Life Of A Hot South Indian Mom–1

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Life Of A Hot South Indian Mom–1

My mom, Ramya is 37 years old. She was married to my 45 years old dad Ramesh when she was 18. Since her parents found out about her love story with her classmate, she was forced to marry.

She was an all-rounder in those days. Besides her love, she was able to concentrate on studies too. After her marriage, she missed having sex with her lover. My dad was not interested in sex, he concentrated on his work alone.

Anyhow, within two months of marriage, my mom got pregnant and gave birth to me. My mom still maintains her sexy structure. She is very health conscious and she use to dress both traditional and trendy but never homely. Most of the times she will wear sexy dresses which reveal her navel or cleavage.

Her vital stats are 35-25-34. Even though I get hard seeing her, I never thought about having sex with her. But I usually get embarrassed when I go out with her. Men will eat her with their eyes. Since she looks young, our relatives say that she looks like my wife and not like my mom! Even my schoolmates talk bad about her in front of me. But I never had any bad intentions towards her, until one fine day.

It was the first parents’ meet in my college. I didn’t score good marks in it. I told it to her and asked her to convince them that I will study well. But she had some different ideas.

She came in a sexy transparent saree. My friends couldn’t take their eyes off her. She went into the principal’s room. After a few minutes, we heard some muffled moaning sounds. But it stopped after a few minutes. The principal came out and asked us to go home. I was afraid that my college mates were also going to talk bad about her.

Mukesh: Arun, why didn’t you tell us about your mom?
Me: Stop it, guys.

Saran: Yeah, she’s such a bombshell.
Me: It’s enough.

Ganesh: It’s ok. We all will admit that our moms are not hot like yours, but we all want to have sex with our moms. I bet you too will wish for that.
Me: I never had any bad thoughts about her.

Saran: It’s ok but my mom is too hot.
Mukesh: I agree but not as hot as Arun’s mom. She’s a dream girl.

Me: Ok, so do you want me also get attracted towards my mom?
Ganesh: No, we’re saying we all are attracted towards her.

Me: So what? Nothing is gonna happen. As far as I know, she’s a conservative woman.
Saran: Yeah as far as you know. But you don’t know how far you know about her.

Mukesh: Yeah. I am pretty sure that principal is screwing your mom earlier.
Ganesh: That’s why he wanted us to go home.

Me: Ok. So what?
Ganesh: If we make some right steps, we could also do it. Answer from your heart, have you ever felt like having sex with her?

Me: Ok I admit, I get hard on seeing her, she is a perfect bitch to lose my virginity.
Saran: Dude, say ‘our virginities’.

Me: I would love to do it but how can we?
Mukesh: Let us stay for 4 days at your house. We can tell her it is for relaxation as our semester is done.

Me: Ok I will ask her and inform you, guys.
Mukesh: What about your dad?

Me: He spends most of his time at work, he will leave at early morning and return midnight. So no worries.
Saran: Done.

We all went to our respective houses. My mom returned after 1 hour.

“What happened, mom?”, I asked.
“Nothing much, he just asked you to concentrate on studies”, she replied. She looked very tired.

“Why did this take an hour?” I güvenilir bahis asked.
“We were talking about your future.”

“Why did he ask us to go home?”
“Because it was gonna take time. Why are you asking me so many questions?”, she shouted.

“I just wanted to know what happened, that’s it.”
“I told you everything, that’s it.”

“My friends are going to stay here for 4 days.”

“It’s our semester holiday, just for fun”
“Ok fine, your dad will also be not at home for 1 week. It’s good to have company”, she lied on the sofa.

“When is he going?”
“He already left.”

“Ok mom, I’ll go to my room”.

I quickly informed my friends to come home the next day. And the day came. Mom was wearing a dress which had zip in the front. It covered her body but only till her thighs. Also, she didn’t fully zip the dress. Her cleavage was visible. By the way, mom is 5’6¨ tall and she is white. It is quite rare to find a woman like her in South India.

My friends came to my house. I introduced everyone to my mom. Nothing happened on day 1 until dinner. While having dinner, we took the first step.

Saran: Aunty, are you really Arun’s mom?
Ramya: Yeah, why?

Saran: You look like his girlfriend, you are so young and beautiful.
Ramya: Stop it, Saran. Don’t make me blush.

Saran: That’s the truth, aunty. I’m sure every guy in this street has a crush on you.
Ramya: Really? So what about you, do you have a crush on me?
Saran: Yes.

My mom laughed.

Ramya: So sweet of you
Ganesh: I also have a crush on you, aunty.
Mukesh: Me too, aunty.

Ramya: So what about you, honey. Do you have a crush on me?
Me: What are you talking about, if you were not my mom, I would’ve married you.

She laughed harder.

Ramya: I never thought that everyone likes me.
Ganesh: I’m pretty sure everyone likes you.

We finished eating.

Ramya: Ok boys, now go get some sleep.
Mukesh: Aunty, can we go to the beach tomorrow?
Ramya: Sure, but now go and sleep. It’s already 11:30.

We went to my room. We planned to touch her private parts while playing in the beach.

Day 2

We asked her to wear a crop-top and a jeans shorts. At first she hesitated to do it but we convinced her to do it.

We went to ECR beach. There was only a very few people since it was a weekday. We somehow managed to get her in the water. Now she was totally wet.

Ganesh lifted her and pressed her boobs while playing. She didn’t mind it. So we took advantage of it.

We all jumped on her. We fully soaked her in water. We were literally fucking her even though no one got nude. After 1 hour of playing, we left.

There were 3 bathrooms in our house. So two had to wait for others to finish up. Saran and Ganesh decided to take bath after us. But when I came out both of them weren’t there. I found Saran in the backyard. I went to my mom’s room. I heard Ganesh and mom talking in the bathroom.

Ganesh: Please, take away your towel.
Ramya: If we take long to come out, others will suspect.

Ganesh: Just take away your towel, I will touch them and we can go out.
Ramya: Ok.

Ganesh: I haven’t touched a woman’s boobs till now. But comparing with pornstars, your boobs are better. I can’t believe they are natural.
Ramya: Of course they are natural, can we go out?

Ganesh: I will definitely get some time to spend with you alone. We will have fun then.
Ramya: I’m waiting.

I left her room as they were about tipobet giriş to come out. I thought Ganesh will come out of her room but he didn’t. He closed the door. But after a few minutes, he came out.

He said that she asked him to come to her room during the night for fun. We were all shocked to hear this. We were praying for our turns. We had dinner and quickly went to my room. Ganesh went to her room after 2 hours. But he returned back quickly.

Me: What happened?
Ganesh: She is getting fucked by another guy.

Mukesh: Who is that?
Ganesh: I don’t know.

Me: Come on, let’s sneak in and find out.

We went to her room and slightly opened the door. Mom was getting fucked in doggy style. Only the guy’s back was visible.

“I am gonna cum inside you, bitch,” he said. He then moaned loudly. After a few seconds, he took his cock out of her pussy and turned back. It was our principal! We were shocked to see him. We quickly returned to my room.We went to my room and closely overhead to their talks. We heard a loud spanking noise.

“If you do this once in a week, I will pass your son in every test”, our principal said.
“Pass his friends also. We can do four times a week”, my mom said.

Ganesh mocked me by saying, “Your mom is a noble woman.”

My friends started laughing. Then the principal was moving towards the door. So we acted like we were sleeping. Ganesh received a message from my mom. It read, “Cum on honey, I am waiting”. Ganesh was so happy, he went to her room. We video called him.

“You want to record?”, mom asked.
“Yeah, what if I don’t get a chance again?”, Ganesh said.

“Ok, no problem”, mom said as she unzipped his pants.
“Who was the other guy?” Ganesh asked.

“It’s your principal, how do you think my son is passing the exams?”
“Yeah, he is a lucky son of a bitch.”

My friends started laughing.

“Yeah, he really is a son of a bitch. I would prefer the word slut” mom said as she started sucking.
“He fucks you every day right? Your son?”

“No. Does he wants to?”
“I am pretty sure he does. If he has the courage, I am ready.”

I was shell shocked that mom said this. Finally, I can have her. She gave the green signal. I was on cloud nine. I came back to my senses when mom started moaning as Ganesh fucked her.

Ganesh was speaking so dirty about her. But she enjoyed it anyway.

Ganesh came back after 20 minutes.

“Hey, guys. We are gangbanging her tomorrow. I am sure the slut will agree”, Ganesh said.
“No let me have her alone before that”, I said.

“Oh, come on man. I have been waiting for this”, Saran said.
“Please guys, let me have her alone. After that we can fuck her brains out”, I said.
“Ok but do it now”, Ganesh said.

I went to mom’s room. I knocked on the door as it was closed. Mom was shocked to see me as she was only in her inners.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”, mom asked.
“Let me come inside”, I said. I came in and closed the door. I sat on the bed. Mom was trying to find something to cover herself.

“No, it’s ok mom. You are beautiful like this”, I said.

She blushed and sat next to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her perfect navel on her flat stomach and her milky cleavage.

“You are looking at them a bit longer”, she said.
“Oops. Sorry. Not my mistake”, I said.
“Not my mistake either”, she said.

I put my left hand around my mom’s waist and pinched her navel. I moved perabet closer and planted a kiss on her soft lips. She reciprocated without hesitation.

I fell on her and now, we both were lying on the bed with me on the top. I never wanted to break the kiss. Mom too cooperated and kissed me back madly. After 5 minutes, we broke the kiss. I took a deep breath and tore her bra. I squeezed my mom’s melons and kissed her nipples. In the meantime, mom had removed my t-shirt.

Then I got up and unzipped my pants. Mom licked my underwear as she slowly removed it. She was shocked to see her son’s 8-inch monster. She stroked it and sucked it slowly. I spanked her ass while she sucked.

After some time, I held her hair and face-fucked her. Then mom turned back so that I could fuck her in the doggy style. While I was ready to put my cock inside my mom, she said: “Baby, I don’t want to spoil the moment, but think before you do it.” But I put it inside mom anyway.

I held her hair and rode her like a horse for 10 minutes. Then we fucked in missionary position for the next 5 minutes.

I was about to explode. “I am gonna cum, mom”, I shouted.

“Take it out. Put it on my fucking face”, mom screamed. I took my cock and ejaculated on her face. Mom swallowed it.

Then I lied on the bed next to her.

“Thank you, my slut”, I said.
“Oh, I am your slut now?” she asked in a husky voice.

“Of course, you are,” I said as I kissed her lips.
“You are better than your dad. You are better than most”, she said.

“What the fuck do you mean? How many men have fucked you”, I asked.
“I don’t keep count. Should be around 15 or 20”, she said.

“You are a fucking bitch.”
“Who said I am not a bitch?”, she said as she got on top of me.

“Am I better than Ganesh?”, I asked her.
“He is just a show-off. He is not good in the bed”, she said while putting my cock inside her pussy.

“Another time? Don’t you ever get tired?” I asked. But my cock got hard once it entered mom’s pussy.
“Looks like you are not tired either”, she said as she began riding me.

I spanked her ass.

“What about my other friends? They touched all your parts today. They are so hungry for you”, I said as she was continuously riding me.
“I know. One even pinched my nipples”, she said.

“Will you let them have you?”
“I know they will plan something stupid, tell them to come together and gangbang me.”

“That’s what they are planning.”
“You will also come, right?”
“Of course, bitch.”

“Where are you guys planning to do this?”
“To be decided. Where do you want to do this?”

“Anywhere. I was ready to do it on the beach today.”
“Anywhere? What about in the middle of our street?”
“Sure. Can we go now.”

“You are a fucking bitch”, I said as I held her back and made her lay on the bed and I banged her in missionary position once again.
“Oh no. I am gonna explode”, I said.
“Don’t take it out. Let them in”, she said.

I came inside her.

“Isn’t it risky?”, I asked.
“Nah, it’s fine. Don’t worry.”

“Are you at least tired now?”, I asked.
“Tired? Never”, she said.

“Ok bitch. I gotta go. Or those morons will get jealous.”
“Wait, come here, lick my pussy.”

“No. I’ll do it tomorrow.”
“No. Please, no one licked it today.”
“Fine”, I said and I licked my slutty mom’s pussy till she had an orgasm.

When I went to my room all my friends started cheering.

“Wait, guys. She is all ours. She is ready for tomorrow”, I said.
“Where?”, Mukesh asked.
“Anywhere. That’s what she said”, I said.

“Let’s book tickets for a movie. The theatre must be empty as tomorrow is Wednesday”, Ganesh said.
“All right, great plan”, I said.

To be continued.

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