Fatima’s escapades (Part 1)

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Fatima’s escapades (Part 1)
Fatima grabs her gym bag and makes a beeline for the front door, hoping if she passed by the kitchen quickly enough, her mother might not see her. She’s almost made it to the door when she hears her mother’s voice calling her name. She halts, drops her gym bag, groans inwardly and replies irritably, “Coming mummy!”

“Where do you think you’re going young lady? Have you forgotten about your chores? I need help making the Roti’s for tonight’s dinner. Your father has invited his business partner over and we were hoping to introduce you to him because his son is recently divorced and would be perfect for you. Your father says he’s a handsome, well mannered boy who helps his dad in the business.”

Fatima rolls her eyes, and grits her teeth to stop herself from the nasty retort she’s about to make.

Fatima Amir, a South African Muslim woman lives on the outskirts of Johannesburg in a small town called Duncanville. She was raised in a staunch Muslim home and was an only c***d to Yunus and Ayesha Amir. Fatima wore the Islamic hijab which consisted of a long cloak, and her hair was always covered with a headscarf. This was the Muslim dress for women, and was considered a sign of a good upbringing.

Fatima, was considered to be a disgrace to the community in which she grew up, because she was 32years old and had gotten divorced four years ago. She had to move back in with her parents until a suitable husband could be found. In her case, her parents were willing to accept any man who wanted her. To be a divorced woman in her culture was a disgrace on her parents name and it tainted her reputation as a respectable, decent woman.

Fatima was a pre school teacher at the local school and had to always be home straight after. The only other bit of freedom she had was her two hours at the gym she’d joined recently. Her father only allowed this extra curricular activity because he wanted his daughter staying in good shape until she could find a suitable husband.

Fatima smiled sweetly at her mother and nodded,

“Yes mummy, I haven’t forgotten about that. It’s only 2:00pm now and I promise to back here by 4:00pm. Besides, I might come home early today as I don’t feel like a full two hour workout. I’ll see how I feel.”

Her mother looks her up and down and smirks, “Well, I think you should stick to your full 2hours. You’re getting chubby in all the wrong places, and if you don’t watch yourself, which man will want you, especially at your age! You’re almost past your expiry date c***d!”

Fatima rolls her eyes in exasperation, mumbles a goodbye and practically runs to the front door, grabbing her gym bag and heading to her car.

Fatima was attractive, with an hour glass figure, long, black hair which cascaded in beautiful locks to the middle of her back, and she had bangs which framed her face beautifully. Her skin was the color of golden honey and her eyes a beautiful Hazel, with flecks of yellow gold which seemed to sparkle whenever she laughed.

Fatima had always been a confident woman, until she’d married Waseem. Waseem had emotionally abused Fatima and she’d been subjected to a life that both shocked and repulsed her. Waseem loved to watch pornography and spending time in strip clubs. He would take Fatima with him sometimes and force her to choose a stripper for a private dance. Even though Fatima hated this, she was also strangely intrigued and fascinated by this other world. Until Waseem, she had been completely sheltered and was a virgin in every sense of the word. She would watch the porn with Waseem and would be mesmerized by the scenes. She was fascinated by the way the women dressed and the boldness with which they conducted themselves.

She began to resent Waseem for introducing her to this world. The final straw came when he suggested they have an ‘open’ relationship. casino siteleri Fatima had no idea what that even meant and felt stupid for asking him to elaborate. When she realized that he basically wanted her to sleep with other men and him with other women, she packed her bags and left. Her parents didn’t believe her and claimed she was weak and didn’t know the first thing about being a woman. Either way, she asked Waseem for a divorce and he gladly obliged, saying that he couldn’t live with a boring prude for the rest of his life.

Four years later, and she was still living at home with her parents, doing her best to move on from the heartache and pain. She parked outside the gym, and sat in her car for a little while, just thinking. She had worn a cloak with absolutely nothing underneath because she would change into her gym gear in the change rooms. The cold air from the aircon made her nipples hard and rub against her cloak. She liked the feeling and slowly touched them through the fabric of her cloak and moaned quietly. She was suddenly horny and could feel the moistness between her thighs. She parted her legs and lifted her cloak to touch her moist, swollen clit. She closed her eyes as she lost herself in the moment.

Suddenly, she shrieked as she heard a knock on her window. She opened her eyes to find an Indian man staring intently at her. She couldn’t believe she’d just been caught touching herself. The man’s eyes had darkened with lust and he made a motion for her to roll down her window. She was mortified as she rolled down her window. He looked at her, and asked, “Would you like to follow me somewhere and I could help you finish what you started?”

Fatima found herself nodding, much to her surprise and the man smiled and said, “Follow me!” he walked back to his black BMW, got in and drove out of the parking lot while Fatima followed him.

What the hell was she doing? she was following a complete stranger to the middle of nowhere! He could be a r****t or serial killer. But she realized he seemed familiar somehow, and concluded that she’d seen him in the gym regularly. He didn’t look like a r****t, and he was good looking enough to make her weak at the knees. And it’d been so long since a man had touched her! She needed this, even if it meant being with a total stranger!

She followed him to the local park, and he finally pulled over behind some pine trees that offered enough privacy.

Fatima got out of her car and stood against the bonnet, waiting nervously for her mysterious stranger to exit his car. Her heart was pounding and she could hear a loud ringing in her ears. The stranger got out of the driver side, closed the door and walked leisurely over, drinking in every detail of Fatima. He was tall, lean and well toned. He still had his track pants on with a black, sleeveless tank top. His hair was black and gelled up in a sort of messy look. He was clean shaven and had cherry brown eyes which seemed to hold the deepest secrets within their depths.

He stopped directly in front of her and stared deep into her eyes for a long moment. Fatima couldn’t breathe. He was absolutely gorgeous, and when he smiled, it took her breath away. It must have been a full minute before she realized that this gorgeous stranger was talking to her. His voice was deep and full, but became husky with lust as he almost whispered, “Lets get rid of this headscarf so we can see what’s hiding underneath.” He reached up and slowly undid her headscarf, letting it cascade around her shoulders. Her bangs suddenly fell forward framing her face and he smiled approvingly. “Absolutely beautiful!” He whispered, and she found herself blushing scarlet. Her nipples also hardened instantly and protruded unashamedly through the thin material of her cloak. It certainly didn’t go unnoticed and this canlı casino bold stranger smiled and said in a sexy whisper, “Damn, you definitely need to get fucked don’t you?” Something about the way he said it excited Fatima and all she could do was nod dumbly, afraid she might not be able to find her voice.

Irfaan still couldn’t believe that he was in some park with a Muslim woman whose name he hadn’t even asked, and she was about to let him fuck her. The whole idea excited him so much so that he kept needing to take deep breaths to calm his throbbing erection. She was beautiful, and innocent and oh so vulnerable. Irfaan wanted to fuck her hard, but something told him to be a bit more gentle with her. Even if she was a complete stranger, he somehow wanted to respect her in every way possible. He leaned in slowly and kissed her.

Fatima closed her eyes and succumbed to the kiss. It was slow, sensuous, yet full of a deep hunger and raw need. She snaked her hands round his neck, sliding her fingers through his hair and a moan escaped her lips. He grabbed her by her waist pulling her right up against him and she could feel his erection against her stomach. This excited her even more and she slowly began grinding her hips against him, enjoying the feel of him. His breathing became ragged and he groaned as he broke off the kiss.

He looked at her with a hunger so raw, it made her body tingle. He slowly began to undo the buttons on the front of her cloak, until all of them had been undone. He paused only for a second before slipping the cloak down her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. Fatima stood completely naked in front of him, and he gasped in awe as he took in the sight of her. Her 34C cup breasts were round and perky. Her nipples were the colour of chocolate and were so hard and beautiful, he couldn’t wait to suck on them. Her belly was smooth and flat, giving way to a smooth triangle and a perfectly shaped pussy. Her pussy was completely clean shaven and he could see she was tight.

He took off his tank top to reveal a smooth muscular chest and Fatima’s eyes widened at the sight of him. He didn’t give her a chance to even feel shy about her nakedness because he had lowered her onto the bonnet of her car, and slowly began to kiss her neck, trailing soft kisses all the way to her breasts, first cupping one with his hand and massaging it slowly. He took his index finger and thumb and began to play with her hardened peak making her gasp with sheer delight. She arched her back upwards, inviting him in and his mouth claimed her other nipple, licking and sucking it until she was writhing beneath him. Her moans got louder as he continued to ravage her perfect breasts. The sounds excited him even more and his hand snaked down her smooth belly and came to rest for a second on the beginnings of her clit. She was so turned on, her pussy lips had parted, and her swollen clit protruded, exposed and deliciously wet.

Irfaan slowly began to stroke her soaking pussy, groaning loudly against her breast. Fatima was unashamedly grinding her pussy against his hand, almost sobbing with uncontrollable pleasure. She knew if he continued this delicious assault she was going to cum all over his hand. Her hands raked through his hair, holding his head in place as he continued to suck her nipples driving her to the brink of insanity. “Please don’t stop!” She almost sobbed and his hand massaged her soaking pussy faster. “Fuck, Yessss! Just like that baby! Oh God, please don’t stop! You’re going to make me cum!”

Suddenly she let out a cry and her entire body shuddered against him as she gushed cum all over his hand. Her pussy contracted violently and her clit pulsed as the intensity of her orgasm consumed her. Irfaan continued to stroke her pussy as she opened her eyes. What he saw in those kaçak casino depths undid him. “God, you’re fucking beautiful!” He groaned against her mouth as he kissed her again. Automatically, her hand moved down his stomach and settled over his throbbing erection. She began to massage him through his pants and he groaned loudly against her mouth.

Suddenly, Fatima found herself going down onto her knees and removing his track pants and briefs in one swift movement. She freed his gorgeous smooth cock and began to stroke it until a little bit of precum began to leak from his tip. She looked up at him with a naughty smile and he was completely taken by the look on her face. She licked his tip slowly, tasting his precum and liking the salty taste. She’d only seen this in those porn movies that Waseem had forced her to watch.

She sucked the tip of him, slowly moving her lips over his smooth head. She stopped sucking, looked up at him with beautiful, innocent eyes and said seductively. “Please fuck my mouth baby?” He looked at her and completely lost it! Fuck! She was absolutely gorgeous looking up at him that way, and he grabbed her head with both hands as she put her mouth on his hard, throbbing cock and he started to fuck her mouth. He moved slowly at first, but her mouth was so amazing and the gagging sounds she made drove him over the edge! He started fucking her mouth faster and deeper! He was surprised she could take all of his cock into her mouth and almost down her throat. She sucked his cock like she was a professional! Fuck! She looked like she was loving it too, because he noticed her stroking her pussy as he fucked that gorgeous mouth. Oh, she was something all right! He suddenly felt her shudder, and realized she’d cum again. This was too much for Irfaan, and he slammed his cock one last time deep into her mouth, held it still as he began to spurt hot, thick cum into her mouth! Fatima’s eyes were watering as he came but she swallowed every bit of his hot cum, making sure not to waste a drop!

Irfaan finally lifted her up off her knees and began to slowly dress her, making sure to neaten up her hair and put her cloak and headscarf back on. He then kissed her slowly, tenderly, before proceeding to dress himself. Fatima, suddenly embarrassed, asked him if it was ok for her leave without any goodbyes because it would be easier if they didn’t know each others names as they will never meet again and it will make it easier for her to come to terms with what she’d just done.

Irfaan simply nodded, watched her get back into her car, and drive away without even looking back. He’d wanted to know her name, this beautiful vixen who had completely taken his breath away. He knew without a doubt she was new to this, and this had been her first time. This simple fact wanted him to possess her completely, make her entirely his. But he might never see her again and the thought deeply saddened him. He got into his car and drove away five minutes later. He could smell her all over him and he inhaled deeply, savoring the sweetness.

Fatima drove straight home, cursing herself all the way. What was she thinking? She’d basically met a complete stranger and had gotten intimate with him without even getting to know his name! She felt repulsed, and yet at the same time, so satisfied. She smiled as she recalled the scene. She could still taste the saltiness of his cum in her mouth, and somehow she found it erotic, and was not disgusted by it in the least. The adrenalin rush was amazing and the high she got from it all had yet to wear off. But she silently scolded herself. This will never happen again! She will never go back to that gym again, for fear of running into Mr nameless. What he must be thinking of her. She shuddered at the thought. Oh well, what’s done is done! And now to get through an entire evening entertaining her dad’s business partner. She prayed time would fly by quickly. When she got home, she checked herself once again in the mirror to make sure nothing was out of place, took a deep breath and went into the house.

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