A gay summer Holiday – Part 18

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 18

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Chapter 18
The Gay Team to the rescue.

Jelmer spent more and more time together with Christopher. They gave each other their space when needed. But seeing as they were both busy during the day, they were happy to spend their nights together. After all, Chris was building a home for the two of them. The builders had gutted the old house. All the windows and doors had been removed and so was the rotten roof. In actual fact, only the outside walls remained standing. Christopher had submitted his rebuild plans to the council and they approved them.

The 3-bedroom house would get an extra large garage and workshop added to the existing double bay garage. The new block would be one and a half times taller and wider than a normal garage. On top of them, an extra room would be built. Together with a pointed roof facing south. The existing roof would also be rotated south. The wooden floors were replaced by concrete with underfloor heating. The small pool was leaky so it would get replaced with one that was 3 times bigger. And the lawn around it would be replaced with a huge terrace for entertaining guests.

The guys could already dream about how the new home would look. Chris had made detailed blueprints and 3D-sketches out of existing photos. So not much imagination would be needed to envision the plans.
In one of the sheds, Chris had found a sawmill. He had cut down some large overgrown trees. And used them to make his own lumber and beams for the new roof. The roof itself would come as huge flatpack panels from Germany. That manufacturer also supplied the new windows and doors.

On the Monday morning ferry, Chris met up with the trucks, and a huge crane, on the mainland. Christopher had taken the rest of the week off to help install the roofs and windows. The manufacturer had sent an installation team to the island as well. Chris had arranged lodgings for them in a nearby hotel. He saw the team of Lederhosen wearing carpenters and truck drivers and walked over to them. Chris introduced himself. He got greeted in their best English. That was very hard to follow, so the carpenters were happily surprised when Chris answered back in German. He spoke nearly fluent German, but with a slight Dutch accent. The guys chuckled a bit about it. But they were happy never the less they could speak German with him.

Chris guided the truck drivers and the crane driver on board the ferry himself. He even helped fasten the trucks to the deck. Taking the extra bit of care with these heavy loads. And that got noticed by one of the truck drivers. He gave Chris a hand. “Do you work here on the ferry? I thought you worked on the island?”, asked the driver surprised. Chris laughed and told him he worked on the ferry, in the weekends. And during the week in the tourist office and the campgrounds of the ‘Harbor View’.

They started chatting with each other. The truck driver was in his late twenties. He was very muscular, blond, rugged and tough looking. Chris learned that the convoy had been on the road for 3 days. And they just arrived in the mainland harbor an hour ago. Chris asked where they had stopped to get a rest. He was very shocked to learn that on their last leg of their journey they had not stopped to rest at all. Chris was very curious about the life of a truck driver. And Jonas showed Chris his truck cabin. “When I am on the road I can sleep here!”, he said as he showed Chris the sleeping cabin.

The small double bed had leather pillows and a leather pride flag was hung on the wall. Together with some porn pictures of leather men he had pinned to the ceiling. The two of them sat on the bed. And the truck driver noticed Chris’s pride bracelet when he had taken off his gloves. For whatever reason Christopher had worn his leather jeans to work that day. But he was thankful he did. Jonas leaned in for a kiss. “Give me 15 minutes, Jonas. When we have left the harbor I will help you relax a bit…”, winked Chris horny. Christopher gave him a warm kiss on the mouth and promised he would be back with something warm to eat and drink.

Chris guided the truck drivers up to the main saloon and he talked a bit with the German carpenter crew. Chris bought them a round of drinks and served them some food. With a tray of something nice he went back to the car deck and knocked on Jonas cab. He opened up the door for him and took the tray. Chris climbed back on board. Jonas had closed the curtains so they would have full privacy. He enjoyed the food and the guys chatted a bit more. Jonas told him that life on the road could be lonely, especially for a gay truck driver. Sure there were glory hole toilets enough, and the sneaky sex on the parking lot’s was always great fun. But he longed for a proper man every now and then.

Christopher did not waste any more time. He hung his white crew jacket on the passenger seat. Chris kissed Jonas and then leaned over to lick his leather pants. He found a rock hard cock bulge and he licked his warm tongue over it. He smelled the guys’ musk and piss through the strong leather scent. Chris bit in the sensitive cock head as his tong massaged it. Jonas let out a huge groan. “Oh verdammt,… Ja… Lick ihm…”, he said in German. Chris was pulled away, and Jonas ripped out the huge cock. The thing was 25 by 6 cm big. And his balls were caught in a leather ball stretcher. Christopher put them in his hand as he looked into Jonas’s steal blue eyes.

Jonas put on a pair of leather gloves and a harness. “How long is this trip, boy?”, he said with a dirty grin. “Just long enough for me to help you dump a load, I have to be back on duty before canlı bahis şirketleri I am missed.”, answered Chris a bit worried. Chris also noticed that there were some bondage items laying around the mattress and that Jonas had put a leather cowhide on it.

Jonas roughly kissed Christopher and pinched his dick. “Alles Mein?”, commanded he questioningly. “Yes sir, it is all yours, sir…”, answered Chris back. Chris got grabbed by the head and was made to suck the huge cock. Christopher did a good job of it according to his new German friend. “Keep this up, and I will dump two loads today. One up your ass and one in your throat!”, he moaned hornily. “Please, sir… I have a boyfriend… He does not mind me fuck around a bit… But please use a rubber!”, told Chris him.

“Look around you boy! This is a Leather master’s home! No fucking rubber in my cab!”, shouted Jonas angry. Christopher was ‘helped’ out of his shirt and was ordered to take off his work shoes. He pushed Chris on his stomach. Fastened his arms to the corners of the mattress and pulled off Chris’s leather jeans quickly. Chris tried to escape his capture. Well, try was the operative word here. He loved the rough treatment. Jonas sat with his full weight on Chris’s back as he fastened leather ankle straps to his legs and tight them also to the mattress. Chris could go nowhere now.

Christopher got rimmed nice. The leather pillows were put under his hips so the ass was fully accessible. Chris playfully pleaded with Jonas again to put on a condom. His ass got another beating with a whip this time. Jonas had been given the feeling by Chris, that he was in full control of his new boy. Chris played his submissive role perfectly. Pulling his ass away from the master and then letting him get punished for it.

Jonas sat behind Chris and roughly shoved the huge meat inside. Raw and dry. With no preparation, other than the quick rim job. But Chris took him well. That surprised Jonas enormously. “You have done this before, haven’t you. You dirty little Schweinhund!”, said Jonas as he fucked Chris with huge long strokes. After a while, he pumped Chris harder and faster. Letting his cock come all the way out. And slamming it roughly back in. Chris pushed up as Jonas cock pushed down. He got butt fucked good and rough. Just what they both wanted and needed. Jonas came over Chris’s ass and back. He even felt a few stream’s landing on the back of his head. “Oh verdammt Jona… das war ja geil, man…”, moaned Chris in German. Jonas let himself drop on top of the sperm filled back. Jonas was completely out of it. It did take him a while to come back to his senses.

He released Chris’s arms and told him he did not know when the last time was that he had fucked this nice. Chris asked him if he needed to leave the same day or if he wanted to stay on the island a day or two. Christopher would love to play with him some more. Jonas answered that he could stay a week. He was an independent driver and only did this as a second job. He did not want to say what his other job was. Jonas released Christopher’s legs and they lay next to each other on the leather bed. Chris got sucked dry by Jonas. In a way, only professionals would or could do. He helped Chris to clean himself up. And before he left Christopher had already arranged a cabin for Jonas to stay in. Next to his.

Jonas went to bed for 45 minutes and Chris resumed his duties on board. On the island, he helped undock the trucks and the crane. They drove under police escort to the built site. Chris got a lift from Jonas.
When the convoy got to the lane to the public swimming pool and his house they were stopped by a few huge concrete blocks that blocked the street. Chris feared the worst because he had a nasty altercation with the builder about the roofs and windows. The builder had wanted to build them himself and Chris wanted something pre-fabricated.

After a few phone calls, Chris quickly learned that they had been placed there by the nasty former building inspector and his homophobic son. The German crew and the police removed the blockade. So they could drive the last 150 meters. But when he got to his house he did find a letter in the mailbox. The builder had quit the job. And demanded 2 times more payment for half the work his contract was for. Christopher ignored the letter and focused on the job at hand. Setting up the crane and getting the roof onto the house.

That went quickly. Even though Chris needed to translate the German crew’s commands to the Dutch crane driver. Who apparently did not speak any other languages. Other than his Frisian Dialect. Even his Dutch left something to be desired. With hand and feet signals, and the help of Christopher, the work got done within the day. The Crane driver left for the harbor to catch a ferry back to the mainland. The shell of the house had turned slowly but surely back into a home again.

Chris had put on a BBQ for the German crew. And over dinner, they discussed what to do with the windows. Chris told them his builder had walked out on him. He showed them the letter. The windows were unloaded into the garages after dinner. So the truck drivers could leave on the evening ferry too. The built crew went to their hotel. The next morning they would get together again with Chris to discuss what to do next. The window openings were nowhere near ready to receive the new high-efficiency frames and glass.

Chris took Jonas, who had stayed with the built crew all day, to the ‘Harbor View’ campground. He booked him into the cabin as Jonas parked his truck next to the barn. Together they walked to the cabins. Jonas had taken most of the leather gear tipobet güvenilir mi with him. As well as his normal clothes. They talked about the island and Jonas asked if there was an ‘FKK’-beach area. Chris smiled and told him where the nude beach area was and about the glory hole toilets. Jonas smiled; “You know what a boy needs…”.

When Jelmer came home Chris introduced Jel to Jonas. And they sat in front of their cabin drinking beer. When the guys went inside to go to bed, Jelmer walked over to Chris’s porn collection. “What are you doing man… I really need to get to sleep.”, said Chris surprised. Jelmer put a DVD in the player and Chris watched with huge eyes. The Leather clad truck driver from next door was a well known international porn star. “Did him… Done that…”, joked Chris softly to Jelmer. Jelmer got told the whole story and fuck the crap out of his guy that night.

Early the next morning they invited Jonas over for breakfast. Jelmer took him to the gym after they asked for his autograph. Jonas had looked a bit surprised at them. They handed him the DVD and he started to laugh. He signed the cover and the DVD itself. As he left Chris threw him a box of rubbers. He nearly fell over laughing.

Chris went to meet up with the German build crew. They offered him to put in the new sandstone decoration above the windows. And even to help him point the bricks so they could install the windows after all. They liked the way Chris had handled himself yesterday and were pleased they could help him out. The carpenters had some strange joke going. Chris was not sure what was going on, but he thanked them for helping in this way.

On the way back to the built site he met up with his uncle Burt. He apologized deeply for the behavior of his boss. He heard that Chris would go ahead with the window installation anyway. And he said he and some masons had taken a few days off to help out without the boss knowing it. Christopher thanked him. He excepted all the help he could get at this point. Knowing that this whole thing would have to end up in court. He was not about to pay 2 times as much for a job half done.

While Christopher set out that Tuesday to help prep for the window install, Jelmer took Jonas to the beach on his motorbike. It was a good thing that Jonas understood a little bit of Dutch and that Jelmer had taken the time to learn some German. But with some help from a pocket dictionary, they managed to have a great time never the less. Great minds think alike. And seeing as these two did most of their thinking with their cocks they were a match made in heaven.

Jelmer felt a bit ill at ease on the nude beach. So after a while, they moved up into the dune’s where they would have a lot more privacy. Jonas fucked the crap out of Jelmer after he had lubed him up good. Jelmer just about took the 10 inch’er up his love canal. But Jonas took it nice and slow at first. Enjoying the hot summer weather, the sun and the fuckable ass of Jelmer. Christopher got sent a few photos and videos of the fun the guys were having.

Around three in the afternoon, Chris got a video message from Jelmer. He could not figure out what Jonas was saying. So they recorded it and sent it to Christopher for translation. Jonas wanted to check out the glory holes Chris had told him about. Chris called the guys and he explained to Jelmer what Jonas wanted to do. Chris was a bit jealous at this point. Wanting to join in. Some of the German build crew had heard the conversation and got a bit frisky as well.

Jelmer and Jonas drove on the bike across the beach to kilometer marker 13. There they went to the public toilets. When they parked the bike Jelmer saw Wopke. Wop gestured Jelmer to come close. He showed him the pictures he had taken of the homophobic son of the building inspector. The guy was ‘making use’ of the facilities. He had been at the glory holes all day. Getting sucked and doing the sucking himself too. He was even fucked by some biker tourists. And he had loved it. And Wopke got the evidence on tape. At this time he was using 2 young guys. Playing master over them. Roughly fucking the crap out the straight guys. Wopke explained the whole situation to Jonas. And Jonas got angrier by the second.

Jonas kicked open the door. Grabbed the fucker and pushed him headfirst into a toilet bowl. Then split the guy in two with his huge cock. Wopke and Jelmer helped the two younger guys get dressed. The 4 of them watched Jonas do a hot number on the ass of the homophobic son of the building inspector. The video they took said enough. The fucker enjoyed it. He wanted more, harder, deeper, faster, rougher. He was sex crazed. Jelmer tapped the bubble butt of Jonas. Gesturing him to stop. The 4 guys shot huge loads in the face of the ass hole. And Jonas did the same.

Wopke showed him the videos and pictures he had taken of him. “If you and your father don’t stop pestering Chris then these will and upon the church’s notice board, in your father’s email, and on the internet!”, he yelled. The guy caved in. He apologized and told that he knew he was gay for years now. But that he had gotten frustrated for not being able to find another single gay person on the island. “That is still no reason to call people names, or do the things you and your dad did to Christopher!”, shouted Jelmer angry. They left him there and with the 2 younger tourist boys in tow they went to the nearest bar.

Jelmer, Jonas, and Wopke bought the young tourists something to drink. They thanked the guys for the rescue. Christopher could use a little rescuing himself. He found himself on his knees surrounded by the German carpenters. They tipobet giriş had their cocks hanging out the double zippered leather carpenter pants. Chris deep throated each and every one of them. He got a cum shower at the end of the working day. They left him to clean himself up and went happily to their hotel again.

Most of the new sandstone decorations on the upper level had been put in. Tomorrow the masons would do the lower level, as the German installation crew would make a start with installing the windows.

At home, Chris took a long shower. He was happy with the ‘work’ he was able to do today. Christopher phoned the local builder. He informed him that he was not about to pay the ridiculous sum of money he had demanded. And that he best get himself a lawyer because he would need to take Christopher to court if he wanted to get paid at all. The builder told Chris that the installation of the porous sandstone was the last drop that did the bucket overflow. Chris told him he had installed them anyway after the German build crew told Chris the solution for that issue.

The builder told Chris angry that he was not about to let Chris ruin a home he helped build when he was Chris’s age. And that Chris needs to pay him ‘or else’. They agreed to take the matter in front of a judge. Christopher stood his ground and it felt good to him. The builder did not complete what his contract ordered him to do. He did not live up to Chris’s expectations at all. So Chris thought he had a good chance of winning this battle. He called his dad to defend him in court. His father was a lawyer now with quite some experience.

Jelmer, Jonas, and Wopke came walking in just as Christopher finished up his phone call with his father. “Look what we found at the glory hole toilets!”, exclaimed Wopke. He streamed the video’s and photo’s to the TV. Chris sat down on the couch watching them with the guys. In the end, Chris said; “I feel sorry for the guy! I bet the homophobic issues come from his father, rather than from himself. He can’t help it. He just had a bad role model.”. The guys were amazed at Chris’s empathy with the guy. “Hey, Being gay on such a small island isn’t easy! You have all experienced that!”. Jonas got told the whole story. About how Wopke thought that he was the only gay islander for a while. How Jelmer had to resort in asking ‘import’ to fall in love with him. And how Chris was teased by his siblings for not having had a girlfriend.

“Okay! Ich verstehe es jetzt… “, exclaimed Jonas. “You boys have a lot of catching up to do.”, he said with a dirty grin. Chris recognized the look in his eyes. That night Jona was going to teach them a thing or two about domination, gay sex, and power fucking. And Christopher could not wait to get started.

But the party ended before it started. Police officer Tom called Christopher. “Chris, we have a missing and ill tourist. He needs his medication, but no one seems to be able to find him. Could you come help us with your drone?”.
Chris roped in the help of the 3 other guys and set out with Jelmer in his army Jeep and Wopke on his bike with Jonas to go look for the tourist. They got briefed at the police station. And Chris listened very carefully to the German friends the guy was on holiday with on the island.

The police looked in the wrong place was Chris’s conclusion. And he told Tom that he would go look more to the east and work his way back west. Officer Tom disagreed. He wanted Christopher to start in the west. But he did not have time to argue with Chris. Chris took one of the German friends with him. They raced past the last town on the island and headed into the nature reserve. Chris fastened two strong flashlights and an extra battery pack to his drone. And set out flying it around the area. They slowly worked their way back. The first few contacts were false. He had seen a few rabbits and deer and not much else. But when the drone was about to give up he spotted something on the video screen.

They raced the Jeep over there. And found the guy waist deep trapped in a mud pool. Jelmer called the police to let them know they found him and send them their GPS location. A rescue helicopter flew by moments later. Using its lights to illuminate the surroundings. Chris and the German friend of the guy had managed to calm the autistic heart patient down. They calmly explained to him what was happening. Chris jumped in the mud pool with the guy to stabilize him. After 10 or 15 minutes the fire rescue truck and a 4 wheel car from the lifeguard station arrived. Wopke pulled the guy out first. And he was handed to the fire crew.

Wopke laughed at Christopher. “What the fuck are you doing there… Get out this instance!”, he joked. “Ass hole… stop laughing and throw me a rope so I can pull you in here!”, said Chris naughty. Tom, Jelmer, Jonas and the others laughed hard. And they jointly help Chris escape the muddy trap. The fire crew hosed Chris down. And the autistic guy gave him a hug. He helped the guy into the ambulance, and with his friend, they drove off.

Tom thanked Christopher and the guys for his help. “Your unorthodox way of thinking saved the day again!”, said Tom impressed. “I love to listen to my own gut…”, joked Christopher. “We will have to take a closer look at that gut of yours…”, winked Tom naughty. “I can’t… it’s way past my bedtime… Have to install me some more windows tomorrow… hmm well… today actually.”, Chris looked at his phone and saw that it was already 3 o’clock in the morning.

Jelmer drove the guys back to the cabins and they went to bed. Jonas got introduced to little Tommy and got butt fucked by him all night. Tom had Jona handcuffed to the bed in his cabin. Wopke played with Jelmer. And Chris slept right through the crazy lovemaking around him. He was the only one that made it to breakfast. The rest had fallen asleep right as he left out the door for another day of hard graft at the grindstone.

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