Part Time Job

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Part Time Job
I took up this second job as a delivery driver. I was there maybe a week when I was paired up with this Black guy. He had been working for a few years at this place and knew the job and delivery area pretty well. We hit it off pretty good and it being a Friday night dropped by this Bar for a Beer. We had talked about his new Big Screen TV (this was in the early years of Big TV’s and this was a big thing in those days) and I was invited over to see it.

We started to watch some sports stuff and after a few more Beers I fell asleep on his sofa. It was a long week and I was pretty tired from working 2 jobs. I woke up to being hit on the face by his Big Dick. I was groggy and took some time to remember where I was. By the time I was fully awake I was getting his Ass pressed against my Face. I tried to sit up and move. This is when I noticed my hands were tied and I was naked. I was so tired I did not wake up from being Stripped and tied on his sofa. I can hear from behind me the TV is playing porn now. I can see in the mirror on the wall the TV behind me. I am captive and every time I try to talk my way out of this I get his Ass or Dick in my Face. I can see the Porn is a Black man and a White man. The black man is in control of this Guy and it is a homemade Video.

This was Turning out to be a nice way to wake up. My friend was telling me his wife was out of town for the week. He was watching me sleep and decided this was his best chance at sex for the Week. I could Suck him, or he would Take my A**. He is telling me the last time he had a White Guy was before he got Married.. And it was some Drunk Fag at an ABS. He tells me my Mouth looks real Good… But he would really like to Take my A**. He was mentioning his wife would not let him have her A** due to the size of his BBC. He tells me if I suck him off and swallow his SEED I will get out of his place with my A** like it is… Nice and Tight. As I am being told this he is grabbing my A** and playing with it. Telling me this is how he plays with his Wife. His fingers are going up and down my Crack as his Dick is being pressed against my face. All this time he is telling me how good my A** feels, my face on his Dick. He stops playing with me and walks away. Returning with a jar of Vaseline, Towels and some other stuff. Watching him walk back got me horny as H***. His mostly hard BBC was swinging from side to side and his Huge Hanging Balls.. WOW.

I did not say anything about how turned on and horny I was for fear of where this could go or get out of hand. I did not know this guy well enough to know if I would be released or Beat up to keep me from telling his wife. I was glad I would get some lube if he was going to Take my A** with that Very Fat Dick. Now I am being told that if I keep him happy with my Oral skills I will not be walking Funny for the next Week. The lube was only if I refused to take all his Dick down my throat and Swallow. But I had to take all his Dick. He is back to talking Dirty about how he liked illegal bahis that Fag White guys A**. Now he is pressing his dick to my lips as I feel his Fingers on my A**. This time I feel a good amount of Lube up and down my crack. His fingers are pressing against my Hole. Pushing Lube into me in a circular motion. He tells me to open my mouth and Suck like a good HO as I feel his finger enter my Hole. After he has one finger in me his other hand is pulling my A** open wide as he can. He is not being overly rough but I am being stretched open as he adds more Lubed fingers to my Hole. His Dick is getting Harder and Harder the more he plays with my hole. I have his balls on my chin as he is telling my how good it feels to have his fingers in my Hole and his Dick down my Throat. I feel his hand grab my Balls. Giving them a good firm Squeeze while he pulls my body towards him with his fingers in my Hole. I let out a muffled grunt as he presses against my face. All this time I can still hear and see the porn going in the mirror. He is fucking my Face then Pulling out for me to Breath. All this time he is telling my how good my A** will be full of his Dick with his Balls Slapping mine.

Even though his Dick is taken out of my mouth so I can breath. His finger never leaves my A**  or his Grip on my Balls. I am being informed that since I am sucking his Dick so Good I must like this way to much.  I am being called a White Fag as he pushes his Dick down my throat. This is going on till the movie ends. And he has still not Busted his Nut down my throat. My jaw is sore along with my throat. As he pulls out of my mouth I feel my balls drop from his grip. His finger is pulled from my A** as he walks away. A new movie is started as he leaves to Pee. When he returns I remind him I have not Peed.. He laughs and says there is no way I am getting untied until he is finished with me. As he walks away only to return with a large bowl .. As he places this bowl under me I am grabbed and told to Pee. Then the bowl is removed and I am told that if I do not want to drink my own Pee I will be a good White Bitch and start begging for some BBC in my A**. I am feeling his very hard Dick being pressed up and down my crack. His Dick is between my Buns as he presses his body against my A**. I can feel his huge Balls press against my Hole. Then back down against my Balls.. As all this is going on I feel his hand wrap around my Dick and Squeeze hard. Leaning down on my back I feel his hot breath on my neck as he starts to whisper into my ear. Telling me that he is going to treat me like that White Fag he Fu***d  before me. That Fag wanted to be treated like his Woman… I feel him Kiss my neck, sucking on my skin as he moves his mouth up towards my Ear. Sticking his Tongue into my Ear I feel chills up my spine. I suck in a deep breath as I try and press back.( He has found my Weak spot. ) This is exactly what he wanted out of me I am now being told. He tells me he knew I would be a Good Woman for him. illegal bahis siteleri As I pull at my ropes to press my body up towards his I feel his Dick enter my Hole. His Arms wrapped around me as he pushes the head of his dick into me.  I let out a Gasp as I feel his Dick enter. I push my A** up and arch my Back as I feel him Bite my Neck. His Bite is hard enough to cause me to Gasp and make a noise.. He starts a Grind with his Pelvis. Pushing in then pulling back till just the head is in me. Each grind in is Deeper and Deeper. Each Pull Back is Less and Less. In very little time I have all of him in me and my neck and ear are being Chewed and Sucked on as I am being Humped into. This Guy is Making Luv to me like he would his Wife. It is an AMAZING FEELING.

As much as I do not like being tied up ( I like to be able to touch and kiss the person I am with) this guy has me Begging him not to STOP.. WOW .. I am thinking how lucky his wife is to have such a Good lover. This is some of the Best Sex I have had. Not only is he very verbal and constantly talking into my ear. He is working that Mouth on my neck and Ear .. Telling me how marked up I am going to be after he is done with me. Everybody will know I have been Used like a Street Crack Ho.. It was a good thing he placed that Towel under me before he started to Fu** me.. I can feel my Dick leaking a stream of Cum. He has called me Dirty names after I started to tell him not to stop what he is doing. After what felt like an all night Fucking he tells me to get ready to get my A** full his Seed.. Wanting to make this even better and encourage him to Fill me up. I started to tell him to get me Pregnant  and not to Pull out till I was Full of All His Black Babies.. This must have been something he wanted to hear.. Because now he was off my Back and with both hands on my Hips he is Slam Fucking me as hard as he can. I am pressing my ass up into the Air as much as I can so he can get as Deep into me as Possible.

By the time he is finished we are both Drained and out of Breath. He has Collapsed on my back we are both a Sweaty Mess. As I catch my breath I am still full of His Hard Dick and I can feel his Man Seed, Lube smeared on my legs, Balls and up and down my body. As he is recovering I notice he is starting to move his hips again. This Guy is Amazing After all that. Not only is he still hard.. But he is still Horny and starting to Fu** me Again. My neck is getting the same treatment as before and I am pushing back against him. The Dirty talk is more like things he would be saying to his Wife. I ask him to untie me. I also remind him that after that Fucking I will not be able to walk normal for a Weak. So he does not have to worry about me trying to escape. On the contrary I am planning to make this a Regular thing. Telling him he is the Best Lover I could ASK FOR. As I am being untied with his Dick Still Hard and IN my A**. He is Fu***** me Again. This time it is much more gentle with more of a grinding motion. canlı bahis siteleri I am pretty stiff and need to Pee again. Asking if we can move to the Bed after I PEE.

We stayed at his place all weekend while I did my best to Prove I Was not willing to stop having Sex with him on a Very Regular Basis. Wife or no Wife I would be his Bitch for the rest of my Life.  During our Time together at work and After Work we had the chance to Talk a lot about him and his Wife.  Seems during his Pillow talk with her before meeting me. He had mentioned how much he like Anal Sex. ( He did not mention his only Anal Sex was with a Guy) He was met with lots of Questions from her. She made him feel relaxed enough that he was very open and more honest then he maybe should have been. After he confessed to meeting this Gay White Man before me. She now had enough Dirt on him to turn the tables some in her favor of Power. His Pillow Talk was taking a Turn for a Power Play on her Part. At first she assumed he had Found some A** hole Slut before her or on the Side. .. So while his defenses were down. She dug into his Brain and before he knew it he was trying to explain he way out of a Very deep hole. And BTW she tells him that there is now way he is putting his Huge Fat Dick into her Back Door.

After meeting her the first time we seemed to get along ok. In fact she turned out to be a very Touchy Woman. Putting her hand on my Thigh as she would talk. Her Hand on my shoulder as she would look into my eyes while giving me a Huge Smile. I later found out that she was thinking I was that White Fag he confessed to Fucking. As we were drinking one night at their place. Just the Three of us.. She went behind him and started to put her arms around him. Giving him a Hug. She moved her hand down to his Basketball shorts. Put her hand inside his shorts. Grabbing a handful of Dick and Balls while pulling down his shorts.. This left me looking at them with his Dick hanging out. Her Hand Shaking his Dick at my Face telling me to go Ahead and Start Sucking This Fat Dick You White Fag.. This was such a shock to both him and me. We both just stared at each other till she said it again while being more DEMANDING this time. He smiled at me and told me the same thing.. Now Get on it White Fag.. So I did. As I Moved onto his Dick with my Mouth. She let go and moved from behind him to our side. Putting her face next to mine. She Bit my Ear as she Told me to Do a Good Job on that Dick. She proceeded to inform both of us she was in charge from now on.  This was something she wanted to see.. Me sucking his BBC.. Things moved pretty fast after this.. We went from Sofa to bedroom. Her Stripping me Naked. While she would play with my A**, Pull my Balls.. All the time telling us who was in charge and what she wanted us to do. After we were all naked my A** got fingered and Lubed by her while I was called Dirty names and told to suck his Dick. I ended up not only getting Fu**** by him while I was eating her Pussy, Stuffing my Tongue up her A**. She informed us that watching me be their Ho was a Fantasy of hers. We were also informed that if any one got a Dick up their A**. It was to be the White Fag.

This relationship went on for quite some time till they had to relocate due to her Job. 

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