Good neighbours

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Good neighbours
On a sunny day, Arie Neuteboom is going to work in his garden.
Arie Neuteboom is a 74 year old man. He livestogether with his wife Karen Neuteboom, she is 72 year old, in a big house in a wealthy neighbourhood. Since last winter they have new neighbours. They haven’t see them since they moved into the house. Today is the hottest day of the year.
” Arie, i you go outside, do not forget to wear a hat.” says Karen.”I am already wearing it hun, do not worry.” Arie goes outside and starts pruning the trees.While he is busy with pruning the trees, he suddenly sees movement with his neighbors house. A hot young woman is walking out of the door. She is wearing a pink bathrobe. She walks towards a lay chiar next to the pool.
Arie says” Hi there, I guess you are the new neighboor?”
“Oh, hello, yes, I just moved into this house last winter.” says the young woman.
” Well, let me introduce myself, I am Arie Neuteboom. I live in this neighborhood for 30 years. I am pretty sure you would like this neighborhood.”
“Well, I am Kezie Cooper. Nice to meet you.”
Arie nods” The honor is all mine. So how is lving for you here”
Kezie answers” well pretty lonely, there is not much to do in this neighborhood, I did not meet some interesting people as well.”
Aie looking a bit wondered” Oh, you moved in during the winter, than there are quite a lot of people in their holiday house or stay in house. The social activities are in the summer. So how many people did you meet around here?”
“Actually, you are the first one, I saw some people in the supermarket, but they did not said anything to me.”
“Oh well, I will try to feel you welcome here. Do you live alone?”
” No I live her with my boyfriend, but he is quite a lot on business trips So the majoirty of the time I am here alone. But it is nice to hear that you are so interested in me.”
Karen yells” Arie, to who are you talking too?” Arie answers” Ou new neighbor”. “Oh I am coming” says Karen and she walks towards Arie. She commands Arie” Come on start working again, I want to meet our new neighbor”
Karen and Kezie do a little bit o small talk while Arie is continuing the working in the garden.
A half hour later The converstaion between Kezie and Karen ends when Kezie ask her if she can start tanning.
Arie is now in top of a tree being busy with the highest branches.
Karen is already inside and now Kezie is standing next to her lay chair and she takes her bathrobe off. Arie turns his head and sees the body of the young woman. She has a slim body with 32G huge boobs. She has nice long legs. Arie’s pants suddenly gets a bit tighter. Kezie starts to rubing herelf in with sun cream. Arie goes out of the tree and walks to some bushes, so he can look at her without Kezie noticing. Arie keeps on woking in the garden.
Kezie starts tanning while laying on her back. Arie keeps on working but take quit often a quick look to Kezie.
One hour later, Kezie is going to tan her back, but she notice sh did not put sun cream on her back.
Arie is working on the last plant that needs to be puned and is in Kezie’s view.
Kezie sasy” Hello Arie, can you help me put some sun cream on my back.”
Arie looks if Karen is not in view anymore and answers” Ok, is it ok if I go through these bushes? Otherwise I need to go through my home and ring your door. ”
“That is fine for me” says Kezie
“Ok thank you”
Arie goes thorugh the bushes to Kezie. She gives him the sun cream kurtköy escort bayan and is laying on her belly.
“Start rubbing’
Arie shoot some sun cream on her back and starts rubbing it in. Very gently.
“Oh that is nice, thank you Arie”
Arie is doing her back, when suddenly Kezie ask” Well can you do my sides, legs and butt a well, because they need to tan as well.”
Arie asks” You are sure that I got your permission for rubbing your side, legs and butt?”
“Yes, you do” says Kezie smiling” Why this extra permission?”
“Well, it is quite unusual that a young woman asks an old an to do this.”
” That is true, but you are the only one I trust.”
Arie starts rubbing her sides, he touches sometime some sideboobs, he looks if she doe not react, but she let him do. Arie is so happy, touching the body of a beautiful woan as Kezie.
Than he starts rubbing the firm butt, he puts the lotion on the butt cheeks and start rubbing them. He goes very slow, making circle movements. In his pants, he has a huge boner. He never felt is dick so hard.
After rubbing the butt cheeks, he start rubbing on the thighs, and going further with the calves.
Tahn he wants to rub the feet but he slides out and fall right on her.
She say” Neighbor What are you doing?”
He says” I slipped, my apologies for that”
Kezie looks in his eyes and asks him” Do I feel correctly and do you have a major boner?”
Very shy Arie answers” Yes, sor—-ry, please do not sue me.”
Kezie calms him down” I will not sue you, do not worry about that, you are the only one that starts talking to me when you saw me and you want to help me.”
“Oh, thank you, it is very rarely I see such a beautiful woman and that I may touch hr. I can’t help my boner.”
” May I ask, how ofen do you have sex with your wife?”
“Well, I have no sex at all. It has been already 7 years I had sex. My wife will not have sex with me at all.”
“Wow, how do you survive it? You must fap a lot?”
“No, that is not possible, Karen is against it, she watches me”
“And you stay with her, she doesn’t know what for a good man you are, you listen to her when she commands things and follow her completely with the masturbation thing.”
“I am an old man, it is not that I have a lot of options than hoping she wants some action.”
Kezie unbutton his shirt” You know what, it have been quit a while for me too, that I felt a man.” She starts kissing his chest and than his lips.
“How long has it been for you?”
” Well for me it has already been 9 months” anwers Kezie
‘ Is your husband already gone for 9 months?”asks Arie very wondered
” Well, he has no sex drive at all. But he is an awesome person, that is why I lik him.”
” I would think with a woman with your body, that every hourhe is with you, he is trying to please you as best as possible” says Arie.
“Unfortunately now. So will you try to satisfy me than?”
Arie puhes her gently on her back, kisses Kezie on her lips, spread her legs and is sitting on his knees. while he take her slip out” I will start right now”
He starts licking her toes, than he is licking her calves. He even kiss the. Gently he moves up to the thighs, he rubs and lick them. Than to go to her pussy and starts kissing around it. than he puts his tongue inside the vagina.”AAAAAAhHH” moans Kezie” No man ever did this, wauw” Aie stops and says” I am just starting”
He go back to the pussy and starts fench kissing it. He than licks her clit ad than penatrate with the tongue again kartal escort bayan in her pussy. he repeats these movements. Kezie keeps on moaning and she pushes his head closer to her pussy” Yes keep on going, a bit faster please, you are going to the right direction” Arie starts doing his movements faster. While penetrating with the tongue, he movesthe tongue in circles or up and down or left to right. he alternates with licking her clit. “Pleae faster” Arie goes faster” Yes, that is the direction you are close, keep on ” commands Kezie.
Suddenly 2 minute later, Kezie moan a bit louder” AAAHHH, OOOHHHH. YEs YES I AM COMING” Her pussy is really wet. Arie licks this pussy juice up. “This taste so good” Arie smiles” This has been way too long”.
“But i
t is round 2 now.” Kezie looks ondered. Than Arie starts putting his middle inger and ring finger in her pussy and starts to move in and out. Meanwhile he kisses on her boobs and belly” OOHHH” moans Kezie”yes, oh, so nice”
With his dub, he is stimulating her clit. He stops kissing her tits and belly, but going faster with the fingering. Kezie moves her hips of joyment. ” Faster, come on Arie, faster”
“Oh yes, goddess” after saying that, Arie is going faster and faster with the fingering. ” Is it so good Kezie” Kezie answers Arie with” Yes, yes, keep on going”
Kezie jiggles o movement, moves her hips of joy and pleasure. And than she cumes, she squirts a bit. All of this squirts land on Aries hand.”Oh I was looking to this” says Aei and licks all of this squirt up on his hand and around her pussy.
” Well, now it is your time for fun, get up” says Kezie, Arei gets up. Kezie opens his zip and pull his pants down, she touches his cock” Oh, you are hard as steel, now step out of your pants” Aie steps out of his pants and takes his undie off. Kezie is standing up, put his dick horizontal and between her legs. They start french kissing and after command of Kezie, Arie fucks her thighs.Suddenly she top and set a step backwards, put Arie on the chair and rubs his cock. She get on her knees and starts sucking it. She plays with the head. Than she get up, mves a bit forward. Spread her legs and is going to sit on his dick. She puts him in her vagina.
“Ready for this?” Ask Kezie
“Yes, please start rding me” beg Arie
“I will start now” Kezie starts riding him. She feels his steelhard cock. ” Damn,it feels so good Arie”
“Oh my Kezie, you do not realize how good this is. I never have been so hard. I had never a ride lik this before.”
She started slow, she takes her bikini off and starts motorboating Arie.
“Come on, lick my nipples”
While she rides him, he motorboat her tits, suck her nipples, kisses the entire surface, massage them.
“You like my tits”c ask Kezie?
“Yes, thet are perfect. This sex is perfect.”
” Glad you enjoy it. I did not had sex like this for ages as well, way better than my boyfriend.” says Kezie.
Than she rises, starts riding him faster. He enjoys the view of the moving boobs and the feeling of her pussy.
“OOOHHH, dammm nnn, ssooo good. I am getting there” moans Arie
Kezie stops for 30s. She turns her 180° to do the reverse cow girl.
Arie keeps on moaning while watching that firm booty going up and down and jiggles.
” I will decide when you come, do you understand?” asks Kezie
” Yes, I will do my best following you”
she bends backwars so Arie can grab her boobs and massage them. While sheis riding him, he moves his kaynarca escort bayan hips up and down as well.”OOOOHHH” Kezie moans.
Arie start moaning more frequent and heavier.
Kezie stops. She walks around the chair, you here the heels of her mule on the ground. He is looking how she walks, this secy movement of the butt cheeks going up and donw and looking these hot legs walking. She bends over” Come on take me doggy style”
Arie stands up, put his cock in her pussy and starts fucking her softly.” Come on Arie, faster, you keep the pace I want” Arei goes faster.
Kezie gives multiple time the signal to go faster or rotate his hips. When he starts to moan heavier, Kezie grab Aie buttcheek and puts her finger in his ass. Arie suddenly stops” Wauw, waht are you doing?” asks Arie
“It was just to stop you. Time to get me missionary.” Commands Kezie. She lays on her back legs wide open. She helps him putting his cock in her vagina. “Now go fast directly.” says Kezie” Yes I will do” confirms Arie.
He start pumping really hard directly. She pull up her legs, and put one ofer heels between his butt crack. She rubs it in between. ” This is unusual, but feels damn good, you are freaky Kezie, but in a good way” says Arie, puffing of all the effort.” Both are moaning loud. Arie is back motorboating between her boobs and after that sucking on her nipples. Than he straightens his back and grab her boobs.
“Damn, I am going to cum again.” says Kezie
” OOOOOh, I am so close to cum, may I cum?”asks Arie.
” Beg for ti, how hard do you want it?”
” Please Kezie, I can’t hold it any longer. Please, if I need to hold it more, it gonna hurt.”
” Beg it on your knees” says Kezie
Arie stops, go on his knees.
“Kiss my feet and mules” commands Kezie”c and call me goddess while doing it”
“Yes I will do it, my goddess” Arie keeps begging and kissing her mule and feet”
” Please may I cum?” begs Arie.
Kezie spread her legs and pushes his head between her legs” Kiss my asshole”commands Kezie
“Yes my goddess” Arie kiss it, he even french kiss it.
Kezie lays back on her back, she pulls Arie on his cock to her, force him to stand with his leg over her, grab his cock wih her tits.” NOW TITFUCK ME!!!”Comands Kezie
Kezie crosses her fingers while holding her boobstogether and covering her nipples.
“Come on cum between them.”say Kezie
“Ok goddess.”
Arie is pumping really hard between her tits. You noie on his moaning he is getting closer and closer.
“I will count down hun” says Kezie.
“5 4 3 2 1” counts Kezie down
CUM”Yells Kezie.
The same moment Arie cums directly a heavy load right on her face, he keep shooting loads during one minute and a half.
“Thank you Kezie, this was my first titfuck, this was fantastic. Best orgasm ever. Thank you.” says Arie
” Thank you as well Arie, this is the best fuck in years, oh damn, did not know that a 74y old man could satisfy a woman of 24y so good.” anwers Kezie and she licks the cum. ” Your cum tastes so good”
Arie keeps massging her tits and rubbing his dick between the tits. After couple of minutes, he gets up, take a leg of her and lick it from the thighs until the bottom of the feet. He does this for cthe other leg too.
” I think it i better that you go home now, your wife could get suspicious not seeing you so long.”
“Oh, right, will do”. says Arie
” Oh Arei, you succeeded in your mission, you did feel me welcoe in this neighborhood, very well. Maybe we can do this another time” sshe winks.
“Oh, that sunds as a fantastic idea.” Arie is getting dressed.
“Bye my goddess” says Arie he kiss her and leaves.
“Bye sweetie” waves Kezie back. She put her robe on , takes her bikini and goes inside.

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