Co-Ed Changing Rooms Can Be Fun

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Co-Ed Changing Rooms Can Be Fun
On holiday recently, as a chubby, fifty-something I don’t expect to get much, if any attention. Especially in the holiday camp swimming pool and even more especially from a hot, younger lady.

I was swimming, enjoying the cooling effect of the water. I was looking around too. The older mums, with various body shapes and sizes from the plump, shiny, bouncing boobs to the washboard stomachs in bikinis. Then there were the younger lady’s (late teens and early twenties), some shy in one-pieces some not so much in small bikinis.

Then she walked in. A vision in a blue bikini. Not super slim, not super busty, but gorgeous none-the-less. Her long hair was tied in a messy bun on top of her head, and her pale blue eyes were as gorgeous as the rest of her. I had trouble keeping from looking at her, but my eyes kept coming back.

At one point she pulled herself up to the poolside, her bikini bottoms riding down to show the top of her butt crack, and I felt a stirring in my swimming short despite the cooling effects of the water.

I decided, for my own sanity as well as modesty, that I should leave. I swam to the ladder, passing within inches of that delectable female. Our eyes met for a second, and there was the briefest of smiles exchanged. That probably would have been enough for me; I’m easily pleased these days.

I stood under the communal showers, eyes closed, basking in the hot water of the shower, albeit whilst holding in the little silver button that keeps the water flowing. There was a clunking sound, and something hit my foot. I opened my eyes, and she was there, stood within a few inches of me, smiling.

“Could bahis siteleri you pass my shampoo?” she said, pointing down.

I couldn’t place the accent, which is unusual for me, possibly Irish, but I’m not sure. I looked down, trying not to see the tight vee of her blue bikini bottoms, nor the impression of her pubes in the wet fabric, nor the stray, dark hairs peeping from the groin. I passed her the bottle, and her hand slid a little across mine. I smiled and tried to figure out how to stay longer. Then she did it for me.

“These bloody showers never stay on long enough, do they!” she said. “Would you mind holding my button?” I looked into her pale blue eyes, and noted the hint of a smile on her perfect lips.

“Sure.” I said, probably not as coolly as I thought I did. I reached out my arm and held the silver button in, as she loosed her long hair and started rubbing in the shampoo. As she moved about, eyes closed, I drank in her fine body. Not too lean, her legs perhaps a little on the thick side, but beautifully shaped. Her bum, a gorgeous curve only half covered by the slick blue material.

She moved again, turning to face the water, and her small, firm breast brushed against my arm. I felt it’s softness as it squeezed against the taut muscle of my forearm, saw the nipples starting to peep through the wet bikini top. I could feel something start to push though my swimming shorts too, but I hoped no-one would notice.

Then she opened her eyes, smiles, and grabbed some shower gel. She rubbed it into her body, not helping my growing erection at all, then her hand dipped inside the bikini top, rubbing soapy suds into her bahis şirketleri breast. I caught the briefest of glimpses of the large areola and poking nipple. Then she washed the other boob, then thrusting her hips toward the water, her hand dipped inside her bottoms. She lingered there, and I tried very hard to pretend that I was NOT looking at the bush of dark pubic hair that was revealed (partially) by her hygiene routine.

“Thanks.” she said, smiling, and headed for the changing area.

I washed off the lingering soap, and headed for my locker. I grabbed my towel and clothes and looked for a changing booth. A wide, corner one came free and I stepped inside, but as I was about to close the door, she stepped through, pushing it closed behind her and clicking the lock shut.

“You looked like you might need a hand, or something.” she smile, that gorgeous smile, her eyes flicking down to my tented swimming shorts.

I muttered something incoherent and she laughed, and dropped to her knees. Her hands grabbed the waist band of my shorts and tugged then down, my cock springing out level with her face. There was no hesitation on her part, she grabbed the shaft, wanked it a few times, then those perfect, warm lips, enclosed my now exposed helmet. Just the helmet. Her lips slid back and forth over my crown, never allowing more than the head into her mouth. She paused, with the tip of my cock near her lips, and her tongue darted out, licking the eye and underside in brief, warm, flickering ecstasy.

As she engulfed my helmet once more, she reached behind and unclasped her top, letting it fall to the floor. Then she released my iron illegal bahis hard cock, and stood, brushing her naked breasts against my rod, and my belly and my chest as she came up to plant a lingering, tongue fuelled kiss on my mouth.

She turned. “Take off my bottoms.” she said. I obeyed, crouching to pull the scant blue material to her ankles. She stepped out of them and bent forward, her arms leaning on the bench, her legs spread. “Lick it.” she whispered. I did. The warm, wetness of her pussy tasted amazing. I slid a finger inside as I slurped at her pussy and flicked my tongue over her arse hole. Her juices were dripping, and I stood, planted to the head of my cock at her entrance and paused. “Yes,” she whispered, “do it!”

I pushed my whole length into that glorious, tight tunnel. The warm swelling my cock even further, if that were even possible. The whole thing probably lasted less than 3 minutes, but I didn’t care. I was carried away by the sight and feel of this lovely young woman groaning on my mature, fat cock.

I panted as quietly as I could, then gasped “I’m going to cum.”

“Get it out,” she whispered, “I’ll swallow it.”

I pulled out, holding the base tight to prevent leakage, and she turned, kneeling and pulling my cock into her mouth again. Just the head. I felt the pulse at the base of my cock, and a spurt of hot cum launched itself into her willing mouth. She coughed a little, tightening her lips on my head, and pulling another large spurt from my balls. The next two or three were of less intensity, but the cum was dribbling from the corners of her mouth.

I pulled my wilting cock from her face, and she smiled up at me, a cummy, satisfied smile. Then she swallowed, brushing cum from her chin and cheeks into her mouth to get the last drop.

She smiled.

We dressed quickly, checked that the changing area was not too packed, then made our separate exits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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