My Son, So Forbidden.

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My Son, So Forbidden.
Oh God what was she doing she thought! Here she was
embracing her own son, naked apart from a flimsy
nightie which her son had managed to lift and bundle
around her waist. Her pussy was wet, fully aroused.

It had happened all so fast. Her young son, her only c***d,
she should not be in his bed with him, naked as he is,
as young as he is, and as sexually aroused as he most
certainly is. It is wrong, oh so wrong, she must put a
stop to it now.

He was in Heaven. He could not believe this was
happening, a dream come true.
He was doing it for the first time and with the only person
fantasised about, his lovely Mother.
Mark had awoken early with a huge erection. Normally he would
just masturbate into a hanky, T shirt or his
underpants, but this particular morning he felt a very
strong desire for a more real and sensual experience.

He had looked at the bedside clock. It was only 7.00am
on this glorious Sunday morning, the first weekend of
the school holidays. It was just him and Mum. Dad had
run off 5 years ago and it has just been him and Mum ever since.
They have been so very happy together.

Being a Sunday Mark knew his Mum would be sleeping in
until 8.00 am, when he would bring her breakfast in bed
as he did every Sunday morning.
His young mind had an immediate lust driven thought.

Helen thought back to where she was just a few
minutes ago. She had been having the most erotic dream,
a dream that was both erotic and forbidden, for in that
dream her sexual partner was a very young boy, a boy as
young as her son who was now sliding his glorious firm
hard young cock up and down her slippery hairy slit.
Whereas she would normally be asleep at 7.00am on
a Sunday, her immensely erotic dream had brought her

She had been lying on her side gently fingering
herself, half asleep, intending to bring herself to an orgasm.
A faint noise caught her attention. It was the subtle turning
of the handle of her bedroom door. She held her breath
and half opened her eyes in the faint pre dawn light.

It was Mark, her 13 year old son, whom she observed
stealthily making his way to her bedside. Helen had
her eyes barely open, so that Mark assumed his mother
was still sound asleep. Helen wondered what he was up
to. Her fingers were still wet and enmeshed in her
hairy pussy, keen to renew their frantic mission.

Mark remembered that his Mum always threw her knickers
on the floor beside her bed before putting on her
nightie and going to bed.

Many a time Mark had observed Mummy’s worn knickers lying by
her bedside and had been swept away on an erotic thought. canlı bahis şirketleri
Most mornings he would retrieve her knickers from the wash basket
while she was making breakfast, slip back to bed and
masturbate frantically, her perfumed knickers wrapped firmly
about his erupting young virgin cock,
His cum soaking her sexy lace knickers, which he would then
quickly replace in the wash basket, a few levels
deep, assuming his Mum would never notice.

She had, on many occasions, found her knickers still wet and smelling
strongly of his young cum.

This is what pubescent boys did, a natural right of
passage she thought, so she had never paid it too much

Mark sneaked into his mother’s bedroom, making his way
silently across the thick carpet to her bedside.
There they were. In the faint light he could make out her light
blue satin knickers.
They were his favourite pair to masturbate into.
For Mark there was something about these faint blue knickers of his
mother’s that epitomised both her womanhood and her motherhood.

He gave his mother a quick glance to confirm that she
was asleep, bent down picked up her knickers,
had a quick sniff they smelt wonderful, of her forbidden sex
then he quickly left her bedroom and back to his own bedroom
for a wanking session.
Smelling her knickers before wrapping them about his rigid young cock
to capture the massive load of teenage cum.

Helen almost gasped aloud. Mark had entered her bedroom naked.
She had not seen him naked for about a year, he going all coy just after
his 12th birthday.
As he neared her bedside she saw that his cock was erect.

‘Oh my God’ she had cried out in silent surprise.

His cock was enormous for a small young boy. It must be about 6
or 7 inches, with some soft pubic hair around it.

In the brief instant that he stood beside her bed, his
cock just 2 or 3 feet from her mouth, she saw that a
he had pre-cum oozed from the eye of his hard young cock.

For a moment Helen was tempted to reach out and suck his cock and
its sweet juice into her mouth.

Mark moved quickly to his bedroom and in his haste and
the urgency of his lust to smell his Mummy’s knickers and
wrap them around his young prick, he neglected to properly
close his bedroom door.
He lay on his bed, legs apart and covered his face with his Mother’s knickers.
The glorious odour of her sacred sex was immersed in her used knickers.

Mark breathed in the perfume of his mother’s pussy
deeply and licked the crutch where her nectar had oozed
out and gathered.
His young cock grew even bigger and harder.
With his eyes canlı kaçak iddaa closed and imaging sliding his young cock
into his Mother’s special place!”, he wrapped her knickers
around his throbbing member and commenced what he
planned to be a slow wank, hoping to make it last as long as possible.

Helen had almost immediately followed Mark back to
his bedroom, he being totally unaware of course as he
was by now absorbed in his lust.
She saw that his eyes were closed and so she walked right up to his bedside
without him becoming aware.

He was calling out her name in a combination of groans and low hushed voice;
“Mummy, oh Mummy your pussy is so lovely.
I want to suck it forever,”

Then Mark opened his eyes and his look was one of
shock and fear. He need not have worried for at that
very moment Helen had succumbed to temptation, forbidden as it was,
and enclosed his throbbing young cock with her soft fingers just seconds
after his look of fearful discovery.

“Oh my darling boy, what have we here,
what are you saying about Mummy darling hmmmm?”

The feel of his mother’s soft loving fingers wrapping
themselves around his hard young shaft initiated a wave of
overwhelming pleasure to course up his young cock and
envelope all his sexual organs, flooding his whole
groin with ecstatic pulses and waves of pleasure. It
was just too much for young Mark.
He reached out and pulled his Mother onto the bed.

Initially she fell on top of him but, in a display of
strength that defying his size and tender years, he
almost instantly turned his mother over so that he lay
on top of her. Mark wedged his thighs firmly between
his mother’s and she automatically spread them wide,
giving his young cock full access to her wet hairy cunt, her
gorgeous beautiful Mother-cunt.

For a few seconds nothing was said. Sighs and groans arose from
both mother and son and then Mark commenced a lustful
“Oh Mummy! Mummy! Oh Mummy! So lovely Mummy…
So lovely… So lovely.” It was the soft urgent murmur
of total unbridled lust.

Helen fully recognised her young son’s longing and
his intent. He wanted to spill his young cum in her.

It was the primal urge built into all boys, to spill their
seed, to spurt their young sperm into a receptive womb.
She thanked God that she could not have any more c***dren
because of complications after having Mark.
So she was safe for him to fire his fertile young sperm in
to her cunt.

Mark could never have imagined this happening and he
had never imagined the magnitude of pleasure that he
would experience as his hard young cock slid
up and down canlı kaçak bahis Mum’s hairy wet slit.

Her groove of pleasure was surrounded by a magnificent massive
jungle of soft dark pubic hair that caressed his balls and
cock as he slid up and down.
At this very moment, despite his tender years, Mark was
certain that the only woman in the world for him was
his mother.
There was no other woman that he wanted his young
cock to be near or inside of. His cock, his balls, his
sperm, was for his Mother.

Helen could not resist. It was if it was always meant
to be. There was an irresistible force controlling her
cunt, which had only one desire, to get all of her
son’s young cock right up inside her… NOW.

She wanted his sperm inside her. She had always wanted more c***dren
but with what happend after having Mark it was inpossable.

“Oh Darling, Mark darling, Do you want to sleep in Mummy’s bed every
night for the rest of our lives? Do you want to fuck
Mummy all the time?

“Oh yes Mummy! YES! YES! YES! I want you Mummy. I
want my cock and my sperm to only go into you Mummy,
there is no other girl I want Mum.
I’ve cum so much in your knickers Mummy
I want it to all go inside you from now on.

“Oh my Darlingboy, my little man, and now my LOVER…
I’ve known for all that time about you wanking into my
soiled knickers.
So many times have I found my knickers in the wash basket just
after you’ve cum in them..
So often have I sucked your cum, still warm, from my knickers.

So… fuck Mummy darling, FUCK MUMMY NOW, make Mummy cum,
make Mummy cum lots, Please Darling.
Come on. Get it into me, get that hard young cock inside Mummy’s pussy
and fuck me. fill me with your cum.”

And with that obscene lurid plea of forbidden lust,
Mark plunged his virgin young cock right up his
Mother’s cunt, all the way to his balls in one powerful
His mother looked upon his face and saw the look of unimaginable
pleasure as her pulsing wet cunt enveloped and welcomed
the return of her son.

Her son was now back inside her pussy, from where he had
emerged just 13 years ago. Now he would be back in
there every day for ever.
It is where he belongs she knew without any doubt. She needed to be
fucked by her son, her little man, now her lover.

Helen’s arousal was so great that her orgasm was
exploding within her like a runaway train.
She needed Mark’s sperm to spurt as she came.


And he blew. Mark blew the biggest load of thick young cum he had ever blown,
there must have been 10 or more thick spurts.

His mother cried out; “I can feel it darling, I can feel it!
Your spurts are hitting the wall of Mummy’s pussy… oh baby, baby, so much cum,
so much sperm…”

They went on to live a long and happy life.

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