Drive Time

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Drive Time
Drive time

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Last year, in the summer, I fancied some fun, hubby was at care home working, I had some free time, so phoned our good mate Dave up and asked if he fancied a drive out, knowing what I’m like, he agreed instantly, so met him in car park inCroydon, I had a very short loose fitting dress on with a button front, bare underneath, it was a warm day lol.

Luckily I did not have far to walk to meet Dave, cause walking thru Croydon in a dress like I was wearing isn’t really a good idea When I met him his friend Andy was there as well, I hadn’t met him, but was pretty sure Dave had told him that I had had fun with him a few times in the past, Andy looked at me with a big smile on his face, and a knowing look, cheeky bugger, I also don’t believe how short my dress was lol, his eyes dropping out of his head.

I went get in the front passenger seat, but Andy said hold on I want a picture of you getting in, so he took his photo of me showing quite a bit of flesh just getting in, unfortunately he want like hubby who constantly takes photos lol, we drove out and headed towards Sanderstead, a bit quieter, I started to undo my top a little, showing my bet siteleri boobs, and a cyclist nearly fell off as we went by lol.

Dave of course could not resist having a quick fondle whilst driving, but I told him to get his hands back on the wheel, Andy took another photo of me being fondled,and flashing legs, Andy then positioned himself behind my seat and lent over and said “ do you mind if I touch your boobs they are fabulous” well I was already turned on so I thought why not,Andy lent over and cupped his hands round my boobs, giving my nipples a nice tweak too, he stroked my tits nice and gentle, by now I could see Dave was getting turned on, mind you I did have my hand on his groin rubbing his growing erection.

Dave said “ sorry girl, but we have to make a detour first” he drove into a car park, in a quiet woodland and parked up at the far end, he killed the engine, and undid his belt, undoing mine, he pulled my head to his and kissed me hard, his tongue entering my mouth, his hands going to my boobs squeezing them hard, I grabbed his cock thru his jeans, unzipping him, and pulling his cock free, it sprang to attention, and I dropped my mouth to it, putting his big helmet in my mouth, I started pinbahis giriş to suck his cock, he thrusted upwards into my mouth.

Meanwhile Andy had got out of the car, and opened my door, he pulled my skirt up and started to run his mouth over my thigh, I parted my legs and he buried his head between them, finding my bald cunt straight away, his mouth sucking my lips, and flicking my clingy with his tongue, I pulled away from Dave,and kissed Andy hard, exploring his mouth with my tongue, his hands all over my pussy, shoving one,then two fingers in my soaking pussy, he started to finger fuck me, Dave said “ get out of the car Wendy, Andy got off me and I got out, Dave opened the boot, and got a blanket out, spreading it on the grass by the side, I laid down, now naked cause Andy had removed my dress.

Dave layer down removing his trousers and pants, he said “ I want to fuck you you dirty fucking slag” I wasn’t going to argue, I laid back and he got between my naked legs and thrust his wide cock into my wet pussy, ramming it hard in and out, thrusting right in me, meanwhile Andy had pulled his trousers off and pants, his cock was a fair size bigger then Daves but not as thick, he online bahis pushed it into my mouth, and started to fuck my mouth I grabbed his balls squeezing them, and sucking for all I was worth.

Dave was thrusting hard as he could into my wet cunt, his cock covered in my juices, his hands grabbing my tits I could feel he was not far off cumming, and neither was I, I pulled Andy out of my mouth, for a few seconds, and a shuddering orgasm, shot thru my body just as Dave shot his hot load of spunk into my pussy,he grunted as he shot his load filling my pussy up, he pulled out, and I shouted at him, “ right bastard now clean me up “ he smiled and dropped back down, his mouth finding my gash, his tongue entering me and licking his cum out of me, I thrust forward pushing my pussy into his face,” right I said to Andy get your fucking cock in me now “ he didn’t need telling twice bending me over doggy style he entered my pussy from behind.

I pushed back onto his long cock, taking it nearly full in,it was heaven, a lovely big cock,hitting the right places, I shuddered and had another orgasm then I felt Andy grunt and shout out Fuck, he shot his hot load up my cunt, it shot in, feeling wonderful, he collapsed on top of me, and whispered Dave was right, you have a fantastic tight pussy, I laughed and said thank you. We all got back up and Andy took one more shot of me on the grass then we drove back, so much for a drive out lol.

Hugs Wendy xx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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