Good Time With A Hot Aunt

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Good Time With A Hot Aunt
She lives with her husband and a k**, her husband is very friendly with me and we carry a good relationship between us, I was there in Sanjana’s house after a long time for a small get together. Rajesh bro called me and asked me to make arrangements for the party as he was busy with his works.

My house is 20km away from their location so he insisted me to stay with them till the party gets over. I packed my bag and left to Sanjana’s house 2 days before, I reached by 8:30 am, Rajesh and Sanjana were happy seeing me, we exchanged few talks with raj as he was in hurry for his workplace.

Sanjana prepared breakfast for me and made her k** ready for the school, we both went to drop her k** in school, we returned home and Sanjana made coffee for us and we had casual talks while having coffee.

She went to the kitchen and doing her work, I went to the kitchen and started talking to her about all stuff happening in the family, she asked me about how my life is going on and she knew everything happened in my life.

She asked me about my girlfriend who broke up with me a few months back and I explained all the things lead to our breakup and she asked about my friends and all. I asked her about her life and she said this is my daily activity and she was sad while saying as she wanted to work but her situations are not helping her.

We talked for more than an hour, I went to my room and I wanted to take bath as I was sweaty, I wrapped a towel and got ready for a bath. She saw me in the towel and complimented my body, it is just a normal thing as she saw me in the towel many times, I said I’m doing workouts these days, I didn’t have any wrong thoughts for her compliments.

I took bath and wore boxer and a sleeveless t-shirt, I sat on the sofa and started watching tv. To tell about her stats, she is 5.6 height with 34 c boobs and perfect waist with a good glowing brown skin, she is very friendly with me since her marriage as we have a small age difference.

She also does yoga to maintain fitness, she took bath and ataşehir escort wore a satin nighty which was soo revealing. I was struck by her beauty, I was carried away by her looks, I complimented her for her beauty, she smiled and sat on the sofa watching tv, I was busy with my mobile playing games.

We discussed the arrangements for the party which we wanted to start shopping in the evening, soon she placed her head on another side of sofa and legs towards me and watching tv, she said she was tired and not in the mood to cook for afternoon lunch.

She asked me to order it from a restaurant I said okay and she continued watching tv, meanwhile she got few texts she was busy with her mobile, she was blushing while texting I didn’t bother much.

She went to the kitchen to drink water and brought me some she asked me are you comfortable sitting like this and I said I’m okay and she again sat in the same position. While giving me water I saw a slight change in her, she opened her nighty zip so that her boobs are visible slightly as she was not wearing any bra inside, she smiled at me while I saw her cleavage.

I was again busy with my mobile, slowly she brought her legs near my thighs and started to rub, I was seeing her legs rubbing my thigh, I put my hand on her feet and gave a light massage with one hand. I was loving it even she was liking it, inside my dick was getting hard and I’m slowly losing my senses.

She slowly put her legs on my thighs and asked is it okay, I said okay you can keep, our bodies are getting warm and breaths getting faster I was slowly rubbing her legs with one hand she was also enjoying it as she was tired of work. Slowly I took her feet and put on my dick and she starred but said nothing, slowly she felt my hardness and started rubbing my dick with her feet I was not able to control myself, she put her mobile aside and rubbed my dick over my boxer.

She slowly sat and looked into my eyes and started rubbing my dick, I was pressing her bare legs till her thighs she woke up and without any word göztepe escort she put her head on my thighs and looking at me. I was confused but I slowly rubbed her face, cheeks and her hands, I took my hand inside her nighty, she kissed my hand and that was the signal.

I was massaging her boobs, she was making good sounds and I was pressing her boobs for almost 15 mins she slowly lifted her nighty till her waist and started to rub her pussy over her white panty , I fell in love with the situation , I was rubbing her boobs with on hand and exploring her thighs with another hand.

She took my hand and placed it over her panty, it was hot and already there was a stain, I was rubbing her boobs and pussy over her panty, she closed her eyes and she was enjoying the act, slowly I kept my hand inside her panty and her pussy was cleanly shaved while taking her bath.

I was rubbing her pussy very hard, she was holding my dick and rubbing it over my boxer, she took my dick out and kissed it as she placed her head on my thighs she took my dick in her mouth and started to suck my cock.

I was in heaven as she sucked me till I cummed in her mouth, we wake up removed our clothes I was seeing her nude body she was like an angel, I made her sleep on the sofa and I was licking her body all over, her body was very hot.

I slowly put my finger in her pussy, she moaned loudly ummmmmm ahhhhhh slowly I started stroking her pussy while she was moaning soo well with the rhythm ahhhh ummmm shhhhh I kept two fingers inside her pussy and also I started to lick her clit while fingering.

She was not able to hold a long time, she cummed a lot in my mouth, she slept on me for few minutes and I asked her to start the game, she slowly stroked my dick and kept in her mouth, my dick was rock hard and I licked her pussy and pushed my dick into her pussy in one go, she shouted loudly and scolded me for being so rough.

I waited for a minute as she felt pain in her pussy with my stroke, she adjusted herself on the sofa, we were in missionary position, I slowly ümraniye escort started ramming her pussy in a rhythm, she was moving her body to match my strokes. Room was filled with our body smell and her moans, our bodies were making sounds while thirsting patcchhh patchhhh patchhhhh, we were in another world.

She was doing it very well, I said while fucking, she said she was not having a healthy sex all these days, she was happy after a long time, she asked for fast strokes.

I started giving hard and she cummed in no minutes, I increased my speed she was moaning like hell uhhhhmmm ahhhh awwaaa fuccckkkker inkaaa gattigggaaa denguuu, I was about to remove my dick but she caught my waist and I understood she wants me to cumm inside I was happy and gave many hard strokes ummmmmm ahhhhhh ohhhhh fuckkkkkk and I cummed a lot inside her.

The best moment of sex is cumming inside a pussy without a condom will take you to heaven, I laid on her with my dick inside her pussy, we were there like that for 15 mins just caressing each other.

Then we went to take bath, she gave me nice bath and I gave her a good oral while bathing then we ordered food and we were nude while having food she fed me sitting on my lap and I did the same , try this guys after having sex your bond will become strong , we finished our lunch and she wanted to take rest I insisted her to sleep nude with me , we slept till 4 pm nude.

When we woke up my dick was hard I applied saliva on her pussy and inserted my dick into her pussy we fucked like mad people, we did it in doggy style for 10 mins and this time we both cumm at a time.

We again had a hot shower together and went to school to pick her k**, in the evening we went to shopping with Rajesh and had dinner outside, next day when Rajesh left to work and we dropped the k** in the school we came back to home.

I hugged her and she said that she was waiting for me long time as she knew what happened between me and my aunt, I was shocked to hear that as my aunt promised me that she won’t share about our relationship to anyone but Sanjana came to know about our relation she explained to me how she saw our chat in WhatsApp.

So I was happy with Sanjana we enjoy whenever we have a chance since then. Lonely aunties and girls can contact me

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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