Camping with my step-daughter’s (Week two)

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Camping with my step-daughter’s (Week two)
It was the start of the second week camping and l was woken by Steph sliding my foreskin to the base of my cock and her mouth covering the head, her tongue was flicking over the tip and every so often she would push her tongue into my urethral. Holding the back of her head l let out a low moan and began fucking her throat, l got a bit carried away which caused her to choke, l slowed down my thrusts and Steph found it easier to take my cock slightly further into her throat. Our session was interrupted by Beth yelling into my sleeping compartment asking if we were going to get breakfast, l told her to go on ahead and we’ll catch her up as l was just giving Steph her breakfast. I could feel my balls tightening so pushed Steph’s head downwards at the same time began shooting with great force my creamy hot load straight into her throat it must have been because it was morning that l shot so much and she gulped the lot down then remarked how she was getting used to the taste. We dressed and went to find Beth for something to eat, she was sitting with 2 lads in their late teens who sheepishly slipped away once they saw me and Steph arrive, l told the girls that we had to go into town but Beth wanted to spend the day at the campsite, Steph remarked more likely it was to be with the boys. I couldn’t use my car due to the amount l had drunk the night before, so me and Steph took the bus and who should be on it, but the woman who kept asking me and my 2 to the clubhouse for a drink with her 2 k**s. I got her life storey her name was Julie and her son was Eric who didn’t say much due to having his phone plugged into his ears playing some game, the girl was called Karan and she had a great pair of tits for her age and since fucking Steph and Beth l was getting a liking to ramming my cock into tight fitting pussy’s, Karan was a little older than Steph and it looked like they were getting on as they were sat next to each other giggling. Julie suggested we meet for lunch since we’re in town and to my surprise Steph wanted to meet up so to catch up with Karan. We all got off the bus and picked out a café then went our separate ways; l left the food and drink supplies till after l had been dragged through a few shops then we went to have lunch with Julie and her 2, after l gave Steph some cash so she and Karan could go around the shops leaving the boy Eric following me and Julie around the supermarket, after we sat on the sea front and l got the rest of her life storey. She was divorced and had a boyfriend who had to return to work, but was returning later in the week Julie did most of the talking l just enjoyed looking down her front at her massive tits which she flashed off well, l wondered what my cock would feel like sandwiched between those soft warm tits as she wanked me off with them, Julie knew l was ogling her cleavage and as we both became familiar with each other the conversation would get a bit hot and Julie began telling me how she was missing having a man since her boyfriend had gone back to work then joked what was l doing later and winked. Steph and Karan arrived back and we all caught the bus back to the campsite, Julie asked about meeting up at the clubhouse and Steph could meet up with Karan l was expecting Steph to say ‘no’, but instead agreed. As we walked to the tent l see 2 boys coming out and immediately thought we were being robbed, but found out they had been fucking Beth while we were in town, Beth was in her bedding compartment face down with her legs spread, Steph and l could see her arse and pussy were very red and there was spunk dribbling out, she had been well used by the lads. I called her and Beth managed to roll onto her back she had dry and fresh spunk in her hair and on her face, she grinned and in a drunken slur said ‘you’re back’, l zipped up the tent door and stripped and lay next to Beth finger fucking her, Steph joined us and l told her to suck my cock which she did expertly then me and Steph lay Beth onto her belly to lift her hips, so l could try to fist fuck her because Beth’s spunked fill pussy was soaking and l had got quite a few fingers up inside her, but she yelped and fell forward, so l told Steph to use their vibrator l had brought them in Beth’s arse, she wriggled a bit then to finish off we got Beth onto her back and Steph licked and sucked her sister’s dribbling spunk filled pussy while l fucked Beth’s throat getting my cock right down and my balls exploded sending gush after gush of hot sticky creamy spunk into Beth’s stomach, it felt so good l had to hold my cock down her throat taking in the moment before withdrawing my cock, we left Beth to recover from the boys and us. Steph and l went to my bed compartment to lay kissing and carry on our fun. We rose from our nest then went for something to eat before getting ready to go to the clubhouse to meet Julie, Karan and Eric. Beth was going nowhere due to her excess of drink, both spunk and alcohol, so we left her with a bucket to throw up in then went to the clubhouse.
Julie was already there and had grabbed a table and chairs for us all, Steph and Karan went off to the games room then Eric went back to their tent about 40 minutes later leaving Julie and me to chat, every so often Steph and Karan returned for more money and a drink. I began to relax as the evening went on, helped by the alcohol we were consuming also as we spoke Julie would rest her hand on my leg and l would bahis siteleri do the same to her. It was while Julie was in the toilet that Steph and Karan returned to tell me they were going back to the tent then Steph asked if Karan could sleep the night, l said she could, but she had to ask her mother Julie, Karan went to find her Julie and while she was gone l told Steph to make sure Karan drinks my vodka because when l get back later lm going to fuck them both, Steph asked if she should show Karan the vibrator l brought her and Beth, it gave me a hard cock imagining the 2 of them fucking each other’s smooth tight pussy’s, Julie came back with Karan asking was l sure then told Karan to behave herself and do as she was told which made me smile because l wanted her to do as she was told later as well.
The clubhouse began to clear so we finished our drinks, it was pitch black outside and neither of us had a torch. We wasn’t drunk, but got a little lost and somehow ended up in the field next to the field where the tents were then Julie said she needed to pee and considering we had only just met she asked me to hold her up so she didn’t fall into the bushes. l couldn’t see her gold stream opening her pussy lips, but l could hear it hitting the ground, l wanted to slide a few fingers into her hole as she pissed. When she finished l helped her up, she put her arms around my neck and we began kissing our tongues searched one another’s mouths. I opened her top to raise Julie’s bra and released her soft mounds to suck she gave a little yelp when l bit her nipples, she held my head tight against her tits. Getting a hand under her skirt l found she had taken off her knickers, Julie’s pussy was dripping with her juices she stood with her legs apart so l could spread her pussy lips to give it a good deep finger fucking. I felt her hand massaging my crutch then the cool air when she took my cock out, Julie knelt in front of me and swallowed my shaft she had obviously practiced on many cocks because she was a real expert, Julie had me dribbling pre-cum in such a short time l heard her whisper ‘not yet’ she got to her feet and bent over, l got into position behind her and slid my cock as far as l could deep inside her warm hole then gripped her by the hips, she let out a soft low sigh when my balls slapped between her legs and l began fucking her. Julie forced herself onto me as l drove my cock inside her, she was panting telling me ‘don’t cum, don’t cum’ l was gripping her so tight to make sure she got every inch of my cock buried deep inside her each thrust made Julie let out ‘Yes!’, she must have felt my pre-cum dribbling inside her because she told me to let her get on all fours then reached around spread her bum cheeks so l tried to get my cock up her arse, Julie said ‘no’ so l slid straight back into her wet sticky pussy and fucked her hard as the first load began filling her she gasped and shuddered on my cock, l gave another thrust into her to deliver the next load ‘oh god yes, yes’ she let out as the last load of my creamy white liquid flooded her womb, l released my grip and Julie fell forward her legs slightly apart and in the moonlight l could see my spunk slowly trickling from her hole. She took some tissues from her bag to wipe her spunk dripping hole then lay kissing for a while before walking back to her tent, before she went inside, we arranged to all go to the beach the next morning.
When l got to my tent it was quiet and only the single light was on in the outer compartment, l crept inside poured myself a drink and noticed the bottle of vodka wasn’t as full then looked into the bed compartment to check on Beth, next poked my head into were Steph and Karan were sleeping, both were naked beside Steph was the vibrator so they had been having fun. Karan’s tits looked fantastic so firm and round, l tied the door up then stripped and sat wanking my cock looking at Steph and Karan’s naked bodies, it didn’t take long for my shaft to react and stand to attention. I poured another drink and heard movement from Beth’s compartment, she crawled out and still looked quite rough then announced she needed a pee l slipped on shorts and top while she wore one of my T-shirts. We walked to the toilets and l took her into the family showers then told Beth to lift the T-shirt and as she pissed l started finger fucking her she winced saying her pussy hurt, it was very red, when Beth finished pissing l made her knee and pissed in her mouth then we both had a shower which was very refreshing. Then went back to the tent and stripped, l squirted almost a tube of gel into her red sore hole because l was going to try fisting her and to start off with l slid 2 fingers into her pussy then 4 fingers into her comfortably, next tried half my hand and Beth began flinching, l was stretching her slippery hole nicely and managed to get all my fingers and thumb then as l was about to give the final push inside Beth, she screeched so l slid my hand out her pussy which stay wide open and l watched it slowly close, Beth’s screech woke Steph and Karan, l kissed Beth telling her we’ll try another time.
I sat in the chair to finish my drink Karan’s eyes were fixed on my cock l whispered to Steph to start playing with Karan, Steph switched on the vibrator and ran it between Karan’s legs she muttered ‘your father is watching’ Steph corrected her saying ‘he’s my step-father’ then kissed Karan, l finished my drink and slipped into the bed tipobet güvenilir mi compartment to lay behind Steph as they kissed l reached over to start playing with Karan’s tits, she was very nervous, but it was only to be expected, but slowly she began to relax. So, positioned my head between Karan’s legs to start tongue fucking her while finger fucking Steph then told Steph to lay on her back spread her legs because l was going to use the vibrator in and out their sweet soft smooth pussy’s as l wanted to know how much of the vibrator Karan could take because she was going to get my cock. I worked the vibrator quite hard in Karan’s hole and used up the last of the gel in her virgin pussy as it was going to be very tight so l opened her pussy as much as l could with the vibrator and the gel was sure to help then it was time to show Karan just how l was going to fuck her by fucking Steph first. Steph spread her legs ready for me to ease my hard shaft into her warm tight pussy then leant over to kiss Karan and whispered she was next, Steph piped up ‘it don’t hurt’, raising Steph’s legs l got my shaft deep inside her as l thrusted my cock hard into her hole l told Karan to kiss Steph so l was able to suck her firm tits. My balls began to tighten l had to stop fucking Steph if l wanted to fuck and pump a creamy load inside Karan, l slid my shaft from Steph’s warm tight hole and lay Karan onto her back then got in position to gently pushed the head of my cock between her pussy lips, l could feel her muscles gripping me even though l had stretched her pussy with the vibrator and filled it with gel, her pussy became very tight around my cock l had reached her hymenal, l kissed Karan then told Steph to kiss her and when she did l gave a thrust of my cock into Karan causing her to wince. Steph and Karan were kissing as l started to fuck her then asked if she was comfortable lifted her legs and began fucking her faster, l got my mouth to her tits and sucked them hard not realising l was leaving marks then it was time to shoot my load up inside Karan and said ‘l’m cumin’, she broke from her kissing with Steph and let out ‘l don’t want a baby’ and before l could answer Steph told her not to worry as l leave my sperm seed in her all the time, but it was too late anyway as l had started emptying my balls inside Karan. When the contents of my balls was flooding Karan’s inside l lifted myself from between her legs and lay back exhausted, Karan remarked to Steph that my spunk was running out her pussy, after a little snogging we all went to sleep.
I was woken early in the morning by bangs and clangs which turned out to be Steph and Karan doing themselves some cereal the bed apartment door opened and Karan asked if l wanted a coffee, she was wearing a flimsy tight vest of Steph’s and some knickers that hugged her pussy to show off the outline of her pussy lips, replying l said yes to the coffee then l wanted her in with me because she was going to get another fucking, Karan grinned and laughed then looked at Steph who told her to get into the bed compartment she’ll do the coffee. Karan knelt beside me and l sat up, lifted her vest over her head to reveal the marks l had done by sucking her tits the previous night, next l began moulding and sucking her firm soft warm tits then gently put her onto her back peeled off the tight fitting knickers, she spread her legs for me to tongue fuck her, l was eager to fuck Karan again and positioned myself between her legs to slide my cock into her. Her hole was warm and sticky from some of the spunk l had filled her with the night before, l was pumping my cock in and out and when Karan told me ‘mmm that’s nice’ l just began filling her with a great load of creamy hot cum fresh from my balls while sucking those wonderful tits, her nipples were small but l got them hard. We climbed out the compartment and Karan put her vest and knickers back on, l sat drinking my coffee while Steph and Karan ate their cereal, Beth poked her head out and nodded toward Karan asking ‘who was that’ l explained it was Steph’s friend then told them all we were going to the beach with Julie, Beth declared not before she had something to eat, so we went for breakfast while Steph and Karan got ready.
It was gone 10.30am before me and Beth met up with the rest of them on the beach this being Beth’s fault as she wanted me to look at her pussy which was still quite red, so l had to
try her hole with my cock telling her a belly full of spunk will ease the pain, well it helped me. Julie had put up a large windbreaker, Steph and Karan were down by the water playing with an inflatable, Beth was spread out on her towel next to me and Julie lay the other side she put some sun lotion onto my back then l was told to roll over and she will do my front. Julie paid particular attention to the top of my legs sliding a hand up the leg of my shorts then into the waistband and seductively whispered for me to lay on my side facing her. She took my cock out to gently begin wanking me, rolling my foreskin down my shaft then brush a finger over the head, she did this several times then slid herself down so she could put my cock into her mouth which was full of her saliva, it was like sliding my cock into a warm spunk filled pussy. Julie knew how to work her mouth she took me to the point of leaking pre-cum then stop this tease went on with what felt like hours then she relented my balls tingled and l held the perabet back of her head and began to shoot a healthy hot load when she forced the tip of her tongue like a cork into my urethral, my cock began to throb it was mind blowing, Julie removed her tongue, l don’t think l had ever had such a powerful ejaculation and the bitch gulped down the lot sucking and licking around my cock long after l had unloaded my load, she only stopped because we could hear Eric calling. Later l gave Julie a nice finger fucking in between people going by and Beth every so often waking to get a drink then it was time to leave the beach as we packed Julie winked and asked if l was going to the clubhouse l smiled my reply. We got to my tent and saw a man standing outside Julie’s tent, it was her boyfriend and he didn’t look happy at seeing her with me, l took my 2 into the tent and she went over to hers.
We went over for a shower then came back, l sat drinking while they play swing-ball as well as drinking l told the girls to wear their other bikini’s so l had something to watch and any passing blokes also enjoyed the view, Karan appeared announcing her mother and boyfriend were arguing then relayed a message from Julie she won’t be going to the clubhouse, l told Karan if she didn’t have to rush off then join the girls so l could look up her short skirt also see her tits jiggle about. I had to sit in the tent because watching them had my cock sticking out like a pole, it was no good l called Steph into the bed compartment telling her to get on all fours there was no foreplay l rammed my cock into Steph’s tight warm hole held her by the hips and fuck her furiously she yelped a few time due to the depths l was forcing my cock inside her, but then it went quiet as my hot creamy liquid began to fill her womb, l fell forward crushing Steph under me, after we kissed and Karan left so Beth joined me and Steph in the compartment we whiled away what was left of the afternoon just fooling about before going to get something to eat then going to the clubhouse, we didn’t stay long as we were all knackered so had an early night.
The next morning l was first up and sat drinking a coffee Beth got up to go piss l told her to go in the bucket as that was l could watch her stream of gold piss spread her pussy lips, she didn’t go for long then went back to bed. I saw a shadow on the tent door and it was Karan she came to tell us they were going , l took her into the bed compartment to lay next to Steph lifted Karan’s skirt she kept saying she didn’t have time, but l carried on sliding her knickers off then rammed my cock right up inside Karan’s smooth warm pussy and fucked the hell out of her, she was telling me to please hurry, l gave a deep thrust and held my cock inside her as my spunk began to flood her womb, no sooner had l lifted myself off then Karan was putting her knickers on, my spunk had already began to flow from between her bald pussy lips. She kissed me and disappeared from the tent, l made another drink and waited for the girls to rise.
I let the girls sleep in as we had nothing planned for that day, Steph rose around 11.30am and Beth was after midday, we hung about the tent having a real lazy day and by mid-afternoon we were all a little drunk and bored when Steph pointed out a passing lad so l innocently remarked take him in the tent and fuck him, Beth jumped to her feet saying ‘she will’ and ran after the lad about 20 minutes later Beth came back, but no lad, Steph gave a laugh, Beth then half pulled down her bikini bottoms to reveal a dripping pussy hole and that was it, it had turned into a competition, so l suggested they hang about the toilet and shower block which they did while l spent the rest of the afternoon getting drunk. I was woken by Beth wanting to show me her pussy so we went into the tent when she was bottomless Steph appeared looking pleased l can’t remember which one got fucked the most as both their holes looked red and well used, but Steph did brag she drank 3 loads of sperm seed. We got a take away that night and the girls put on a little lesbian show for me working the vibrator in each other, can’t remember if l fucked them as l did drink far too much that day.
The next day really was a strange day after breakfast and going to town l sat outside the tent when a guy about 35 walk by then passed again and stopped to ask if Steph was about so l called her, she came out said hello and told him to come in. I could hear they were in a bed compartment and he was fucking her, it was like that till about 5pm, blokes were asking for Steph or Beth fucking the girls then going, l can say the girls were enjoying the freedom l was giving them. That evening after the clubhouse it was just me, Steph and Beth with Steph’s help l finally got to fist Beth she was tight, but l spread her pussy wide enough to get my fist right inside her and so l didn’t forget the moment Steph took a few photos for me to keep. The next day was the last day which meant l couldn’t drink so we spent the day on the beach where l got my balls drained by the girls, they had become experts and swallowed every drop especially Steph.
We were up early, packed the tent and left to go home which wasn’t the same after our camping holiday, l was fucking Steph and Beth more than their mother Gillian the relationship lasted another 14 months then l met my now wife. I often meet with Steph as she now lives only 4 miles from me. Steph if bi and will often have girl and boyfriends she does enjoy sex and doesn’t mind my cock in any of her hole, when l fuck her arse it always reminds me of the first-time l fucked her tight pussy hole as for Beth she is married and their mother Gillian is still a workaholic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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