened stocking clad legs. His warm breath was drifting sultrily over my just fucked shaved mound. His breath was stirring my erogenous zones into life as he looked up to my smiling face. Extending his tongue, he slithered the wet warm tip all around my shaved mound, tantalisingly slow, ensuring my sexual nerves were appreciating his gallant efforts. His tongue circled the shaved flesh around my labia, as his hot breath aroused the sensitive flesh of my excited labia. I moaned with ecstatic pleasure as my husband tenderly licked and kissed the just fucked flesh of my unfaithful pussy.
“That feels so good!” I purred, moving my hips in a figure of eight motion, very slowly.
A deliciously wicked sexy thought popped into my head just as the tip of my husbands tongue caressed my aroused clitoris.
“Shall I phone Trevor and let him know what you’re doing?” I smiled enjoying the deft flicks of my husbands tongue.
My husband looked up and smiled.
“Why not FaceTime him!” he smiled and winked, giving me his blessing to put on a private sex show for my new lover.
I leant over and gathered my iPhone out of my bag. Looking up Trevors contact details a pressed the FaceTime option and waited for Trevor to respond.
In less than three rings, Trevor had answered the call, his beaming smile face taking up centre stage on my phone screen. His eyes widened when he saw my exposed breasts and the flushed look on my face.
“Listen carefully babe!” I smiled “My husband knows you fucked me this evening and he liked it so much, he has fucked me also and now licking the pussy you fucked earlier!”
Robert groaned with unabashed arousal at my tormenting statement, whereas Trevor’s eyes widened with disbelief.
“Don’t worry he’s totally cool with it and has no objection to you to continue fucking me!” I moaned as my husbands tongue slid inside my pussylips.
“Maybe one time you would both like to fuck me?” I smiled as my breathing became more throaty and erotic.
“If he’s up for it, then so am I!” Trevor grinned, not fully believing the situation.
“Come round tonight or tomorrow and we’ll fuck her senseless!” Robert said out of view of the camera lens.
I turned the camera lens toward Robert, showing Trevor my husband licking the cunt he had fucked earlier.
“I can be there in ten minutes!” Trevor smiled.
“Make it thirty to allow me to have a quick shower and put on some nice sexy lingerie for you guys to enjoy while you fuck your slut!” I teased, ensuring both guys were sure of my intentions, if such a thing was needed.
“I’ll see you guys then!” Trevor smiled then hung up.
I looked at my husband sexily and whispered.
“Take me into the shower where you can clean me, then pick something for me to wear, and dress me so I can be a fuck slut for my two men!”
Robert’s face flushed as the teasing content of my sentence aroused him.
Climbing off the bed, he guided me to the en-suite shower, where he turned on the water and gently removed my lingerie. I stepped into the warm shower as the clear warm water cascaded over my full breast, running down my taut stomach and gently caressing my excited shaved mound. Robert splashed some shower gel into the palms of his hands and began to run his hands over my soft wet flesh. His touched excited every nerve end in my body as hands covered every inch of naked skin. Kneading my soap covered breasts, he smoothed his strong hands down my stomach then positioned the palm of his hand over my shaved mound. The water gathered in the palm of his hand, delicately teasing the excited flesh of my pussy. He moved his hand back and forth over my mound then slid his index finger into my soaking wet hole. He stirred his finger expertly, cleaning and arousing my pussy with measured skill. The speed of my husbands finger increased intensively, bringing a very powerful orgasm for my pleasure. I felt my legs weaken and almost give way as the strong orgasm surged through me. I clung to the tiled wall until my orgasm subsided, my chest heaving kaçak iddaa from the panting sexual frenzy as the water ran over my smooth tanned skin.
Robert turned off the shower and wrapped my body in a large white fluffy towel, gently rubbing his strong hands all over the towel, removing any residual moisture from my skin. I stepped out of the cocoon of the towel and swayed my naked hips as I walked to our bedroom. Robert rushed in front of me, making his way to my closet, to select the slut outfit he wished to see me parade in, just before both he and Trevor take me to sexual heights of pleasure I’d not experienced.
Hubby turned and smiled at me.
“This has all happened very quickly!” he grinned.
“Maybe if we had analysed it, we maybe wouldn’t go through with it!” I smiled “But I have to tell you that having a different inside me was a fantastically sexy experience!”
Robert grinned with an indisputable sexual flush on his face.
“It’s going to be mind blowing watching another guy fuck you. Watching you move and squirm as his cock slides in and out of you!” He said straight faced “I can’t wait to hear you moan as he fucks you!”
I looked into Roberts eyes and arrogantly smirked.
“You’ll also hear me telling him how good his cock feels and how much bigger it is than yours!”
The latter wasn’t true, as Robert and Trevor were much the same size, but it did feel empowering and sexy, tormenting my husband, which judging by the lump in his trousers, he was in complete agreement with.
Roberts eyes rolled almost orgasmically as my words bit into his sexual psyche.
“So you’re going to be a slut for him?” Robert enquired.
“He’s already fucked me twice and I’ve swallowed his load both times!” I stated “What do you think? Of course I’m going to be a slut for him! I will also be a slut for you!” I assured Robert.
His lust could no longer be disguised. My taunting and teasing were seriously hitting the spot as far as his arousal was concerned. His face was flushed with pure lust, his half closed eyes sparkling with drunken desire and his Adams apple moving wildly up and down his throat as he swallowed harshly.
The fact that my teasing was arousing my husband so effectively, increased my libido immensely.
I could feel the lips of my pussy tingle with lustful desire, as my pussy began to open delicately like a morning flower searching for sunlight. I craved more and decided to continue taunting and teasing my husband.
“Pick out some stockings and stuff for me to wear when Trevor fucks me!” I smirked, almost dismissively.
Robert dashed over to my closet, yanking a drawer open and delved inside. In a flurry of excitement I saw a PVC high waisted garter belt with matching quarter cup bra land on the bed opposite. This was joined immediately by a pair of black seamed stockings, which pleased me that my husband chose so well. I knew Trevor liked Stockings and Garters and this little ensemble would be right up his street. I placed the stockings on my feet and slowly smooth the sensual nylon up my legs. Placing the waist cinching garter belt around my waist, I fastened the hook and eyes on the tightest placings. My waist looked marvellous all cinched and streamlined. I fastened the black seamed stockings to the garter straps ensuring the seams were straight. Placing the quarter cups under my large firm breasts, I fastened the PVC bra at the back, as it held my bust almost cupping my breasts seductively. I turned to face Robert who was standing before me hold a pair of Black very high heeled stilettos with an ankle strap. Robert knelt before me, placing my dainty feet into the fuck me shoes. Fastening the ankle straps, he looked directly at my shaved pussy and smiled. Moving his head toward my mound, I placed the palm of my right hand over my pussy, preventing any access to my husband.
“Sorry Honey but this is for Trevors pleasure. You can have some after he’s finished with it!” I said sternly, letting Robert know that tonight he was definitely in second place.
Once again Roberts Adams apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed harshly. kaçak bahis His face flushed and a little trickle of frustrated perspiration ran down the side of his brow. This little visual moment almost had me coming. My pussy was on fire with lust and desire. Trevor would need to hurry things along I was so desperate for his cock inside me. My mind was focussed on Trevor when my mouth opened and I uttered without any censorship.
“I can’t wait to feel Trevors cock sliding in and out my cunt!”
Robert groaned as my words tormented his aural cavity.
“It will feel so nasty being fucked while my husband looks on, watching another man pleasure his wife!” I teased “You’ll be amazed at how much I worship his cock when I suck it, and your mind will be blown when you watch me swallow every last drop of spunk!”
Robert groaned even louder as a long string off pre-cum oozed out of his cock, soaking the front of his trousers.
The doorbell interrupted our role-play, as Trevor had arrived to sexually service me.
My stomach flipped with nervous sexual excitement. My husband was about to witness his wife become an unfaithful slut, enjoying the lavish attention of another mans cock!
“Shall I let him in or do you want the pleasure?” I smirked arrogantly.
“You open the door dressed like that and I’ll wait at the top of the stairs!” Hubby said almost stammering with lust and nervousness.
I traipsed down the stairs, my high heels clicking off the wooden stairs as I headed toward my front door. I stood behind the door, gave one final check of my lingerie clad body, took a deep breath then sighed ecstatically as I opened the front door.
Trevor was standing on the doorstep, a huge girl emblazoned across his handsome face.
“You sure you’re husband is ok with this?” Trevor enquired a little unsure.
“He’s upstairs waiting for us to put on live sex show if you’re up for it?” I smiled, placing my left hand on my waist, bringing attention to my exposed breasts and naked shaved pussy.
Trevor stepped into my lobby as I closed the front door behind him.
“I’ll last a long time since you’ve already emptied me twice tonight!” He grinned confidently.
“The longer you last, the more of your cock I get to enjoy!” I smiled as I brushed my lips against his, slithering my tongue between his lips and twisting and wrapping it around his own.
Robert coughed deliberately to let us know he was watching from above.
“Come upstairs guys!” he said, watching as Trevor placed his hands on my bald pussy and exposed breasts.
Trevor looked me in the eyes, a broad arrogant smile swept across his face. His index finger slid inside my pussy as he began to finger me in full view of my husband. His arrogance and alpha male presence was an incredible turn on, making more subservient than I cared to be. Something powerful and primeval was controlling my lust as I moaned loudly at Trevors expert fingering technique. Hubby coughed once again as Trevor’s left hand squeezed my naked buttocks, pushing me on to his exploring digit. I began to pant uncontrollably, enjoying Trevors fingering and the obvious ritual humiliation my husband was experiencing.
“I want you to fuck me!” I panted, rocking my hips back and forth as Trevor continued with his fingering onslaught. I glanced up at my hubby, my hips thrusting as Trevor fingered his once loyal wife as she acted like the perfect slut. The squelching sounds coming from my sensationally wet pussy, were reverberating in my lobby and cascading up the stairs. Robert groaned lustfully watching his wife in the early stages of her unfaithfulness. He adjusted his hard cock, still ensconced inside his trousers as he stared at his cheating slut wife and her lover.
“Please fuck me!” I begged, my arms clinging around Trevors neck to maintain an element of balance.
“Come on then” Trevor smiled “Let’s show your husband just how much of a cheating slut you are!”
I came instantly as his fingers enthralled me and his harsh words excited me. Robert groaned loudly, voluntarily approving of Trevor’s alpha male antics.
I walked up the stairs, a lingerie güvenilir bahis clad slut, heading toward her husband as Trevors fingers continued slithering in and out of my drenched cunt.
Robert stepped to one side, allowing Trevor and I to move into the bedroom. On my way past my husband I ran my taloned nails gently across his cheek as he smiled at me. Entering the bedroom, I placed my right stockinged knee on the bed and turned toward Trevor and my husband.
“Which way would you like to fuck me?” I smiled, opening my legs and lifting my ass high in the air. The cool waft of air swept over my exposed shaved pussy, giving Robert and Trevor a birds eye view of my wet pussy and puckered pink asshole.
I heard the distinctive sound of Trevors trousers being unbuckled as he grinned.
“I’ll fuck you from behind first so Robert can see me sliding inside his wife’s cunt and her slutty expressions as she enjoys another man’s cock!”
Trevor was fast becoming an expert in this situation, arousing himself, my husband and obviously me with his carefully chosen words of domination.
I felt Trevor climb on to the bed as his hard cock pushed at my pussylips, opening them with his domed head, as he pushed his cock inside, inch by inch. My eyes rolled with pure lust as my husband looked on in disbelief as Trevors cock slowly buried itself deep inside my cunt.
I turned to my husband, looking at him with half closed lust filled eyes. He was stroking his erect cock slowly, as he stared at my pussy being filled and stretched by Trevors cock.
“Why don’t you suck your husbands cock while I fuck your cheating cunt!” Trevor snarled as he began to increase the speed of his thrusts.
Robert didn’t wait for my response or an invite, as he knelt in front of me, holding his hard cock at the base. He offered his throbbing cock to my slut mouth as my lips enveloped his domed head. My tongue was swirling around his excited glans as I began to give my husband the greatest blowjob in the history of sex. I was worshipping his cock as Trevor plowed my pussy with serious intent. I’d never felt so aroused or womanly at any other time in my life as I did at that moment.
The most powerful orgasm of my life swept through me as my two men filled two of my available holes. My moans vibrated on the swollen glans of my husbands cock, exciting him further. There was no way he was going to last very long, judging by the moans and groans emanating from his mouth.
“You cock sucking slut!” Trevor growled, slamming his hard cock in and out of my stretched pussy.
This proved to be the catalyst for my husband who held my head over his cock as he emptied the biggest load he has ever produced, straight down my accepting throat.
The force was so strong I had no other choice than to swallow the entire contents of his orgasm, smiling up at him as his flaccid cock slid from my lips.
“Come in my mouth!” I panted to Trevor, as he continued his dynamic thrusting.
“Your wife’s a cock loving cumslut!” Trevor snarled as I felt the his cock banging against my cervix.
“Lay on your back while I let your husband see you swallow another mans spunk!” Trevor stated, emphasising his alpha male status.
“Yes please!” I panted subserviently.
“I’m going to come round here and fuck this slut anytime I want!” Trevor said, smiling confidently at my husband, who responded by meekly nodding his head in agreement.
He withdrew his cock as I slid down the bed, turning on to my back. His cock approached my open mouth, the glans resting on my bottom as he snarled.
“Finger your cunt whilst you swallow my spunk!”
I moaned in total ecstasy, as my fingers slid between my drenched pussylips, squelching in and out of my orgasmic cunt. Trevor growled through clenched teeth as he emptied his load into my hungry mouth. Hubby’s eyes were wide open in shock and unadulterated lust, as he witnessed his loving wife take the load of another man.
As the sexual pleasure all three of us had just experienced began to wane, Robert looked at me and smiled.
“That was the horniest thing I’ve ever experienced!” He said stroking my hair “This will definitely be part of sex life from now on!”
Trevor smiled, let out a large sigh and said.
“I’m so pleased you approve, as your slut wife is one hot piece of ass!”
This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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