Coworkers make the Best of Friends

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Coworkers make the Best of Friends
I was hanging out with some work friends watching a Friday night B-ball game after work. It was the usual, a few bears and some chips. The fun ended around eight and the crowd dispersed, leaving me and Jake alone in his living room. For another hour we reflected on both teams’ errors and amazing shots, as we cleaned up the place.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, he asked me, “Hay mon, ya still seein dat little brunet you was datin a while back?”
I said, “No, that was Debbie, and she left me. Said it was her not me. Right! Bitch!” I spat trying to sound tough while holding back my stupid teats. “We all heard that before.” I groaned with renewed anger and anguish, “Well, she said she just needed something different, or more to be precise, that bitch! But, boy was she a good lay? Best fuck I ever had. I really miss… well enough about her. What about that game…”
He interrupted, “Best fuck hu? And you aren’t hittin that thing now? You okay if I tap some of that poossie bud? HAHA, just yankin ya”
I was getting pissed, “Stop it, and keep away from her! She don’t date black guys anyway.”
He continued to tease me, “So dis Debbie you used to poke said she wanted more, hu? More? More what dude? What, you gots a little dick bro, a lil white pecker?” Then he grabbed a huge hand full of his junk in his sweats, and pulled on it as he said, “If she be wantin moe bro maybe I show her dis tang…”
In a rage I barked, “No man. Stop it! Keep away from her!”
He was on a roll, “She ever ask ya ‘Is it in yet Stevy?”
Suddenly what he was saying started to sink in and I began to get more concerned about my rep than what he might think about doing with Debbie. I never in the world believed she would do anything with him, but I knew he might try, and sure that bothered me. But she was long gone and just damn, it didn’t mean as much as the idea Jake might tell our friends I have a little dick! That’s the Baine of all men.
So I answered, “Hay, I’m at least average. And even if I weren’t, not that I am or aren’t, or whatever, no, but if I weren’t, I definitely make up for any deficiencies with all my girls with my pussy eating prowess. Debbie said so, many times! And others too!”
“So,” he prodded, “You like licking that stinky slit hu?” I nodded in agreement. “And,” he continued, “You’d push her down and dive down there, slick that red gash, stick yo tongue in dat wet cunt, and suck and kiss on that thing hard little clit before you fucked her… sweet! Bet she did like you being so a****l, so aggressive like a tiger. I just can’t see you being the tough lover, yo always so quiet and all.”
I should have mentioned earlier, Jake is a tall dark skinned black, like most of our friends from work, and he is from Jamaica. He doesn’t have dreadlocks, but his English accent is strong, and so is he, strong that is. He has a power that shows itself in everything he does. He also has a pungent masculine odor, not like over doing the cologne or BO, but more just earthy, like you can smell him in a room but it’s a pleasant kind of masculine smell.
So, he was saying how he couldn’t see me being forceful with my lady friends. “Well,” I told him, “See, I let her say when she wanted me to eat her, but when she did, I was always ready and very much willing, and she said extremely good at it too, said it a lot dude!”
He said, “So you is a sub.” I must have looked like a dog with my head tilted, one of my ears up, because he defined the word for me, “Sub… submissive, dude! Did she always ask ya to eat her? Did she tell you to do it kind o demandin like? Or maybe she push ya down and squat on ya face…”
He was asking if she controlled the sex. I understood what sub meant, and as degrading as it sounded I have to admit that even though I never thought of it that way, I think that was one of the reasons I liked what we had so much, because she did show me she really liked it and wanted it because she did demand it.
He let me stew on it before continuing, “She always make you eat her before ya two fucked, or did she tell ya to suck her poosai after too, like with her poosai all full of ya cum mon?” The reality that she had done that was not as embarrassing as realizing Jake knew it now too! “Oh,” he resumed, “I bet she fuck you on top like a cowgirl ridin her little pony, and then she just climb up over you to plant that nasty stinky cum drippin creampie full o yo cum rite on yo hungry mouth, and den ya suck dat cum out out makin her orgasm forcing more of that sperm out into yam out… Dat it mon?”
I remember blustering a bit, growing hot as the blood flowed up my neck and into my cheeks, before finding my words, “Hay, Shit man, that falls under my business dude.”
He continued, “Oh sheet mon, she did! You a cum sucker! You a creampie eatin, submissive that do as he’s told!” I was getting pissed, blubbering again, and lookin for a response, as I looked around the room unable to face him.
He interrupted my spluttering and said, “I prove it to ya mon, we be talkin here all about this nasty sexy stuff, dat Debbie forcin ya to lick her sexy poosai, forcin ya to eats it even all cum filled after she fuck ya. I bet she was getting off more cause you was eatin her vagina full o cum, whacha tink? Well? So look mon, we ben talkin bout you bein submissive and now ya know dat I know bout ya bein willingly eatin yo own cum out of that Mrs.Debbie’s nasty poosie, and I bet ya you is hard as a rock right now, ain’t ya?”
I was shamefully shaking my head… no, even though it was. I was rock hard.
He said, “You don’t have to be shamed of it. I like me a submissive friend. A friend who will do what I tells um when I wants something.” He continued as he nodded his head toward me, “I want ya ta be honest wit me now Steve. I want ya to picture Debbie’s poosai now… imagine it all red and shiny wet. Can ya remember how it smelt during all dat nasty fuckin? I want ya to remember those beautiful swollen shiny wet poosai lips o hers, and tell me you did. I want ya to tell me ya ate her out, ate her creampie poosai all full of yo cum, it don’t matter it be fucked poosae. It was her poosay and she wanted your mouth on it, so you did it. I want ya to tell me you did it.” All the while he was nodding his head.
I don’t know why but before I could say ‘NO it’s not true,’ he saw my head nodding ‘YES it is all true,’ so when I realized Jake knew the truth I looked down and said, “Okay, fine, so I did. No one will believe you if you tell.”
He said, “Oh no mon, I ain’t gona say a word to anyone. Not if you admit it to me, which ya did. But you gots to tell me right now you ate yo cum out of Debbie’s pussy. Actually say da words. Now tell me.”
I said, “Fine, I did. I ate my cum out of Debbie’s pussy after I fucked her.”
He spoke quietly but firmly, “Say it again Steve.”
I repeated , “I ate my cum out of her pussy after I fucked Debbie. That what you want to hear, asshole?”
He said with a smile, “Okay, now I want ya ta prove you ain’t hard. Pull dat pecker out o ya pants an show me whacha got, Steve.”
I was aghast! I wasn’t going to show him my dick, so I said, “No fuckin way dude! Your sick. Only a pervert wants to look at another man’s dick. What, you a pervert now?” I was spitting my words out now.
He was still smiling, “Let me call the guys and see what they think about what I just found out.”
I know my eyes about popped out of my head in fear, as I began to splutter again. But, as I watched him pick up his cell, I quickly reached for my zipper with both hands. As I watched his hand freeze, I opened my fly and fished for my dick.
He couched as I noticed him shaking his head, “You called me a perv, dude. Now ya gotta strip… naked.”
I was flabbergasted. I slowly realized if I argued I would only meet tougher commands. And if I didn’t want everyone at work thinking I’m some kind of a sub, a cum eating sub… then it dawned on me that I’ve been the pervert and I deserve all of this. So I turned away from him and stripped naked as instructed.
He said, “Dat’s a good boy Steve. Now turn around.”
I did as instructed, and showed myself to him. My dick was very hard bobbing, damnit. My raging hard shaft was pulsing, even though I felt so much shame. The crown of my dick head was all red and pulsing, and oozing precum, even though I wished I could just die. Then as I looked way off to the side like a man getting the ‘turn your head and cough’ test, I held my hands down to my sides for display.
Jake said, “Dats my boy. Now, tell me again what ya did with Debbie.”
Still looking over my shoulder, I said sheepishly, “Okay, sure, I ate Debbie’s pussy. I ate her after I’d fucked her. And yes, I ate my cum out of her pussy when I did. That what you want to hear? Are you satisfied now? That’s pretty sick dude. So fucking humiliating! Can I go home now?”
“Not yet,” he answered, “Look at your pecker bro. You as hard as a rock. You like bein sexually submissive, even to me. Look Steve. Look at your little hard pecker.”
I did and it is true, and yes I was hard, as hard as I had ever been with any girl, and I was throbbing. But does that mean I was enjoying this abuse? I started to divert my eyes as I countered, “I ain’t little!”
“Keep lookin at your hard little pecker dude, and listen,” he said, “Debbie… Debbie’s poosai… fuckin Debbie’s poosai… Mmm ya fuckin her poosai wit dat hard little pecker… then eating Debbie’s poosai… eatin Debbie’s cum filled poosai, suckin the cum ya put dare wit dat hard little pecker o yours… suckin du cum out o Debbie’s sperm filled poosai… now notice how each time I say these tings your hard little pecker it get pulsin and throbbin…”
It was, just as he said. But that doesn’t mean anything, I kept telling myself. I said, “Please stop calling me little, and I don’t like the term pecker, dick or cock but not pecker.”
Jake said, “Stevie, ya should be proud.. Dat is berry large… fur a clitoris. Biggest clit I eber seen. But it ain’t no dick or cock, so I have to call it wat I see, a pecker. Sit… sit down Steve, that’s good, tanks for doin what I tell ya. Now, tell me I can call it your pecker. Come on, tell me.”
I was now seated in the overstuffed chair opposite the sofa, wishing and hoping I could just leave. I groaned then said, “Fine, call it whatever you want.”
He said, “No! What is Ken’s number, let me tell him…”
I interrupted quickly, “Okay, Jake you can call it my pecker. Just don’t call anyone please. STOP Please”
Jake said, “No, ya pissed me off now Stevie. Tell me you prefer I call your little pecker your large clitoris. Tell me you want me to call it your large clitoris. Tell me…” he coached me as he pointed his damned phone at me like a laser pointer.
I quickly responded, “Okay, you can… sorry I mean I want you to call my pecker… my small pecker that is, my big clit… clitoris… you can… I mean I want you to call my small pecker my big clitoris. Okay?
He asked, “now dat Debbie is gone all dis time, you masturbate Stevie? Show me how you do dat.”
In shame I scooted my butt to the edge of the chair and leaned back, spreading my legs just a bit. Then I took my shaft between my thumb and two fingers, and began to stroke. I kept my eyes down in total humiliation as I realized I was sitting here totally naked with my legs spread and my dick in my hand, in front of my coworker, this large black man, jacking my shaft on display, doing whatever he told me to do, say whatever he said say, just because he was blackmailing me, forcing me to do these nasty things.
But, I asked myself as I pulled on my dick, ‘was I doing this because he was blackmailing me? Did he force my dick to be hard? I was really hard, really really hard, and this feeling of pleasure, was it just because I like the feel of jacking off.’ Somewhere in my head something was saying, ‘Steve, you really are enjoying submitting to Jake’s suggestions. You really are enjoying this, so relax and go with it. Stop trying to fight it.’
“Stop,” Jake said, “Stop and put your hands on your head. Now think, did you and Debbie ever masturbate together? Did Debbie ever masturbate for you? Think back Stevie. What did she do when she touched herself. Describe it to me.”
Sitting there with my hands on my head, I thought then said, “Well, she would put her hand between her legs. She would use the tips of three of her fingers to stroke her clit, fanning it fast and light some times. Then she would press hard with the two middle ones rubbing first one side of her clit then the other,”
He said, “Look at that big proud hard clitoris of yours Stevie. I can see you beginin to like me tellin ya wat ta do. Tell me you like dis.”
I looked down at my throbbing pecker and heard that voice in my head again, ‘Steve, you really are enjoying submitting to Jake’s suggestions. You really are enjoying all of this, so relax and go with it. Stop trying to fight it.’ So I said, “Okay, maybe a little.”
Jake said, “Ahh, dats my girl. You is feelin da coochy coo in ya, dat yummy good sexy desire to feel pleasure, and da knowledge I is givin it makes no difference any more. I am tellin ya Stevie, ya is a sub and want to be sexually told what ta do. Tell me you agree.”
I whispered, “Okay, I agree a little maybe.”
Jake said, “Ya remembers how Miss Debbie used her fingers on her hard little clitoris?” I nodded. He continued, “Use your fingers just like she did on your big hard clit Stevie. Dat is it, very good. Fan them, good. All across the underside of that clit of yours illegal bahis stevie. Dats my girl. Ohh ya, dats a good girl Stevie. You like this don’t ya, just nod… Now with two fungers remember, the two middle ones rub deep and hard. Yea like dat.”
I had closed my eyes and was speedily fanning the underside of my shaft just like Debbie used to do to her clit, then at his word I started to dig two deep and forcefully first to the left then to the right, again as Debbie used to. I accidentally let out a pleasurable grown.
Jake interrupted my little private secret perverted imaginative pleasure, “Oh yeah girl, you do like dat. Keep fingering that big clit of yours, and open your eyes, look at me.” This forced me to awaken to the reality of the moment, the reality that I was not actually alone but that Jake was really still right here, fully dressed as I sat disgustingly totally naked before him, and that he was watching me do all this perverted stuff, the reality that I was getting pleasure thinking and treating my dick not as a man’s cock but as a woman’s clitoris, yes, the reality that I was actually wanting to submit to Jake’s sexual commands with pleasure, yes I surrender to the truth.
I did as he said. I opened my eyes and looked at him, as I kept fanning my clit. My hand never quit strumming my shaft like a fiddle as my vision slowly cleared. When it did I saw Jake sitting in the sofa opposite me, and he too was now naked. Wow what a shock. Not only was I shocked that he had stripped but that now in his hands was the largest darkest cock I had ever seen, and I had been exposed to porn so I knew what big meant.
But when had he stripped? I hadn’t heard him. Why hadn’t I noticed him stripping?
And OMG, where had he kept that monster all this time I knew him? He was stroking it from the uncut forskin down to the base. As he pulled his fist down it would drag the skin down so the foreskin would slide off over the fat purple mushroom head until it flipped around and under the swelling crown. This would nod and flair as he pulled the skin tight at the base.
The view was amazing! I remember wishing, “Boy I wish I had a big cock like that!” I kept fanning my own and had to switch to the two finger digs as my pecker swelled and strained to the thrill of it all.
Jake said, “That’s my girl… ya like dis big black cock, don’t ya. Tell me ya do Stevie.”
I said, “I guess, yeah, mmm I guess I do.”
He said, “Don’t stroke, keep fanning dat big clit for me. Dats my girl. Now tell me ya like fannin your big clit as you look at my big black cock. Make me happy by tellin me ya like submitting to me sexually.”
As I masturbated like a girl, as I looked at him stroking his cock, I responded without struggle, “Yes Jake, I do like submitting to you, fanning my clit like a girl for you, and seeing your big black cock.”
“Close enough, that’s my girl. Now,” he said, “stop fanning for me and put your hands behind your head again.”
I did, wondering what for? I wanted to cum. I didn’t care if he saw. I wanted him to see. I wanted him to cum as I came… cum with me. And as I sat wondering, I watched him lean over and spread his naked self across the sofa. Then he crooked a finger calling me over to him.
I was once again shocked. I couldn’t do that! I froze, as he said, “It’s okay Stevie. I ain’t goin ta fuck ya or make ya suck dis ting. Be a good girl and do what I say, come here.”
I stood on wabbly legs, wondering why we couldn’t just cum and be done with it. I slowly stepped forward as he held out his hand to guide me. He took my hand and positioned me in front of him facing him.
He said, “Fan it for me, and tell me how much ya like my cock Stevie.”
As he held my one hand I moved the other to start fanning my now waning hard-on, as I looked up toward the ceiling. I swallowed and noticed my mouth was dry, as I fanned my fingers faster, and said, “I like your cock Jake.”
“Look at me” he said, ”Dats my girl. I love your big fat girly clit Stevie, and how you like to fan it just to make me happy. I know ya like it too girl. It makes me so fuckin hard, see how hard my big cock is for you Stevie?”
I answered, “Yes Jake.” I could tell he was waiting for more so I continued, “I guess I like masturbating my clit, okay my big fat clitoris for you. I am very excited doing this as you jack off and I wish I had a big cock like yours Jake, I really do, but… Okay I know, I kind of like pretending to be your girl like this, but…”
When I said ‘but’ Jake pulled my hand forcing me to turn around. Now my back was toward him, and I felt him slide a hand up the back side of my thigh, fingers between my legs, causing a thrill to rush through me and making me jump. He held me so I couldn’t jump away, and as I calmed he said, “Easy baby, dats my girl. Your safe. Spread these thighs for me.”
I don’t know why, well maybe I do, well, I moved my naked feet a step apart for him. Jake replaced his warm hand on my inner thigh just south of my butt, and it felt so big and warm, almost hot to the touch. Then I felt him stroking my flesh causing it to tingle, as he said, “Fan that clit for me girl.”
I returned my fingertips to my now aching pecker once again throbbing and raging hard, and began fanning it like a girl does her thrilled clit. As I felt his fingers exploring the crack of my ass I dug my two fingers into the clefts on either side of the base of my shaft. And I don’t understand it but all this caused me to push my bottom back toward his exploring fingers at the same time.
I remember wondering, ‘Is this what a girl feels, why she pushes her sex back into her lover’s hands or cock?’ I closed my eyes and let Jake explore me with no complaints or resistance.
As he ran a couple fingers deeply through the crack of my ass touching my hole with the tips, each tip one after the other, oh my it was like being struck by lightning. My legs buckled and as I felt myself about to fall I felt his hands, both of them move to my hips. And from there I felt myself being guided down to sit on the sofa in front of him.
“Good girl. Dats my girl.” I heard him saying, “You like this shit don’t ya Stevie? You like bein my girl? Would ya like me ta call ya my bitch?”
I nodded, and as I did I felt him easing me over to lay in front of him, back to him, kind of in a spooning position. And as he settled me in I realized that is exactly what it was. We were now spooning, well he was spooning me to be precise.
I felt his giant cock rubbing my back, all the way up to behind my ribs. I felt him cross a leg over both of mine pulling me even closer. My head was resting on his arm and I could smell his strong manly armpit aroma. My brain started to spin as my sinuses filled with the odor.
Then he nibbled my ear as he whispered, “Fan your clit for me bitch. Yes do it, dats my girl. Tell me ya like bein my girl Stevie.”
As I felt him holding me tightly, as I felt his arms and legs captivating me, as I smelt his empowering manliness filling my head, and my head turned to accept more of his nibbling on my neck, I switched from fanning to digging and pushing my bottom back onto his thick hard huge thighs as I said, “Oh yes Jake, I don’t know why or how but I do like being like this, being your bitch, being your girl, oh it makes me wanna cum so bad, I want to cum right now!”
“Stop,” he said with a grab for my masturbating wrist, “Dats all o dat for right now baby.” And as I shook with desire to cum and slowly felt my rushing desire dissipate from Nuke-it back to a state of extreme hunger for sexual pleasure, a hunger that made me want to do more, more what I didn’t know, nor did I care. At this state I thought I might do anything Jake asked of me.
He kept kissing and nibbling my neck as I felt him moving around, moving me around. I didn’t want to move. I was feeling happy right there my spoon in his spoon. He shouldered a bit above me still working on my neck. I approved. Then he pushed me almost off the sofa onto the floor while lifting my top leg so I felt like he wanted me to touch the ceiling with my toes. His hips pushed back and I felt it.
I felt with this last positioning that giant cock of his flip down from behind me to fall heavily onto my lower thigh. Then I felt Jake lower my upper leg so his giant cock was firmly trapped between my thighs. Then he slid back down and in to nestle back behind me in our delicious spooning position again. But this time I could feel his huge cock swelling between my hot thighs and slipping just a bit as he rocked his hips against mine. My own hips rocked with his and my little pecker, no, my big clitoris swelled and throbbed with each rock and roll.
Jake whispered in my ear, “Uh fuck ya, dats good. You want my cock don’t ya bitch?” To answer him I pushed my butt back into his lap and felt his cock swell as it slipped through my hot sweaty thighs. He groaned and began really sucking on my neck, and I knew he was sucking hickys under my ears but I didn’t care at this point.
I wanted to fan my clitoris again, to cum with his huge cock sliding between my thighs, growing ever more wet as I sweat with the heat and I felt his cock spitting his copious precum there as well. But as I went to reach for my clit he pulled my arm up over his head and held it there. This drove me crazy with desire.
After several minutes of this torture, Jake asked, “Hay Stevie, you my bitch? You wanna really make me happy?” His kissing and sucking on my neck, and feeling his cock fucking my thighs, made me really want to please him, whatever he had in mind. I was beyond caring.
I groaned, “Yes Jake. I’m your bitch. I want to make you happy. What do you want?”
He kept kissing and sucking me so long I thought he hadn’t heard me, when he finally said, “Tell me you wanna kiss me.”
I gulped. I had never kissed a man. What was I doing here. I had never been in this position ever in my life, and never would have believed I could be if you had said it an hour ago. I started to turn my head away, to pull away from him, but he put his hand on my hip and drove his cock through so it was rubbing the entire length of my ass crack and spreading my balls as it stroked my scrotum then the entire length of the underside of my dick. OMG it was so wonderfully delicious I had to push back into him and turn more toward him.
As I did, I felt him move his hand from my hip to the side of my chin, and as he sucked and kissed my neck so deliciously I felt him pulling my face so my lips and his would eventually collide. And when they did meet I felt Jake stroking his huge manly cock through my hot wet thighs driving it up under my hungry throbbing clitoris, and then my mouth opened to receive his big fat tongue through my lips to explore deep inside my mouth.
So this is how I was kissed by a man the first time. And this kiss lasted for a wonderfully long time. Let me tell you, whenever I kiss a girl I drive the action just like this. But I was never kissed. I mean we kissed, nd she would kiss me back, just as I kissed Jake back. But this time I was being taken. I had been driven into a hunger lust wanting to be whatever he wanted me to be, and I am so glad I got to experience it as a girl, as his girl.
So here we were locked in a kiss, him fucking my thighs. I know I would have cum by now if I were him. Thanks be he isn’t me!
At some point he had moved his hand to my nipples and was stroking them like he would a girl. I don’t think I feel near as sensitively there as a girl, because it wasn’t a thrill. Still he seamed to like it so it made me happy to comply. But at one point as I was sucking on his tongue I felt a sharp pain and nearly sucked his tongue out of his head, as I realized he had pinched my nipple. It grew red and hard and sensitive after that. A bit later he did the same to the other. I didn’t like it much but he did so I had to put up with it.
I still wanted to touch my clitoris, to fan it to orgasm, but as I reached down to touch it again I felt Jake grab my wrist. I assumed he was telling me know when I felt him moving it around down there. And as he put his lips to mine and I opened mine for him, I felt his hand push mine onto his sticky cock. And as I realized what he had done, as my fingers slowly explored then gripped his gooey cock, I felt him begin to fuck my mouth with his tongue, and I began to suck vigorously on his fucking tong like it was his cock, while I explored and fingered and stroked his amazing monster cock even more.
It was so hard for us to remain still enough for my hand to work, for our mouths to remain together, as our bodies wanted to rock in the familiar fucking motions. Finally we had to stop, it was too hard to continue. I felt Jake move his hands back to my hips and push me away. My ass and thighs were so slippery with all his precum, I felt like they were soaked. You know how weird it feels when your ass is wet? Well it was that way half way down my thighs.
I didn’t want to move, so I wined, “Please no Jake.”
He kept pushing, and as I slid forward again, almost off the sofa again, I felt his engorged pulsing member slipping away. He stopped and moved his hand to my shoulder and I felt Jake pushing me off the sofa so that I fell forward with both hands on the floor. My butt was still in his lap and his cock was positioned so he could stroke it much easier through the crack of my ass. Like this he could work the head of his cock through my crack so I am sure it felt much better to him. illegal bahis siteleri But for me it was less so.
Then I felt Jake push his fingers through my ass, like he did before, letting the fingertips stroke my anus. This made me shiver with a new sexual delight I never experienced or imagined before.
I felt him pulling my ass cheeks apart as he drove his cock head through the valley of my ass, then squeeze them closed around his shaft. I felt him swelling and throbbing, the vanes were like rivets as his big cock stroked through again and again, as my cheeks were squeezed then pealed open wide, again and again. WOW!
He stopped all motion and asked, “How does this feel Stevie?” as I realized he had stopped with the head of his cock pressed firmly against my sphincter. I felt him rock forward just a bit allowing just the tip of the head to push open the opening of my hole and peek inside. He held it there as I caught my breath.
With my head drooped I hissed, “It hurts Jake. Please stop.” And after a moment, with no further penetration, I felt him remove it.
Then I felt Jake move a hand to my now sensitive nipples after having been pinched so much before, and with the other hand I felt a finger press against my anus. It massaged my asshole while the other hand massaged my nipples. All this massaging made both my nipples and my ass so they didn’t hurt any more.
Then, in a flash of anguishing pain that felt like it lasted several minutes, I felt my nipple writhe like it was being pinched from my body. I was still head down with both hands supporting me on the ground beside the sofa. And as the pain in my chest subsided I felt another kind of pressure and realized the tip of that finger on my asshole was now a knuckle inside me.
The hand on my breast was rubbing the ache out there, while the finger in my bottom started an in out massaging. I felt it slip a bit deeper inside me as I pleaded for Jake to stop. Then wow, I didn’t know at the time but I have learned that he found my prostate. Now the sensation of the fucking finger had a whole new desire, a wonderful hunger to be touched and pressed and stroked.
I still hadn’t cum and this new sensation really made me want to so badly. He did this to me for several minutes but when he heard me breathing heavy he stopped, and both hands moved back to my hips.
Jake asked, “Hay, you wanna suck some big black cock? Be my cock sucking bitch Stevie? If ya do just say ya wanna suck my big black cock. But if ya do ya have to swallow my cum. But you liked eating your own creampie cum from Debbie’s pussy, and ya swallow dat. I’m gona train ya to suck it from da tap. When ya can do dat you really will be a great cock sucker. Would ya like that stevie?”
Even with as into all this as I was, I still felt like I was a man, and no man sucks another man’s cock, so I begged, “Please Jake… I can’t Do that.”
I felt him moving, then a couple sofa cushions fell to the floor beside me. I quickly scooped them under me and rested a bit. As I did, I felt Jake moving his hand to the small of my back holding me down firmly again. At least now it was comfortable, with my head on the pillows.
My butt was still up in his lap, his cock repositioned there, and again it was stroking through the crack of my ass. That wonderful sticky wet mushroom cap head constantly oozed precum everywhere inside the crack of my ass as I felt him pulling my cheeks apart, driving that big black cock through my deep valley, then squeeze my cheeks closed tight again around his shaft as he d**g it back out. I felt it swelling and throbbing as he ravished me like this. HMG it was driving me mad with all the squeezing then stretching open, so fucking wide he stretched my ass cheeks, again and again he did it to me, and all the while it began to feel so fucking delicious.
Then, as before, I felt him remove his cock and press his fingers through my ass, stroking my anus delightfully. He did this a lot this time, but this time each fingertip was poked into me knuckle deep, for just a second each. And again he stopped all motion to asked me, “How ya doin Stevie? You feelin sexy? I wanna fuck your ass deep mon! You want me to fuck ya deep? Want me to put dis big black cock into dis yummy hungry bottom till I is all in dare?”
I was about to answer the same as before, when again I felt that head pressing back into my sphincter. This time he moved the hand that had been poking my anus, to my chest where his fingers started stroking my nipples. I felt him lean into my butt just enough to spread open my sphincter muscle just a bit and with just as much pain as before. And again he held it there, as I caught my breath.
And again I was about to hiss, “Please no Jake, please stop, please Jake, it hurts too much, you’re too big!” when I felt Jakes fingers on my so tender abused nipple, and in a flash of agony that did last several minutes this time, I felt my nipple writhing in anguish.
I was no longer head down, but thrown back with mouth wide in my silent scream. The fingers of both my hands were squeezing fists full of carpet, trying to rip it out by the roots. The agony in my poor already overly abused nipple was so slowly subsided this time after Jake pinched it so fucking hard this time damnit, I hadn’t noticed what else had happened.
The pain in my chest slowly eased up, as I felt Jake’s fingers lovingly rubbing it. But the knotting in my stomach remained, and I slowly realized as I felt the pressure in my bottom, I realized Jake had the head of that cock inside me. It was firmly inside me. I could feel it tugging me as he pulled back. In the pain of the nipple pinch he must have pushed it in, or maybe the pain drove me back onto him. Either way he was there and it felt like he was going to split me in two.
The hand on my breast rubbed the ache there, but my butt was getting worse it felt. Then Jake started a gentle in out motion that didn’t help. But with each in I felt it slip a bit deeper inside me. All the while I pleaded for him to stop. I don’t cry, but I was crying then, like a little girl I was balling, “Please stop you’re killing me!”
Then, like when he was finger fucking me… wow, OMG, I didn’t know another man’s cock could stroke my prostate like this. Suddenly all the pain of being butt fucked, feeling like being ripped in half, all of it in an instant vanished, replaced in that moment by a new wonderful hunger even better than when he was fingering my ass, and I wanted more than ever to be fucked in my ass by this gorgeous black man with his huge delicious black cock. Feeling it touching and pressing, and filling, and stroking my bottom just like this, even more than this.
I had still not cum and this new sensation really made me want to so badly. He fucked me for several minutes, but the strokes were shallow and slow, just deep enough for the head of that thing to stroke my prostate aain and again. But when he heard me breathing heavy he stopped, and I felt him place both hands back on my hips.
Jake asked, “Hay, you wanna fuck dis big black cock?”
I couldn’t stand it, so without a word I began to rock back and forth, driving his cock in and out of me, fucking my ass onto this black man’s cock. Okay, yes I was fucking him with my ass now. And the longer I fucked him the faster and deeper we rode.
We had been at all this for over an hour and I really felt I needed to cum, but was always denied that fucking blast of orgasmic bliss I so fucking needed by then. And now Jake was letting me control the action, the speed, the depth, and I was really doing my best to get both of us off, soon!
But it seamed by this time I just couldn’t do it. I felt I had to pee now but the orgasm just stayed just a bit out in front of me. I would drive back into Jack forcing his cock so deep into my guts I could feel it dancing inside me like under my ribs, yeah that deep inside me, then do a long pull until the back side of the crown of the head was tugging at my sphincter. This felt so empty, while when I had him buried balls deep I felt like I had to really poop! Sometimes I held him deep just to feel that need to poop, then other times I liked the feeling of emptiness as I pulled at the head making it stretch me, OMG! You just don’t know!
But I did this for what felt like another hour, and even though it was all so amazing to feel, I still needed to cum, and still it evaded me. Finally the feeling of the need to pee became so great I stopped all motion, and asked Jake, “Please Jake please, I can’t… I want to, but I, I really need to pee.” After I asked he started to fuck me, making that feeling worse with each stroke.
He said, “You better not pee in my carpet girl! This is what Debbie said she wanted, more. Remember?”
I couldn’t believe he was asking about her not when I needed to pee so badly, and he didn’t want me to pee in his carpet, and I couldn’t orgasm, and he asked me again. I blurted out, “Oh damn man you can’t, can’t really want, I have to, please stop or I’m gots to oh fuck that feels so, damnit I…”
He stopped stroking my ass and asked forcefully, “Don’t you pee bitch! What did Debbie say she wanted?Remember? Tell me Stevie!”
I was in agony. I had to pee, but was holding it. I found the words, “Debbie said she wanted more!”
He stroked me with three yummy slow long deep strokes, each grinding his balls into my ass, each making me feel I had to poop and really really had to pee. Then he stopped again, this time holding his wonderful fat filling cock deep inside me as he asked, “More cock Stevie? More cock like mine? She was unsatisfied with your little pecker wasn’t she. Tell me she was and that you think she would much prefer to be fucked like this, fucked with my big black cock. Say it bitch.”
To punctuate his question he pulled totally out of my ass. I could feel the cool air rushing into my guts through my gaping asshole. Oh it felt so weird. I had to do something to restore the full feeling, so I said, “Yes Jake, Debbie would most assuredly want your beautiful big black cock fucking her! I know why my little pecker never did it for her! Please put it back Jake.”
He seamed pleased with my submissive answer and my unsolicited request, so he drove his cock in about five or six inches and started a jackhammer fucking. Although I wanted him back inside me, and was surprised at how easily he drove in so far with absolutely no pain, I had actually forgotten about that need to pee, and wished I had asked him to let me do that first.
That feeling came back on me with a vengeance. I could feel my pecker swelling and straining and throbbing with the desire to let loose, so I begged, “Please let me go pee Jake! Oh I relly really need to go this time!”
He reached over and grabbed a plastic cup off a side table, one we had for the game. It was unused, and he said, “Okay, you been a good girl for me. Here, I’ll hold it for you. Pee.”
I was shocked. The way I felt I was shure I would pee all over his hand, the cup in it, the carpet below it, and it would be running out the door. I begged him, “Please Jake… oh I can’t hold it…” as I felt him driving his massive cock back into me. First I felt my sphincter squeeze around his shaft attempting to stop it from moving, which it didn’t. Then it let loose.
I really can’t explain what happened at this point. I studied it, but words just can’t do justice. See, I felt like a flood of pee was being released but it wasn’t pee. Actually, see, it was my prostate that had been filling up with my semen, the whole time Jake had been teasing me it was making semen, all the time he had been driving me to new perverted hungers semen was developing in there, and then all the time I was submitting to my nasty cravings, more and more semen collected inside it, and as Jake fucked my ass his cock was stroking my prostate making it want to release.
But here’s the weird thing, as if all the rest of this story wasn’t weird enough. See, technically when a man is sexually stimulated his prostate begins producing semen. This can happen just by thinking about sex, not even experiencing any physical stimulation at all. Maybe he gets turned on by nasty talk, like when me and Jake discussed Debbie and he was describing her pussy. Or if a man does experiences physical stimulation but it isn’t meant to be sexual, like sliding down a banister or such, this can start the prostate producing semen too.
And when a man has his cock stroked sexually, and the head stimulated with rubbing like during sex or by masturbating, the seminal build up is the same. But these physical stimulations trigger an explosive eruption known as a male Orgasmic Ejaculation. When these occur together we have cum dripping everywhere, hehe.
And I learned that an Orgasm is possible in both men and women, but women don’t get to feel the explosive experience of ejaculation like men do. No, both men’s and women’s orgasms are when a large dose of powerful pleasure hormones floods the brain.
But in a man, when the semen is built to capacity, and only his prostate is stimulated like mine was, and not his shaft or head which mine wasn’t, it will not trigger the ejaculation part of a man’s orgasmic ejaculation. He will still experience the orgasm part. The pleasure in the brain, the draining of the nuts, but I personally now know that when he has this orgasmic release without an ejaculation, well, let’s just say he gets lots of the pleasure hormones but none of the hormones canlı bahis siteleri that say ‘go to sleep, you are satisfied now, it is all over and done.
Okay, so when I let loose and thought I was peeing, I looked down between my spread legs and watched as my sperm first dribbled then oozed out of my hard little pecker and into the cup in Jakes hand. It felt delicious and my ass squeezed his cock the entire time, but there was no eruption, not even a spirt to show for my experience. It just drained and drained and drained, on and on until I thought I couldn’t have that much cum inside me, ever.
Then it slowed to a dribbling then some drops finally stopping. My dick felt withered and rung out while my ass felt so fucking full. I realized as the last of it was coming out in globs it was because Jake was fucking it out of me.
It was the next weird thing to experience, the feeling I wasn’t finished, like there should be more. That’s when Jake asked me, “Hay girl, wanna drink this for me,” as he held the cup up to my face. I looked inside and it looked more than half full and it was a big cup. I sniffed and recognized the smell of my cum. I shook my head in shame.
Jake said, “Come on, for me? Please drink it? I wanna see ya drinkin your cum for me. Please do it for me.” And as he asked I felt him flexing his cock deep inside me. The feeling of him dancing inside my insides reawakened my sexual hunger. I hadn’t finished, at least my brain was telling me I hadn’t.
As I felt him slowly deeply fucking me once again, I took the cup from his hand and lifted it to my lips. I let the contents slide down my parched throat in one long gulp as Jake slowly stroked in and out of my bottom. Oh, gosh my bottom was feeling so yummy again, as I downed the last. I couldn’t believe I was doing any of this. I still can’t believe it really happened.
As I said, my orgasm had drained the contents of my nuts but my lack of an ejaculation left me still wide awake and very hungry for more sex, but no longer desirous of ejaculation. So now all I wanted was more of this perversion, much more. Any more Jake could come up with. It was deep within this state of desire I felt his cock fill me, I felt his pubic hair tickling my butt, I felt him lean over me and kiss the back of my neck. I turned my head so he could reach my ear with his lips.
He whispered into my ear, “I haven’t cum yet. Are you my girl? I’d sure like to watch ya suck my cum outa my cock.” I could feel him easing his cock out of me as his voice trailed away. I nearly collapsed onto the floor as he pulled totally out of me. When I turned my head to find him, Jake was back on the sofa leaning back. His cock was towering above him.
He looked at me looking at his cock and said, “Suck it, come on and suck my cock bitch. Tell me you wanna suck this big black cock Stevie. If ya wanna, just say ya wanna, say ya wanna suck my big black cock Stevie. Do ya?” I looked at it, leaning closer. That’s when I smelled my ass on his black cock. Still I wanted to do it.
He must have seen me crunch up my nose because he grabbed a wet towel we had around to clean up after the party, and handed it to me to me to wipe his cock clean with. Then he pointed his hard cock at me and said, “But let me warn ya bitch, if ya do suck me off, ya have to swallow ever drop o my cum.” I nodded as I wrapped the towel around him and washed his cock.
“But,” he continued, “we both know you already like eating your own cum. You did straight from Debbie’s pussy, and swallow dat. You just drank your cum for me to watch, and swallowed all dat too. I wanna train ya to be a real good cocksucker, drinkin it all straight from da tap. When ya can do dat you really will be a great cock sucker, and ya goin ta be proud of it too! Would ya like that stevie? Ya wanna be known as a good cum swallowing cocksucker?”
Before all this, I felt like a man, a real man, an average man yes but with oral skills that lifted me above the other average men with average sized cocks. I was not only a real manly man back then, but I felt like one too. It would have been so shameful and devastating for anyone to even think I could possibly consider anything of this sort.
As I was actually washed my butt stink off Jack’s big hard very black cock, we looked at each other the entire time. He was watching me do it. I said, “Jake, I never ever did anything like this ever before ever. I…”
He interrupted, “Shhh, I know. But ya like it. Tell me ya do Stevie. Tell me ya like feelin this…” and as he said ‘THIS’ I felt him flex his cock in my hands, “deep inside ya.” I nodded. He continued, “What dat? I didn’t hear ya.”
I spoke up, “Yes, I do love feeling you, this inside me.”
He prodded, “Tell me you want me to do it again, and tell me what it is exactly you want me to do.”
I pulled the towel away and dropped it on the floor. With his naked mostly clean cock now in my bare hands, I said, “I really did enjoy feeling you fucking my bottom with this,” as I stroked his tall shaft. “And,” I continued, “I would really like you to fuck me some more soon, please.”
He put his hand behind my head as he said, “Suck it.” He didn’t pull, didn’t force me, just let me know he really wanted me to do it. And so I turned my gaze to the black shaft in both my hands, the purple head’s distinct shape shaping the head from inside the festinating skin. I tilted it toward my face, lowered it to my lips, and opened my mouth as I looked over it into his eyes.
He smiled as I slipped the tip between my lips and felt it swell to fill my mouth. Jake said, “Dats my girl. Now I want ya to suck it. Suck my cock faggot.”
I was shocked at his words, but I did what he wanted, what I really wanted too. I sucked and tasted the salty precum as it oozed from the slit as I dug the tip of my tongue into it. I pushed my tongue into the foreskin of his cock and swirled it around the crown then down to that tender spot all of us men know about. Again I tasted precum as a large glob of it spat onto my tongue.
His head was resting back and his eyes were closed, as he cood, “Oh yeah, you a natural good cocksucker, baby. Keep suckin.”
I wanted more, to please my lover, Yes I thought this, and enjoy being totally depraved. I tried to take more, to deep throat, but as he hit the back of my throat I choked. He let me try again and again for some time before he said, “Here, let me help.
I was pushed away at this point so he could stand. My ass felt like it was still open to the air. After he got up he pulled me up too. He had me lay on the sofa where he was, but he had me d**** my head off the side of the sofa. He stood over me and said, “Okay, here let me show you how do do it…” and as he said this he pushed his cock back between my lips.
I pushed my head back further feeling the head of his cock pushing into the back of my throat. I was about to choke again when he said, “Hold your breath Stevie, hold it and let me push in just a little more.” I did and felt it moving deeper again. And again I felt that gag reflex and he stopped. I waited, breathed through my nose best I could. Then as the feeling passed I tapped his thigh letting him know I was ready again.
He got half inside before I had to pull free, but I never let him out of my mouth, I wanted this so badly. And after just a minute rest, all the while sucking the bulbous head, I tilted my head back for another try. And each time I took more, at least a couple inches more. Finally I could see that he was almost all the way. I strained forward and forced him the rest of the way, all the way in, and felt with pride my nose sniffing his balls.
Then after holding this position for a minute, he let me free to take a few more breaths. I never let him pull his cock free from my lips as my tongue danced around the head and my lungs sucked air through my nostrils. And the next time as I tilted my head back I was rewarded with the feeling of his cock sliding all the way in until he was grinding his nuts onto my nose. Then he took the opportunity to fuck my throat which sent a whole new thrill all through my body.
He groaned as he stroked his cock in and out of my throat with long slow deep strokes. And then as I felt him pull most of the way out I realized in an instant he was about to do the short fast rabbit fucking strokes, only about five or six inches inside my lips. I could grab a breath when he did this, and then he resumed the full depth slow stroking.
After a few more minutes of this, he said, “Oh baby, get ready, I’m about to cum down ya throoaaaat!” His fucking went back to the jackhammering fast shallow stroking for just a minute, a minute in which I grabbed a lung full of air. Then I felt him pushing deep, I felt his head swelling as it pushed down through my collar bone, I felt the shaft of his massive cock as the length of it filled and stretched my esophagus and I could feel my mouth and throat all the way into my chest as he pushed all the way in me, in until he ground his balls on my nose, and as he did I felt the shaft swelling more, the head flaring more, and then the blast of his hot liquid shooting way down deep inside my throat. I didn’t gag because he was unloading far past the spot of my gag reflex.
Now, the start of his orgasmic ejaculation began with three powerful deep thrusts, each blasting a huge load of Jake’s gooey copious hot cum launched directly from his churning nuts as I watched as much as felt them retract up into his crotch and I felt it pumping through the urethra over my upper lip across the roof of my mouth down the entire length of my throat and then knew with the swelling of the head it was being deposited directly into my stomach.
His fourth thrust gave me the same thrilling experience as the first three but this time his balls descended down onto my nose, and as he ground into me they ground against my lips as his cock felt like it was pushing itself down in me even further, deeper inside my collar bone. My jaws felt like he was forcing me to open beyond humanly possible, but the knowledge that this big powerful black man was fucking my throat with his huge black cock and cumming inside me was deliciously thrilling. I willed myself to hold my breath so not to disturb his orgasmic ejaculation.
Then, after a long pause in this suspended position, he pulled back and out a bit, about half the length of his manhood, so his pulsing shaft still stretched my lips, so the head of his cock now filled the entire back of my mouth, and now Jake’s throbbing cock thrust in and out just an inch or so, and I felt and tasted about another three or four jets of his salty hot cum, as it was injected there. It quickly filled my mouth and the back of my throat, and because I cold not breath to swallow I felt the remainder of his semen being forced out through my nose. It erupted through my sinuses and blew onto his balls where he smeared it everywhere about my face.
This was when I had to push him away. I had to breath. I had to clear my nostrils. I had to get his cum out of my eyes. I spat him out as I pushed his thighs forcing him back away.
Later as I regained a grip on reality, I realized that all the while I had been fanning my clit like a hungry horny bitch. I also noticed it never regained an erection that night, not even a hint. Even though I was still quite horny as hell I could not get hard.
And because Jake had experienced his orgasmic ejaculation he now felt quite satisfied and complete, and he fell asleep right there as if everything was as it should be. Real men, all real men fall asleep afterwards, but I didn’t this time, and I had to wonder why not. On the other hand I had felt sexually frustrated, wanting, desiring to have my own orgasmic ejaculation, to feel my own sense of satisfaction and completion, but I hadn’t so I didn’t. For me there was just a feeling of emptiness where earlier there was the feeling of fullness and a desire to sexually explode.
My ass tingled and felt like it was breathing cool air, where for ever before my asshole had always been a tightly closed non-sexual orifice.
My jaws ached too, and my breath was fowl.
And as I sat there leaned up against the sofa watching Jake now sleeping, I began to process all the things I had just experienced, all that he had made me do, no that I had done so willingly and wantonly. I worked backward through the events; I had just sucked Jake’s black cock with gusto, and not only let him cum inside me but actually wanted to make him cum inside my mouth, which he did.
Back before that, I remember him pounding my ass. I felt the air breath into my bowels as I shifted a bit, and it forced me to cringe at the thought I had actually wanted all this.
But how did all this begin I wondered. And then I recalled our conversation, how Debbie had said she wanted ‘MORE’ and Jake proved that what she was actually telling me was that my dick, no he called it my little pecker, that it was smaller than average. Then he said I should be proud if I considered it as a large clitoris. Ya right. That makes me proud as crap.
I remember he blackmailed me into stripping, to showing him my naked body, and that’s how he proved it, but that is also how he got me onto this track of… oh my, of my being submissive. He said I was submissive to Debbie first, and through examination of our relationship he proved that part.
But then he said I was submissive in nature, and that I would actually enjoy submitting to anyone, even him. I knew he was wrong, that is until he proved this true too. First, I did submit to him with vigorous resistance, but it didn’t take an hour for my desires to be my undoing.
At midnight in total shame, as Jake slept away, I dressed and snuck out the door.

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