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398 walleys edukashun 1
398 wallys edukashun 1
Wally is a lad of 15, his real name is William, but his friends call him Wally, and that name had spread into homelife, bright academically but lacking in experience in the world, his hormones taking over and his body finding sex or at least his lack of knowledge and so on, a challenge. Like all lads of his age group, his enquiring mind strayed to sexual subjects about every 3 or4 minutes throughout his waking hours nowadays. It wasn’t that he was a sex mad youth, but he was curious. His mum had left Wally and his dad, a lorry driver, when he was seven, she just upped and walked away after a row about Dad coming home early and finding uncle Andrew in bed with her!
Wally, was an only c***d, until the old boy passed on a year or two back, grandad and his gran had lived locally, looking after him part time each day. Gran now on her own, had moved into the downstairs of dads cottage, she had taken over. Gran, was the one that had helped his dad with looking after his son and the house, which luckily dad owned so she virtually raised the lad, acting as a stand in mum. Wally however believed that this sex thing was something that ageing grannies in their 50`s were not the ones who would understand his interest. He attended an all-boys school, and didn’t get a lot of contact with females, well, a couple of frumpy teachers, the school secretary, shop assistants, that sort of thing …but girls of his own age… not a one! His dental brace didn’t help, and his not wanting to indulge in sport or dancing due to his club-foot, and a “must do” drilled in by his well-meaning and loving gran fuelled his almost fanatical need to do his homework as a priority each night, which added up meant that he was a solitary soul, in this remote ex game-keepers cottage, rattling round in his own upstairs room, spending a lot of time alone, with his telly, and computer. His dad, a truck owner-driver, working away at strange hours on long distance work all week and always tired when home, ensuring the boy and his gran wanted for nothing, suppling all he physically needed, except perhaps companionship. canlı kaçak bahis
Sex had slowly entered the boys world, ironically slipping into his consciousness first when the biology teacher took a class on the facts of life, it was basic, It gave details on reproduction and it fired his interest, but it said bugger all about all the things he had seen his mother and various ‘uncles’ doing, before she mysteriously left.
His computer had one of those restrictors on it, that meant research was out, at least as far as sex was concerned. He had one real friend, a classmate, Tom, living in the next village, who was also curious, and in the same predicament, both had computer`s that were capped and a distinct lack of knowledge when it came to that sex thing which had them really curious. They had discussed the problem at length, Tom never having even seen what Walley assured him he himself had years ago, but other than a fiesta magazine, bartered from another schoolboy, they had not had a lot of luck, in the porn stakes.
Now, a word or two about Beryl, his gran, may be appropriate. Beryl had had His dad at 16, one of those happy mistakes life has its way of coming up with. She married the father, it was the ‘done thing’ then, Wally`s grandad Sid turning out to be a great father and husband. Sadly, history repeated itself, Wally`s mother becoming pregnant and their son Jimmy, marrying Wally`s dad, at just 18! It was not the happiest of marriages, Wally`s mum cheating on Jimmy time and again. Beryl`s marriage to Sid had been happier however but plagued with ill health on Sid`s part, till finally his heart gave out during one afternoon of over athletic sex.
Now at 49 Beryl was a widow of six years, though she was still a very fair looking woman, a touch over-weight maybe, but there was little scope for admirers, her lifestyle meaning that a trip to town on the bus once a week was her only contact with the outside world and she was missed male company as any one of that age would anchored in a cottage miles from anywhere with a schoolboy as a companion cum millstone.
It was on that Friday after school that güvenilir casino our hero, on arriving home from the school bus, found his gran pottering in her bit of a cottage garden, on her knees weeding. Dressed as she was in her oldest summer frock, as she used her trowel between the roses, her not inconsiderable assets wobbling and catching the lads eye as her ample cleavage swung in the low-cut top. His eyes became fixed as only a teenage lad can. His gran looked up, catching his gaze and quickly sitting back on her heels to divert his youthful stare. “hi son how was your day? He blushed, conscious that he had been caught with his paw in the proverbial cookie jar, stuttering that it had “been ok, same, same!” and changing the subject smartly to “What`s for tea” hopefully safe and back on neutral ground. They went indoors as usual, arm in arm, but like a pebble thrown into the pond, ripples were disturbing the placid edges of the lake of undisturbed minds.
Wally had thought of his gran in that way before, time and again since this sex thing had arisen, using his hand to dreams of her practically hourly each evening so after the meal, he was quick to excused himself, not wishing to get caught again eyeing up the lady`s breasts or daydreaming of her hidden bits.
She in turn was glad for a change, to do the washing up to distract her mind from his obvious gaze she had been so conscious of over tea. It was not the first time she had caught him eyeing up her body, and she knew he had been into her underwear drawer when she had been off to the shops. She felt a touch flattered, at his interest in her, being in her words “such an old bird,” but part of her dismissed the boys interest as just hormones, any woman would do to practise on sort of a passing thing, knowing she was the only woman in his reach.
Her thoughts were interrupted by her son`s tractor unit, noisily backing into the side yard. A tired driver, his long week away over, glad to be out of the driving seat at last, soon sitting freshly showered to her table, and eagerly filling his face with a rapidly produced home cooked meal, full of the week`s casino firmalari news, places he had been, and loads shifted. Young Wally coming down as soon as his father`s truck had appeared. Tomorrow, he would help service the machine as he did each weekend, then he would wash it ready for another journey to begin the next week away once again, soon after dawn on Monday.
Together the three watched telly, followed by an early night, the home team having forgotten the sexual elephant in the room, putting it on a back burner so to speak, Beryl, knowing in her heart of hearts it would soon surface once more when Jimmy was away again.
Next day servicing over, Jimmy Left Wally to wash his stead, it was the lads way of earning his weeks pocket money. Jimmy dropping into his armchair, the coming week stretching ahead like another treadmill. He sensing some small tension in the house, asked his mother if things were all ok, her reply “same, same not much changes” satisfying him. But, she then qualified that with a comment that his son was beginning to take an interest in women, which had his father grinning and muttering the lad was “a chip off the old block, at least he`s not gay, you will have to watch him mum, he will be after you if you`re not careful, stuck out here with no one else…!” never was a truer word spoken in jest, though she waved his comment away, saying “I`m a bit old for all that stuff!”
To her surprise her beloved son came back with the comment that it was “Rubbish mother, you’re a good-looking woman, I fancied you myself at his age … if we were not related, I would have by now… like a rat up a drain!” she retired blushing, turning away as she muttering “oh would you now!” and that “You are spending too much time alone in that bloody cab…!” truth to tell she was flattered… and she knew he must be a frustrated young man, But it being twice in two days she had been complimented one way and another, and secretly she liked it a lot.
Saturday ended with a stroll down to the plough, well over a mile but a nice stroll on a summer evening, a good drink or two, followed by a pub meal for them all, his way of thanking his mum. It was a happy little group that wandered home in the balmy summer darkness, a good lay in on Sunday, a Sunday roast and a slow restful day, ensured Jimmy`s weekend was as good as for him it gets …until that bloody alarm on Monday!

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