A New Taste Part 23 (Bum Heaven) Bi.

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A New Taste Part 23 (Bum Heaven) Bi.
Harrison and Polly arrived back at my place about 11 at night. Polly used the bathroom and then I told Harrison to get ready for us. I left everything he would need laid out on the bathroom cabinet. He would be about half an hour prepping himself. As the sound of the shower ran Polly and I slipped into bed. I descended between her thighs to explore my delicious pussy with my tongue. She thrilled me by rolling over and grabbing my head. Face sitting is such a satisfying pleasure.

She jumped off and took hold of my cock. “I have been thinking about this all day.: She said as she masturbated me. “Harry’s parents took us to a country pub for lunch. It was a lovely day. Lovely weather.” She sucked the head briefly. “Lovely food.” She took a few inches into her warm mouth and sucked off it with a pop. “All I could think about was this gorgeous cock ramming Harry’s arse.” She began a spirited suction taking half of my length and working fast.

“You know he is gay don’t you?” I managed to say as she worked me ever harder. She detached herself and gazed lustfully at my cock.

“Yeah, I know. I knew before I saw his face when you fucked him. The thing is Ben, I’ve never felt this horny in my life. I don’t care if he is straight or not I’m so turned on I’m fucking dripping!”

She engulfed me again. With detaching I managed to stand up. I love getting blown while standing. My cock feels somehow more powerful. Harrison looked out from the bathroom and gazed at his girlfriend kneeling and fellating me.

“Are you ready?” I asked. He nodded and I reluctantly detached myself from Polly’s lips and headed to the bathroom. My heavy cock pointing the way. In the bathroom Harrison was partly made up with a little eye make up and lipstick. He had his black thong and hold ups on and was doing up his practical heels. I helped slide the stripey dress over his shoulders and down his skinny frame.

“Hold on!” I said as it neared his waist. I hurriedly placed a cock ring over his hairless ball sack and tucked his pale penis through. “Ok.” I said. “All done!” And he was ready to be his true self. I held him and kissed him delicately. “I love you.” He said. “Likewise Babe.” I said giving him a hug. “You can show her who you really are.”

He walked the short distance to the bedroom and stood on display before a naked Polly.

“You look amazing darling.” Said Polly. Harrison spun around as I slowly stroked my cock next to him. “Ben is going to fuck you so hard darling.” She teased. I pulled up the dress to show his thong.

“Such a nice bum!” She said. I slid the thong to his feet and he daintily stepped out of it. I turned him around.

“I’m going to show you something very handy about Harrison. Put your hands behind your back.” I said as I cupped his genitals. I gave his cock a sharp bostancı escort slap. I held it and slapped it again, taking care not to hit his balls. I hit his cock again. He started to grow. After a dozen careful slaps he was rigid. A perfect youthful erection.

“There you are. His cock performs so beautifully.” I slapped his balls, he grimaced.

“Thank you Sir.” He said.

I pushed it down and let it slap his belly.

“What do you want Harry?” Polly asked.

“I… I just want Ben’s cock inside me.” He said with a sense of relief.

“Who is in charge Ben?” Asked Polly.

“I am.” I replied emphatically. She grinned. “Now both of you get on all fours on the bed. Bums up, shoulders down.”

They both complied with my instruction and wiggling into position next to each other was the most heavenly sight I had ever seen. A perfect boys bum, narrow hipped, firm buttocked. Smooth and hairless. His pink pussy, his pale cheeks. Firm testicles bulging out between his thighs. Polly was so different. Wide feminine hips tapering to a narrow waist, round exquisitely formed cheeks parting wide to display her tempting tight anus. The glistening lips of her pussy and the mound of her pubic hair so beautifully framed by her thigh gap. It was the purest most beautiful spectacle.

I picked up my camera and took a couple of photos to preserve the intense beauty forever. Then my base side took over. I stood behind them stroking my cock. “Masturbate.” I ordered. “Both of you.” They did as they were told. “Harrison, bend it back so I can see it.” He did. It was straining under tension. I knelt behind them like I was about to conduct a ritual ceremony. My tongue licked a long trail between Polly’s buttocks. I shivered with excitement then began to make love to her arsehole with my tongue. She was left in no doubt that I wanted to be the first cock inside her arse. My tongue was the advance party. She moaned and finger fucked her pussy while I worked.

Harrison patiently masturbated while I devotedly rimmed his girlfriend. I couldn’t keep the sweet boy waiting. I kissed Polly’s hole once more before shifting to Harrison. Her fingers audibly plunged into her sex as my tongue started tickling his wanton ring. His lust pushed against me and I stiffened my long tongue to partly enter him. I ravished his arsehole until my open jaw and tongue muscles needed a rest. I stood. My face was hot and red. Beneath me two beautiful wet anuses pulsed as both lovers pleasured themselves. I reached for lubrication and spread ample on the fingers of both hands. I positioned myself between the two offerings and my fingertips teased both holes at once. It was a perfect thrill for my fingers to enter both simultaneously. Harrison took two long fingers straight away, Polly allowed one and turned to Harrison to share the experience. ataşehir escort bayan

“Harrison is taking two.” I told her.

“I want two then!” She replied. The middle finger of my left hand pushed around the muscles of that divine hole and was crushed against the other finger until she relaxed.

“Fuck, how do you take his cock I can barely take his fingers!” She said to Harrison.

“He has big fingers!” Harrison joked back.

I worked both bums for a few minutes until I needed more. I wiped my digits on a towel and offered my staff to his butt. I shoved in. Naked cock in his arse. I pushed quickly until he had it all. Polly looked round and watched attentively. I looked at her as I fucked him.

“This is how we fuck Polly. He keeps himself clean and we fuck bareback.” I took my cock out and rammed back in. I grabbed his hips and thrusted hard. “He loves a hard fucking!” I gasped as I ploughed. She was masturbating with both hands as I pounded him. “Hard.” I thrust again. “Gay.” Another plunge. “fucking.” I pulled out swinging my wet cock. I threw a dildo at Polly.

“Dip it in your pussy then I want to see you fuck your arse with it.” I instructed.

“Oh fuck!” She said slightly concerned. “I want you to put it in.”

I held the silicon cock and firmly pushed the bulb through the resistance of her sphincter.

“Oh fuck, slowly, slowly!” She quickly requested. I slipped it back and forth as Harrison rocked his whole body on and off my cock.

“Oh fuck, Jesus!” She said. “I feel so fucking full. But it’s good. It is good”

“Are you going to take Ben?” Asked Harrison between thrusts of my cock.

“Jesus Harry I want to but fuck it looks so big! How do you do it?”

Harrison buried his forehead in a pillow and spoke truthfully.

“I love the stretch of his cock. I love how his cock makes cum flow out of me. I love giving in to it, asking for it, asking to be fucked… buggered. It’s dirty and beautiful.” I spanked him for his lovely comment.

“Ben,” Said Polly with abandon. “Fuck my arse!”

I didn’t need telling twice. Out came my hard shaft. I towelled it off then thoroughly lubricated it. Poised at her anus I massaged my swollen glans against her opening.

“You must ask for it,” I said.

“Do it! Fuck my arse!” She blurted out.

My left hand held her waist and my right held my 8 inches as I pushed beyond her tight hole. She
panted and put a hand behind her to slow my entry.

“Jesus christ!” She announced. Harrison held her hips and encouraged her. “It will get easier baby, Relax, you can do it!”

I remained still despite the fantastic sensation electrifying my groin. Inch by inch she accommodated me. Harrison lubed her anus as she resumed rubbing her clitoris.

Finally I slowly, carefully fucked her beautiful bum. She sweated and I struggled to avoid emptying myself inside her. I saw Harrison’s göztepe escort bayan dick sticking up covered with his own precum and told him to present it to Polly’s mouth. She devoured it. I couldn’t hold on and told Polly to make herself cum.
I took seconds, her gyrating fingers trembled a juddering orgasm from her crotch through her belly and I had no say about the climax that hosed out of my hard on into her virgin bowels. It was milked out as her arsehole gripped and released me. She pushed Harrison away and he was caught out furiously wanking to match our orgasms. I grabbed him at arms length and drew his cock to my mouth. He started to lose his load as he approached but I contained the spurts in my delirious mouth while Polly’s muscles milked my softening member below. Harrison finished and fell away still stiff onto his back on the bed. I looked down at the stunning curves of Polly’s bum and my penis slipped from her perfect embrace. Cum dribbled out with it. She slumped forward as I stumbled to my feet. My cock was very well used indeed. Both my lovers lay exhausted and content. Two beautiful used bums. All of us happy to be a little bit sore.
“What dirty fuckers we are!” Said Polly.

After cleaning ourselves up we slept together under a sheet in the hot air. I got up early with morning wood. My mind full of the wonders of the previous night. I sat in the living room gently maintaining my erection from the leg of my boxer shorts.

Polly and Harrison would head back to university shortly but I could certainly say I had made the most of the last two days. A naked Polly entered the room, it was 7.30 and there I was boldly holding my cock.

“Ha, you horny fucker!” She said. “Christ, how did I take that thing in my bum!” She came over to me, kneeled down and took over masturbating me. “It is a beautiful cock though.”

“Thank you.” I said quietly. “And thank you for last night, It was so beautiful.”

“It was, it was…” She agreed. “But I’m surprised I can walk today!”

“I love your bum.” I offered softly.

“That much is clear. You really do worship don’t you?”

“Nothing could be finer.” I relied.

“Next time we are down I will sit on your face and you can lick me to your hearts content.” She began a slow suck as I imagined her sitting on my face. After a few glorious minutes I asked if she wanted to fuck and she broke away just long enough to say.

“No I want you to cum in my mouth, quickly now, I have a busy day planned!” I adored her sarcasm and settled back to let her work. She used both hands and gave a wonderfully stimulating blow job on the first few inches of my slightly sore cock.

“I’m close!” I warned. She murmured something encouraging and I unloaded a powerful spritz of mancum in unstoppable blasts into that devilish mouth. When my orgasm subsided she let the organ slip from her lips and taking a breath through her nostrils moved to kiss me. I knew her game and our tongues shared the cum with slutty freedom.

She walked off towards the bathroom giving me a perfect view of her derriere. I had won the lottery.

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