Doctor’s Son And His Mother

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Doctor’s Son And His Mother

this sex story is about a doctor’s son- Virag and his mother- Neepa. Here on, the sex story in Virag’s words.

Hello, friends. I am Virag. I live in Mumbai. I am 28 now, unmarried. I had a girlfriend with whom I broke up a month back. I have my mom and dad in my family. We live an upper-class lifestyle and are financially sound.

My mom’s name is Neepa. She is 53. She is a very pretty lady. Thanks to Yoga and gym, she has maintained her body. I had a lust with my mother since I started masturbating at the age of 18. 11 long years yes! My mom is fair, has deep killer eyes and a great figure. She stands tall @5’8 with a figure measuring approximately to 36C-30-36.

And about me and my dad. I am a tall guy-6’2 with an average body and an above average tool. I am fair just like my mom. My dad- Kailash is 57 and retired. He kills his time by meeting his friends and helping mom. We are a happy family.

I have been peeping on my mother since 11 years now. Earlier it was easy as only I and mom used to be home. But when dad retired 4 months back, it became impossible for me to peep on my mom. This led to sexual frustration.

Then I thought of an idea. I told my dad that you haven’t had a vacation since months. Why don’t I book a holiday for you? Dad agreed. I became happy. Listening to this, mom started packing happily for her 2nd honeymoon. I felt a facepalm. I was sending dad away so as to be alone with mom and here mom wished to go with dad.

I then told mom that Dad would enjoy more with his friends. Dad too wanted to go with mom too but I persuaded him to go and enjoy with his friends. Mom became sad. I assured her that I will keep her happy while dad is away.

Finally, on Friday, dad left with his friends; only to return on Monday. Great! I had 3 whole days to peep on my mother and possibly seduce her too? 😉

I went to drop dad at the airport. When I returned home, I rang the bell but there was no response. I rang it continuously for 2 minutes but still, mom did not open the door. I took a spare key from our neighbor and entered our house. Mom was in the shower which is why she couldn’t open the door.

Finally here was my CHANCE! I knocked on the bathroom door.

Me- Maa, I am home. How long will you take to shower?

Mom- I just came in 5 minutes back. I will be out in about 20 minutes.

I felt a twinge in my crotch. I quickly went to my peephole. I had drilled this hole in the bathroom wall a little below the ceiling 7 years back. From inside the bathroom, it was safely hidden by soaps and shampoos.

I peeped through the hole in excitement. But DAMN!! There was a soap bar kept right in front of my hole. I could not see a thing inside. I waited there in anticipation that mom will move the soap. But no such luck! I couldn’t see any part of my naked mother! I was frustrated.

In that frustration, I went to the chemist shop and bought a prescription d**g. That d**g fuels the sexual desire in a person and when taken ümraniye escort bayan in excess creates a burning sensation in the private parts. I had a plan in mind now. Ha ha ha!

I went home. Mom had already come out of the shower and changed her dress. She had worn a blue top and black leggings. I got a slight hard-on looking at her. I first went to her bathroom and put that soap bar aside which was blocking my view.

I prepared lemon-water for mom, which my mother had daily after her bath. I mixed 3 of those sex-stimulating pills in it. Being an MS, I knew that 3 or less than 3 pills would not have any harmful side effects. I took the glass to mom.

Me- Here Maa, I prepared lemon-water for you.

Mom- Wow, today my son prepared my lemon-water. Kya baat hai? Any special occasion?

Me- No Maa, just taking care of you in dad’s absence.

Mom- Awww thank you, dear. Now, go and get a shower.

I gave the glass to mom and skipped to the shower. I thought of masturbating in the shower but something told me not to, as I would be having real sex with my mom today! 😀

I came out after 20 minutes. I wore my trousers and shirt getting ready to go to the hospital. I am a Neurologist. I wished to become a Gynaecologist so that I can see different women naked daily, but no such luck.

I came out calling to my mom but she was in the bathroom. I waited for 15 minutes. I then knocked on the door.

Me- Maa, are you okay? You have been in there for a long time.

Mom- Y-yyy..yes I amm amm fine. Aahh fine. You go to the hospital.

I got excited. I quickly went to my peephole. And watched the scene inside. The scene inside made me remove my trousers and underwear in a jiffy.

My mother was sprawled in the bathtub, only in her bra, inserting the long shampoo bottle inside her vagina. My dick sprang up. I had to maintain control over myself or I would have cum just by looking at my semi-naked mother.

I wanted to see her breasts but she did not take her bra off. She went on fucking herself with the shampoo bottle. Here I was shagging my erect dick watching my mother masturbate. Soon she shivered and squirmed as the orgasm hit her.

Even after cumming, mom lay in the bathtub pouring cold water over her pussy. I again went to the bathroom door and knocked.

Friends, you are reading this story on Indiansexstories dot net.

Me- Mom, it been too long I am worried are you really fine?

Mom- Please wait I’ll be out in a while.

I waited. Within 5 minutes, mom came out. She was normally dressed in her top and leggings. I enquired as to what was wrong.

Mom- Dear, I feel a burning sensation between my legs.

Me- Oh, where exactly mom? Come to the bedroom, let me check it.

Mom- No, no, please, I can’t show it to you. I’ll call Dr.Aparna over.

Me- Oh come on mom. Ain’t I a good doctor? Come on now, come fast.

I dragged mom to the bedroom without giving her a chance to protest. I made her sleep on the bed and I myself took off her leggings. Mom’s face was twitching due to the burning ataşehir escort in her vagina.

I did not remove the black panty and started pressing my mom’s inner thighs here and there.

Me- Let me know where the pain is Mother. I am pressing different points.

Mom- No no the pain is a little up inside my….. (she stopped)

I gave her an expression of understanding and took off her panty without her permission. As soon as her pussy felt the free air, my mom immediately took her hand down to her vagina and started fingering.

I was stumped, not knowing how to react. I put my mom’s hand aside and reached out for her vagina. I opened her pussy lips and moved my fingers here and there. I bent down to get a clearer view of my birth-hole.

I took out a torch from my bag and checked the vagina. The mom did the unthinkable. She grabbed my torch and started inserting it in her pussy. I asked her not to!

Mom- Virag, plz, I cannot control. ! I don’t know what is happening to me today. Please do something fast.

I immediately put the torch aside and put my tongue inside mom’s pussy. I couldn’t see mom’s expression but she was way too horny to stop me. I circled her outer lips and then my tongue ventured inside, licking her vagina dry.

Mom went in a frenzied leap as her son sucked her vagina. After 2 minutes, I looked up to mom to see her expression. GOOD LORD! Mom had removed her top and blue bra and was totally naked. I just kept staring at her boobies.

Mom saw that I had stopped. She caught my hair and pulled me up on the bed in a sexy smooch. We were sucking each others’ lips and exchanging saliva.

I wanted to savor mother’s breasts badly. So I left her lips and came down to her boobs. I first put out my tongue on her left nipple and squeezed her right boob with my hand. My mom had her eyes shut while biting her lips erotically with her teeth.

My mom began fingering her vagina. I quickly stood up and started removing my clothes. Suddenly mom got up and bought the whiskey we had in our fridge. She started gulping down the entire bottle!

Mom used to drink only when extremely stressed. I did not stop her either as her drunk mind would lead to more erotic sex. She kept the bottle aside and was slowly getting dizzy.

I took the bottle and took 4 sips. The last sip I did not gulp down but asked mom to open her mouth and sprayed it from my mouth in her mouth. Mom too did not gulp it down. She came to me and kissed me; thus we were not only exchanging saliva but also Laphroaig!

After a minute, she broke the kiss and asked me to do an erotic dance. I was surprised to find my mother had such fantasies. There was no pole but I started dancing. I was in my jockey only and mom was naked. While I danced, she whistled and cheered for me. I was enjoying thoroughly!

She took a 100rs note and inserted it in my Jockey’s elastic as if I was a stripper. I too took my erect dick out of my Jockey and slapped her face with it. She started sexily at me and then tore my Jockey, taking bostancı escort my dick in her mouth.

Aaaahhh it was unbelievable. My own mother was sucking me dry. I had to control a lot so as to not explode in her mouth very soon. Mom was an expert! She held my shaft and licked my bob head. She then took the entire length of my dick in her mouth.

I held mom’s hair and pulled her face closer to my dick. The feeling was eternal. The feeling was extraordinary. The feeling was ecstatic! Aaahhh maa, mom ommmmmmmm I moaned and moaned until I shot a thick hot load of cum in mom’s mouth. Mom drank some of it and spit out the rest.

I lay down on the bed. Mom came and lay over me. Her breasts were squeezed on my chest. Even through her drunk eyes, I could see pure love in them. I kissed her eyes. She hugged me and we remained in that position.

My dick was touching her cunt. My dick was getting hard as my mother’s naked breasts lay on my chest and her pussy walls touched my dick. It sprang up gradually.

I held my mom’s ass and kissed her ears. She nodded her head. We were still in our tight embrace. Getting her nod, I made my 1st push into mom’s pussy. And then something weird happened. Mom came!

Just when I had entered less than half my dick inside and I had not even started fucking her, mom got her first orgasm. She dug her nails into my shoulders and bit my neck with her teeth in excitement. Her whole body shivered.

I did not stop and so as to enhance her orgasm, I continued putting my dick deeper and deeper inside her. On 4th push, when my dick was completely inside mother’s pussy, she squirted. She did not just cum but a gush stormed out of her pussy like pee.

It hit my dick and made almost half the bed wet. Mom was exhausted now. She finally broke the embrace and looked me in the eye. She was still lying over me while my dick was lodged in her pussy. Then mom leaned a little and kissed me. That kiss was the best kiss of my life. It was not sensual at all. It was full of love and passion.

I kissed her back and also held her ass. I started giving her pushes. I went slowly at first for a minute. Then I increased my speed. I was now fucking her rough. She broke the kiss and sat up straight on my dick. Mom was now riding me.

I moved my hips up and down as my dick fucked my birth-hole. Although mom was exhausted, she rode my dick eagerly. Our rhythm matched perfectly.

After 20 odd minutes, the mother again started shivering. I increased my speed even more and began pressing her boobs and twisting and turning her nipples. Mom had her eyes shut. I entered 1 finger in her navel and moved it in there for a few seconds.

That was it! The navel fingering worked instantly and another orgasm hit mother. It was not as huge as the 1st one. Just a normal orgasm. Mom collapsed on me.

I continued fucking mother. She was now merely lying over me and hugging me tightly. After 5 minutes or so, I too came inside my mom’s pussy. My mom was past menopause so there was no fear of impregnation.

We lay like that, in a naked embrace, smeared with cum and sweat. Mother looked at me and kissed me. We kept kissing each other and soon drifted off to sleep.

So, friends, I hope you liked this sex story too. Your feedback is welcome

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