Please, just lie to me Beth.

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Please, just lie to me Beth.
For only the second time, a story from a guy! I got so excited talking with him about this. If there were not an ocean between us I would take this man for my own sight unseen. The poor guy is crying during our chats.

Written 1st person.

Dwayne is a true friend for what seems a lifetime. Since college anyway. My wife Beth, of 11 years, is also a takeaway from college. We all know each other very well. It’s nothing new for Dwayne to park himself at my place as lodging whenever business has him local. Actually, both Beth and I insist, to a point where he has a key. It’s a real mi casa, su casa deal.

Beth and I have no k**s and no plans to. There is a problem. She conceives easily enough and about 100 days in she will spontaneously abort. She gets an emotional letdown, I deal with her and as a reward I get a temporary increase in bra size. A super gravity defying full rack becomes a heavy fuller rack. We both figure there are enough Nieces and Nephews to keep us busy. We are good with it. It’s the hand we were dealt. The bottom line is her being in super shape never having stressed out her body. She can and still does still snap necks. I am also in great shape. As is Dwayne, tall, dark and good looking, in an African way. Three people, mid thirties, all in great shape. What could go wrong?

Beth and I have always been great in bed. It’s not usually romantic lovemaking, it’s more like sex as an athletic competition. Superb long duration sloppy hard fucking is the norm. I give her 8+ inches of thick big headed, big shooting cock and she knows what to do with it. With our occasional romantic lovemaking, I’m of shorter duration, it’s emotional. But it’s all good. Beth just enjoys being filled, she says it just feels right. Having her mount me in the middle of the night with a sticky cum filled pussy, looking for that second soaking is not at all unusual. I have a great women.

Enough background. Dwayne is over, a rainy rotten weather cold weekend. We dine, binge watch an on demand cable series, drink, smoke and retire. In bed, Beth asks; “Can I fuck Dwayne?” It came out of nowhere, yes I was surprised. Beth goes on that she has always wanted to try a black guy and out next door divorcee neighbor Carol had confided in her that Dwayne and his big black cock delivered the most powerful intense fucking she has ever had. My immediate reaction was one of feeling stupid and clueless. Now I knew why Carol was often around and where Dwayne was during his disappearing acts. I found it entertaining that Dwayne was doing a MILF with two k**s. I had no problem at all with the idea of sharing my wife with my friend. The more I pondered, the cooler I thought it was. I earned a big “Oh I love you so much, thank you” from my wife. I had to slow her down, “Beth, I’m not so sure he will go for it. Don’t get upset if he passes.”.

Then she adds, “You need to know I’m ovulating.” I think briefly and answer her “If you’re good with it, so am I”. You need to know her doctors have told her there is a slight chance another mans sperm might allow her to carry to term. I know she puts on a brave face and badly wants a c***d of her own. We did try donor sperm twice in the past, same bad result. So yeah, if my good friend does the job and it’s of mixed race, I have no problem with it at all.

So bahis siteleri I go down the hall, knock, enter and say “Wake up buddy, Beth wants you for a threesome.”. He’s like “Huh?”. Beth had followed me, steps ahead of me and says “I need to try it with a black guy and I think you’re perfect.”. After her exchange, I realize she is completely naked. Even the Catholic Pope would not be able to say no. She looks that good. Dwayne has his eyes locked on me, he asks “You good with it?” I say yeah, it’s just sex. Dwayne says “Fukkin Aye”.

Dwayne sits on the edge of the bed, says “How do you want to start?”. Beth approaches, kisses him, whispers something and kneels between his legs. Her hand goes right up the leg of his boxers, touching and stroking him. Quickly his erection is poking out the leg, my wife is slobbering all over it, pulling back, admiring, going down. Going down a lot, trying almost to deep throat him. Dwayne is rolling his eyes back while growling one word “grrrr-8”.
Heck, she don’t go down on me like that. Then I notice a couple things different. First, Dwayne has a very slender cock. Secondly, it’s very long, like when she is licking the base, the tip is extending up well over her forehead. Beth is about to receive a couple of firsts. Her first foot long and her first black cock. I feel good knowing I have the bigger cock though Dwayne has a lot more reach.

I ended up in the perfect cuckold position. Beth is flat on the bed, Dwayne is over her chest with his cock between her tits as she sucks him for all she is worth and she is getting off on this. She is admiring the ebony. I am on my knees eating her, essentially I am preparing her, lubricating her. Beth cums from my oral attention, I say “She’s ready”, she is so swollen, dripping and puffy. Beth goes to her hands and knees. I now notice that Dwayne is totally hairless, learning later that he had every last hair laser removed. Beth is cupping my balls while sucking me as Dwayne enters her. I’m terribly excited and getting close to splattering her, then she stops.

As Dwayne slid up into her, he filled her deeper than I could, she resisted, he felt that but she kept repeating “More, more, more” having forgotten me completely. I backed off the bed and decided to watch. My focus was on my wife’s facial expressions, I’ve never seen her look like this, head up, because Dwayne was pulling her hair hard, eyes shut, mouth agape and breathing hard, between her repeating “More”.

This went on for a while and I watched my wife climax numerous times. Eventually Dwayne let go of her hair, grabbed her hips, kind of picked her up as he gave a last thrust seating the totality of him into my wife. Beth gasped and again immediately climaxed. Dwayne was now getting chatty, “Beth, you have a black man loving you with the tip of his dick thirteen inches inside of you. How do you like it?” My wife swung her head back to look at him and she said individual syllables between hard breaths “I – love – you – so – deep – in – me”. To me, this was really awesome to watch, now that she had her black cock properly in place, I was going back to get sucked. My wife threw up a hand to gesture ‘back off’, which I did. So I was now just a watcher. It was her moment and good for her.

Dwayne moved so his feet were on the floor with Beth on the edge bedava bahis of the bed, he had both hands on her full chest, tight. as he bumped up into her. He was not really stroking, just hip bumping his cock head into her deep spot. Beth, with tears running down her face was loving it. He then held tight and stopped moving, I thought he was silently pumping her full of seed. That thought alone made my own cock erupt spraying ropes onto the floor.

Dwayne was not cumming, he just stopped. Makes sense, Beth would have felt and reacted to him giving her his load. This was just a long pause. Beth used the pause to tell Dwayne “Flip me.”. Dwayne pulled out, turned her over. I caught the sight of his cock and wondered how the hell she can take it all? Dwayne brought her legs up over his shoulders and using his weight and leverage, went to fill that pussy up with a single stroke. Beth hollered, pulled him down chest to chest, her feet way up over her head and they wiggled the last lord knows how much till he was again balls deep. She was in the perfect helpless position. She could do nothing but be used for a fuck. And she loves that.

This part is what bothered me. My wife is only like this when she is ovulating and very fertile. It’s how she finished off which bothers me. She started making sincere passionate love to Dwayne. And Dwayne, not knowing my feelings, through no fault of his own, Dwayne responded in kind.

She locked her mouth to his and Dwayne returned deep passionate kissing. Her arms were under his with palms grabbing the back of his head. She brought her hands down to his ass cheeks, digging her nails deep as she went to keep him as deep as possible, her lover deep inside her is what she wanted. Dwayne started to pump her, first small with progressively longer long strokes. All the time my wife’s nails are dug into his ass, constantly coaxing him back. He was nailing her with complete tip to base thrusts. Their lips never breaking contact even as she started to speak to him.

I’ve been there myself, my wife is working up to a huge orgasm and she always starts by mumbling “Cum in me – Breed me – Fill me – Give it to me” And once I start shooting, she starts punching my ribs as she throws her head back whilst her orgasm overtakes her. Passionate lovemaking is the only way she gets there, I did not like the way it was ending. So I turned and leave the room.

Only I could not, I had to see. She had him by the ears, face to face, demanding “Cum in me now – Plant your seed – Breed me”. She was serious and Dwayne knew. It was that whisper just before she went down on him. She declared “We both want you to give me a baby.”.

Somewhere in her third repetition, Dwayne let out a war cry with a final hard stroke, held deep and fast as my wife started pounding his shoulders. She cried out “You Mother Fucker” as Dwayne’s long black cock triggered her orgasm as he started to dose her with hundreds of millions of eager sperm. I had the perfect profile view of my wife’s style of passionate lovemaking and willful breeding with my dear friend. Dwayne can fuck her all he wants, Beth can take in all of his cum whenever she wants. That ending, I thought was just for me. Only then, feeling betrayed, did I leave the room.

I did not have to be there to know how the rest would play bedava bonus out. She would keep him locked deep and tight as long as he had any firmness. She might hold him there for half an hour as she has the ability to absorb and pack away all of his semen. She is amazing as there is never more than a single drop of run out to escaping her. All the while kissing, sweet talking and encouraging him for a second go. Then she will roll over on her side, back into his chest, bring her knees up and rapidly fall off to sleep.

There was no middle of the night repeat. They waited for sunrise. She never returned to our bed. I hear the commotion in the morning. So I look. Beth is riding on top, her hands on the headboard, Dwayne is enjoying her perfect tits with his hands and mouth. I have the perfect view, my wife from behind. She has grown quickly accustom to and quite fond of this long cock, taking herself halfway off then slamming down with an extra wiggle to get it all as far into her as is possible. I will admit that in the daylight, the sight of this hairless ebony monster being engulfed completely by my wife’s bald pink pussy was pretty awesome to watch. “Dude, cum already” I said. Beth smiles and answers “We already did”. Then I notice the wetness is not all her but Dwayne has cum covered balls and my dear one kept him hard for a follow on. So I left them. It literally had to be an hour of my wife riding him until I heard Dwayne’s war cry. I mean, I kept peeking in and seeing Beth in the same top rider position. It takes a long time to earn that second load. This is the way it is supposed to be. Just sex and just fucking.

Dwayne stayed the week. Every evening Beth got her threesome. She got my thick heavy cock spraying her insides followed by the super long black cock tickling her guts and spraying her full as well. It got to a point mid-week where she took a night off because ‘it was too sore’. That evening we had a facial contest. I won by making the bigger mess!

Predictably Beth did conceive, can’t say which of us got her, carried about 3 months and then gone. Seen that before and I will see that again.

Beth and Dwayne now see a lot more of each other ever since. Dwayne considers her to be the best fuck on the planet. I’ve been told that if I am ever dumb enough to dump her, he will be there to pick her up.

My eventual regret is her being too honest. Here is how it now works. A week before her fertile time I am cut off. Beth is pretty sure I caused her last failed conception. By the calendar of events, it makes sense. Now she spends her fertile week Friday through Monday at Dwayne’s. She could just say it’s to conceive and hopefully carry his. Again, I can live with that.

She is too honest and tells me its to take part in the very private and emotional experience of passionate lovemaking in order to properly conceive and have the chance to carry it to term. She has took a practice run but that was before her cycle resumed. Now she is back and she has it timed. She is next Thursday night when she will be extremely fertile and ovulating.

I expect that 11 days from now, she will return to me from Dwayne, heavily inseminated and clinically pregnant.
I love her and sincerely wish her all the best and she gets what she wants.

Please, just lie to me Beth.

You leave your phone lying around unlocked while refusing to erase your text messages.
I know that should you be able to carry, once the fetus is viable you intend to leave me for Dwayne.
It;s small odds but still, I may lose two best friends.

Please, just lie to me Beth.

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