DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend………….. Part

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DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend………….. Part
DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend
Junior took my hand and walked me back to the elevator and as we ascended
he used his other hand to hold me by the throat and french kissed me as his
two brothers reached out and grabbed a tit each. Just squeezing and pinching
and enjoying the elevator ride.
I kissed Junior back and when the elevator doors opened he said, “You
didn’t disappoint baby. You definitely didn’t disappoint and the next time I plan
to have you all to myself and for longer than an hour. You can be sure of
Still holding my hand Junior led me out of the elevator and I said, “Thank
you sir. Thank you to all three of you for the tour of your dungeon. I look
forward to serving you all again.” Then I winked at Junior.
Mark met us at the elevator and Junior released my hand, and my husband
reached down and took hold of it. Reclaiming me and then he looked the boys
over and said, “So did you enjoy my wife’s company for the last hour and a
The boys assured Mark that they did and thanked him for allowing bahis siteleri them to
have me and they also assured him that I was special and they had definitely
enjoyed my company down stairs.
Junior said, “Anytime you’d care to let me give her a longer and more
personal tour of our dungeon just say the word Mark. I’d be happy to oblige.”
Mark just looked at them and nodded. Then as the boys went out to see their
father on the patio Mark said to me, “You are one hot woman baby. I watched
you on the security monitor to make sure it didn’t get out of hand. How
about a hot shower and a nap before we dress for dinner?.
I looked up into his handsome face and with a big smile I said, “I wasn’t
worried baby. I knew you’d be close by. A hot shower really sounds good,
especially if you’ll join me and wash my back and then you could scratch my
itch like only you can do?”
Mark smiled back and still holding my hand he pulled me back to the
elevator. This time we went up a floor to our suite. I hadn’t seen it yet and wow,
it was nice. I took off my heels and Mark removed my collar setting me free,
for a little while anyway.
Then I perabet güvenilir mi went right to the bathroom and the shower. It was wonderful. A
large, walk in shower with a bunch of spray heads shooting hot water from every
direction. As I stood there soaking up the wet and the warmth I felt a strong
set of hands on my shoulders.
Mark had a soapy sponge and was rubbing my back, shoulders, and it was so
wonderful to be back in the arms of the man I love. Mark and I both have a
craving for kinky sex but at the same time we both need and crave the love we
have for each other. That’s the one thing that gives us the security and
freedom to live the life we do. We understand the distinction between love and
lust and for us, our love is strong as is the bond we share. We are soul
mates and I know there could never be another man like Mark. I also know he
feels the same way about me. Our love is special and our life is special too.
After showering together we dried off and Mark snatched me up and carried
me over to the bed. A large four poster with a satin canopy and silk sheets.
He laid me down and kissed tipobet me, long, deep and passionately. He started
moving onto my neck, then still kissing me he slid down onto my tits. Oh I love
this side of Mark. Soft and gentle, lovingly he sucked my nipples and
lightly bit on each one. Back and forth, sucking and gently biting. Then he moved
lower across my stomach and finally down to my shaved pussy. He licked,
sucked, bit, and penetrated me with his tongue. I just spread my legs wide for
him and moaned and wiggled as he brought me to several climaxes. Then I felt
him enter me with that big, hard cock that I know so well.
As he slowly pumped me I arched my back and started breathing heavily, “Oh
yeah baby, Oh yeah, I love it Mark. OOhhh baby.”
I had two more climaxes before he exploded in me. I went limp as he slid
his cock from me. I told him, “Wow, that was fantastic babe. I didn’t know if
you had been drained dry while I was down in the basement but I guess I
should have known you’d still be ready for me.”
He looked at me and said, “Damn right you should have known. It will be a
cold day in Hell when I can’t get it up for you baby. Now lets grab a quick
nap before dinner time.”
I said, “Mmmm, Sounds good. I love you so much Mark.”
Then I cuddled up and fell asleep in his arms but not before I heard him
whisper, “I love you too sweet heart.”

Continued in Chapter Nine

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