A Weekend In Paradise Day 2 !

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A Weekend In Paradise Day 2 !
Half an hour later while I was sat chatting to Sheila the barmaid, the girls walked in.

“Hi again Sparky” “Oh no” I thought. “Hi girls ok” “Fine” they replied “Would you like a drink?” Claire asked “We could share a bottle of wine”.

“You’re not old enough to drink” I stated.

“Sheila can we buy Sparky a drink?” “As long as Sparky pays” Sheila replied.

Claire gave me a fiver and I ordered the bottle and Sheila came back with the wine and three glasses and winked at me.

We moved to a corner table. “Like our new gear” Katie asked. They looked stunning. Again bare legged, short denim skirts and tight T-shirts, revealing that they were braless, the T-shirts bearing the logo “WE ARE OLD ENOUGH TO FCUK” ! “Very nice but a bit provocative ! You’re Mam wont like it” I said laughing.

“We didn’t buy it for Mam Sparky” Claire replied as she took a sip of her drink. I could feel my cock hardening. I had to resist but knew it would be difficult. I thought back to us fucking earlier and it made me even harder. They were wanting another I knew and that’s how the conversation went forward.

“Claire wants what I got Sparky” Katie suddenly said “What do you mean ?” I replied, knowing where this was leading. “She wants cum on her face and tongue like you did to me”.

“I’m sorry I really can’t” and continued “Look girls last night was what was agreed. I kept my side of the bargain and, to be honest, so did your Mam. I’m sorry too and hey it was nice, fantastic, but I go out with your Mam and she will not like it ok ? so that has to be an end of it girls sorry”.

“Fuck Mam ! She said you were our birthday present and Auntie Christine is coming today to celebrate it with us so you’re still ours” Katie said rather loudly !

There were a few people in the pub now. The girls stood up up and wandered towards the toilet. I watched them and saw them stop and talk to to Sheila for a couple of minutes.

I looked at my watch and saw it was only 12.30. The bottle was nearly empty so, totally against my sensible judgement, I thought id get another.

I walked to the bar and ordered.

Sheila smiled and said “They’ve told me Sparky but don’t worry they are both legal now and with Anns permission eh ? Lucky you and i reckon they are after you again”.

“I know” I sighed “No permission from Ann now ! I’m barred. It was a one off”.

Sheila just laughed and said “bet it ain’t Sparks” and gave me the wine and three new glasses.

I poured the girls a glass each and decided I’d prefer a pint so returned to the bar for one. I was hoping that they would get tired after last nights exertions as they were visibly getting tipsy again. Also Christine was due in about 3 hours and we were due out tonight.

We carried on talking, the girls going on about sex non-stop. They were all over me and it was getting very embarrassing so I said to them “I’m off home now to wait for your Auntie, You carry on if you like but don’t forget we are out tonight”.

I left and was laid on the settee when I heard the girls arrive, giggling, and casino siteleri go straight up the stairs to their room.

“Thank You God” I whispered to myself. I checked my watch and saw it was only half two and Christine wasn’t due until 4 so closed my eyes and started to doze off with relief.

I was awoken by the girls about half an hour later. I looked up and they were topless but still wearing their skirts which they lifted to show me Katies Ginger And Claires Black pussies. ” Come on Sparky we want to fuck !” They said together and jumped on me.

Kate bent over and kissed my cheek and Claire went for the button and flies on my jeans. “Oh girls this isn’t right” “You want to and we do so lets do it Sparky Yea” they shouted back.

It was then God intervened again ! The doorbell rang. I looked through the window. Auntie had arrived early !

“Quickly upstairs girls and get dressed”. They actually did as they were told ! I went to welcome their Aunt. “Hi Chris good journey?” I asked.

She pecked me on the cheek and said “Excellent thanks. Got a late running train so got here early. (bit of a paradox but I knew what she meant) How are you ?”

“Im fine, want a cuppa or a glass off something?” I asked. “I could kill a Bacardi and Coke. I had one on the train, cost a fucking fiver!!” she said with a laugh. I went to get her drink when the girls returned.

“Hi Auntie” they said together. “Hi Girls ! Happy Birthday ! ” and she gave them both a kiss.

Christine was 13 years younger than Ann, 27, and like the girls, slightly over 5 feet tall. Very pretty with short ginger hair and a slim petite figure and small pert breasts. A more mature Katie. She also liked her drink.

I put her B&C on the coffee table.

“I’m off into the shower before you girls grab it. I’ll be back for the footie results” and went up the stairs.

I showered, got changed, and returned downstairs. “Who’s next” I asked. “We’ll let you watch your footie results in peace” Christine said “We’re going for a chat, shower and change”.

I was laid,as usual, on the settee when Ann arrived home. She stepped into the living room, gave me one of her withering looks, said nothing, and headed up the stairs.

I heard shouting from above ! Christine and Ann having a major argument and the girls shouting in the background.

About an hour later the girls came down together and Christine popped her head round the door and said “Right Sparky. Pub time”. It was only 6pm.

“Seen Ann” I asked. “Yes” Chris replied “Not very convivial…we’ve had a few words. Didn’t you hear ?” “No” I half lied.

I’d heard the raised voices but not the words said. Ann entered the room and we set off to the pub. Ann silent throughout while myself Chris and the girls merrily chatted, winding her up even more.Ten minutes later we were there.

We got our drinks, sat down and chatted. Ann still not talking. Christine and the girls were on good form and looked stunning. Claire and Katie in short skirts, as usual, tight cropped tops, showing their taut flat stomachs, bare tanned legs, and canlı casino trainers.

Christine in a flimsy top and skirt that showed off her stunning sexy body. So provocative. Ann was in her usual jeans and t-shirt and was not in the mood for jollity, which the rest of us were !

I thought then that she had an idea things were being planned and I was planning them but I wasn’t !

We sat and chatted saucily, Ann not joining in and getting more annoyed. She was also getting more pissed as she kept going to the bar for an extra drink.

There’s going to be trouble soon” I said. “It would be better if I leave and go back to my house and leave you all to celebrate”.

“You will do no such thing !” Christine replied firmly. “You have done nothing wrong ! What happened last night was Anns suggestion and she has to cope with the fact that the girls loved it…Katie more than Claire though I believe” The girls giggled.

“Sparky they want to fuck you again and to be honest after what I’ve heard I want to join in and its gonna be tonight!”.

Ann staggered back from the bar to find Christines hand squeezing my knee and she went off on one. “What the fucks going on” she shouted “God you fucking slut !! My Sis is wanting to fuck my boyfriend everybody!”

Karen the Manageress came over. “Ann finish your drink and leave please ! I think you’ve had enough !” ” FUCK OFF I’m going now !” Ann shouted.

I made a move to get up and take Ann home but Christine stopped me. “No Steve I’ll take her. You stay with the girls”.

As Christine motioned to Ann for her to leave. Ann shouted “And FUCK YOU !” She threw the remains of her drink over me !

I sat there wiping myself down, other customers were sat sat whispering to each other, looking over, then Claire, not phased, looked at me lovingly and said “Don’t worry Sparky. We’ll look after you. Mams pissed and out of order”.

They both put their arms around me and gave me a kiss on each cheek. A big shout of “Sparky’s clicked with Katie and Claire now as well as her sis” came from some lads I knew. EMBARRASSING !

Christine arrived back 30 minutes later. “She’s out for the count now so lets sit and enjoy ourselves eh”.

“Of Course” I replied.

It was only about 9 o’clock and we continued chatting. A couple of lads tried to hit on the girls but were given short shrift. Christine getting admiring looks and me getting several winks from lads I knew and glowers from others.

Two hours flew by, the conversation was reasonably clean but became dirtier as we got closer to leaving.

We arrived back home and I went to get drinks while Christine went to check on Ann. The girls going to the living room.

I returned with the drinks to find Christine, with a cardboard box next to her, giggling with Claire and Katie. “What are you giggling about?” I asked. “You’ll soon find out soon” she said and added in a whisper ” Take this. A little pill ! .Its called Cialis and will make you rock hard even after the drink you’ve had but they take about 30 mins to work so we are gonna give you a little kaçak casino treat” she said with a wink.

With that she motioned the girls to remove their tops and told them to remove their knickers. Christine stood up and told the girls to lie down on the floor placing a cushion under their heads, She reached into her box and pulled out two vibrators and moved over to them.

“Lift your skirts and open your legs girls” she ordered them. She then went down on Katie and licked her pussy and then the same to Claire, and turned on the vibrators and placed them on their clits.

God my cock was rising rapidly.

“Is that nice?” she asked the girls.

“God ! It’s lovely Auntie” Katie replied. “Mmmmmmm” was all Claire could utter.

“Right ! Play with them and entertain Sparky by licking and fucking each other”. With that she took her box of tricks and wandered upstairs.

The girls did as they were told. They started wanking themselves and then each other. 69ing and thrusting the vibrators into each others pussy. “They’ve done this before” I thought to myself. My cock was bursting out of my jeans.

Then Christine reappeared !

The action stopped ! She walked in wearing a strap-on !

We all looked at her, open mouthed !!!

Christine, nonplussed, came over unbuttoned my jeans, pulled down my flies and slowly slid my jeans off together with my undies. My cock sprang out pointing hard in the air.

“Right Sparks I can see you’re ready. Katie or Claire?”

“Either” I stuttered in amazement.

Christine said ” Don’t worry everybody ! I’ve checked on Ann. She’s dead to the world so its Fun Fun Fun ! Okay Claire are you ready ? and Sparky give it to Katie”

Christine was the composer and the conductor of this. Unbelievable !

She started fucking Claire as I entered Katie. Both girls gave a little squeal as we started. God this was more than good ! We continued fucking missionary, Katie spurting a couple of times until Christine said “Swap time”.

We swapped as ordered. Me in Claire and Chris in Katie. Both girls were sighing with each thrust of plastic and real cock.

Christine then said “doggy style now ….you and Katie, me and Claire, turn around Claire and face Katie”.

We started again but Christine was looking and smiling at me as we continued fucking the girls. “I’m about to cum!” I mouthed to her “Oh no you’re not” she mouthed back. I still hadn’t seen Christines pussy. Was it shaved or not I was asking myself stupidly as I continued to fuck a barely legal pussy.

Suddenly Chris said “Right that’s it ! Blow job and cum time girls ! On the settee Sparks”

I did as I was told. ” Christine started wanking me “Suck his balls girls”.

The girls looked at Chris and said “What d’ya you mean Auntie?”.

“Lick and suck his balls while I wank him okay”.

They did as they were told and that was it for me. “I’m Cumming ! Oh my God !”

“Not yet” she said as she slowed down “Up here and open your mouths” she instructed the girls. She then started wanking me again and within moments my cum sprayed over the girls faces and hair.

Claire smiled and said “Thanks got my facial Sparky ! Thank you Auntie you said I would” .

Christine nodded and smiled at Claire then leaned forward and sucked me clean. We had a group hug and we all kissed each other……to be continued …..

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