Good Neighbors 3

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Good Neighbors 3
The next morning was awkward to say the least each of us unsure of the others intentions or desires but knowing something had shifted in the hours before. The wine had taken its toll and we where sluggish to get much of anything done. The day dragged on and in the afternoon Jen’s phone rang it was Beth. I answered it hello. Well well well you little bitch what you thought of last night. Beth I would appreciate it if- Shut the fuck up I will bet she was hot as hell and you shot your load in less than a minute. Did she use the toy I left for her?…. Yes. She is well on her way now. Now if you ever want to see my tits again put Jen on. I called Jen and she took the phone the conversation was not like the one Beth had with me she was normal with Jen while I picked up the house from the nights events Jen slipped in the back yard and I watched through the slider as the two girls talked over the fence in the back yard. Obviously they could not see each other but I could make out Beth’s voice and I wondered what they talked about. I heard a few giggles and Jen began making her way back to the house.
When she got there she said I don’t feel like making dinner why don’t you go and get pizza. I said sure we will order in Jen told me no go get it its cheaper that way and you get it hot. Ok what do you want I don’t know why you don’t go up there and surprise me pick something off the menu. I hoped in the car and was off in a hurry. I called on the way in defiance to Jen’s recommendation it just was silly to do what she purposed I collected the food and was on my way home I pulled up back at the house. And made my way in when I opened the door I heard my wife moaning. I crept up to the bedroom and slid the door open just enough to peak in. Jen was in the bed using her black dildo with abandon. She was grabbing her breast with one hand and pumping her toy in and out of her with the other she must have started as soon as I left “fuck me mark” “please I’m gona cum” she writhed and let out a moan and I knew she cuming. I thought about what Mark had said the night before “ether way I am going to fuck your wife and cum in her” I went back to the front door and made as much noise as possible. Jen soon came bouncing down the internet casino hall absolutely glowing.
Hey I got the Pizza.Ya you can have it Jen said I think I am going to start to eat better. Oh ok if that is what you want hon. Yea do you mind if I take up Beth’s offer and join her gym. Is that where Mark works hon. Yes I um well he is doing a boot camp class and Beth said she would go with me is that ok. I was still hard and horny from watching my wife jam a large black dildo up her married pussy and answered without hesitation, Of course not if that is going to make you feel good I don’t mind at all just remember you are always sexy to me no matter what. Jen jumped up and down and hugged me. I have to call Beth and confirm with mark she skipped out of the house and down the block towards Beth’s house. I abandoned my Pizza and jerked wildly thinking of Mark taking Jen.
The next moth was surprisingly normal; Jen would go with Beth to class three a week. Jen was losing weight and looking amazing. Her gym attire slowly became more and more revealing and her confidence soared. She was also becoming more dominant, her and Beth where becoming inseparable. Jens gym nights became later and later until she would come home the next day. How could I complain Jen had lost weight and was looking amazing her sex drive was up whenever she came home she was hot and when had sex or I went down ho her it was amazing. One night I got a call it was from Jen’s phone
Hey you little pervert. It was Beth. Hello Beth, she just giggled in return. The gym was amazing tonight Jen is doing very well. I think so to Beth she is losing a ton a weight and I have noticed a change in her. Ohh ya well there is about to be a change alright. I paused I knew something was happening, in my mind I wanted it to be Jen working out but I knew better. The changes where just so drastic in Jen, Beth’s guidance, Marks statement ant the party I knew even if I was looking the other way. Well she is in a PRIVATE CLASS with mark right now they are in the studio let me pop in to see what’s up. I heard the door and Jen moaning. What’s going on Beth I knew but felt like it was a required stamen for a husband. The phone went to face time and Beth’s cute Asian canlı poker oyna face was looking at me with her devious mind working over time. Jen was crying Fuck me please Fuck me. Beth said well Jen is getting starched out after a workout and the whole Gym can hear. She turned the phone around. And my heart beat so fast I thought it would explode out of my chest.
Jen was on her hands an knees with her yoga pants around her feet caught up on her workout sneakers her shirt was pulled up above her breasts and mark was fucking her with wanton abandon. I could hear Beth in the background god you are looking good Jen tell Mark how much you enjoy getting stretched out. Jen cried out as her eyes rolled into the back of her head” own me Mark own my pussy”. Beth turned the phone back around she is a little firecracker. You know what else you little perv I think everyone should see this she walked over to the door and slid the blinds open. I know how much you liked watching and I know how much Jen is enjoying a real man. The whole gym could see. I begged Beth please I did not want anyone to know. She just replied are you k**ding me you little pervert. First of all they all know “ohh my god Mark Don’t stop” in the background She is loud as fuck. Second of all Mark is known here for this he fucks all kinds of bored wives and opens them up in more ways than one. I told you in the yard that night but you couldn’t be honest.
Look at you now I will tell you what you little sissy, since I know you like watching. She placed the phone down on a chair giving me a vantage point of Mark taking my wife and Jen loving every inch of his massive man hood. Beth then walked into frame and pulled her workout shorts down exposing her pussy her tits where smaller than Jens but her nipples where rock hard and poking her shirt. Her excitement of belittling me and transforming my wife into a sex craved nymph complete was a turn on for her I am sure. I could not believe my eyes as she placed a chair in front of Jen the contrast of Jen’s milky white skin and mark’s chiseled black body driving into her was amazing .I found my cock in my hand once again just like in the back yard.
Beth sat in the chair her amazing body partially exposed she canlı bahis inched her exposed pussy towards Jen, Jen did not miss a beat she buried her face in Beth’s pussy without hesitation Her moans became muffled as She was getting pushed with every thrust into Beth, Beth looked at Mark and pointed towards the phone. Mark was glistening with sweat and pushing his massive rod deep into Jen he looked at the phone and just gave a nod. Beth pulled her pussy away and Jen nearly collapsed from the sudden movement. She was in ecstasy like I have never seen. Beth smiled and looked at the phone grabbing Jen by the hair and pulling her up Jen placed her hands on the chair and kissed Beth deeply.
Beth then said what if your husband was watching. Beth grunted and mark slapped her ass as he withdrew Beth turned and begged Don’t stop Please don’t stop. Mark grinned and slides his massive member back in her. where do you want me to cum. Ohhhhhh GOooooood cum in me baby please shoot that cum up my pussy. With that mark started really fucking her hard. Beth said what about your husband Jen. FUCK HIM DON’T STOP DON’T STOP. You don’t care if he watches Jen? I don’t care who
watches please Mark please Mark lets out a grunt and I know he is filling Jen and fulfilling his promise to me in the yard that night. Jen collapses and pulls away from mark his massive softening rod pulls free of the grip of her pussy and his sperm streams from her landing on the floor. I see her turn and Mark kiss her deeply in an embrace on her yoga mat as Beth collects her pants and picks up the phone. Beth exits the studio and a small group of people have gathered near the open blind as she works her way through them she smiles and says we will be home shortly you little bitch don’t wait up hanging up the phone. I realize I had also cum and soon found myself on my hands and knees cleaning up.
I could not sleep and waited patiently for Jen to return home.
When she did she was sweaty and came in kissed me and said she had quite a work out. She dropped her gym bag and went right to the shower. I said I know Jen looked at me you know. I said I do. Well if you know you know. We both knew it was going this way so I think I will start taking home classes as well if you don’t mind that way you don’t have to leer at me through a phone screen. Much to my surprise I responded “I would like that” Jen Kissed me deeply and said I love you bring me an ice pack honey. Its been quite an evening. I responded yes it has.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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