Good Neighbors – Chapter 4

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Good Neighbors – Chapter 4
Todd and Meg were about to wrap up work for the day when his phone rang. It was Stacy from down the street.

“Todd? Hi, this is Stacy. Meg said you were doing some handyman work for people in the neighborhood. I need some help.”

“What did you need fixed, Stacy?”

I was washing some things that didn’t fit in the dishwasher and my ring slipped off my finger and went down the drain. I need you to get it out for me if you can.” she explained.

“That’s easy enough. Eric ought to be able to do that. You just need to take off the p-trap and get your ring out.”

“He’s getting ready to leave for the airport. He said to just call you. He doesn’t have time to mess with it. He’s being kind of an ass about it really.”

“Okay,” said Todd. “Don’t run any more water down the drain. I will be there in about 30 minutes.”

Meg heard the conversation and smiled at Todd as she got dressed. “I don’t think you will be getting fucked on this handyman job, sweetheart. That is one couple that seems to be doing okay in this neighborhood. They might actually just pay you for your work. Hate to break the news to you.”

Todd laughed, “That’s okay. You are screwing me enough for the entire neighborhood. If I actually get some cash for this job, I will be just as happy.”

“Well, well! Did I just hear a man say he is getting fucked enough to suit him? I didn’t think that was possible.” Meg continued to laugh at the thought of Todd actually not wanting to get screwed. “I will see you tomorrow unless you get an erection before then that no one else will take care of. In that case, come on over on your way home.”

“You could just spend the night, Meg. Would save you from having to commute all that way to work tomorrow,” Todd teased her.

“Ooooh, I might just take you up on that offer. But maybe another night. My head is swimming from all the training today. I think I am going to bed early tonight – to actually sleep. Have a good evening getting paid instead of laid.” With that, Meg had finished getting dressed and left the house.

Todd gathered his tools although he didn’t think he would need them. He got dressed himself, slipping on his jeans and t-shirt over his g-string. He smiled at the thought of working everyday in a g-string with Meg and affirmed to himself once again that life was good.

He was headed up to the front door when Eric came out through the garage door with a suitcase in hand. “Hi, Todd. Thanks for coming over. Stacy is inside, so go on in. I will warn you, she has been clothes shopping for our vacation and will probably want a male opinion. Not that it will really matter. But please don’t charge me for any more time than is required to get her ring out of the drain. If you get caught up in anything else, you are on your own time,” Eric said with a laugh as he climbed into his car and left the driveway.

Todd stepped inside and called for Stacy.

“I’m in the kitchen, Todd. I assume you saw Eric on your way in.”

“Yep, seemed like a man on a mission,” Todd commented.

“Stupid son of a bitch could have gotten laid if he had taken time to look at the outfit I got with him in mind. But no. He had to get to the airport. His flight does’t leave for bahis siteleri canlı three hours. He has a one track mind. If it’s on work, I could sit on his face and he wouldn’t notice. If he wants sex, I wouldn’t be able to keep him off me. I buy a couple of sexy outfits and want him to give me his opinion and he says I look great and wasn’t even in the same room with me.” Stacy was clearly out of sorts with her husband and as Todd entered the kitchen, he could see why.

Stacy was about 5’6″ tall, average build, her tits were a large B to small C cup and her ass was a little wide compared to her shoulders as Todd assessed her, standing behind her. Overall a nice looking picture in his mind for someone who looked to be in her mid-40’s. Her hair was a light brown and her eyes green. Todd could feel his cock stiffening and sticking its head above the g-string under his jeans.

She was standing at the sink with her back to him as he walked in. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. She was wearing a bikini bottom that did very little to cover her bottom and a top that he only guessed included two triangles over her nipples with strings to hold it all in place.

“See what Eric missed out on?” she said, rather proud of herself that she could and would wear such a thing. “I wouldn’t wear this at the pool or the beach, but I thought he might have fun untying the bows in the bedroom when we got back to our hotel for the evening. What do you think?”

Todd cleared his throat. “Well you certainly got my attention and I can tell you I would definitely have fun loosening the strings!”

Stacy laughed with pride and with pleasure, knowing she was turning on another man in her outfit. She figured it served Eric right that she was arousing another man while he was rushing off to the airport without taking care of his homework first.

“Why don’t you be a dear now and see if you can get my ring out of the whatever you called it?”

Todd was disappointed that he had to get back to business. He was enjoying the view too much to care about some fucking ring. But he had her move out of the way and then he opened the cupboard door and surveyed the layout. Just as he suspected, the p-trap was PVC pipe and the nut was only hand-tight. He asked her for a bowl or pan to catch the water when he loosened the trap. He was lying on the floor with his shoulders in the cupboard and his waist and legs on the floor. Todd was on his side when Stacy knelt down to hand him the pan. He got a great look at her tits covered in just the triangle material covering her nipples. She noticed him noticing her tits and gave him a big grin.

“I take it everything looks like its all in order?” she teased.

“I’ll bet I have your ring back quicker than it would take to untie your bikini,” Todd said flirtingly.

He loosened the trap, let the water drain out, and then emptied the contents of whatever had built up in the trap, including her ring. He handed her the dirty ring and proceeded to reassemble the trap and hand tighten it to its original state. He stood up, washed his hands and faced her saying that he was done.

“That’s it? That was fast. How much do I owe you?” Stacy asked with casino firmalari a coy look on her face.

“Nothing. Only took five minutes. Consider it a neighborly favor.”

“Well, thank you Todd. But I need another neighborly favor if you would do it for me.” Stacy said twisting in place like a playful school girl.

“Sure, what is it?” Todd asked innocently.

“I managed to get a knot in one the strings on my hip. Would you be kind enough to get it out for me? Seems to be pretty tight. I guess I pulled too hard on the wrong end of the bow.”

Todd gave her a half smile, a bit annoyed with her for teasing him that way, but he knelt down and worked his fingers on the knot until it came loose. He took the opportunity to rest his hand on her nice ass for just a second to see what her reaction would be. She did nothing. Then she turned her other side to him and suggested he untie the other bow as well so she didn’t put a knot in that one as well.

Todd, still on his knees, untied the other bow as well and grabbed the bikini bottom from the back side and pulled it from between her legs, dragging the material over her pussy lips and clit as the front slid to her backside. Stacy yelped with pleasure as the material wedged in her pussy lips on its way off in the back.

“Ooooh, you bad boy!” Stacy said. “That was a naughty thing to do.”

She faced him now or, rather, her pussy faced him and took advantage of the situation and stuck his face between her legs and gave her pussy lips a good, hard lick. Stacy’s knees nearly buckled under her and to balance herself and steady her stance, she spread her legs a few inches. Todd dug his tongue in deeper. Her moans intensified and she spread her legs even more. Todd reached up between her legs and grabbed her ass with both hands to hold her in place while he worked her clit with his tongue. She put her hands behind his head and pulled him in even further.

Todd stood up, lifted her off the floor and sat her on the counter with her ass right at the counter’s edge. He leaned over and finished what he started, licking her pussy and sucking on her clit until she erupted in orgasm just a few minutes later. Her head and shoulders were leaning against the upper cabinets and her eyes were closed as her orgasm swept over her and finally faded away. By the time she opened her eyes again, Todd had his pants undone and was pushing them down to his knees, revealing the g-string covering only the lower half of his cock.

“Oh, so I’m not the only one who likes string outfits I see!” Stacy said looking at his g-string and cock. “And it doesn’t look like yours fits much better than mine!”

He pushed the g-string down to rest with his jeans and directed his cock at her pussy opening. Stacy untied her top and pulled it off. She then grabbed his cock to guide it into her love tunnel while he took a firm hold on her tits and tugged on her hard nipples. Her pussy was wet and took his cock with ease in one stroke. Todd pulled her forward a little more so his balls didn’t slap the counter as he fucked her. There was no foreplay or kissing or any wasted energy on anything other than fucking. Todd drilled her hard and as long as he could last. He casino siteleri was grateful that he had already cum on or in Meg twice that day, because that meant he might last a little longer this time than he might have otherwise. And Stacy was having a great time getting banged on the counter so she was in no hurry for it to end either.

Todd managed to last just long enough to push Stacy over the edge one more time and when her pussy clamped down on his cock during her second cum, he lost it, shooting his thick cum deep into her pussy. He didn’t pull out, however, but continued slow, easy strokes in hopes of keeping his cock hard for another round.

He managed to keep himself hard, but Stacy pushed him back and climbed off the counter. Todd was disappointed until she turned her back to him and leaned over the counter with her ass in the air.

“Your choice, handyman. Pussy or ass. You pick. I like ’em both.”

Todd hadn’t had a good ass in a long time, so he stepped behind her and guided his cock to her asshole. Her ass was already wet from their cums and so was his cock, so he started sliding his dick into her ass with no assistance of lube or spit. Stacy apparently wasn’t lying about liking it in the ass, because she seemed right at home taking a cock in there. She didn’t need time to adjust and there were no whimpers of pain or discomfort. Todd started drilling her as soon as he got inside her and she was immediately into it herself, talking dirty to him.

“That’s it, you bastard! Fuck my slutty ass. Bang it! Fuck it hard! I want to feel your balls slapping my pussy because you are ass fucking me so hard. Oh, yeah, that’s it. Fuck it, fuck it! I want you to fuck my ass so hard that your balls burst when you cum. Squeeze my tits, too. Tug and pinch those nipples. Make me cum so hard the neighbors hear me scream!”

Todd reached around and pulled hard on her nipples while his balls slapped her pussy lips. He was fucking her ass hard enough he was breaking a sweat and his hips smacking against her ass sounded like he was spanking her. She lay face down on the counter and Todd moved his hands to the tops of her shoulders and pulled her back on his cock as he rammed into her butt. Stacy came hard again and let out a loud scream of pleasure as she reached between her legs and found his balls as they slapped against her pussy lips. She tugged on Todd’s nuts as he pumped her ass. When he was ready to cum, he pulled his cock out and pressed it against her asshole, giving her a cream pie to play with when he was done. She cooed at that and smeared his cum all around her asshole and pussy lips while he watched her play with it and herself.

“Holy shit, I needed that, Todd! After that performance, I think I am going to have a few jobs lined up for you every time Eric has to go out of town. That would be about twice a month I think. Can you fit that into your schedule?”

“For you, Stacy, I will make room in my schedule.” Todd assured her.

“I am going to have to pay you, you know. If Eric asks and I said you did it for free, he would probably assume I was fucking you. Will $50 cover it this time? After that, I won’t tell Eric I needed your services. It will just be our little secret.”

“Seems like a fair deal to me. Anything else you want from me tonight?”

“Yeah, I think I need a facial before you leave if you have any cum left in you.” Todd was pretty sure he could find another load in there somewhere.

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