FIRST REAL SEX – part 3 (mom, taboo)

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FIRST REAL SEX – part 3 (mom, taboo)
FIRST REAL SEX – part 3 (mom, taboo)

Just like the first time with my mother, after lasts night’s exploits, life reverted again to normal, at least on the surface. I was so happy that my mother decided to never speak of our two drunken sexual encounters. I, however, was in a sexual frenzy. It was eighteen year old male lust. If I got a hardon, which was frequently, I found a private place to cum, and I did. I dreamed of my mother, legs spread, in her under garments with her big round tits out over her bra. I dreamed of seeing my hardon buried in her tight warm pussy. I wanted to fuck my mother again, but she had been drinking the two times we did have sex. I would have to wait until her night out with the girls and my father’s all night, once-a-month card game. I had to work on my patience.

Almost week passed, and it was Friday after school. I was told that my father would be out with his cronies playing cards this Saturday and my mother would be out with the girls girls having cocktails. My heart raced when I heard. I didn’t have the long wait that I anticipated. It would be just over twenty-four hours until I hopefully could make a play for sex. As each hour passed, my excitement grew. My mind raced. I barely slept.

Finally it was Saturday night. My mother had already left for a few hours and, hopefully, would arrive home tipsy. I planned on having a strong drink ready for her when she got home. I would smoke a joint on the fire escape and make myself a drink, just like I did last week. I was still uncertain about her desire to have sex with me. It had only happened twice, and it was never spoken of. I was hoping to get lucky, hoping mom came home just buzzed enough.

After my shower, I put on some nice underwear and relaxed with a drink. I turned on the TV and slowly sipped my drink. I didn’t see or hear the TV. My mind was flooded with thoughts of my sexy half-naked mother. When my drink was almost done, I got my joint and climbed on the fire escape. I was pretty stoned after a few puffs and wandered back to the bar in the living room to get a drink. Mom would be home pretty soon, so I got her drink set up.

About 5 minutes after getting settled in the living room with the drinks, I heard the key enter the lock to our apartment, and I heard my mother come in. Her usual routine ensued. Get rid of the coat, enter the bathroom, take off clothes down to bra, girdle and stockings and walk to her room. Mom took longer tonight. I wondered what she was doing with the extra time in the bathroom.

I could easily see her bed and dresser through the arch to her bedroom. She finally left the bathroom, walked through my room and entered her bedroom. Her dim bedroom lamp was turned on as I watched her. She looked good. Her hair was just done, and her red hair and make-up complimented each other. She looked hot in her stockings and garters, walking in her heeled slippers. Her 5′ 3″ body was more of a V shape than an hour glass. Because of her narrower hips and wide D cup breasts, she appeared wider at the top. As usual, her shoes were in one hand and her clothes in the other. She slowly placed them on the bed. It seemed to go very slowly. She just stood between her bed and her dresser. I could see her and her reflection in the dresser mirror. As she moved, I could see both sides of her, or front and back at the same time. She was wearing some new undergarment, just one, not two pieces like before.

My mother had on a one piece, white satin with lace, bra and girdle combination. The lace started in a heart shape midway down her full breasts, displaying her cleavage. The satin clung to her body and continued down to her crotch, where it cut straight across, almost covering the very bottom of her torso. As she stood there, I could almost see her pussy and I could see the very bottom of her high smooth ass. I was glad that no panties appeared to cover her beautiful ass. The white satin garment clung to her body like a second skin. Her ass stood up, high and round, proportionate to her body. The material enclosed her ass and followed the curve out from her thigh and in to her lower back. Her tummy was pretty flat from the construction of the garment. Her round tits were framed in white lace and thoroughly filled and pushed out at the wide cups. The garters, which were at the bottom of her white satin one piece and held up nude colored stockings that clung to her shapely white legs. Lust filled my mind canlı bahis şirketleri and my cock. My heart was pounding. I sipped my drink and watched.

Instead of sitting facing her dresser and looking into the mirror, like usual, she moved to the front of her bed and sat down. Her right side was now facing me. Side tit pushed against the edge of her large cup. Then, shifting to her right and slightly facing me, she lifted her leg and separated the stocking from the garter. When her leg went up, in the dim light I could see her pussy from my side angle view through the arch. Very sparse red hairs surrounded her tight white pussy lips. Her tits strained against the lace of her bra top as she pushed forward. She was moving in slow motion.

My cock was a rock, just watching her. My head was spinning from the view. My eyes shifted down then up. My eyes stared at her tight hairless slit topped in a red triangle, then up to her tits, pushing out of her wide bra. It seemed minutes went by before she sat up for a second. Then, she slowly turned to her left, moved to her other leg and proceeded to separate the garters from the other stocking. This time I was treated to the bottom her beautiful round white ass and ass crack. She bent to remove the stocking from her foot. Her pussy was almost in my sight as she bent. I wanted to reach out and squeeze her the firm round globes of her inviting ass.

As she moved to sit back up, I stood, adjusted my hardon behind the waistband of my shorts, so it wasn’t too obvious, grabbed both our drinks and headed through the arch into her bedroom. After handing the drink to her, I sat down on the chair the opposite of the foot of her bed. The bottom of her garment had shifted up a bit from bending to remove her stockings. It seemed that she didn’t notice or didn’t care.

“Thank you,” she smiled and took a good sip of her drink. That made me happy. I thought that maybe she’d need the alcohol to let go. I decided to sit there a few minutes and let her finish her drink. Mom sat at the edge of her bed, legs every so slightly spread, and up so only her toes touched the floor. I sat in a wing chair pretty much facing her. We chatted. I asked about her new under garment.

“Thank you for noticing. Do you like it?”

I think I blushed when I muttered, “Oh yeah, it looks great. I like the satin and lace.” This time I think she blushed and then took another good sip of her drink. I tried to stop staring at her voluptuous tits and partially exposed pussy. It was rough trying to hide the hardon straining my underwear’s waistband.

With her drink in hand, she stood up in her healed slippers and white satin and lace one-piece. My mother was not three feet from me and began turning for me to admire her new underwear, unaware or unconcerned that her pussy and ass were nicely visible from my angle sitting in the chair.

I watched her tight bare pussy lips and part of the triangle above, lightly covered in soft red hairs Her hip and side ass passed next. A round high smooth ass was silhouetted by the light behind her. The white satin clung to and smoothed her up to her round side-breast. She lifted her arms playfully and sipped her drink. Her raised arms made her firm white side-breast push out over the bra. The two round smooth orbs of her ass, half-exposed, faced me as her sensual turn continued. They were creamy white. I wanted to lick the crack between them. I couldn’t believe how firm and smooth her skin was for a woman her age. Then came her other side and the great view of her other overfilled bra cup. My heart pounded as she slowly pirouetted for me.

“You really look great, mom.” I raised my drink and toasted with her, “To the prettiest mom in the prettiest outfit.”

She took another gulp of her drink and answered with a sexy smile, “Thanks honey. You’re so sweet. Not bad for a 50+ year old.”

“Not bad at any age,” I said as I smiled back.

As mom turned and explained how the underwear was something new, she didn’t stay in one spot. She was not only pirouetting, but in a slow dance. She spun and danced in the relatively small space between the bed and the chair and had slowly moved to about a foot from me. She kept up her slow spin as she told me that it was more expensive, but, now that she’s wearing it, she liked it. I reached my hand out toward her side and asked what the material was. My hand reached her body and started to rub the fabric up and down her left side as she told me it was canlı kaçak iddaa a satin and something combination, and it was very comfortable, almost like having nothing on.

She took the last gulp of her drink. I finished my drink, took the empty drink from her hand and put the glasses down on the table next to my chair. Both of my hands reached out and began to lightly rub up and down her sides as she stood in front of me. I commented on the pretty garment and the beautiful fabric as my fingers traced her the satin covered torso. My fingers moved over her hips. I moved my hands in wider and wider circles up and down. Up to caress her side boob, then down to her naked hip and thigh. From her hips to the sides of her bubble like ass. My almost trembling fingers lightly squeezed the sides of her supple lower ass. I stared straight at her tits while I rubbed her sides. They were almost uncovered and her pussy was coming close to being totally out in the open. My cock ached in my shorts and my mind raced with anticipation. All the while commenting on how nice the fabric felt and how nice she looked in it.

“Turn a bit so I can see how pretty you look from another angle,” I whispered, and she did as told. I felt her tummy, rubbing in wider and wider circles, approaching her tits and and then her pussy. My other hand worked in circles on her back, from the white satin down toward her satin covered upper ass to her naked lower ass. One hand rubbed rubbed her back, while the other hand rubbed her front.

I moved both hands to her back. The fingers on one hand traced her naked ass crack while the other hand moved to toy with the clasps on the back of the bra area. I thought I heard a slight moan as my finger tips tickled her naked ass cheeks. As my hand moved up, I edged up her garment. Most of her ass was exposed in a few moves. I was hoping that it had moved up in front almost as much as the back. I reached up and opened one more clasp. My shaking hands moved up to her big tits. I was in heaven. Lust was driving me. I slipped her bra straps down and lowered the top of her garment. Her big white tits with their large pink aureolas and soft pink nipples were hanging in the air. My mouth was watering.

My right hand stayed squeezing her ass and playing, rubbing her crack, while my left hand reached for her pussy. As I kneaded her firm ass, I teased her hardening clit. I couldn’t believe she was so free that night. My mother was actually standing there and was participating a bit, so unlike our other two drunken encounters. There I was, fingering my mom. I leaned up and took her left nipple between my lips. My mind was blasting with lust. She moaned and stood there next to the end of the bed.

I eased her down on the bed. My tongue feasted on her tit as I laid down next to her. “Oh,” my mom whispered when a finger entered her totally exposed pussy. My thumb was still tickling her growing clit. I loved licking around her pink aureola, circling closer and closer, winding up at her stiff nipple. My lips encircled her nipple as the tip of my tongue teased its tip. I sucked ever so lightly. Another slight “Oh,” came out of her mouth.

I toyed with her for minutes, licking, teasing, fingering, feeling her body slowly rise toward an orgasm. She writhed as my finger slid in and out of her very tight welcoming pussy. Then her movements stopped. Her body stiffened. A long “Ohhh-h-h,” was uttered. She was having a huge orgasm, and that was just from masturbating her and sucking her nipple. Her body stayed stiff as I slowed my fingers on her clit and inside her pussy. I felt her relaxing, but kept finger fucking her, and graduated to a second finger.

Two fingers slowly fucked my mom’s pussy while my thumb teased her hard clit. I noticed her hips were rising a bit with each entry of my fingers. My head was ablaze with what was happening. My mother wanted to fuck me, but would never let me know. I knew my time to slip my hard teenage cock into her waiting pussy was coming.

When her hip movements became more noticeable, I eased my fingers out of her begging pussy. I stood up and lost my shorts. My mom’s legs were hanging over the edge of the bed. I grabbed her legs and pulled her ass further toward the edge. I pushed her legs back so my rock hard cock could rub up and down along her hairless pussy lips. I loved the V of sparse red hair above her slit. I could see her eyes were rolling back in her head, even though they were closed. canlı kaçak bahis My cockhead rubbed her hard clit.

I pushed her legs back a bit more, and my cockhead touched the entrance to my goal of the night. I was about to pound my half naked mother until she and I came in screaming orgasms. The tip of my eighteen year old hardon slipped in. Her soft warm pussy enveloped my cockhead. My body trembled. I pushed in, and my cock’s shaft felt the embrace of the welcoming walls. More and more of the shaft slid into her. Every movement gave me more pleasure. My stoned head spun. The feeling of my cock being squeezed by my mother’s very tight pussy was euphoric. Our two bushes merged. My cock was fully engulfed. My eyes started their roll up.

I pulled out and, with her legs almost over her head and me standing at the foot of her bed, my thrusting started. My second entrance was hard, not as hard as it would get, but it was far from the first gentle entrance. Immediately, I began long thrusts. I remembered she told me she liked it that the first time I fucked her. They were fast, but long thrusts. My so-hard-it-ached hardon pumped my mom’s very welcoming pussy. Pump. Thrust. Pump. Thrust. I worked toward cumming. Lust drove my cock toward shooting my sperm deep into my mother’s hole. “Oh. Oh. Oh…,” she uttered with each thrust. My low hanging balls smacked her ass harder and harder with each thrust. We both grunted with each hard smack. We both worked toward our orgasms.

My mom was panting as my fucking became more determined. I knew she was right there. I was right. Her pussy clamped on my cock in waves. I felt her pussy walls undulate as I thrust my cock faster into her. Explosions went off in my head and my cum started its way through my cock. Then, blast! A mouthful of cum shot deep into my mother’s spasming pussy. We were both almost screaming in euphoria. Wave after wave, the walls of her pussy kept grasping my shooting cock. Shot after shot, my cock filled her as I kept cumming.

It seemed like we were cumming for minutes and minutes. I thought my balls had emptied themselves. I know we stayed in that position, with her legs on my shoulders and my unsoftening penis in her slowly relaxing pussy, for a long time, so long that my lust reared its head, and I began a slow pump again. I could feel my cum, making an even more slippery trip for my cock as it slid in and out. She ever so slightly began to meet my slow thrusts. Her hip movement was barely noticeable, but my senses were very heightened, probably from the adrenaline and the pot.

My mouth and hands found their way up to her round full tits, licking her aureolas and nipples, while squeezing and tickling the firm white mounds. My pumping became more determined. The matching of my thrusts with my mom’s hips assured me she was working toward her orgasm as much as I was working toward shooting another huge load into her pussy. My hardon felt so good. It’s cockhead tingled from the friction inside her soft and well-lubed hole. I pumped, pounded, thrust again and again. I needed to cum in her again.

My driving cock was pushing my mother toward another huge vaginal orgasm, and I was close to cumming into my mother’s very-full-of-cum pussy. I was ready to to make her pussy overflow with my cock’s gift. I pumped faster. She started to stiffen. I felt her pussy tighten on my cock. She was cumming on my pumping cock. The walls of her pussy spasmed as my cum found it way to the to the tip of my hardon. My cock shot its blasts deep. Shot after shot, again I came inside my mother. Cum flowed out as fast as I pumped it in to her pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet my balls felt as they slammed her ass. Little screams were coming out of her mouth as I grunted with each squirt. Again, almost ten big shots of sperm flew from my eighteen year old hardon.

We were spent. My mom didn’t open her eyes. Instead, she laid there and drifted off. I pulled out my hardon, rearranged my mother so she didn’t look too lewd, got my underwear and went to my room, just as I had done the past two episodes.

I finally figured out that mother wanted to fuck as much as I did, although she would never acknowledge it. I had to play it by ear from that point forward, and when it looked like she was giving me the go, I would make my moves to fuck her. I knew that liquor would have to play a role, at least it did up to that point.

My parents would be going away to their vacation house in the following weeks, so I wasn’t sure if I would get another chance to get it on with my mother for a while. If I didn’t get a chance before they left, maybe something would happen when I went to visit them at their vacation house. I drifted off to sleep very well sated…Jac8NYC

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