Old Susan – more than she seems

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Old Susan – more than she seems
My neighbour Susan was a teenager of the sixties which must make her early middle to late seventies. Her old man died five years ago and in the intervening years I have done all the small odd jobs for her. At no time did she ever come onto me or I her probably because she had let herself go and seemingly uninterested in any sexual activity. Although I often wondered why she never wore bra or knickers under her dowdy tops and shortish skirts.
She was still quite attractive and always smelled lovely.

Out of the blue one sunny afternoon as I was putting up a new washing line in the back garden she said: ‘Paul, you’ve lived alone for quite a while, doesn’t it worry you having no companion as you get older?’

‘Well, I’ve never given it much thought. You mean someone to look after you if you get sick or ill?’

‘No not that specifically but you know, sharing activities, doing things together – being intimate frankly’.

‘You mean kissing and cuddling, that type of stuff?’

‘Yes, that included. When my husband died, I thought I would be content with my hobbies, going out with girlfriends, but lately getting through the day – and nights – not even speaking to anyone, is just getting me down.’

‘Well, as to the intimate stuff, us men do not improve with age Susan our virility does declines and tails off. But as for ladies, I found that they as they get older, they have absolutely zero interest in any intimacy at all’.

‘Really, Paul? You are an attractive man, surely you’ve had lots of lady friends?’

‘Sorry Susan, not one in the past four kaçak iddaa years. But I live in hope’.

‘Yes, me too, but I am not holding out for a knight in shining armour to appear any time soon’.

With that comment, she went back to weeding her flower beds. Was she flirting, or what? After about half and hour I looked over in her direction and saw her squatting down weeding with down legs wide apart: smiling and taking a piss. Something went off in my head and I started to get a stiffy as it was so erotic.

‘Oh Paul, I am sorry. I hope I didn’t embarrass you but I forgot you was there. I often pee when gardening or anywhere outdoors. It’s one of my perverted secret pleasures which my husband and I often indulged in. And by the bulge in your trousers, you might like too. Am I right?

‘Well not so much the peeing – although that is interesting – it was seeing your really fat hairy vagina- that turned me on.

‘Oh, that’s a start’. Why not come around for tea tonight so we can get to know each other better. Nothing naughty, just platonic, ok?’

‘You’ve got a date’ I replied.

I turned up and Susan, true to her dress code, was wearing just a tee-shirt and sweat pants. I, thinking that she was joking about the platonic bit, wore cargo trousers and no pants and a shirt.

‘You weren’t put off then. Come on through. I just done a spagbog.
We sat down to eat and the food was really good. And after getting through a bottle of wine between us, we were nicely chilled.
I broke the ice asking her why she never wore bra or knickers.
‘How did you know that’?

‘Over kaçak bahis the years I been coming around doing jobs it has been pretty self-evident. It’s not as if you tried to hide anything, especially this afternoon Susan’.
‘Well, as you’re so interested, it started just after I was married. You see, I loved my hubby very much and did anything to keep him happy. It turned out that he just loved me showing off my titties and touching my vagina whenever he fancied – even in public. And as we used to go for long walks, I used to be in the habit of peeing anywhere no knickers came in very handy. Needless to say, that too turned him on no end.

Also, the other reason I don’t wear knickers is the fact that I suffer from what my doctor diagnosed as excessive vaginal lubrication and my crutch sweats as well. So, I find it much more comfortable to go without underwear’.

‘There, I’ve told you my secrets what about yours? When did you start losing you libido, or has it gone to sleep? As from what I saw this afternoon, there could be an awakening’, she smiled.
‘Well Susan, if we are being honest with each other, like you my partner passed years ago and she – like you wanted to please your hubby, she pleased me and I her.’
‘Be specific please’.
‘Ok, since I was a teenager, I always loved girls and ladies who never shaved their vaginal or anal areas. And in the seventies, she was one of the very few who didn’t shave – never until she passed. She like me also really liked a lot of erotic foreplay, which in my latter years I needed a lot to get an erection. And lastly, güvenilir bahis she was a bit of an exhibitionist and the voyeur in me like it when she deliberately and discreetly exposed herself in public.

‘There Paul, that wasn’t so hard was it? Now we have both agreed that we could have something in common, how about if we have a nice slow romantic canoodle to expand our pleasure’.

We sat on the sofa and immediately I put my arm around her shoulder and drew her in and kissed her gently on the ear, then her neck and finally moved to her luscious lips.
We kissed gently at first but it was obvious that her need got the better of her and she kissed me harder. God, she smelled so good. I stroked her side, fondled the folds of loose skin and slowly worked my way south, kissing her neck
She gasped and pulled me in tighter.

‘Oh Paul, suck my titties’ Of course, she did not need to ask again. As I sucked, I worked my hand under her skirt and she parted her fat thighs allowing my free hand to explore her lovely wet hairy pussy, teasing the lips with my fingers, seeking her clit, stroking to the tune of her moaning. Her pussy was slippery, warm and wet. I gently massaged it as I sucked her breasts. Her moaning did not stop.

Still kissing exploring each other with our tongues she reached down and undid my fly and pulling it out rubbed my piss proud cock, which was now covered in pre-cum.

‘Wow Paul, your cock is really long and thick-much bigger than my hubby’s.’
‘And your cunt is more hairy and wetter than my wife’s’
Tell you what, Paul your lovely cock is hard enough to fuck and piss at the same time. Fantastic, we can have lots of piss fucks.
Sadly, she did not let me fuck her that night, but the following months she drained my balls and bladder in lots of kinky ways.

More to follow.

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