Anisha – Pub To Terrace – Part 1

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Anisha – Pub To Terrace – Part 1

A few months passed. I was praying that she calls me and we could meet again. I had her number. I could see her pics on dp and check her status. I could see her online but I could not call her. With each day passing with great difficulty I held back my feelings and temptation of not approaching her.

The desire of having her close to me in bed. Feeling her hot arousing breath on my neck. The feeling to lock our lips for infinity in a never-ending kiss. The lovely feeling of having her soft milky boobs in my mouth. The uncontrollable urge to feel her nude body on mine.

The irresistible temptation of moving my tongue deep in her pussy raising her hotness to newer heights. And the sight of her riding my dick and her beautiful melons jumping in front of my eyes. The desperation to insert my raging dick in her burning hole.

The sight to see her moan and ask more from me was driving me absolutely crazy. I could not wait anymore and I really wanted her badly. I was horny for her. Actually when we don’t have engrossing sex for some time. It is bound to happen and it’s a bit distracting also.

Finally one day out of desperation or brain fade I called her. She did not pick my call. I felt bad and guilty also to have broken the promise of not approaching her first. I sent her a sorry message and apologized for dialing her. But there was no response from her.

I was deeply dejected and got a feeling of being ignored and rejected. I almost forgot her and moved on with my routine life. Everything around was so beautiful and colorful. On December 24th night when I checked my phone, Anisha had wished me “Merry Christmas, Vinay. How you are and where are you?”

I was 30 minutes late in checking her message. I was thrilled. Happy and overjoyed like a c***d getting his favorite toy and replied, “ Merry Christmas – me fine. At home.” She informed that she is in the club and was feeling very bored. She asked me to join her.

I was eager to join her. But there was a party in our apartment. I had to compulsorily attend it in next 15 to 20 minutes as my family was away for winter vacations. I had to attend the party and more importantly, I was also part of making arrangements for the party.

The club was around 30 minutes’ drive from my house. I thought of inviting her home. But inviting her home was extremely risky in the current situation. There was no way that I wanted to miss this golden opportunity of being in her lovely company. I was desperate for this opportunity.

She again messaged me asking, “Busy with family?” I replied to her, “Not busy. I am at home alone. Setting up things. 10 minutes please.” I finally decided to have my party with Anisha in my bedroom. I messaged her, “Reaching in 30 minutes,” and quietly locked my flat and left for the club.

I drove to the club and asked Anisha to come out as there was no stag entry. I parked my car and I could see her waiting for me. She was looking absolutely ravishing, sexy. She was wearing a shining red tube top and a black mini skirt. Oh boy, the way she was dressed she was looking delicious.

Her open shoulders and deep cleavage looked mouthwatering. Her canlı bahis şirketleri strapless bra held her boobs very delicately. Her smooth soft long sexy legs and deep thighs were glowing in the bright lights. The bold red lipstick on her lips is just good enough to be sucked.

As she walked her milky white thighs made a great sight. She could drive anybody crazy the way she had dressed. She looked absolutely desirable. The curves of her ravishing body were enhanced incredibly by her revealing dressing. Her stunning boobs looked ready to burst out from her tight top any moment.

I could not have asked anything better than this bright young lady to lighten my Christmas night. I ran towards her and pulled her into a tight hug and lifted her in joy. She was extremely happy. The scent of her body hit me like a whiff of refreshing air. The softness of her skin.

The lovely feeling of her wonderful boobs on my chest instantly had an impact on my senses. I had a raging hard in my pants. I pulled her behind the car and held her and pulled towards me. “Vinay slow. I am here.” She giggled at my excitement and urgency.

The delightful feeling and desires of lust swept us together as we hugged each other. I held her in my arms firmly and pulled her closest to me. I saddled my hard dick firmly in her v area and looked in her eyes. I squeezed her butts and moved my lips close towards her lips. She did not wait and hesitate.

She immediately responded. Oh boy, what was I missing all these days? How delicious she was. As we locked ourselves in a deep long kiss our bodies moved closer to each other. My hands trying to feel each and every part of her body. The heat engulfed both of us.

I kept the pressure of my burning dick on her pussy. I could feel her body heat on my body. In no time we both had turned very horny. I wished there was a bed available and I could fulfill all my deepest desires at that moment. We just looked around and the place was deserted.

No one was there. We moved a little more between other cars. She took my lower lips in her mouth and kept sucking it. Occasionally kept slipping her tongue deep inside my mouth. I could not resist. I moved my hands and softly felt her boobs from the top of her dress.

After feeling them suddenly I gave them a gentle squeeze. She moaned and said, “Aaah Vinay. Please stop. Stop no.” I broke the kiss and moved down on her body. I started to kiss her neck and shoulders aggressively. She pushed me back and said, “Stop Vinay not here. No please. Enough. Let’s go inside. ”

She moved back. As she stepped back she looked in my eyes. We both were taking deep breaths she asked me, “Missed me so much?” I said, “Who the fuck won’t miss you?” We held hands and entered the club. I left her hand held her waist. I pulled her closer to me as we walked.

She held my arms and kept brushing her boobs on my arms as she walked. It was just fantastic. As we moved we again explored each other’s mouths with our tongues. Tasting each other. We spent some time there but we were getting bored as the DJ was not at all entertaining. Music was too loud and jarring.

The crowd was not that energetic. It was really not at canlı kaçak iddaa all exciting. The atmosphere was neither lively not electric as it used to be here. I asked her if we should leave for some other place. She said, Yes it’s annoying.” We left the club discussing our next plan.

It was still 11.15 and I was pretty sure that our apartment party would still be going on. So it would be extremely risky to take her home. We both stood in the parking area discussing. I gave her a few options. But she refused and said, “Do you think would there be anything better than a warm bed?”

I said, “ That would be the best place.” She said, “Come let’s go towards home and look for options.” I said ok and we headed home. As I drove I kept my hand on her soft bare thighs. They were super soft absolutely creamy. In the dim lights, they looked extremely inviting and sexy.

As I touched them a sensation struck me. I kept stroking my fingers on her thighs softly and slowly. I could feel her getting aroused as I could feel her getting goosebumps. I moved my fingers little upwards deeper in her thighs and continued my soft stroking with fingers.

Again I tried to move deeper and she spread her legs a little. Making it easy for me to play and move my fingers deep inside her skirt. In just a few soft delicate strokes her breathing turned heavy. She closed her eyes and rested her head back on the seat. I moved deeper.

I could feel her relaxing and moving little lower again spreading her legs. My fingers made contact with her panties. She looked towards me with starved eyes. Then closed them enjoying my delicate strokes. I could feel the heat from her burning hole as I moved my fingers towards her pussy.

My strokes turned longer, deeper and softer flicking her panties. I was poking at her love hole every now and then. In very little time I could feel her panties getting wet. She was breathing very heavily. I was also aroused to the core and had a very hard dick. I had to concentrate very hard to drive my car.

The bulge on my pant was very awkward. It grew bigger with every stroke on her thighs. She was softly moaning. Then she held my hand when she couldn’t hold her urge anymore. She crossed her legs. My hands were stuck deep in her warm lovely thighs.

I was driving with a single hand. Thankfully as the traffic was very less there was no problem. Her eyes were still closed. She slowly moved her other hand on my pants and tried to feel my dick. She opened her eyes and looked down towards my pants and in my eyes.

She released my hand from her thighs. She used both her hands to pull down the zip of my pants. She slowly slipped her hands in and felt my burning dick. She bent a little and kissed the top of my dick. I moved myself a bit to help her free my raging dick from the confinement of my undies.

She pushed my undies down. She pulled out my burning piece of man meat which she wanted so badly. She held my dick and looked at me and said, “Missed this naughty fellow!” She gave a gentle kiss on the pink knob of my dick. My dick was as stiff as a rock and stood firm pointed towards heaven.

Her eyes widened as she felt it with her mouth. I could feel canlı kaçak bahis the thirst on her face for my dick as she looked at it with starved eyes. She released it, moved her fingers in my pants and pulled out my dick as much as she could. But it hurt me. She did not stop and held it again in between her fingers and started to stroke it.

Her fingers rolling down on my dick in to and fro motion. The touch was so delicate and sensitive that it was maddening. The stokes were so smooth and arousing that I felt my dick grow with her every stroke. The trigger was just too much. I could feel my desires exploding from the deepest corner of my body.

She softly peeled the top skin of my dick. My urge to feel my dick deep in her love pot grew multifold. I left a loud moan and said, “ Fuck you, Anisha.” She said, “ Yes, please. I am waiting.” She kept working magic on my dick with her soft hands. She gently kept stoking it.

My breathing had turned heavier. My dick grew bigger and firmer with every stroke. She moved little back towards the door and bent down. With my dick firmly still in her hand, she flicked the top knob of my dick with a gentle lick. She looked at my dick and again and again licked it in small gentle licks.

Occasionally she sucked the pink top knob. She did this a couple of times. I could not resist and pushed her head. She suddenly took the entire length of my dick in her mouth. She moved back her lips like we lick an ice-cream. I could not drive. I was completely in a different zone.

I found a dark isolated place beneath a few avenue trees and stopped my car there. She kept sucking and licking my dick driving me to an entirely new level of madness. I could feel my dick touch the end of her throat. Soon she was choking as I kept lifting myself and pushing my dick deeper in her mouth.

She started to suck with more vigor and aggression. I felt the heat of my body rise. All the blood from my body moved from my veins and nerves towards my dick. I felt a trigger stirring in my balls. I pushed back her hairs and tried to push down her bra and top. She resisted and said, “Let’s go home, please.”

I was on the brink of ejaculation and she just bloody stopped! It was really maddening and I had to take a few minutes to get normal. She also relaxed by resting her head on my shoulder. We reached our street. It was brightly lit but deserted. Not even a single person on the street.

She got down a little far away at a safe distance. I asked her to wait for my signal to come inside. I parked my car. The party at our flats was almost over. I apologized to everyone. I called Anisha and asked her to wait for 10 minutes. She said in this dress she cannot wait on the road for long.

She said I am coming you keep quiet. I was a little scared and asked her how she will come in as people are still around. She said she will manage. The party was in the parking area. The front-facing flats had balconies facing the road. My heart started to beat very fast.

She came near our main gate and waved up and in a loud tone said, “ Hi aunty, Merry Christmas. I am coming,” and she entered the building. Most of the men standing around were staring at her. She just like that walked her way to the lift. I breathed a sigh of relief. She messaged me that she is on the terrace waiting for me.

In the next part, I will describe what happened that Christmas Eve. Hope you liked this story until now. Please send your feedback and comments

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