Car Breakdown Leads To Sex With Cousin Sister!

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Car Breakdown Leads To Sex With Cousin Sister!
I am desiboy from Hyderabad. The sexy story that I am going to narrate happened a few months back with my cousin sister while traveling from Hyderabad to my hometown.

I m in Hyderabad because of my friend’s wedding. In the ceremony, I met my aunt and her step-daughter (Buddi), who is married and has a c***d.

We were having a casual conversation and my aunt got to know that I was leaving to my hometown the very next day. She asked me if it was possible for me to take Buddi to the hometown where her father is. I said, “Okay, it’s no problem.”

The very next day, I picked Buddi from her house. We got stuck in the traffic and were delayed by 2 hours from our original departure schedule. Later, we were on the highway. I said, “sis, Sorry, I didn’t know that the traffic was this bad. Otherwise, we would have left sooner.”

To which my cousin sister said, “What could you do? My mom asked you to come on that time, so it not your mistake.” Later, we had some casual conversation like what was I doing with the business and how was married life and all.

While on the highway, my cousin sister wanted to use the washroom and I stopped at the next available fuel point. I told her to go and use the washroom but she insisted I accompanied her as she was not comfortable. I agreed and stayed there until she was done.

As my cousin sister was walking in front of me, I was amazed at the shape she was in even after giving birth to a c***d; slim and sexy. I thought to myself, if I were to fuck her, that would be heaven.

As we are going towards the car, the fuel servicemen informed me something was leaking from the car. I went and opened the bonnet. It was the coolant connecting the radiator which got cut and it spilled all over the engine.

The servicemen informed me there was a branded car service center 35 km from there. The servicemen helped me to temporarily fix the issue and I was on my way to the service center. On the way, my cousin sister inquired whether it was serious. I said, “I don’t know. Let’s see what the mechanic says.”

We reached the service center. I asked my cousin sister to wait at the lounge. She waited there. I was informed that the car radiator needed to be replaced and would deliver only the next day as it was already 5:30 pm.

I called Uncle and informed him the car had broken down and I would wish to send Buddi in the next available bus. But, uncle insisted that I and his daughter go to his friend’s house and spend the night there as his house was nearby. I said, “Okay.”

I called up the friend and he informed me that he had gone on a family trip. I informed the same to my uncle and he kaçak iddaa asked me to stay at a hotel. I agreed and went to a hotel with my married cousin sister Buddi.

We arrived at the hotel and Buddi asked me to take a single double-bedded room as she was not comfortable staying alone in the hotel. I agreed. And we got in a single double-bedded room.

Buddi told me that she wanted to take a bath and asked me whether I would like to use the washroom any soon as she enjoys long duration baths. I said, “No. I am good.”

My cousin sister went into the washroom and after a while, I heard a scream from the washroom. I knocked on the door and asked, “Is everything okay?” I didn’t hear a reply. So, I quickly opened the door with a coin as it was one of the modern ones.

As the door opened, I saw my cousin sister was lying down on the floor naked and was trying to get up. At once, I picked her up, helped her lie on the bed and covered her body with a blanket. And asked, “Are you okay?”. She replied, “I don’t know. I am feeling dizzy!”

“Let’s us go to a doctor”, I suggested. She agreed and requested me to help her to put on her clothes. I was hesitant but had no other option.

I took out my cousin sister’s panties and bra from her bag. I handed it to her. But I realized that she was in no shape to wear it. So, I slowly removed the blanket covering cousin sister’s breasts and was shocked to see her nearly flat chest with tits as they were on a model.

I lifted her arms and slowly slid her bra. On the pretext of adjusting them, I touched her breasts. I felt like rubbing my dick against them but I controlled the urge. Next, I took the panties and slowly slid it up her. I felt the smooth shaved legs and wanted to kiss them. Later, I took her top and helped her to wear it.

We went to the doctor nearby, the doctor informed me that cousin sister was dehydrated and gave her medication for hydration, pain (because of falling) and a sleeping medication if she had any difficulty in sleeping. The doctor administered her some fluids and after 1 hour or so, she was okay. Later, we went back to the hotel.

It was 8 when we reached the hotel. I asked Buddi to take rest in the room and order room service while I got the medication. At first, she was hesitant but later said, “Okay. Come soon”.

While going to the shop, I was unable to get rid of the naked sexy body of my cousin sister Buddi from my mind. I wanted to feel it and enjoy it. Thoughts like these made my dick erect. I reached the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist the details of the prescribed medication. He informed me which is for what.

On my way back, the sleeping pill and making love to Buddi’s kaçak bahis body were on my mind constantly. I said, “It is wrong. She is like my elder sister.” The more I thought about her, the more dirty thoughts crept in.

At 9, I reached the hotel and entered the room. My cousin sister was in her pink sleeveless nighty, waiting for me to have dinner. I handed the medication and started having dinner without looking into her.

She said, “Thank you for helping me. I do not know what would have happened if you were not here.” She paused and said, “And sorry you have to see me like that!”.

I said, “I am glad that you are okay.”

She continued, “If this were to be any other guy, it would have been a very different situation.”

I said, “I do not want to think about it.”

She said, “Is there something wrong in what I said?”

I said, “I consider you as my sister. So, I do not want to think anything happening to you.”

She smiled, gave a peck and hugged me. I wanted to hug back and feel her entire body, but I wanted to play a longer game. So, I smiled back as if I had no wrong intentions.

At 10, I informed my cousin sister that I was going to sleep. I took my medicine box and took out some tablets. She asked me for what purpose.

I informed her that it was for my migraine and for getting sleep. She said, “Are those sleeping pills?”. I said, “Yes.” (But they were not!) Buddi remembered that she also needed to take the medication and so, she took the pills the doctor gave her. I fell on the bed and pretended that I had gone to sleep.

At 11:30, I turned on the lights. I called, “Buddi”. She didn’t respond. I went near her cot and picked her up and placed her on my bed. She moved slightly. I slowly removed my cousin sister’s nighty, she was braless and wore only her black pantie. I got excited after seeing this.

I parted her legs and jumped between them. I removed my t-shirt and started licking her left boob while pressing the right one. Buddi slightly moved her head to the left while biting her lips still unable to open her eyes. Now, I moved to right boob, playing her nipple with my tongue, sucking it in the process.

My cousin sister opened her eyes, looked at me, gave a smile and closed as if she was dreaming. I slowly moved my tongue towards the navel and made her moan softly while she raised her arms and squeezed the cot tightly with eyes partly closed.

Slowly, my hands went near Buddi’s wet panties and slid them down to view the one that I was going to get into. To my surprise, my cousin sister’s pussy was partly trimmed and wet. Then, I thought, whether it is your sister or mother, their emotions are different when it comes to güvenilir bahis sex. They say something and their bodies do something else.

I made my cousin sister completely naked. I wanted to insert my dick into my cousin sister right then but I was scared as she might wake up and make a scene. She was opening her eyes in between. Then, I took my phone and snapped a few naked pictures of her, which I would use it if she does something stupid.

Now, I gathered enough courage to caress the pussy and to make her mine. I slowed parted Buddi’s vagina lips with my right thumb and forefinger and slipped my tongue between, licking the clitoris. She started moaning with “Ah…Ah..” and was trying to push me, but I won and licked my cousin sister’s pussy to my heart’s content while making her wet.

I removed my boxers and took my dick, and slowly inserted it into her. Buddi opened her eyes. She was shocked and started to push me away and saying, “This is wrong, Ram, I am like your sister, get off!”

I didn’t listen and gave a push inside her. My cousin sister was still trying to push me away but after a few strokes, her body was enjoying this. She parted her legs and said, “Get in deep. I want you completely inside me.” Hearing this, I got excited and started pounding my cousin sister harder and deeper.

Buddi was in bliss and bit me. I said, “Ah… What is wrong with you?” She didn’t reply and kept her eyes closed enjoying the strokes. After some time, she started crying. I asked her, “What’s wrong?” She said, “It happened for me. Please stop for a few minutes..” I stopped and she went to the washroom.

After a few minutes, she came out and said, “I am okay now.” Hearing this, I pulled her onto the bed and we french kissed. And she was an amazing kisser!

My cousin sister slowly pushed me down and I was on my back and she was on top of me. She slowly inserted my dick into her vagina and started hopping on it. I was completely shocked at the change that happened with her within a few minutes.

Buddi asked, “Are you enjoying this?” I said, “Yes. My dream girl is fucking me. What not to love about this?”

Hearing this, my cousin sister increased the hopping speed and after a few minutes, she let me be on top of her and said, “Fuck me like you never fucked before.”

I took my dick, inserted into her and started pounding it while kissing her. After 15-minutes, I came inside her pussy and said, “I will never forget this.” To which she replied, “I never will too.”

It was 4 in the morning and we both slept hugging each other.

At 8, my cousin sister woke up and asked me to get in the bathroom so that we could feel our bodies one last time in the shower. Later, I called up the showroom to get my car. They said it was ready and we left for our hometown.

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