Meet A Couple “

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Meet A Couple “
Suresh and I had just come out of the men’s room, having seen each other take a leak and taste our own pee. I had been watching Suresh and his wife necking at a nightclub for the last hour or so. This nightclub was in the hotel I was staying in and had gone in for a few drinks and dinner on a Friday night.
“Hi, I am Suresh, do you want to have some fun?” he held out a hand. The unwashed one that was just a few seconds back playing with his cock and carrying pearly drops of pee to his lips. I shook hands warmly with my right hand, that was doing just the same.
“We are in the mood for group sex and you seemed quite interested.” Suresh continued with confident warmth. Jackpot! I agreed and then we spoke a little. I suggested that we move to my room in the same hotel instead of their home which was in town. Then I suggested that he goes back to his wife (Priyanka, I learned) and keep the game on without telling much till I make my move.
Suresh and I walked back separately to our tables and Suresh took a position on my side. Almost immediately, he held up the fingers of his left hand. Priyanka sniffed them and plunged them into her mouth. She visibly moaned as she smelt Suresh’s pee and licked his fingers clean.
Suresh had run his hands up her dress slit again and was evidently fingering her cunt. She was squirming in excitement as she caught me staring. She froze and caught Suresh’s attention pointing towards me. Suresh didn’t bat an eyelid as he whispered something in her ears.
He was kissing her full on her lips, using her other hand to play with her tits. While the legs were under the table, the breasts were in full view to anyone who would care to look in the crowded club. But they didn’t care. I ordered a bottle of champagne for my room and asked for the check, signed it and got up.
I walked straight to their tuzla escort bayan table and said, “Hi, can we move to my room upstairs? I would love to see your lovely game in further detail.” Priyanka immediately knew that Suresh was in it but still flushed a darker shade of red. After basic introductions, I gave them my room number and walked away.
They met me in the lobby near the elevators. As we rode up, Priyanka looked a bit unsure. I patted her arm in a reassuring gesture and said, “Don’t worry, I don’t kill”, I just eat”. She smiled.
As I ushered them into my room, I saw it was close to 1 o’Clock. The room service had still set the champagne on ice at the table with a few flutes and some cashew. I uncorked the bubbly and poured out 3 glasses before settling down.
Suresh and Priyanka were sitting next to each other across me on the plush sofa and I could see almost right up to Priyanka’s crotch. The mood was formal as we chatted before I suggested that we watch a movie. I had already set up the TV through apple play so that I could watch porn on my laptop.
As I fired up my laptop the room filled with sounds of the porn I was watching before going down. We laughed at the incident and Suresh asked me to not change it. Priyanka looked away a bit but was smiling. The movie playing was of a bisexual orgy where everyone was fucking everyone!
We were all charged up from the show at the club and then the porn had changed our mood back to where we wanted it in the first place. I sat on the bed and saw Suresh put an arm around Priyanka’s shoulders. He soon started playing with her tits.
As Priyanka got hotter and more comfortable she sunk deeper into the sofa and the legs spread. I noticed for the first time that she wasn’t wearing a panty. I went over and sat next to her before placing my palm just above her knees. Suresh orhanlı escort was kissing her lips. By now he had worked her dress off her shoulders and almost all of her tits were staring at me.
She grabbed my hand but did not push it away. I slid it up leg pretty and soft legs. I was massaging her inner thighs. Her legs parted invitingly and I touched her pussy. Boy, was she dripping!? We stood her up between us and took off her dress. That’s all she was wearing.
She started tugging at our belts and we were soon all naked. We maneuvered to the bed and as Suresh played with her breasts, sucking, biting and mauling them, I knelt between her legs and started teasing her nether region. A few kisses on her thighs, lower abdomen, inner thighs.
Later she grabbed my head and pushed me between her legs as I devoured her pussy. She was very wet and very high from the long build up. A few minutes of attention on her clit, long strokes of my tongue from her clit down her slit, and some deep tongue strokes later she was breathing very hard and shuddering.
Moaning loudly, she kept locking my head between her thighs. Suresh was still giving her tits a lot of attention. I moved to lick her perineum and she thrust her hips up, spreading her legs wide. I took the sign and dived to tongue her puckered ass hole.
She started literally trashing about as my fingers played with her clit and tongue ass fucked her. A moment later Priyanka stiffened, locking my tongue in her ass, holding my head and spurted a little clear liquid. A SQUIRTER! I lapped it all up as she lay there, panting, drained from the orgasm. I wanted to fuck that pussy right away and got up to place my cock at the entrance.
As I was rubbing my cock head on Deep’s puffed up vaginal lips, she asked me to stop. She needed to pee desperately and said she won’t last if we aydınlı escort started fucking her. She walked into the bath of my hotel room and I followed her right in.
Stopping her from sitting on the bidet, I said to her, “Wait, I want all of it.” Suresh had followed us in. I half laid down on the bathtub and asked her to straddle my head. From their play before during dinner, I had guessed right that they were very much into water sports.
She stood in front of me as Suresh held to balance her and then she let out a jet of clear golden nectar. It hit my mouth and splattered my face and I was on cloud nine. First Suresh leaned over for a few gulps and then spouted it back at her, after that he drank her golden nectar. What a lovely, kinky, couple.
As she trickled to an end I leaned in to clean her up with my tongue. Suresh asked me if I wanted some more. Before I could really understand, he climbed onto the tub, straddling my torso, stood in front of me, aimed his semi-erect cock at my face a let go!
Man, I loved it as I leaned over to engulf his cock in my mouth, gulping in his pee as fast as I could. He had taken a leak just an hour or so back, so the bladder wasn’t full. He stopped soon. Too soon. I hoped I can have some more of that later.
I kept blowing him after he ended and he started growing. I could taste his salty and musky precum. Priyanka was watching this, fascinated by the scene. She leaned in to kiss her husband as she started thrusting into my mouth, making me gag a bit. I was loving it and had my palms on his ass cheeks pulling him in.
Suresh was playing with his own balls with one hand and holding on to my head with the other as he came. 4-5 hours of foreplay made sure his balls were full of cum. Hot, salty, flavourful cum filled my mouth. I couldn’t take it all in and some oozed out and dripped onto my body.
We gingerly got up and took a shower together, rinsing away the piss and cum and we nuzzled, giggled and kissed. Priyanka just said, “I hope we are not done. I have the whole weekend to fuck!” I laughed and responded, “We are just getting started, love”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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