A gay summer Holiday – Part 4

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 4

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Chapter 4
A musical merry-go-round.

That morning Chris and JT met up with Jelmer at the gym for their early morning work out. Chris was starting to enjoy it very much. Working hard and playing even harder. The volunteer group got a bit smaller, but still, the work on the next couple of cabins progressed at a good pace. More digging and prepping work got done. And the group enjoyed themselves.

They joked around a lot and were happy to learn new stuff from Chris. Christopher taught them everything he had learned during school and internships. He taught them how to work efficiently without having to put extra effort into it. They even were helped by some of the island builders who dropped by during their lunch breaks. It was hard work… but they all enjoyed the experience very much. The guys and girls wore less and less the longer the workday went on. And that made the group a little too horny. Two by Two some of the guys and girls went into the woods or one of the cabins. And when they came back they had big smiles on their faces as they went back to work. Nothing was said, but everyone knew what was going on.

Chris got a big surprise at the end of that working day. He was invited by JT to come with them to a special event later that week. Jan-Thijs had gotten 6 VIP tickets for Chris, Jelmer, Jesse, Sipke the baker’s son and his own brother Peet. Before the start of the holiday season the Islanders, young and old, got together at the local beach club near town. To celebrate the start of a new holiday season and the end of the time they had the island to themselves. Chris had heard of this get-together. The beach club owner Wessel was a world-renowned celebrity known only on the island. He was one of Chris’s favorite singer-songwriters. And no holiday to the island was complete without at least one night out at his beach club.

During the holiday season, there was a waiting list to get in the club. But during this islanders only celebration, it was impossible for outsiders to get in. Only a few hundred people could get tickets. The 6000 island inhabitants had the chance to sit outside the club to listen to Wessels performance. Or watch it on the island’s local TV network. On the beach and the pasture in front of the club concession stands were put up along with huge video screens. It was a very popular event. That Chris was allowed to join the Islanders was a huge exception. Apparently, the committee that approved the tickets had seen Chris as one of them. But Christopher was a little worried about it anyway. He did not want to disturb their private get together.

The work week had seen huge progress. Next week the guys needed to get to the mainland to get mortar, plaster, paint, sealant and other building supplies. As well as 30 new kitchenettes and other bits and bobs from IKEA. Most were already pre-ordered and paid for. They just needed to go pick stuff up.

Chris met up with the guys at his aunt Dianna’s place. Chris wore the leather pants, a loose white blouse, and the leather wrist band. He also had put on the cowboy boots. He looked extremely cool. Jelmer was pleasantly surprised at Chris’s new look. So much so that he forgot that no one knew yet that he was gay. Or that he was Chris’s boyfriend. He never the less flung himself around Christopher’s neck and kissed him passionately. Sipke, Pieter and his uncle and aunt looked very surprised at the two guys. But seeing as Chris and Jelmer did not seem to care what they thought, they went along with it.

“You can’t change nature or stop true love!”, said aunt Dianna happy. Chris, after catching is breath, introduced Jelmer as his boyfriend. And that caught Jel off guard. But he recovered quickly and gave Chris a small peck on the cheek. “Aww… Yeah… I forgot about them not knowing yet… Thanks, honey… I like it when you call me your boyfriend.”, he said very pleased with the official announcement. Now that everyone knew they were gay and in love they were cool with it. JT and Jelmer’s younger brother Jesse knew already. And Jesse could not be more proud of his big brothers coming out. Chris and Jelmer knew that within the hour the entire island will have heard about this. But they really did not care what other people would say or think about it.

The 6 studs walked over to ‘the Whaler’. Wessel’s beach club. The fenced off area, for the Islanders only, was already getting quite full. The locals who did not get tickets for inside the club sat in front of the huge video screens on güvenilir bahis the lawn. And also a nice crowd had gathered inside the club. The tickets of the guys were checked and no one looked at all surprised at Chris being there. But Chris still felt that he was crashing their party. The guys found seats on a few leather couches halfway in the club. From there they could see the bar and the stage very well.

Chris set on the far end of the couches. Feeling a bit uncomfortable and nervous. But looking oh so fucking cool. Some of the visitors even asked if Chris was going to perform as well tonight. They said he looked like a rock star. Chris laughed and told them he was only here as a visitor. Wessel had also noticed Chris and the guys. He walked over and greeted Jelmer and Jan-Thijs. They were regulars at his club. And even helped out doing bar work during peak holiday season sometimes. Jelmer introduced Chris as his boyfriend. And he told Wessel that Chris was fixing up the bunkers with them. Chris got a firm hand from Wessel and he sat down on the couch’s armrest next to Chris.

“You’re looking mighty fine Chris…”, said Wessel with a wink. “Thanks… Sir…”, said Chris sort of awestruck. Chris looked at the acoustic guitars hanging on the wall next to him. “Do you play Chris?”, asked Wessel. “No, well I can make sounds come from it… But I would not say that I can play it as you do…”, said Chris looking at the ground. Wessel grabbed one of the guitars and handed it to Chris. “Show me… Don’t be shy… We are here to enjoy ourselves, as islanders among friends.”, said Wessel. “He is a bit worried seeing as he is import.”, answered Jelmer. “If you got your ticket approved then you’re an islander Chris… play me something please…”, Wessel asked.

Chris took the guitar. But rather than holding it the way you normally would he placed it flat on his lap. Christopher started playing one of his favorite songs by Wessel. He had added some notes and he also used the guitar as a drum as he was playing the intro. As soon as he got to the first verse Chris started to sing the song himself. And Wessel joined in during the chorus. That pleased Chris very much. The guitar was hiding his boner well. The technique with which Chris played the guitar made a big impression on Wessel. By the time the second chorus started Chris took the second voice and let Wessel sing the first. Their voices melted together. And that gave Chris the confidence to continue. Chris got ambitious and used his cowboy boot to add some bass drum. And slowly the club went quiet and the TV crew picked up this impromptu duet.

Chris could not believe it… He was singing with his favorite singer-songwriter in his club, during a special event. Chris got all red in the face after the song was done and they had gotten the applause they deserved. Officially the event had not started yet. But this was a good way to warm up, told Wessel. He asked if Chris also wrote songs himself and what other instruments he played. Chris told him he played mostly drums, but that he also played the violin and some wind instruments. But not professionally or in a band. He felt he was not good enough for that. “You’re selling yourself short, dude… You are fucking amazing…”, said Wessel.

Chris pulled out a piece of paper from his wallet. “I bet you get this a lot… But I have written a little song myself if you want to hear it…”, stammered Chris anxious. Wessel took a quick look and told Chris to go for it.
Christopher started playing softly and the TV crew placed a few microphones near the guys. The intro was already very interesting. As Chris started singing again the beach club and the people outside were starting to listen.

The song was about a young man who wished that he would live on the island and be part of their great community. Serving the cursed tourist in summer and then cursing the loneliness in winter. Somehow that struck a nerve. After Christopher was done he noticed that there was not a dry eye in the room. Even Wessel was crying openly. Chris got a firm hug from Wessel. “Thanks, man… That was… That… God that was so bloody nice!”, said Wessel. And only after those words were broadcast the applause came rolling into the club. It started outside and it got louder and louder. And before long the club was cheering wildly.

Wessel asked if he could sing it together with Chris and he called his background singers over. They quickly talked if it was okay if Wessel made copies of the lyrics. Chris agreed, but he had one condition. Wessel perabet was about to let it pass. He did not like it when people came with conditions for the songs they offered him. Christopher told him, and the rest of the island, that Wessel could record the song if he liked it. But that at least 10% of proceeds needed to go to a fund that helped the island’s youths stay on the island for as long as possible. That turned Wessel around. He loved that idea. In fact, the entire crowd cheered after hearing it.

Wessel and Chris walked over to the stage and Chris instructed the guitar players. Chris was asked to sit behind the drums and Wessel and the backing group went over the lyrics. Chris told the band that he wanted to add an instrumental break at a specific location in the song and to double up the chorus at the end. They quickly went over and rehearsed the music together, as the waiting crowd was invited to buy a beer in the meantime. Chris was amazed to find himself to be the opening act for that night’s events.

Wessel asked Chris if he wanted to introduce his song. “Let’s do a double intro and I can tell what this song is about, and why I wrote it.”, said Chris. He gave a 4 count on the drums and started playing. The band joined in, and Chris proudly introduced the song. The TV cameras were recording all of it beautifully. And then Wessel started singing the song. The chorus was sung by Chris and the backing singers as he directed the whole thing from behind the drums. The song had gotten a real punch. The raw raspy voice of Wessel, combined with the boyish sound of Chris and the well-trained sound of the backing vocalists had a lot of impact on the listeners.

Again the crowd remained silent for a good minute or so. But then went wild again. Wessel thanked our young Chris for an amazing song and great performance. He opened the event officially and Chris walked back over to his friends.
The mayor of the islands municipality stopped him. She gave him a special island pin. And she whispered in his ear. “You’re now one of us. Wear it with pride!”. Chris thanked her and showed the pin off to the people around them as well as the TV crew. Knowing that his grandmother and uncle Burt would be watching this from her home.

The guys were all wiping away their tears and they hugged Christopher when he walked back to them. “Now a beer, and a great time!”, exclaimed Chris, in the local islander’s dialect. That was apparently recorded by the microphones because a cheer arose from the crowd. And he got a thumbs up from Wessel on stage.

That evening the 6 guys walked a little tipsy back over to the campgrounds. A few extra crates of beer and sodas where acquired as the boys set out to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. The guys were all hot and bothered by the proceeding events and were ready to fuck until dawn. Even Sipke and Jan-Thijs and little Pieter got in on it this time. The sling was used well and every hole of every guy was at least filled with cock once.

The next morning after the guys had woken up late they chatted about what happened last night. And they came to the conclusion that it had been fucking amazing. They ate breakfast in the nude together as if that was the normal thing to do. Peet had put on some clothes to go take a shower at the shower building on the other side of the camping grounds. He was the youngest of the group. And they took it very easy on him of course. He was the only one who did not get fucked. But the guys made sure that he did not feel left out either.

After about 10 minutes Christopher put on his leather jeans and cowboy boots and walked bare-chested to the showers as well. He took his phone, a pair of towels and shaving gear with him.
Near the shower block, Chris heard a loud commotion coming from the building. He clearly heard Peet screaming that he did not want it. And he texted to Jelmer; “9 1 1 shower block PEET in deep shit”. And ran into the building. When the door flung open he saw the leather biker guy and 4 of his friends trying to use our little Pieter in a way he was clearly not ready for. They were about to take his ass one by one as a merry-go-round. The man had his dick swinging out of his Leather pants and two others had Peet’s arms attached by Leather straps over the shower mounts. Raising him off the ground. His feet kicking around wildly and his ass red with a beating that he had already received.

Chris did not think of the consequences, but he gave the leather men a pointed kick between his legs. As if he was trying to score a field goal. perabet giriş The pointed cowboy boot hit its mark well. The guy jumped at least a meter into the air. Dropping down in a lot of pain. Grasping his balls. The other leather-clad guys wanted to jump Christopher. But at the moment they wanted to grab him Jelmer, Sipke, Jan-Thijs, and Jesse came running in. They got into a fight with the guys. As Jesse escorted Pieter to safety. The 5 Leather men got the shit kicked out of them. And they gave up quickly. They were clearly much less tough then their appearance made them out to be. Saying that they did not mean it and that it was Peets fault and shit like that.

Christopher stood over them and looked at the dirty fuckers. “Strip…”, he ordered them sternly. “You just lost your leather privileges, perverts! Pack up your shit… And you will be on the next ferry out of here!”.
“You can’t do that!”, the man shouted. “It’s that… or we fucking call the police!… And wait until your wives hear what you have been doing here… You dirty fuckers… Besides that, these studs look way better than you in those leathers.”, Chris shouted. The leather guys were roughly ‘helped’ out of their leathers by the guys. And those assholes quickly got dressed and removed their tents and ran for the harbor. Some of the guys made sure that they got on the next ferry home.

Pieter was still only wearing a towel when Chris walked back to the shower block. He gave him a leather jacket that the smallest of the leatherman had been wearing. “Here you go Peet… they wanted you to have this…”, said Chris with a wink. Pieter, who had been crying, managed to give him a smile. “Chris I need to talk to you in private…”, Peet whispered caressing the leather Jacket.
“I may have brought this on myself…”, he said softly. “Peet, dude, whatever you did or did not do does not matter. What they wanted to do to you was unheard of…”, said Christopher reassuringly. “If you want to play with the boys… then go play with someone of your own age you can trust… And don’t be in a fucking hurry to grow up so fast… You’re only young once in your life…”, said Chris giving Pieter a hug.

“No one needs to know about this, Peet. The only thing you need to do is tell me honestly… Are you okay? Did they hurt you badly?”, asked Chris sternly. “No, apart from my pride and a red ass I am okay.”, sighed Pieter. “Okay, that’s a relief to hear you say that. You do realize that this could have ended up with you in hospital… Right?”, said Chris sternly. Pieter started to cry a little again. “Come on let’s find you your pants and get you back to my place. There is a beer with your name on it waiting for you!”, said Chris calmly.

The guys walked back over to the cabin Chris was staying in. Going over the leather gear and trying stuff on. That got them all fucking hot again. Jan-Thijs and Chris saw Peet whispering something to Jesse. The two of them stood up and walked over to the sling. The guys saw how Jesse got sling fucked hard by leather-clad Pieter. Jan-Thijs stood behind his brother and encouraged him to let loose. Peet shot a huge load over his boy Jesse. The rest of the group stood with their dicks out their leathers watching big Peet fuck the crap out of Jesse. And the boys loved it. “Little boys grow up fast”, exclaimed Chris.

Sipke got into the leather bags of one of the guys and pulled out a paddle. He started to pound Chris’s ass hard. And before long all of the 6 guys were in a full-on bondage and dominance sex game. Enjoying the leather and each other. After the fucking hot sex, the guys cleaned all the leathers together and divided the gear up between them. They hang out together for the rest of the day. They combined some of their new Leather gear with their normal clothes. And they all looked damned cool. Sipke took Jan-Thijs home. Jesse and Pieter stayed at the cabin. And Jelmer invited Christopher to move in with him in his little farmhouse. Taking the sling and surplus leather gear with them.

The guys took a two-day break in the building work and enjoyed the free time. Chris took inventory of the work so far and decided that they were progressing much faster then he had planned. Almost all the cabins where stripped and cleaned. The gully behind the bunkers for the French drain system was dug out. And the roof was ready for new rebar and concrete. So this short break did not matter in the grand scheme of things. Christopher used the free time to visit some other relatives. And everywhere Chris went on the island he was greeted as if he was a long lost relation. Even by the few islanders, he did not know. He was congratulated by all of them for his beautiful performance with Wessel. And he felt very popular and welcome. Exactly as he secretly always had dreamed about.

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