Keegan Gets Sentenced

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Keegan Gets Sentenced
Todd Wise rolled over on the mattress and yawned. The 47 year-old opened his eyes and pulled his sissy boy toy closer to him. Todd was divorced with two daughters. The brick mason had given up the three-bedroom house without much of a fight as he didn’t want his ex-wife to reveal his criminal activity. She had kept her word.

Now, Todd lived with his younger daughter’s former best friend, Keegan Wagner. The man tweaked Keegan’s budding breasts and said, “Damn, you turn me on!” Then, he belched. “Get me a beer, boy,” he ordered. The 20 year-old He watched the five-foot-ten, red-haired, green-eyed trap move seductively out of the bedroom.

Tonight, was bittersweet. It was their final night together. Keegan had been convicted of the manufacture of a controlled substance. Admittedly, the person he was making the d**gs for was his Daddy Todd.

But, Todd was again scott free. Todd had retained a good lawyer to represent his pussyboi. That’s why he was still living in their single-wide trailer. Tomorrow was sentencing day and they would find out where Keegan was going and for how long.

Keegan returned and cracked open the can for his man. He crawled back into the bed that was really just a mattress on top of a box spring that sat directly on the floor. He nestled up under the brute.

Their bodies were quite opposite of one another. Todd had a sturdy, five-foot-nine-inch frame with powerful arms, beefy chest, broad shoulders, solid beer gut, muscular butt & legs, and hair covering him all over. His hairline had receded a good deal and he sported a substantial moustache. Keegan on the other hand was just a bit taller. But, Keegan’s legs were slender, his bubble of a rump was cute & taut, His skin was soft naturally, but even more since he had been on the hormones. His tits now filled out an A-cup. His hair was long and luscious,

Todd downed his beer and started hunching Keegan. His thick seven-inch rod stiffened.

“Oh, Daddy,” Keegan purred.
“You like that, sissy?”
“Yes, sir! I do!”
“I like your li’l fag boi ass too,” Todd shared in his surly, country twang. “I hate thinkin’ bout them motherfuckers in prison fuckin’ you.”
“Don’t think about it then, daddy! I’m all yours.”
“Yeah, but for how long? Every race is gonna wanna fuck this pretty ass.”
“I just want you to fuck me now.”
“Sure, baby boi! güvenilir bahis Get my cock wet.”

Keegan slid under the sheets and began sucking. He could feel Todd tense and shiver with delight. He felt the calloused hands on the back of his head as he delivered the sloppy blow job.

“Awwww! Yeah! Come daddy get in that ass,” the meth dealer said.
Keegan slithered up and stuck out his little booty. “Stick in my pussy!”
“Oh fuck, boi! You’re always so tight!”
“You like that, daddy?”
“Naw, baby! Daddy loves it!”
“I love it too!”
“Do you really love this country dick?”
“Oh, yes!”
“You’re a good li’l pussyboi! I promise I’ll be puttin’ money on your books.”
“Thank you, daddy! Fuck me!”

Todd humped hard and soon had Keegan on all fours. He pushed the sissy’s head down into the mattress. He pounded like a pile driver. Keegan screamed and whined.

Todd still enjoyed fucking Keegan as much as he had the first time. They had done it inside of his silver 2009 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab pickup truck. Todd was taking the sixteen year-old after having caught Keegan and his daughter putting makeup on each other. Todd had blown up saying he didn’t want any faggots in his and demanded Keegan go get in vehicle. On the drive, Todd opened a beer and began, “What would your momma say if I told her about you wearing makeup?”

“I don’t think she’d say too much,” Keegan replied.
“You sure! Your momma is pretty conservative. Don’t think she’d want no faggot as a son!”
“Well, you don’t have to tell her,” the high schooler pleaded.
“I’ll think about it.”

Todd turned down a side street.

Keegan inquired, “Where are we going? My house is back down the other way.”

Todd ignored the question and continued driving. He pulled off on a dirt road and turned off the truck. “We need to have a talk. You know? Mano a mano.”

“Okay,” Keegan shifted in his seat.
“So, I take it you don’t like girls then?”
“Ummmm. Not really.”
“So you got a crush on anybody at school?”
“Look. I ain’t gonna tell you. I just wanna understand, you know?”
“Ummmm. Maybe Adam Akers.”
“Okay, so you like jocks,” Todd referred to the small town high school quarterback.
“I guess!”
“Do you think I was a jock in school?”
“Why do you say that?”
“I mean…You’re built like a Mack truck.”
“Oh, you think so? I work with my hands, but I’m not in as good of shape internet casino as was back then.”
“Yes, sir!”

“You look like a girl in general. But in that makeup your smokin’ hot,” Todd flirted.
“Thank you!”
“Do you know what happens when pretty girls get around jocks?”
“Yeah! They wanna have sex with them.”
“Have you ever had sex?”
“No, sir!”
“Do you want to?”
“With you, Mr. Wise?”
“I’m just askin’.”

The conversation ended with Todd putting Keegan’s hand on his crotch. From there nothing else had to be said. Soon, the truck was rocking as they fucked like rabbits. Todd then had the slim, twinkie pie of a boy taking his cock on a regular basis.

Todd snapped back to reality. He pulled out his manhood and studied the gaping hole in front of him. He spat into it and dove back inside. He pushed Keegan down flat and pummeled the sissy.

“Oh, daddy,” wailed Keegan. “Fuck me!”
“Yeah, sissy! Take this cock!”

Todd got up flipped Keegan on his back. “Open your mouth!” He shot a huge load all over the sexy little things face. “Damn! I’m gonna miss you!”

The next day, Keegan presented himself to the court. There had been some discussion about where to house Keegan – in a mens or womens facility. His lawyer had not been able to argue effectively for his placement at an all-female institution. The judge handed down a sentence of 6 to 12 years. Keegan was taken to a holding cell while he waited to be transported to state penitentiary.

Keegan was approached by a tall, white man wearing a sheriff’s deputy uniform and cowboy boots. The officer asked, “You ready?”

“Sure,” Keegan lowered his head.
“You’re the only person being transported today. So, I’m takin’ you in my cruiser.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Give me your hands. I gotta cuff you.”

The deputy led Keegan to the Dodge Charger Pursuit police car.

Inside the man asked, “First time being locked up?”
“Yes, sir,” Keegan admitted.
“Better find you some protection fast!”
“I used to be a C.O. down there. I can tell you from experience you’ll give it up willingly or they’ll take it by force.”
“Oh my,” lamented Keegan.
“Don’t worry the inmates’ll love you.”
“Don’t play dumb. You look like a hot li’l piece of ass.”
“Find you a wolf and he’ll take care of you.”
“But I have a boyfriend.”
“You may as well accept it. Best bet is your hook up quick. Want a warm perabet up?”
“Want me to fuck your li’l ass real quick,” he chuckled.
“I don’t know about that.”
“Well it’s your opportunity to have some real choice, but suit yourself.”
“Will you be gentle?”
“Yeah! You’re cute.”
“Have you ever done it before?”
“There were a couple of fish in there that sucked me off for favors.”
“Let’s do it.”

The much older deputy pulled the vehicle to a stop. He took Keegan out of the car and unbuckled his belt. His dick was close to eight-inches. “You like it?”

“Yes, sir.”

The law enforcement officer bent Keegan over the trunk and went inside him after spitting on his cock. “Dammit, sissy! Your pussy feels good.” He nutted in Keegan’s mouth after banging him for around three minutes. “I know it’s a quickie, but gotta stay on schedule. I’ll make sure the guards treat you good tonight.”

They arrived at the prison and Keegan went through check-in. The guards laughed and made fun of his girly body. They joked about where to put him. A burly white C.O. led him down the block. The inmates were calling out all obscenities aimed towards Keegan.

“Here you go,” the man announced. “Good luck,” he grinned.

Keegan walked inside. There was a large Black man sitting on the top bunk. “Sup,” he said.
“Hey there! I’m Keegan. What’s your name?”
“Wilbur! You look sweet!”
“Excuse me?”
“Don’t play dumb. The police came by here and said they was puttin’ you wit’ me.”
“Why’d they do that?”
“Cause you gon’ need protection. I need a new prison wife.”
“Oh,” blushed Keegan.
“Don’t be shy, girl! Come give yo’ nigga a hug.”

Keegan walked over slowly. “Yeah! I’ma enjoy fuckin’ you. What you in for?”
“Controlled substances. You?”
“Murder one.”
Keegan jumped back instinctively.
“Don’t worry. I ain’t gon’ hurt you.”
“How long have you been here?”
“Shit! Twenty-two years.”
“And I ain’t gettin’ out no time soon. How old you is?”
“Twenty. And you?”
“You’re tall too.”
“Six-six. All these niggas gon’ be jealous! Get settled and climb up here with me.”

Keegan sat down his belonging and got on the top bunk. After Wilbur explained the rules relating to their relationship, housekeeping, and general behavior, he said, “Now suck my dick!” Keegan complied. Soon, they were fucking.

“Owwww,” whined Keegan.
“Shut up and take it, gurl,” ordered Wilbur.
“Your dick is so big!”
“You’’ get used to these ten inches soon enough!”

Eventually Wilbur came inside of Keegan. Then he huffed, “Get cleaned up. We gon’ get you some girl clothes and shit from one of these other sissy boys!”

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