Locked Out Part 2

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Locked Out Part 2
Sally got a txt from her Mum to say she was on her way and would pick her up so Sally got herself decent again and carried on with her assignment sitting on the sofa working on her tablet placed on the little table in front of her. The way the table was set meant she had to have her legs open a bit allowing me a perfect view of her panty clad crotch, ‘Mmm’ I could sit and look at that all night was the thought running through my head.
I had never met Sally’s mum but if she was an older version of Sally then I wouldn’t be disappointed, and I wasn’t.
The doorbell rang and I jumped up totally forgetting that I was still in my boxers but did have my tee shirt back on and as I opened the door my jaw dropped at the sight that was in front of me. “WOW!” I said under my breath, “Hello, I’m Sadie, Sally’s mum” the lady said in a softly spoken voice.
I couldn’t speak, I looked her up and down, short hair and a very pretty face with little make up. She was about mid 30’s at a guess and she had a very slim but shapely figure dressed in an open neck blouse that showed off a little cleavage and knee length matching skirt she looked delightful.
“Um, Hello, I’m Frank”, I stuttered back a little surprised at her beauty, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but to my mind she was hot. “Oh do come in, Sally is still hard at it” I said inviting her in.
“Thank you so very much for helping Sally out, I can’t thank you enough” she said smiling as I led her into the lounge. I told her that Sally was no problem and I was happy to help, if only she knew the truth!.
“Can I get you a drink Sadie? Sally might be a little while yet” I asked as she sat on the sofa next to her daughter, “Tea, coffee or something stronger?” I said jokingly, Sadie smiled, “Oh definitely something stronger” she said looking drained from her day.
I had some good Scotch so I poured a couple and returned to the lounge, Sally busy with her legs still open, she knew what she was doing and I am convinced she was sitting like that to tease me, Sadie was sitting next to her muttering something with her knees together but still had nice legs.
“Here you go” I said as I handed Sadie a rather large glass of Scotch, Sally looked up and smiled. “Thank you Frank” Sadie said in her soft voice taking a rather large gulp, “Ahh, I needed casino siteleri that” she said as her whole body started to relax.
I sat back in my chair opposite them, there is a reason my chair is opposite the sofa, and looked at the sight in front of me, mother and daughter with the daughter teasing me with the view up her skirt and the mother all prim and proper drinking Whisky and me still in my boxers, which Sadie hadn’t mentioned, trying to conceal the inevitable boner which is soon to appear.
We made small talk as Sally tried to work and then the million dollar question was asked, “So, Frank” Sadie said, “Do you always dress like that” she said looking at my lap, “Only when I have two beautiful ladies in the house” was the only reply I could think of but it seemed to work and both of them thanked me but at least it got the subject dealt with. “Nice” Sadie said in a much more relaxed voice.
Sadie had nearly finished her drink and it was beginning to show the effect it was having; her words were slurring and her legs were getting more relaxed and I did get a quick glimpse of red under her skirt.
I have to say that it was effecting me too and don’t ask why I said it but it just came out, “Have you ever rolled your skirt to make it shorter?” I asked looking at Sadie, Sally looked at me in horror but lightened up when her mum said that she had done it at school and then turned to Sally saying, “And I know you do it young lady” but in a teasing way. Sally laughed.
“How many turns can you do Sadie before it gets indecent” I asked jokingly not really expecting a reply but Sadie responded handing me her empty glass, “Do me another one of them and we will see” as she gave me a cheeky grin, Sally looked horrified at seeing her mum drunk but was intrigued at what her mum would do.
I jumped up to get Sadie’s glass and could see her looking at the bulge in my boxers, she smiled as she handed me her glass, “I got a high waistband so not many” she joked and Sally informed her that the record was six, “That’s a big ask” Sadie replied slurring her words a bit.
I returned with the drinks and Sadie stood up, her skirt was not that tight so she shouldn’t have a problem and she quickly made two turns showing a couple of inches of thigh, “Nice Legs” I said smiling with Sally looking canlı casino on.
Sally and Sadie giggled as she did the third and fourth turns, I looked on and her skirt was just below her crotch, I thought five would definitely become indecent and six would be the absolute limit, she did the fifth and my suspicions were confirmed, she had red panties on as her tight crotch became visible and as she turned I could clearly see the cheeks of her arse and the string on her thong tight up her crack.
“Shall we try six?” she asked looking directly at my now bulging cock, even Sally nodded in approval seeing her mum having some fun, “Yeah, let’s do it” I said watching in anticipation as Sadie took a big gulp of drink before proceeding to make the sixth turn.
Her panties were now in full view, red and tight and when she turned she showed a perfect rounded arse with the thong string tight up the crack and a sweet gap between her legs exposing the red fabric. ‘Mmm, nice view” I said as I stood up and walked over, Sally watching my every move and with my bulge protruding I stood behind Sadie and softly rubbed her arse cheeks, “I think six is too much Sadie” I said smiling thinking it looked more like a large belt than a skirt.
Sadie let out a soft moan as my hands explored her arse and with Sally watching it was an extra turn on, “You have such a nice touch Frank” she said in her soft and sexy voice and with that my hands wandered between her legs allowing me to feel her warm and damp spot.
Sally looked on in awe as I bent down and started to lick up and down Sadie’s crack, her moans getting louder as my tongue hit the spot of her hole, “OMG!” she cried as my tongue flicked about before I pulled the string to one side and probed her opening.
Sadie spun round and sat back on the edge of the sofa pulling me close, she reached forward and undid the button on my boxers reaching in and pulling my throbbing cock out into full view, she looked across at Sally who stared open mouthed and my stiff member and then leaning forward she started to expertly lick around the helmet.
Very slowly Sadie took my cock deep into her mouth, inch by inch until I felt the tightness of her throat and her tongue flicking my balls before slowly withdrawing and repeating, Sally moved the table out of the way as she kaçak casino nudged up closer to her mum and I turned a little to let Sally have a go and as she tried to replicate what her mum had done she gagged as my cock hit her throat, she withdrew and grabbed my balls as Sadie took over slowly sucking my swollen head, Sally had now pulled her skirt up to her waist and had one hand in her panties while the other gently squeezed my swollen nuts.
I felt myself getting close and I pushed hard into Sadie’s mouth as I felt my cock start to pulsate and the first spurt went down her throat without touching the sides, I pulled out quick and rammed into Sally’s mouth giving her the second squirt which she hurriedly swallowed and as I withdrew both girls looked up at me with mouths open as the third stream splashed onto their faces.
“OMG!” I cried as both girls fought to suck the last drops out of my cock, “Mmm” Sadie mumbled as she seemed to get the lions share. “Wow!” said Sally as she watched her mum finish off my softening cock.
Sadie slumped back on the sofa obviously the worse for wear but smiling as I stood there looking at her sitting with her legs spread, skirt around her waist and damp red panties in full view and it was too good an opportunity to miss as I got on my knees and ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh right up to the warm spot between her legs, Sally started to rub my head with enough pressure to push my face deep between her mums legs.
The taste was exquisite as I sucked on her juices through the fabric of her thong before I pulled them to one side sucking on her protruding labia lips and flicking her swollen clit, “OH MY FUCKING GOD” she cried as my tongue entered her wet pussy and she shook violently as the juices flowed and while Sally looked on I could feel my cock coming back to life. I pulled Sadie right to the edge and rubbed my stiffening cock up and down her glistening lips before plunging deep inside her, “OMG!” she shouted as I slipped in easily right up to the hilt and started to pound away, my hands lodged under her arse pulling her closer, “Fuck her Frank, FUCK HER!” Sally shouted as I built up a fast pace and once again Sadie shook violently as she came again and I felt her juices on my balls and start to run down my legs.
The warm feeling was too much and I could feel myself filling her belly, “OMG!” I shouted as I spurted deep inside her, “WOW!, that is so fucking HOT!” Sally cried as I pulled out and the last spurt went up Sadie’s body landing on her rolled up skirt and blouse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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